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Played La Purisima yesterday with RGM2525 in their RWBB tournament. First off, hats off to La Purisima for having Very reasonable tournament rates! Check in was friendly and fast. Course layout is excellent with the entire course winding through the hillside. A number of water hazards add to the serenity of this track that sits a few miles outside of town and his house free.

Conditions were spot on from tee to green. I was pleasantly surprised at how green and lush the fairways were. Some were even soggy in the early morning. Yes there are a few brown spots here and there throughout the course but very few compared to most courses right now. Rough was super lush and only about 1-2 inches deep. Either I was lucky or the rough was that nice because I always had a great lie in the rough.

Greens are in excellent shape as well. They rolled smooth at a medium-fast pace and easily held well struck approach shots. Green complexes are tough but not severe. In fact they are undulated enough that you can fairly easily read the break, yet not so severe they are ridiculous.

Sand traps and a good amount of high quality sand in them. Throughout the day we played from all four sets of tees at one point or another and all were in good shape. Level and easy to get a tee in.

Have no doubt, La Purisima is a tough track, but it’s enjoyable to play for sure. Definitely worth the 15-20 minute detour off of highway 101 if in the area, and even worth making a special trip.
A quick update on Spanish Bay. Fairways are starting to show signs of the drought. Most fairways now have some brown areas. Per staff water has been cut in half and on top of that we are having an unseasonably warm summer so far with little morning fog/dew to help out

Having said that the fog did come in on the last 2 holes yesterday so maybe help is on the way

Customer service is always excellent and POP was a bit slow as a twosome three groups ahead of us were holding things up but no worries as it delayed us just long enough to catch the bagpiper!
Played Maderas this morning on a picture perfect day. Nice and warm but not overly hot as it often is out in Poway. Course was in pristine condition as usual. This was about my fifth time playing Maderas, and I’ve always found the course to be in top condition with excellent service.

Bag attendants were there at entrance to take the bags and load them up on your cart for you. There is some construction going in the clubhouse but other than having to use a side entrance, no big deal.

Range was on mats, and they use a traditional range ball as opposed to a premium ball like some high end courses have gone to. Very minor and not really an issue. Carts are high end with plush seats and GPS.

Course was in top shape tee to green. Greens rolled true at a medium fast pace. I actually expected them to roll a tad faster but they were very acceptable for sure. Green complexes can get tricky but there were plenty of manageable pin placements today.

Fairways were nearly perfect. Very lush and green throughout. Just short of a 10. Tee boxes were level and lush as well. Bunkers were very nice with high quality sand in them.

Layout is awesome with some unique holes that are fun but not gimmicky by any means. There is a ton of variety in the holes which makes the track anything but boring.

Definitely a recommended track.
No trip to San Diego is complete without a round at Aviara. Like Ko said, it’s a favorite not only in San Diego but an all time top 5(ish) course for me. So after playing Torrey Pines North in the morning, I headed to Aviara for lunch and an afternoon round.

Yes, there is some serious course construction/maintenance going on but the course is still so fun to play. Currently holes 6 and 7 are completely closed while they put in all new grass. About three other holes are cart path only. Holes 10 and 17 have been broken up from par 5’s each to both holes now incorporate a par 3 and a par 4. The two temp greens on the makeshift holes are regular grass shaved down super tight. Other than that the course played normal.

Fairways were super lush and green except for one that is set to get re-done in a month or so when the other holes are finished. Greens looked a little shaggy but were very deceptive in that they rolled true at a medium fast pace.

The layout is so fun with three of the most gorgeous par 3’s anywhere. Water features galore and the absolute best staff anywhere, bar none. Joe is my favorite starter anywhere.

I love Aviara and am glad I went out and played.
Joined Long4Par today at Singing Hills. First time playing here and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. We played Willow Glen which had a bit of elevation change and some water hazards mixed in throughout the layout. Conditions were solid all around. The greens were excellent all around with moderate amounts of undulations and most having two or three tiers. Greens rolled at a nice medium-fast+ place and held well struck shots. Bunkers were decent enough with a moderate amount of sand in them. Bunker complexes were modest in that the lips were fairly low and easy(ish) to escape from.

Fairways were fairly lush and certainly presented a nice hitting surface. Only a few thin spots throughout the course. Just off the fairway was the rough which was nice and lush and predictable to hit from. Not overly penal, just enough to cause you to think.

Overall, the course conditions were very acceptable and I had no problem paying the weekend rack rate. POP was ok, We had a fivesome in front of us that was slowing things down but still finished in around 4-4:15. Definitely recommend this course as I enjoyed it a ton.
Finally made it out to Industry Hills after a few years of trying to play here. JusGas88 and I joined RGM2525 for late morning round on the “Babe” course. Hotel complex is rather large and you get the feeling that golf is the afterthought for management now. Still, pro shop attendant was very friendly and the locker room was large indicating that this once was a high end facility.

Layout, is very fun with some elevation changes throughout. I will say that you traverse the hill sideways more than up and down. Still, it was fun with most holes being semi-tight off the tee but still room for error in the trees to punch out back onto the fairway. There are a couple of water hazards on the Babe course, though one was so mossed over it looked like green grass. About the only issue I had with the layout was the fact that all 4 par 3’s played over 190 yards with two of them 210-220.

Condition wise, the course was in ok shape but not quite the high end pristine conditions I’ve heard about. Greens rolled mainly smooth at a medium-slow pace and they held approach shots well enough. Green complexes were perfect with most having large landing areas and enough undulations to make you think but nothing extreme.

Fairways were tight lies but presented a consistent hitting surface and were green enough (it’s summer in a drought). Tee boxes were flat and amble coverage. I was in two bunkers and both had sufficient sand.

I played like garbage but still enjoyed the course and glad I played. The price was on par with the course conditions and layout. POP was slow but it’s weekend in L.A. so I expected a 5+ hour round and we got it.
SDF and I played the Ocean Course yesterday at Half Moon Bay Golf Links. Weather was overcast but not cold. Wind was a modest 10-15 mph most of the day which is low for this area so it was very acceptable.

Course layout is links style and mainly flat with a few minor elevation changes. Plenty of views of the ocean and the European style hotel/clubhouse in the distance. Course is not overly challenging as long as you can keep your ball between the lines off the tee. Fairways are decently wide to provide room for less than perfect tee shots but you do get heavily penalized if you stray too far. Greens are interesting. Most have multiple undulations yet unlike Spanish Bay which has the preferred quadrant tiny, HMB has them large enough that if you get your tee shot “close” you are ok or if you miss the green you have enough room to get a chip shot in the right zip code.

Greens were a bit firm but held wedges and short irons no problem. Also, depending on direction of the wind was big. Obviously downwind was much harder to hold the green with long and mid irons. Greens rolled smooth for the most part but I did notice a couple were a little bumpy. Our playing partners thought the greens rolled super fast but I thought they rolled just right at a nice medium-fast pace. I guess it’s all what you are used to.

Fairways were nice and lush, yet still offered plenty of roll out. Not overly deep emerald green but certainly green enough to be picturesque. Sand traps had nice quality sand in them and no issues with the tee boxes. Even the box on the short par 3 had good coverage.

We started at 9:30 AM but did have a bunch of groups in front of us and waited on every shot. POP was close to 5 hrs. No worries we weren’t in a big hurry by any means. Was surprised that neither the restaurant nor the snack shack at the turn were open with how busy it was. Beverage cart was around a couple of times though. Carts have GPS with distance to the middle of the green.

Overall, Half Moon Bay is a great course well worth playing even at the rack rate. They do have multiple rates per day so it can be a tricky booking process that causes confusion and issues in the pro shop. Starter and guy at the pro shop were a bit grumpy but I’m giving the pro shop attendant a pass for dealing with the above.
I haven't done a review of Ridge Creek in several weeks as conditions have remained identical of the last month and half. I play RC weekly and conditions remain steady. They have been doing some work on the bunkers which were in much need of quality sand. About 1/3 to half of the bunkers have had a total makeover and now have high quality sand. The greens are starting to show there age and are in need of aeration. Most greens have a ton of pitch marks on them. Ridge Creek usually does there greens in June so it's just around the corner.

