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Little late with my post here as I played with Dconnally on 5/25 in our GK Cup Match.

It had been a long time since I'd been out to SC (maybe 5-7 years?) and I don't really know why. I have a soft spot in my heart for this place as I played it a bunch as a kid and I just think the vibe is cool and it serves the golf community well as a municipal course that provides a great experience.

Everyone I've ever met at this place has been cool. Guy in the shop was great, lady in the snack bar was funny and engaging, the locals hanging around were fun and loud and when we were making the turn a junior group was loading up on snacks and they all seemed to be having a good time. Love a place that loves golf but understands how to make it fun and accessible.

As for the course, it a really fun layout. I think the front nine is a little more straightforward than the back, but the holes never get boring. I've been playing a tighter, more punishing course so getting out to SC with it's parallel fairways and somewhat bigger greens was nice. There's definitely a challenge to be found, but the course is absolutely playable and is a nice layout for all skill levels.

As for the conditions, I thought they were really good. Fairways were super lush and pure. Kikuyu is really starting to come in so you get those lies that sit up a bit, but it was like playing everything off a tee. However, kikuyu rough grows the same and being lush means it's not easy at all and over the next 3-4 months will likely get even tougher. Seems that especially around the greens there was some tricky stuff.

The greens were pretty crispy and bumpy visually as they don't look totally healed from punching, but didn't roll too bad. If you've never played here you HAVE to pay attention to the ocean pull. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen. More like everything goes hard to the Southwest from what I was reading. Definitely playable greens and will probably just get better over the next couple weeks.

Pace of play was more than okay. Half our foursome dropped off at the turn so we slowed a bit on the back, but I'd say it was in the 4 1/2 hour range. Not bad for a place that packs them in.

All in all I had a great time and will do my best to get back to SC sooner rather than later. It's in good shape, price is good, people are great and if you can get around in a decent amount of time it's kinda hard to beat for South OC/North SD.
Played The Golf Club of California this past Sunday, May 23rd. We teed off at 7:15 in the morning and played in about 4:15 which was great.

I hadn't been out here for a few years but I've always thought it was an interesting layout. Since the last time I've been here it looks like they re-did the bunkers and they now have bright, white fluffy sand and they played well. I was in a couple and I think it probably needs a little more time to settle in because its pretty soft.

The fairways and rough here are still pretty thin and firm. I wasn't hitting it that great and trying to be really precise on the firm conditions gave me some fits, but I do think as the weather warms up they'll thicken a bit. Overall better than the last time I played there and if I was playing better it would have been fine.

The tee boxes seemed to need a mow but they were lush, level and I never had an issue finding a good spot.

The greens were the highlight of the day for me. They ran really smooth, held shots great and ask the day warmed up got plenty quick which was fun. I don't remember them being this healthy so that was a lot of fun to play on.

I really do like this golf course. It's a bit tough when the fairways get too firm and fast because the course is not really designed for too much run out and big bounces, but at this time it's not much of an issue and I think it will keep getting better.

Just a lot of fun to play, definitely a challenge but some opportunities to score. I'd get out and play soon and enjoy the great greens!
Played Barona Creek last week on Sunday on an absolutely perfect day. I'd say it was about 60-65 when we teed off, no wind to speak of and just crystal clear. The wind did pick up slightly on the back nine but I think this course gets even better with some wind.

First thing I have to say is that I think this is the best layout in all of San Diego county. It had been about a decade since I had played here and I feel like a complete idiot for taking that long. I forgot how beautiful the place is, sitting in the valley with the expansive views. I actually like that each hole feels completely isolated when you're playing, but from a lot of vantage points you can see the layout spread out. It's really a cool feel.

As for the conditions, they are definitely coming out of the winter but absolutely playable. The fairways are probably the "worst" part of the course as they are pretty thin and the fairways do give you ample roll. That being said, there's plenty of cushion when you take a divot, you just have to take more of a compressing approach with irons rather than sweeping. We had a little rain through the week and as temps heat up that bermuda is going to get going and it's going to be really fun. I actually prefer the firmer, browned out look that goes with the terrain and strategy of the course, but that's just me.

Rough is exactly that here as it's not really lush, clumpy in places, but the fact that the fairways are huge here makes the quality of the rough mostly irrelevant. If you hit it there, you should be penalized. Past the rough are the native grass areas and that's always a crapshoot. If you hit it THERE, don't complain. Play better :)

Tees and bunkers were fantastic. There has to be a million bunkers on the course and they are visually awesome and the quality of the sand is perfect. In a lot of cases I found that greenside bunkers were better than being in the rough or fairway because you could hit softer shots onto the greens. Which brings me to the greens....

