Rams Hill Golf Club

1881 Rams Hill Road
Borrego Springs, CA 92004 • (760) 767-3500

Borrego Springs, CA (92004)
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Humidity: 8%
Wind: SE at 6mph

Sunset: 7:00 pm
green Sunrise: 6:42 am


1. nsaqr
Posted: 03/22/23 6:55a
Member Since: Dec 17, 2009
From: Yorba Linda, Ca
Really enjoyed our round at Rams Hill on a very windy day, mostly 2-club wind with 3-club wind on the last 6 holes. The wind didn’t matter, it was still a glorious day on a gorgeous course. The course... Continue »
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2. arguswilson
Posted: 03/15/23 7:49a
Member Since: Dec 27, 2002
From: Encinitas
Greens are outstanding—some of the best in the county. Fast, smooth, and fun. (A couple have some issues of fungus or something around the edges, but it rarely comes into play.). The bunkers are great... Continue »
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Topic: Ram's Hill Renovation/Closure?
Posted: Jul 25, 2015
Look forward to the re-opening. I will be back many times. Your golf course is an absolute treat to play!!
Topic: Ram's Hill Renovation/Closure?
Posted: Jul 14, 2015
Rest assured Rams Hill will be open Nov 2015 You have to understand the process. We started with a major project of growing turf on three and a half year old fallow ground. Our focus for 2015 was turf. Along with the turf we had 60+ acres of landscape to rehabilitate. We are currently in the mi...
Member Since: Aug 9, 2016
Short dogleg left par 4. Unless you're really stroking the ball, don't go for the green. The way to play this hole is to see where the pin is positioned. If it's in the back, you can be aggressive since you have the entire green to use. If it's up front, lay back to a full wedge distance and attack the flag. The green looks severe but it's actually flat compared to some of the holes you've already played. This hole is a birdie chance if you play it correctly.
Member Since: Aug 9, 2016
Decent par 4 with a fairway bunker that takes out 2/3rds of the fairway off the tee. The aggressive lines are either over the bunker or to the left of it, which will give you the best option to a green that slopes from back to front and right to left. There is a very big hill to the right of the green that, if the pin is in the back, can funnel balls back towards the green and near the hole. Just don't go too high because the grass is just long enough to hold your ball up, which will lead to a trick up and down. The green has a couple of shelves where they like to put pins, but overall this hole can be an easy par or a difficult bogey depending how you play your second shot.