Westchester Golf Course

6900 W. Manchester Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90045 • (310) 649-9166

Los Angeles, CA (90045)
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Humidity: 13%
Wind: N at 3mph

Sunset: 7:08 pm
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1. redphil98
Posted: 02/10/24 1:26p
Member Since: Apr 1, 2006
From: Redondo Beach
So played this course many times over the last 40 years and never nothing special. Started a New years day tradition about 4 years ago with my son and his buddies and I have to say a big thank you to ... Continue »
Not Rated
2. sparky14
Posted: 06/12/23 2:46p
Member Since: Mar 26, 2003
From: San Clemente
Played on 06/10/23. After dropping my daughters off at SoFi for a concert, I had a few hours of sunlight left, so I decided to try out Westchester.

Executive course in a highly populated area, but ... Continue »
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Member Since: May 22, 2006
One of the new holes and a short Par-5 - number one scoring hole in my opinion. Plays DOWNWIND to an open fairway. Left is sparsely line with trees but shortens the hole as it tends to slightly dogleg to the left. Right is ok but can go O.B. if your slice is evil. A good driver shot along the left side of the fairway will leave you with an iron for your second shot (especially with the tee boxes up). Laying up won't get you any favors as the fairway starts to slope and undulate around 100 yards in, which can leave you with a tricky lie. Fairway starts to thin closer to the green. Another large green that's fairly flat but doesn't hold shots well (same new firmer greens as number 14). Green is surrounded by SEVERAL bunkers that are low and aren't too hard to get out of. A double bogey here is inexcusable!
Member Since: May 22, 2006
Update hole - used to be a Par-4, shortened to a medium length Par-3. Large green with a bunker on the right. Missing left is better than right, being short can leave you a tight lie. Green has a lot of undulation that is less severe than it reads. Greenside shots mostly setup for bump and runs rather than high-flying quick-checking pitches. Green tends to roll a bit quicker as it's firmer (since it's new).

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Driving Range: 58 Stalls
Mats Only. (No Grass days anymore, great ball and mat quality)
We completely rebuilt and cleaned up the range tee line several years back.
Open 'till 10pm nightly

Also added a world-class Short Game Area.
Pay per use only: $6 for 30 mins. $10 per Hr
Full chipping, pitching, flop shots, bunker play.
Huge, perfectly manicured undulating green. 3 large bunkers, collars, rough.