These things are INCREDIBLE. They finished a complete renovation of the greens last year I believe because over time all the bunker play and wind had blown sand onto them and they had lost their original shape and contours. Not only are the size and shape and slope of these things just a total trip, they were firm, rolling pure and super fast. I'd say these were in the 12-13 range on the stimp. You have to really pay attention to so much around the greens here to do well. It's just so much fun. For example, the third hole is a par 3 that was playing 240 to the pin. GPS on the cart (SUPER HELPFUL) had 175 yards to the front of the green. I landed it there and had it roll all the way to the back! My guess is the first time playing here you'd have multiple three putts, maybe worse as well as some chips and pitches that you'd likely get pissed at. You just have to take it with a grain of salt, maybe walk up to the hole and check out where mounds and back stops are that you can aim to to mitigate some crazy numbers.

The practice area here is fantastic and everyone we met was super nice and helpful. Pace of play was about 4 1/2 hours but it just felt like a leisurely day as we weren't really waiting much and no one was pushing us.

I could literally play this course everyday and not get bored. It's not often I say that but I can't wait to get back. I'd highly recommend anyone get out and play right now but if you're super particular about your fairways being immaculate I'd give it some time to fill in, that would be the only MINOR ding. Best layout around and just so much fun to play. I'll be back soon and often.
Played 3/18 teeing off at 2:40 and finishing a four ball in about 3 hrs and 15 minutes. Love this POP!

Update: The range project is done and it's open. They have 5 Foresight stalls which are kind of fun. The range is on grass for the first half of the week and then mats on the weekends.

The tees on #2 and #3 are getting completely re-done (always something getting done here) so #2 is off a mat about 155-160 yards and #3 becomes a par three from 176 yards.

Greens are absolutely great right now. Highlight of the course. The tees have come back nicely and never had a problem finding a place to hit from (#5 is a bit chewed but I think that will change soon). Fairways were pretty good too. Lots of green coming in as the weather warms up and we had some rain. I kind of like when you get a little more rough here to mitigate some of the bounces.

All in all, the conditions of the course are pretty solid right now. This course continues to get more and more popular so expect a round at least 4 hours on weekends. Weekdays tend to be better. Definitely a unique course but a fun place to hang out.
Had an 8:40 AM tee time Saturday 2/20. Weather was absolutely perfect.

The driving range project is done and it is sweet! They have it on grass Monday-Thursday and then mats on the weekends. The final buildout of the Foresight Monitors/Simulators still pending but should be done soon. Will be a cool touch.

The course is in great shape right now with the greens absolutely pure. They just did a light verticut, double cut and rolled so they were just quick and perfect. Bunker project on 7 and 10 are complete and the sod faced, British Open style bunkers look super cool. Not sure how much they come into play on 7, but 10 is really cool.

Tees have grown in a little coverage over the past couple weeks so that's good. STill a little bare in spots (#3 is rough) but more than fine finding a spot. Fairways are pretty good. A lot of people walk the Goat so you get some divot damage in popular spots but the staff and volunteers do a good job going around and filling them as well as they can.

Most of my impression of golf courses center on the greens and green complexes when it comes to where I want to play and spend my money and the Goats are fantastic and tricky right now. Never a dull moment out there but good time to go out for a good challenge
Played Saturday 2/13 in our GK Cup Match. We teed off a little later than our scheduled time (place was packed) but finished in about 4.5 hours. Considering there were about 12 carts lined up while we were on the putting green, I'm very pleased that they had a couple marshals out really monitoring it. Good to see!

Second time I've played here, the first being in freezing, torrential downpour, so I feel I got a better sense of the course this time.

I played the Blue tees this time (whites last time) and this course sets up very different from that set. The front 9, while not easy, gives you a little more room to miss as there's a wash that runs through the course and while it's not ideal to hit from, there's a good chance you can at least find your ball if you spray it a little. It's definitely a classic Dye look with railroad ties and mounds everywhere, but where this course really shines in my opinion are the greens. They have some interesting slopes and features and even if they feel a tad spongy, they rolled really true, held shots and had a decent pace.

The back nine here gets a tad more interesting with elevation changes back into the hills. I'm not a huge fan of ending on a par 3, but I know why they had to do it. It is kind of interesting going par 5-3-5-3 to end, especially in match play.

From tee to green, the course is a tad rough right now. I think the combination of the winter months and my guess, years of this course being closed (I'm not turf expert) leave the fairways and rough areas a little sparse and patchy. It's definitely playable, just know that you're probably better off playing winter rules if you can. The good thing is, they ground is actually pretty good to hit from there are just little clumps and some bare spots around.

