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Made the drive out to Rustic and played on 10/14 due to the last review by GDR23 and totally agree about the conditions. The only thing different is the condition of the tee boxes. They were punched on 10/5 and still need some time but are very playable.
I wish this course was closer to me so I could play more often. We had a 7:20 tee time and I paid the senior rate of $35 + a $16 cart fee. I my opinion $51 for this course is a great deal.
Standard covid precautions in place with limited people in the pro shop, only a window open in the restaurant. No rakes on the course and foam in the cups.
Pace this early was 3:50 but i did notice quite a few players through out the course behind us
Played here with the group Matt put together. This is a real gem. Beautiful setting with lots of elevation changes and interesting hazards to deal with. Several holes have carries to deal with not just off the tee but some are midway or just before the greens.
Fairways had great coverage and were a pleasure to hit from. Like Plumas Pines there is not much rough to deal with just pine straw and trees.
The only fault i saw was that some of the greens showed some lingering damage from the winter freeze. They did have some blotches of different color but nothing that effected how they rolled and none of the pins were near the winter damage.
Not in any of the bunkers but they looked fine but no rakes available.
Another great day with Peter,Todd and Alex. I had to leave right after my round and missed the after party.
Played here with deepsea and his buddy Todd on a beautiful fall day. The smoke cleared out and we had mid 70’s and no wind. Peter and Todd are a blast to play with.
Like Peter wrote the course is in really great condition and provided a good test with a mix of tight holes and interesting hazards to deal with. Not much rough to deal with missed fairways putting you in the trees. Greens are nice with hardly a ball mark and medium speed.
The staff was welcoming and the starter spent some time explaining the layout.
I will try to play here again next year.
Played here Sat 9/19 with my monthly mens club on a hot and somewhat smokey day. The staff was great and we got off without a hitch. Pace of play was right at 4 hours.The range and practice green are open with mats on the range and no flags on the green.
We played the whites and the tee boxes were good with some of the par three's a little beat up but nothing too bad. The fairways had good coverage but they were a mixture of different grasses. There are some brown/dry spots in the fairways and the rough. Errant shots here can end up in the surrounding streets of someones front yard as the course is in a residential neighborhood.
The bunkers are typical covid condition with no rakes and some foot prints to deal with. They did have ample sand.
The greens were in good condition with good coverage and very few old ball marks. Overall they were on the slow side. Most greens were small and had some slope back to front.
Typical covid precautions in place with masks required anound the clubhouse and no access inside. There was someone at the door providing drinks and snacks and we sat on the outside patio after the round for a short while. No ball washers or rakes and no water available out on the coruse. We did see the cart several times during the round.
All day long we watched the big tankers flying over on their way to refill with fire retardant.
Played here Fri. 9/11 Booked an 8:30 tee time on their website. Normally you can use the LA county senior card to play for 28.75 with a cart but now they do not honor it between 7:00 and 9:00. There is a sign announcing that they are closed on Oct. 5 to punch the greens.
The conditions are consistent with the previous reviews except that the greens are very soft along with being way over watered. We had several shots plug on the greens and they are very slow.
Pace of play was 3:45 for our threesome and we never waited nor had anyone push us from behind.
Typical covid precautions in place with masks required around the clubhouse and putting green closed. Still get single rider carts ,no rakes ,no ball washers and they have the device on the flagstick that you lift with your putter and the ball comes up and out. Food and drink available with card payment only.
I played the Guru round here with the white tee gang dconnally,gary00 and calilgolfer1031. This was my first time playing this track and thanks to Dave for some course knowledge.
We went out first ahead of the big bombers and never waited on a shot and finished the round in less than 4 hours. I agree with Matt's review as to the condition of the course and agree that the only weakness would be the bunkers. I was in a couple and they could use more sand.
One thing to remember is that due to the covid restrictions there is no valet service which means you have to self park and its a hike from there to the pro shop. I was lucky to get a ride back to my car after the round from one of the guys. He explained that when they are not too busy they are happy to do this.
