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Out early at TC on 10/15. Played the Stonehouse/Oaks rotation in just under 3 hours as a threesome.

Course is in very nice condition. Greens are very good, quick and quite soft. Fairways and rough pretty good, every once in a while you'd find a bad area, but not too often. Tee boxes were very good.

For some reason they are completely ignoring the sand traps. I didn't get in any fortunately, but my playing partners just tried once and then took drops outside for the rest of the round. Really surprised the course doesn't at least have the crew rake the sand once a day, that would be the only negative for an otherwise really nice morning at the course.

I finally had a decent score on the Stonehouse 9. I still think that is my least favorite 9 holes in SoCal. I think the tee shot on #1 just immediately puts me in a bad mental state. It requires a giant slinging duck hook. I fade the ball. Today, I decided to just tee off with a 3w on this Par 5. Hit a nice stinger, maybe 10-20 feet inside the left tree line. Stays right on that line down the left edge, and I think I have finally hit a good shot on #1. Walk down the left edge of the fairway....nothing. Center of the fairway...nothing. My playing partners yell that there is a Titleist just short of the right bunker. That's me....a straight ball off the tee down the left edge ends up nearly in the bunker right of the fairway. I hate that tee shot.

Except for the #1 Stonehouse tee shot.....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Out early on 9/25 at Talega.

The good.....the greens are in good shape, smooth, medium speed. The fairways are better than I have seen them here in a long time.

The bad.....the rough is very odd. Super plush in spots, then 20 yards of bare dirt.

The ugly....the fringe is downright pathetic on several greens. But the green is fine? I don't know what can happen right on the green/fringe border, but something freaky is going on.

The beyond ugly....WTF is going on with the tee boxes? I hope they are in the "destroy them before the rebuild" phase, because 75% of the tee boxes are just awful. My playing partners said it was reseeding time, I sure hope so, but I didn't see any maintenance working on them.

One of my favorite layouts, but man I hope this is the storm before the calm. Still, they were pretty well packed with players. Glad I was using one of my player's card discount rounds because if I had paid the $105 rack rate, I would be furious.

I cannot recommend at this time, unless at a Muni rate.
Played MSQ Players on 9/9.

Greens are soft and smooth except for a unrepaired ball mark here and there. Medium to slow speed. Pretty good greens for a low price muni.

Fairways and rough were in good shape, with a bad patch here and there.

I put some pretty bad scores onto the tee boxes. My guess is they don't move the tee markers much now, as the tee boxes away from the markers looked fine. But at the markers, it was really beaten up. Just move the tee markers.

I think this layout is one of the best low price publics out there. Just a fun track to play, with no bad holes, usually in very playable condition. Hope I can get back out before it goes away. Too bad.
Played LC Legends on 8/31/20. Full 18 is back open again. Course is in very good condition, especially given the late summer heat we have had.

Tee boxes were just about perfect. Fairways were mostly very good, once in a while there is a bad patch, but rare. Greens are very good, firm and quick. There are a couple of greens on legends that always seem to be battling something, and I did have a couple of patches of rogue grass on a green affecting the putt. Rough is good, some thick stuff just off of fairways. As always, the practice facilities are top notch, and the staff is great.

Highly recommended.
Thanks to some recent reviews trending upward, I decided to head Summerly for the first time in about 8 years. Quick Summary - still rough in spots, but for August in Lake Elsinore, Summerly was in much better shape than I expected. Not great condition by any means, but playable with some tolerance. A really fun layout, and conditions are good enough to make me want to come back.

Tees were great, no issues there.

Greens are surprisingly green and soft. Very soft. Two big issues with the greens - first being an ungoldy amount of ball marks. I've seen places with a lot of ball marks before, but Summerly wins. Every green looks like a green on a driving range at 100 yards. Second issue is there are competing grasses on the greens, and that makes speed and line vary. That being said, the grass is green and growing well for August. It is being kept long for health reasons, so they roll generally slow. All in all, greens are acceptable, and I think come winter they could be really nice.

Fairways were generally really good. 95% of the coverage is excellent, but there are still some spots that just can't seem to get grass.

Rough - avoid. Bring a beater club, it is like Palm Springs - miss the fairway and you get rocks.

Sand - fairway bunkers are hard packed - easy to hit out of. Greenside bunkers are better. no complaints about the sand for COVID time.

Glad I made the drive out, and nice to see Summerly coming back to life.
Played IH-Babe on 8/11. Saw 24HrGolf's license plate in the lot, but he must have gone off earlier than my 6:20 tee time.

Last time I was at Babe was 1999. That was my first time there, and man was that the wrong course to have my last known case of duck hooks. That 95 was my highest score (by 7 shots) in my 23 years of spreadsheet tracking. With a $49 deal on GN, I decided it was finally time to go get beaten up by Babe again.

Holy cow this place is tight. There are very few places that you can miss a fairway and survive. Greens are wacky at times. A few greens are multi-teared. A few greens are long thin needles.

Condition wise, things are all pretty good. Everything could be a little better, but in all I was please with the conditions. The tee boxes are the weak spot, beaten up in spots, and not always level. Maybe I was just upset that all the blue tees seemed to be pushed to the left side of the box, cutting off even more room for my fade.