What I've been most impressed with is the customer service and crew out there. Super friendly and organized starters, people in the snack bar were great and the marshals I talked to on the course do a great job. I'm really hoping the course can keep moving in the right direction. If they can figure out the clubhouse (I'd blow that thing up) and maybe get a hitting net to warm up (no range) that would be cool. But all things considered I really dig Rancho del Sol and will continue to play there. For the price, the layout and for me, especially how good the greens are, it's worth the drive.
Played this past Saturday, 1/23 in our GK Cup match. I was really looking forward to playing this course since I love the fact that a golf course actually made a comeback, with all the recent closings it was definitely a success story.

I had played Moreno Valley Ranch a LONG time ago, but didn't really remember much, so it was more or less a new course for me.

First off, the weather became brutal after the first 4-5 holes. Rain, wind and REALLY COLD. Definitely an adventure out there and one I wouldn't do again if I didn't have to :) That being said, it made for some good stories and after sitting in the heated car for an hour and a half on the way home I could finally feel my fingers.

The course conditions are a mixed bag right now. Obviously the fairways were dormant bermuda and didn't look all that great, but I did find that they provided a really good surface to hit from. Firm on top but give on divots. I like grass like that. We played winter rules in the fairway because of the rain but I didn't really have to move the ball more than a couple times.

Once you got off the fairway it could be pretty iffy. But like I always said, don't hit it there if you want a good lie. Tees were similar to the fairways as you could always find a decent spot to hit from.

I was in one fairway bunker and the sand was pretty soft. Seems like the greenside bunkers were the same but I didn't get in one.

The highlight by far for me were the greens. They were super healthy, held shots and ran at a good speed, even with the rain. Definitely some cool contours in them too. They gave me trouble but the condition of them was fantastic.

AS for the layout, it's a super fun golf course. Kind of your quintessential Pete Dye with mounds and lakes and then the back nine into the hills was super fun. Never a dull moment and lots of different shot options.

I really hope this course continues to improve because I think some of the design features would be accentuated with better conditions. I hope people make the trip out and support them so they get the chance to stay open and keep getting better.
Played Saturday morning, 1/9, teeing off at 9:00. POP is always pretty good here but with the increased crowds it took us about 3:45 which is great but typically it's a bit less.

Right now the greens at the Goat are really good. If you've played here you know how small and tricky they are, and when they get a bit firm and fast it makes for a crazy experience, both putting and chipping.

The fairways in general are pretty solid. #8 and #16 are always a bit rough (I think because of where they sit in some lower areas) but the rest provide good lies all around.

The tees are not as good as they normally are. I think it's the crazy amount of play every course is getting coupled with the fact that it's a shorter course and most tee boxes have people hitting irons. They're level and I guess you get to use a tee so you still get a good lie, just some are a bit bare.

No one course construction going on but the massive range overhaul is coming along nicely. The grass area was made much bigger, there are new targets/greens to aim at and then in the back there's going to be siting areas, some mats when the grass needs a break and a few stalls with Foresight monitors, which is cool.

All in all, conditions are solid and the course never ceases to require your best stuff.
Played in our GK Team Cup Match here on 1/10, teeing off at 11:06 AM on an absolutely perfect day in North County San Diego.

It had been years since I played Twin Oaks, which I really couldn't explain because I live 10 minutes away and had always enjoyed the course. When I pulled in the entire parking lot was full (had to wait for a car to leave to even get a parking spot!), so I knew it would be a longish day out on the course. We actually got out right on time and I think our POP was about 4:45, but it didn't seem that bad.

I really love the facilities at Twin Oaks, but with Covid you couldn't hang around on the patio or in the bar area, which is a bummer. The entire setting there in that valley is pretty cool and Rob made a comment on a hole that it had a bit of that Mt. Woodson look with the hills around.

What really stood out to me was how fun this course is. I couldn't remember a lot of the holes for some reason, but there's a great mix of variety, providing a challenge without being too punishing. You can definitely use a bit of local knowledge here and next time out (which I plan to do sooner rather than later) I'll take a couple different lines to help me out.

This is the first course I've played that does the painting of the fairways. It looked pretty cool and other than staining my golf ball a bit it doesn't affect anything. I thought the fairways had good coverage with a mix of kikuya and bermuda. I'm guessing if they didn't paint them they'd look pretty splotchy with the two grasses. You got great roll out here and hitting irons was fantastic. I could see how some tighter lies with hybrids and fairway woods could be tricky.

