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Golf Course Maintenance Alerts + COVID-19 Coronavirus

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Played the final day of the course's season 10/18/20. Second group of day out at 10:10
Greens a little faster than normal.
Fairways had been punched late September and recently the areas around the greens and bunkers not fringe. Some par three white tee boxes (#8 for sure) need some over-seeding.
Had a great season here taking advantage of a ten play package u... » More
Played out GK Cup match out here Sunday afternoon, teeing off at 2:10 PM. Everything seemed pretty consistent with Covid rules, nothing out of the ordinary.

I've always been a big fan of Woods Valley. I know the back nine kind of gets most of the attention with holes back in the trees/canyons, but I think there are some really interesting holes strategically on the fro... » More
A little late with this review as I played DB on 10/14 with a 7:50 tee time for 4 of us. We checked in a little early with the young man behind the counter who was not exactly the most customer friendly guy in the world. Get this kid in a customer service class soon please. He could use it. We kept asking him when we will go off and would he call us to the tee. He said on... » More

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