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My group and I made our annual trip out to San Jacinto earlier today to play Soboba Springs and we were pretty disappointed. Three of us drive 50+ miles, and I drive 68 miles to play there. When I made the tee-time over the phone last Sunday, I was told the course was in good shape. We like to know the conditions before we drive all the way out there. By the time we reached the #1 green, it was apparent the green had fungus. It turned out 14 of the 18 greens had obvious fungus. #15 through #18 were better than the rest. The tees were level and in good shape. The fairways were decent at best. No one mentioned the temporary greens built into the middle of the #2 & #7 fairways. Those two temporary greens are NOT BEING USED YET. They will be used once most of the back nine is torn up to re-route multiple holes during construction of the new casino & hotel. Speaking of the construction, #13 has zero bail out area because of fencing, #14 is shortened and playing from one single temporary tee (no idea how far since there's no tee-sign). The two back tees on #15 will soon be a parking lot. All of the trees down the left side of #16 have been cut up and are waiting to be hauled away before the hole is re-routed. We talked to the pro shop attendant after the round to let him know we were disappointed in the conditions and for being lied to while booking the tee-time a week prior. He apologized and asked us to return after the casino opens Dec. '18. We like the course and we like the facilities there, but until construction is completed and only after we read better reviews, maybe we'll return.
Played Goose Sat. 6/24 at 8AM with my usual two buddies and found the course very close to what we normally expect. Staff was great upon check-in and starter was helpful getting us off and running. Tee boxes are all in great shape. Fairways are also in great shape. They must have been mowed a couple days ago because the clippings were visibly brown against the green fairways. Greens were smooth and semi fast. If other golfers would fix their ball-marks, we'd all be better off. Goose is almost always in very good to great shape. Great value, and we'll probably return again sometime in fall/winter.
Played here for the first time in 16 years on Sat. 3/25 with my dad at 6:52AM. New clubhouse is nice, and well appointed for a smaller facility. Check-in was straightforward and we were told we were playing with the group which had paid immediately before us. We showed up to the 1st tee ten minutes early and that twosome had already teed off. No starter/marshall making sure groups were pairing up. We watched as two twosomes and a threesome teed off before us and then we played as a twosome in exactly 3 hours.
The course has been open for almost two years now, and the greens are all still very hard. Even though they're rock hard, there are a lot of ball marks on the greens. I fixed many more than just my own. Management needs to tell their old-timer mens club players to take care of their course. On the bright side, I hit a handful of bunkers and all of them had good soft sand and they were in great shape. The fairways were in decent shape. Rough was inconsistent and very short. I'm quite surprised with how much rain has fallen recently and it was NOT noticeable here. Not lush at all.
Played Sunday, 2/19 for the SCGA One Day event, which was an 8AM shotgun. POP was just short of 5 hours, which was good for a shotgun. This was my second time playing DI and enjoyed it even more than last year's event. Every tee box was flat and lush green. Fairways were perfectly manicured and had drained remarkably well even with a bunch of rain in previous days before the event. Greens were perfectly smooth and had very few ball marks. My group had to search to try to find extra ones to repair. I was in two bunkers and both were a little crusty on the top, but fluffy sand underneath. If I'm looking for something to nitpick about....there are overhanding trees quite close to four tee boxes which could (and did) affect tee shots. Pro-shop and cart staff were super nice and hospitable and I hope to have the chance to play here again next year.
Played Firecliff yesterday 1/14 at 8:00am. POP was exactly 4 hrs. 15 min. which is great, although it felt slower b/c my group and I waited on many holes. Course is in great shape, even with all of the rain recently. The greens were a little soft, but were all smooth. Fairways were perfect, with minimal divots. Rough was consistent with great coverage. Some tees had some divots (even par 4s). Proshop staff and cart-guys were great and we had a good time. Would like to come back here and have another shot at those greens!
Played Rams Hill for the first time on Friday, 11/25 at 9:30am. The drive from the 909 took longer than we were told and Glenn in the Pro Shop allowed us to be bumped back from 9:15 to 9:30 so we could quickly warm up. Everything about this course is first rate. Every single tee box was perfect (we played the orange tees). Every single fairway was perfect and mowed half towards each tee & the other half towards the green. The fairways were a little soft and a couple guys in my group were taking pretty large divots. The greens were very very good too. Bent greens are so cool to putt on. They too were slightly soft, but putted beautifully and were receptive to well struck irons. The bunkers had beautiful sand as well. Loved the layout and hope to play it again in the future. Definitely one of the top five conditioned courses I've ever played.