The rough wasn't too crazy and kind of a dried kikuyu. Every now and then you'd get a little more difficult shot around the greens, but I thought it was fair.

I thought the greens were pretty solid. I assume at the end of the long weekend with that much play they were a little bumpy, but all that being considered they held shots well, rolled pretty true and are pretty interesting for the most part. Again, there are a couple where local knowledge would be a big help but nothing too crazy.

The staff I interacted with were great from the starter to the lady in the snack bar and the cart girl who we saw a few times.

I would definitely recommend Twin Oaks to anyone. The conditions are good, the layout is fun, staff is friendly and the setting is great. Looking forward to heading back.
I played in the GK Event this past Saturday. We were the second group off and pace of play seemed pretty good, maybe 4:15 or so.

This is my third of fourth time at Rams Hill and I realized that this time seemed so much different than the rest. First, Covid kind of took away from some of the cooler aspects of Rams Hill, like hanging out on the patio and with the staff out there. I did get fantastic service at the restaurant/bar inside as I always do. It's just that its such a great spot to hang that I missed that.

Second, the weather was pretty incredible. It was weird playing with no wind at all out there (save for 1-2 "gusts") and the lighting with the clear air just was awesome. I thought that coupled with the brown, dormant bunker surrounds make the course visually better than I remembered.

Third, it was weird seeing the fairways in rough shape for Rams Hill. While I never really had a bad lie, they were nowhere near what they have been in the past. Seemed the rye really hadn't taken so maybe give it a little more time and it will be back to normal. The greens however were the best I've played there. Definitely firm and faster and that's my favorite kind. Bunkers I was in were great and never an issue on the tees.

I think I had more fun playing the course this time around than before. Just seemed like I appreciated the layout more this time around. Other than 11 and 18 I don't know if any other holes really stand out too much, but as a group it's just a fun golf course.

I did go down to the far end of the range for the first time and while there weren't any balls to hit they have an awesome short game area. I could hang out there all day.

I had a fantastic day out there and love Rams Hill. I absolutely recommend it to everyone. Just a killer golf experience.
I played the Goat on back to back days this past weekend. First on Friday for MGF Skins and then in our Goat Hill Park Masters Tourney on Saturday morning.

Friday Skins is a regular event and always a good time. This one was a little different in there were some added prizes with Matt Ginella in town. It's a pretty good deal and there's always a $1000 ace pot ($1500 on the last Friday of the month, and also a $250 starter pot). With the amount of par 3's there's a few chances :)

All of the construction on the course has been done and the place is looking really good. The greens have completely healed from punching and are running great. I thought they were good on Friday but then were cut and rolled before we played on Saturday and they were pretty tricky. The held shots great but when these get a little fast you can have some seriously wicked shots around the greens.

Fairways were pretty good for the Goat. There's a mix of kikuyu and new bermuda but I'd say overall coverage is solid. If you miss the fairways here it's a crap shoot of what you'll end up on. Accuracy is a big advantage over distance. There's a handful of new tee boxes and those are still great, but a couple par 4 tee boxes are a little wonky. There are plans to add a few additional "hidden/tourney" tees on a few of the holes which will make already tough par 3's even more so (not sure I'm excited to add another 20 yards to #5).

The range is shut down for a major overhaul until the end of the year. When it's all said and done it's going to be pretty epic.

I'd say right now with the greens the way they are, the Goat is a great place to play for a challenging and fun round. Recommended
Played a quick afternoon 18 yesterday, teeing off at 2:00 and finishing about 5:45 PM. Pace of play out here is always fantastic and we could have played faster but had a bit of money on the line so took a little longer over some putts :)

The Goat is in fantastic shape right now. All the improvements to the tees and new sodded areas are complete, grown in and playing great (except for the tee on #10, which looks like it will open any day now). However, the driving range is going through a major overhaul so that won't be open for awhile.

The greens here were punched about two weeks ago and they are basically fully healed. They were a little fuzzy and bumpy late in the day yesterday but Friday mornings they get a good cut so should be great this weekend. The cooler, dryer temperatures are really helping as the course is allowed to dry out a little bit and become a bit firmer. When it was really hot and humid over the past couple months a lot of water was required and you'd get some pretty chewy kikuyu and the greens had to be kept a little longer. Excited for Fall golf on the coast!

Played with someone who was making their first trip around the Goat and like always, they said it was a much harder golf course then they expected looking at the yardage. Don't get fooled into thinking it's a push over.

Also, a few new distance markers scattered around the course. Yardages on felled tree stumps around are a nice addition.

Should be prime condition this weekend, recommended for a fun time.
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