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This past Sunday we got to play Reflection Bay again, boy was it a hot one. Big shout out to Kev to letting us come back out and enjoy this course!

The course was in fantastic shape, as always.

I got to play here with my Aunt and Uncle and Fiance, was a great group! This was their first time playing this course and they loved it!

I played from the Black Tee's this day, and it was so much fun. If the weather was about 20 degrees cooler and the humidity wasn't so high it would of been perfect.

Tee boxes were in great shape, always was able to get a great stance and position on every teebox.

Greens were slower compared to Paiute, but they rolled great. After about 3 holes I was able to get the speed down and started to drop some putts. There were a lot of marks on the green's most likely from people not repairing their marks earlier in the week. This wasn't an issue as I normally always fix 3-4 per green.

The fairways were in great shape as well, you can get some solid roll on them. I was getting great lies out of them every hole.

The club house is amazing, the views are amazing. Being that close to Lake Las Vegas was great to see so many people out enjoying the water. Had a bite to eat at the club house at the turn, hotdog was delicious. After the round I enjoyed a nice pizza, tasted great!

It's always a joy coming out here with the greenskeeper group. I look forward to the next time I am able to come out to Las Vegas and play this fantastic course! Worth every penny.
Got to play this amazing course again this past weekend with the Greenskeeper crew. This is hands down the hottest weather I have ever played in, reaching 118 in the afternoon. With that being said, the course couldn't of been in better shape. I played Wolf Creek the day before and these greens were rolling pure at paiute. The speed was a lot quicker then my previous round and I loved that.

I got to play this round with my two uncles and cousin (Steve,Doug and Logan), we tee'd off from the tips and the course was hard. Long tee shots and long second shots into par 5's but it was worth it. The tee boxes were in great shape, fairways were immaculate and greens rolled true. Every time I come out to Paiute I am never disappointed, will continue to come out to these three great courses when ever I have a chance. Highly recommend coming here, even in the heat.
Got to play here last Friday with a bunch of Gkers! WHAT an experience, this is my second time here and it was even better the second time. We arrived early, had a great breakfast and headed out to the range. Got to play here with Matt, Alex, Joe and myself and our Caddy Zack. Zack was fantastic, very knowledgeable and stuck it through with us, which I know was challenging haha. The course was in great shape couldn't ask for a better place to play, wasn't too hot and we had a slight breeze which was great!

Greens - Uh, if Zack wasn't our caddy I would of had no idea where these greens break. He was able to give us great reads, the speed of these greens was reallllly quick. The Valley influences the break a lot, some putts you would think are up hill, but roll really straight and flat. The greens were very receptive to shots and rolled true all day. For sure one of the many pluses to this course.

Tee Boxes - Always a nice level place to stand, no issues here.

Fairways - Perfect, like hitting off butter, was not hard at all but you can get really good rolls on them. They were a little more damp then last time, but that was due to the weather last week when it hit an all time high out there.

Experience has always been great here, we had a fantastic caddy, fantastic breakfast and drinks. This place is worth every penny, officially one of my top 5 courses I've got to play so far. Will be going back again!
Had the pleasure of going out here last Sunday to play a great round of golf with great friends. We stayed out a little too late the previous night, to make out 9:30 tee time. Staff was great, big thanks to Kev for getting us out there!

First hole... where to begin... shanked three into the water to start the round, didn't hit a fairway on the first hole, but the greens were in great shape!

We couldn't of asked for better weather, mid 80's 5-10mph winds.

Tee boxes - The tee boxes were perfect, never a bare spot to tee off from.

Fairways - Fairways were in great shape, got some great rolls if you hit it right in the center, no matter where you ball landed it was in a perfect spot for your next shot.

Bunkers - Was in plenty of these on Sunday, 4 at least. People really did their best in cleaning up after their bunker shots, which was great for myself. Very soft sand, allowed for the club to get right under the ball and get out every time.

Greens - Greens were in fantastic shape, true rolls, received shots very well.

This course is fantastic, I would highly recommend taking the drive out here to play this course!
Played here last Sunday for the GK final, what a course. The price was great, the temperature was a little hot for the 1 o'clock tee time. I played here with Matt, Zack and Wendy what a group! The fairways were in great shape, some brown spots but that is so be expected. The greens were my favorite part of the course, the greens were soft and rolled true. Pretty fast greens and the pin placements were very challenging. This has always been one of my favorite courses in Socal, not only cause it's close to my house but it's a very fun challenging course. The teeboxes were in fantastic shape also, never an uneven lie. The only downside to this course was the bunkers... goodness.. there was so much sand in the bunkers, greenside and fairways. On two occasions I stepped into the bunkers and swung and the sand was so deep it filled my shoes, almost impossible to get a good shot out of the fairway bunkers. Besides that, the overall round was great, would highly recommend taking a shot at this course!
Played this course for the first time Sunday Morning with mpisarski dpisarski and my girlfriend. Was pretty excited to play this course as I have heard nothing but good things. Pace of play for a Sunday was pretty good, finished in 4:15 min. I liked the layout of the course, perfect for me to always hit a 4 iron on all tee shots, at least I know where it will end up (unlike my driver). Overall a pretty short course, nice views. The tee boxes on the par 3's were a disaster, hard ground, hardly any grass, broke a couple tee's just trying to get the tee in the ground. The greens were in pretty decent shape, still really bumpy and #15 was the worst green out of all of them. Chewed up, missing grass in some area's, not evenly cut. Overall if the course was in better shape I would give it a 3.5/5, Matt got us on for a discounted price, but paying full price for this on a weekend would be a no go for me. I would play here again later in the year, but right now the course needs some work.
Played here on Sunday with the GK Event, what a day! The weather was very strange for this time of year out there but in my opinion, it was perfect. We had some rain (drizzle) and very little wind. Cloudy which is perfect to play some golf in, beats 100 degree weather. Was paired up with my girlfriend and Bill and Kathy, very fun group! Kathy and Bill are great!

Tee Boxes - Very level, in great shape and very little marks on the tee boxes. I really enjoyed hitting off these boxes, so much that I am going back Saturday to play two more rounds!

Fairways - A little hilly of a course, lots of trouble left and right. Huge bunkers surrounding the greens/fairways, you must be very accurate off the tee otherwise this course will eat you up.

BUNKERS - Holy cow, there are a lot of bunkers on this course. The sand was great, but if you hit into a fairway bunker good luck getting out. Some of them are 15-20 feet vertical to get out, I had my fair share of bunker shots to say the least. The sand was a little wet since the rain, but besides that they were great to hit from.

Greens - Greens were a little firm, but they rolled very true. Pretty quick going down hill and pretty consistent going up hill.

Overall I love this course, comparing it to the Norman one we played last year, I would choose the Norman one. That is me being picky though, you can't go wrong with playing this course. We are going back this week to play the Stadium and the Norman course. I will be back for my Revenge on this course, now that I know its Bunker city.
Played Arrowood this saturday using a voucher with my Girlfriend. