La Purisima Golf Course

3455 State Hwy 246
Lompoc, CA 93436 • (805) 735-8395

Lompoc, CA (93436)
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Humidity: 38%
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Sunset: 7:17 pm
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1. GDR23
Posted: 11/27/21 6:57p
Member Since: Mar 21, 2006
From: Thousand Oaks
Rode the blues this morning 11/27/2021 teeing off with my buddy Rgm2525 at 1040am under perfect weather conditions high 60 degree weather with a slight breeze. POP 3 hrs 20 minutes riding through 3 gr... Continue »
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2. rgm2525
Posted: 11/23/21 12:53p
Member Since: Jan 24, 2005
From: chatsworth
Played 11-21-21 early morning walking as a single in a little under 3 hours taking my time enjoying the great weather and wonderful setting. They are working on the tee boxes, they have been punched, ... Continue »
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Topic: La Purisima Conditions
Posted: Oct 1, 2009
Just curious tanner26, why did you have to rely on a phone call to know if La Purisima was going to aerate the greens this week? We've had that alert posted for weeks. I'm wondering if you are aware we post aeration alerts and other maintenance. Currently we have over 500 alerts posted. I'd hate to...
Topic: La Purisima Conditions
Posted: Oct 1, 2009
They are punching the greens this week. I had originally made a reservation for Sunday morning through and got a call telling me of the work being done. As a result we're now playing Tierra Rejada. It is definitely worth the trip when in normal shape as I think it's one of the bet...
Member Since: Mar 21, 2006
Hole 18 is a medium length par 4 that is all about position off the tee to set up your approach shot. A dead straight drive will actually leave you a short approach shot with a 70 foot tree right in your line of the green. Best play off the tee is to hug the left hand fairway bunker if you can giving you some more room for your approach shot. Approach shot is usually into the wind in the afternoon and you must club up at least a club. There are two greenside bunkers that must be avoided just left of the green. Green slopes from back left down to front right. A great finishing hole.
Member Since: Mar 21, 2006
Hole 17 is one of the more famous short par 3's in the area. Its a elevated shorter to medium length par 3 that when the wind is blowing you are not sure what club to hit. With no wind it becomes a more manageable hole. I feel personally that even though it is downhill it almost always even without wind plays one club longer. You basically are needing to hit the green. Short is death--left is death for sure. Its a fun hole watching the hangtime of your golf ball in the air.

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- Driving Range (Grass)
- Practice Chipping & Sand Areas.
- Practice Putting Green.