Probably the biggest difference we noticed during yesterday's round was how green the fairways were. The surface has always been a joy to hit from but it seems night and day from last week to yesterday in how much they turned from 50/50 brown/green to a nice emerald green.

We tee'd off around noon so POP wasn't an issue. Always great customer service at Ridge Creek.
I played Blackhorse on Monday with SDF in his first round back after a layoff due to injury. I have to say, I'm disappointed with the conditions. It's such a fun layout but conditions are starting to slip. Greens were rock hard. Not a chance getting a ball to stop. Fairways are thin at best. Gophers and grounds squirrels have completely taken over the place. Maintenance crews have done a great job keeping the fairways rodent free but be careful looking for stray balls. The outer edges are littered with holes. Sand traps are average.

For the troon rate mid week it's still worth it. For rack rate on the weekend... For get about it.
I played Kings CC this morning with a friend. We started in the middle of the back nine to let the ladies tournament get through the first few holes which worked great as we never caught them. Course is in real nice shape right now. Compared to all of the other courses I’ve played in the last week (Riverside, Ridge Creek, Blackhorse and Hunter Ranch), Kings CC has the best conditions (Hunter isn’t far behind). Fairways were very lush and green throughout. Very very few brown or thin spots on the entire course. Greens were near immaculate. The rolled true and a medium-fast+ pace. Greens are fairly docile but all have a couple of tough pin placements to make things challenging. Greens were soft enough to leave a pitch mark but getting the ball to stop was difficult (even on well struck shots). Bunkers had nice high quality sand in them. Tee boxes were level and lush.

Like I mentioned before, the track has some tight fairways and some wider ones to let loose on. A couple of water hazards add to the challenge. We took a cart put this would be a super easy course to walk as it’s completely flat. Lunch afterwards was enjoyable with the service outshining the food which was decent.
Played earlier this morning on a warm day but manageable. Some greens are better than others, with most being 90-95% healed from recent aeration but about 4-5 still showed minor-moderate signs of the aeration.

Whereas the fairways offer a fine hitting surface, they are more brown than green right now. Course continues to improve the bunkers with crews out on a few holes changing over to the new fluffy sand. I was in three bunkers today and two were excellent. The third was ok, but it could have been the downward lie I had.

I had to leave on the last hole but it would have been right at a 4 hr POP.
I joined JusGas88 at Tulare with a late morning tee time. Overall the course was in Ok condition maybe a tad under average muni shape. The staff is excellent that’s for sure. They are very friendly and helpful in all aspects of customer service. There has been a lot of work put into the clubhouse and surrounding area (horse shoe pit, outdoor patio) and they are working on the course itself. There will be a new water hazard going in along the inner elbow of the dog leg of the par 5 second hole. That will be very cool.

The green on the par 3 seventh hole has been reshaped since last time and is now a nice two tier green instead of the previous ridiculous super steep sloping green they had there before.

Condition wise, the fairways were really the weak link. Fairways were thin, patchy and had numerous dirt areas throughout. Tee boxes were ok. Most were level with decent coverage and minimal divots. I avoided all bunkers but others were in handful and the traps and minimal sand. Mainly hardbacked dirt with a thin layer of sand.

Greens weren’t too bad. Most rolled fairly smooth, though a few were a little bumpy. Greens rolled at a medium-slow pace. I played at Ridge Creek yesterday which had the greens rolling at their usual medium-fast pace so the greens today at Tulare felt very slow.

POP was at about 4.5 hours which for a Saturday morning I imagine is about right. Carts don’t have GPS but are otherwise in excellent condition with some of the plushest seats you’ll find anywhere. Conditions are bare minimum, but the family running the place are so nice and the price is right so I’m going to try and make it a point to get out here more often and support them.
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