Victoria Golf Course

340 East 192nd Street
Carson, CA 90746 • (310) 323-6981

Carson, CA (90746)
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1. steve165
Posted: 03/18/21 12:15p
Member Since: Jan 1, 2003
From: Torrance
Wow! There are more gopher holes here than craters on the planet Mercury. Fairways do not exist. I feel bad for those who have put money into course over the last 25 years only to lose the battle wi... Continue »
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2. Xianchef
Posted: 09/13/20 2:30p
Member Since: Mar 16, 2015
From: LA
Played here yesterday with a couple of shop guys. 10:40 tee time. 44 dollar deal on Tee

Range, got to the course and the range was packed. We figured it wouldn't be as smokey
down there bu... Continue »
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Topic: Victoria Golf Course - Carson CA
Posted: Oct 6, 2012
I played Victoria on Tuesday, October 2 and found the fairways to be in the worst shape that I have ever seen them. When I have played this course in the past there were dirt patches with mostly grass. This time there were grass patches with mostly dirt. I have heard the excuses over the years th...
Topic: Reviews posted
Posted: Mar 9, 2009
Well perhaps the staff could be a little more firm when giving/explaining the rules of the course .. the local rules. Why doesn't the starter give a run down at the beginning of the round? Maybe that may set the tone.
Member Since: Jan 3, 2006
Another real good par 4, 451 yards from the back tees. Beware of fairway bunkers on the right side of the fairway, there are two of them. The second, farther bunker cannot be seen from the tee and reaches out a good deal into the fairway. Both these bunkers are in play. Best aim position for normal hitters is the center fairway bunker, stay short of it or left of it. Longer hitters can reach the center fairway bunker so the aim is best to be left of the center bunker, lots of room left. Main thing on second shot is to avoid the right greenside bunkers and to be pin high, probably 2 club difference from front to back pin positions.
Member Since: Jan 3, 2006
The hardest hole on the course, bar none. A long, demanding par 4 (431 yards from blues) and more difficult than 18 because it demands an accurate tee shot, especially for long hitters. Landing area for long hitters (270+ yards) is very narrow because of bunkers on left and Environment area on right. Bunkers and Environment area are not reachable for normal hitters so there is a much larger tee landing area but leaves a long, long second shot to green. When flag is in right front of green, difficult to get ball close because balls landing on green will not stop unless hit with a lot of spin or unless ball lands short and rolls on. A 4 is a very good score here.

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- Driving Range (Grass)
- Practice Putting Green