Watch out for the gopher on #14 green. Dude was making a mess, and he would peek up out the hole to laugh at you when you putted. The ground crew were getting ready to make their attack when we passed though, so little gopher may be long gone by now. He had dug up 3 or 4 good holes within 20 feet of the pin. The ladies playing behind us didn't mind, as 2 of them nearly aced that one.

In all, I enjoyed playing Babe much more than my previous effort. My old man game fared better by 18 shots. It helps to not have the duck hooks.
Played Candlewood on 8/3, my first time here. Course is really packed into a small space. Really tight in places, especially on the back 9. If you can work the ball both ways off the tee, you can really attack here. But if you only curve one direction, you'll be in trouble as there isn't enough room to avoid the trees. A straight tee ball is required here, my 1/2 fairway fade would not work on 5-6 holes.

Greens are really nice here. Soft and fast. Would be really highly rated if not for the complete lack of divot fixing tools owned by the members. Ball marks everywhere.

Fairways and rough are fine, although there are spots that are almost bare. Sand traps were good, a little damp. Staff was very nice.

I'm mixed on this course. Generally, it was in nice shape. The layout is interesting, except for being too tight off the tee. I won't go back at the GolfNow $89 rate, but my playing partner said it was $55 pre-COVID. I'd consider it at that rate.
Played LS North on 7/28. Course is in really good shape.

Greens are super healthy, great coverage. We played early, so about half of the greens had not been cut yet which made them slow and a bit bumpy. The greens that were cut were near perfect. Fairways are quite lush. As usual out here, the rough is very hit and miss, but if you are close to the fairway you should get decent grass. Bunkers were in good shape, a bit muddy but playable.

The tees are a bit rough at times, but not usually an issue.

In all, LS is well above normal, and a great bargain these days.
First off on 7/21, it was my first time back to Pala Mesa since 2008. I really like the layout, but the conditions here are just borderline OK.

Tees are generally OK. Every 4th or 5th hole the markers were in a place that it was difficult to find a good grass spot to stand. You may need to ignore the two club length rule to tee it up in a good spot. Rough is just that. Sometimes fine, often just clumps of grass or hardpan.

Fairways ok. Usually lies are good, but there are many areas having problems.

The greens have several areas of concern. They were rolling them today, so they did roll fine, but there are many areas where grass is not growing well if at all. Greens were soft and very receptive.

Great layout, staff is nice. But the conditions right now only warrant a "barely recommended".
Played 7/9 with Gurus JohnnyGK and Gary00. First time back to Enagic / Eastlake in 20 years. Some really nice views out here. Nice breeze made it very comfy out there, an easy course to walk.

Something you don't see much of these days, a course actually making a serious effort to improve. They are adding bunkers, adding some length with new tees, increasing the size of some greens. Grass range is decent. Two large putting greens and a chipping green.

The course layout is a nice mix. Although it runs through a housing tract, there is a ton of space and the fairways are much lower than the houses and both sides slope towards the fairways. The result is the houses rarely come into mind at all, you'd have to be 50 yards offline in the air to risk a house.

Generally, the course is in good condition. Greens were nice, generally soft but you would get a firm bounce once in a while. Fairways are good, very nice grass coverage. The rough can be penal in spots with very thick grass. Bunkers were nice. There are many areas being worked on, so you will get a bad lie once in a while.

In all, I really enjoyed the layout, and this definitely looks like a course on the way up. The SD county rates seem reasonable to me and if I was in county I'd add Enagic to my rotation. A bit to long of a drive to get there from San Clemente to pay the much higher out of county rates for me though. But I do hope it is not another 20 years until I return. Recommended!
Played BG with the GK Gurus on 6/25. Another fun day with the group, glad we are finally able to start these outings again. I thought the course was in very good condition. Greens were smooth, quick, but still very receptive to full shots. We did see a couple of unexpectedly firm bounce on chips. Saw a couple of minor semi-bare spots on a couple of greens, but they were well away from the cups.

Fairways were the best I have seen them here. I saw a recent review that thought the fairways should have been mowed tighter for more roll. I have the alternate view, I don't mind thicker fairways. I much prefer hitting off a layer of soft grass versus hitting off a hard ground. The fairways now are much more to my liking. Rough and tee boxes were good.

It appears that they have been adding sand to the greenside bunkers, so those are nice and fluffy. The fairways bunkers haven't added sand yet, so those are more paced dirt.

Black Gold still continues to get a highly recommended rating from me. It is a fun course to play, and usually in good condition.

First time playing off the white tees here, and that makes for a stranger course. Should have taken the driver out of my hands many times, but I am much more confident in my driver and that brought some unnecessary trouble into play.

Do take precautions to protect yourself as best you can here. The range and clubhouse area was packed all afternoon, may have been a high school age tournament although I didn't see them on the course. Many of the youngster had face masks, but many did not even in the clubhouse. Busy place.
Played Twin Oaks first off on 06/16/20. There was a big junior tourney going off in the morning, so the course was well prepped.

Greens were really nice. Smooth, and a little quick but not difficult except that I could not read the breaks at all. Fairways, there were several bare areas marked as ground under repair, but outside of those spots the fairways were really nice. Tee boxes were a bit soggy, but generally in good shape. Rough is average - sometimes good, sometimes iffy.

In all, course was better today than I remember it in the past. Fun to play.
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