As always it is great to tee it up with fellow GK'ers and a big thank you to Johnny for setting this up.
I played here 8/13 after reading some positive reviews here. I had never played here and was pleasantly surprised with the conditions and the old school layout.
Not much to add to the last review other than to say that the fairways are very green and great to hit from. Not much roll out because of the kikuyu and the rough is just long enough to grab the club.
The par 3’s here have some teeth with several of them close to 200 yards from the white tees.
Had a 7:25 tee time and got off right on time and finished in just under 4 hours. When i left the place was packed with people on the range and the practice green.
Overall I enjoyed the round and plan on playing here again next week.
Played here 8/6 with a 7:00 tee time. We were off right on time and finished in just under 4 hours. Check in at the starter and he keeps everyone moving and on time. Typical covid precautions masks around the clubhouse,putting green closed ,no rakes or sand bottles.
Tee boxes are in good shape with good coverage and mostly level.
The fairways are great now with a nice cushion of bermuda. There are a couple of areas in the fairways that looks like they lost some coverage and they are plugging the areas to bring them back.These don't effect play too much. The rough is thin in places and longer around the greens but still ok to play from.
I was only in one fairway bunker and it was damp and compacted. The greenside bunkers looked to have more sand.
The greens are in excellent shape. They started out a little wet and slow but as the sun came out the speed increased. They held shots well and had very few ball marks.
We saw the cart 3 or 4 times today and the marshal a couple of times.
Played here 7/9 The course is in the process of putting new liners and sand in the bunkers. The finished ones have nice white sand that are good to hit from. You still have no rakes but once you move your ball away from footprints its fine.
The tee boxes are in need of reworking. Most are fairly level but most are very thin and really beat up with lots of divot damage.
The fairways are cut short and are showing some dry areas which made for lots of roll but some tight lies.The rough is only about one inch and not much of a problem.
The greens are in very good condition and had very few pitchmarks. They held shots and were running at medium speed.
We were a threesome and played in 3:45 with no one pushing us. The staff is friendly and got us out right on time. No cart but the grill is open for takeout only so you could grab something at the turn.
Played on Tues 7/7 and not much to add to the last few reviews except that the greens have dried out with the exception of #11. It was still very soggy and you could hear your footsteps as you walked across it.
There seem to be a few mure dry spots in some fairways but nothing unexpected during this hot weather.
I joined two other guys and we played in 3 1/2 hours with no one pushing us.
This track is growing on me the more I play here and i just booked a round for next Tues. With the county senior card its only $28.75 with a cart on weekdays.
Played here 6/8 and was pleasantly surprised. This track came out of the shutdown in very good shape ( for a muni)
Most tee boxes had good coverage. The fairways are the best i’ve seen them with very good coverage and very green.
Greens were smooth and running a little slower than usual but still medium quick. There was one green that showed some damage and had some strips plugged in that need more time to grow in. The hole was cut far enough away so it did not effect play.
Check in is at a window so you don't go inside the shop and the snack bar is closed and I never saw a cart. My teetime was 7:15 and we finished in 3:30. I talked with a guy in the cart barn after my round and he said the county has someone there every morning checking up on how they sanitize the carts.
Played 5/28 with a 7:12 tee time and got out about 10 minutes early. Was paired with a twosome of nice guys.
Most tee boxes had good coverage and mostly level. One par three was very thin where they had the white tees but they could have been moved a little to better area.
Most of the fairways are really nice. A couple had some brown/dry ares but still played well. Good roll out and great to hit from.
The rough was a mixed bag. Thick in some areas and very thin in others.
the bunkers are what you would expect now without rakes. Some were nice and some had lots of footprints.
The greens were very nice and held shots well. They rolled at medium speed and had very few unrepaired ball marks.
They have been rebuilding all of the lakes around the course and hole nine is the last one. They were laying a new liner and we were told that water will be going in by this Friday. The grill is now open but I didn’t go in.
I have always enjoyed this track and the condition keeps getting better all the time.
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