Played today in the SCGA One Day event which was an 11:30am shotgun. This course is so overrated I don't know where to start. The greens were aerated three weeks ago and are still quite bumpy, despite being rolled multiple times (according to the pro-shop). The famous #3 green had a bare spot in the front left corner and that was our pin position today. Multiple putts immediately went offline from the bumpy greens. Fairways were okay, except many have newly laid sod in sections. Many tee boxes were oversaturated (before it started raining) with water. The bunkers were in very good shape with soft sand on top and slightly more dense sand below. They were probably the highlight of the round. There is nothing special about this course at all. Straight holes and a handful of dogleg lefts. For a "resort" course, it has zero polish conditions are not what I expected for a supposedly high-end course.
Played here for the first time as part of the SCGA One Day series. Our 8:00am shotgun start was delayed by heavy fog until 9:15am. Let's start with the good...the greens rolled pretty well since being punched just over a month ago. Also, I was in 4 green side bunkers and sand was very good. I hit one fairway bunker and it had a ton of rocks in it. Now the not so good parts... the fairways were thin and had many bare spots. The rough was inconsistent and very thin. Recently, the areas around each green had been plugged. The players were instructed to lift & place if we landed in one of these areas, which were a few yards away from each green. The tee boxes were terrible because they hadn't been moved in a couple of days. Divots everywhere. Other areas on many of the tee boxes looked green and almost untouched, which was odd. POP was 4:45 which wasn't bad for a shotgun. I don't plan on returning to this course because of the less than average turf conditions.
Played the Nicklaus Tournament course on Saturday, 9/24 for the SCGA One Day event and really enjoyed it. It had been over four years since the first time I'd played it, and I still remembered many of the holes. The greens were pretty good, but were very firm. I saw many fairways because I had a great driving day, and there were mostly in great shape. A few spots had been recently re-sodded in a few fairways, but nothing crazy. I was in a few bunkers and while the sand was heavier, and a little more shallow compared to other places, they were in very good shape. Tee boxes were almost perfect.
Played in the SCGA One-Day event at Rio Hondo yesterday from the Blue tees at 9:2ish. Hadn't played here in about 15 years. Pretty disappointed with the presentation of the course. Multiple times during the round, my playing-partners (strangers before yesterday) all mentioned how bad the chosen pin positions were. Many of them were in sections of each green which had visible bare spots while other sections looked smooth & healthy. Multiple par-3 tee boxes looked like they hadn't had the markers moved in days! Completely browned out and full of divots! To their credit, the fairways were pretty good, and the two bunkers I hit were also good too. Pace of play was terrible b/c it was a tournament round. I won't return here unless it's a tournament round, and unless it gets more positive reviews from other players.
Played Escena on 5/14 with a group of friends. Scheduled for 7:30 & 7:38am, we teed off about 20 minutes late because a bigger group of friends immediately in front of us was either late to arrive and/or terrible at getting off the first tee. POP was just over 4.5 hours. Really enjoy playing here, with generous fairways and typically very good course conditions, and this round was no different. We observed level tees, lush fairways (maybe a couple of thin spots), and smooth greens. The one fairway bunker I hit into however, had a golf-ball sized rock in it (under the surface) and other smaller rocks in there too. My playing partner also hit a bigger rock in a bunker too! Hopefully, they can clean out the bunkers by the time we return next year.
Played 4/30 as part of the SCGA One Day Series and was my first time playing Olivas Links. Pace of play was just above 5 hours but I assume some of that was because of the tournament setting. Was impressed with the blue tees, all were in good shape with minimal divots. Fairways were semi-lush and mowed short. Some had GUR clearly outlined. I was only in one greenside bunker and it had good sand (even though I played a bad shot). Greens were slower than I expected. Rolled smoothly, but did not roll-out especially coming down a couple of tiered greens (front to back section of well as front to back/left section of #13). I'd like another crack at this course, and will look to come back in the future.
Listing 13 to 24 of 63,115 Course Reviews
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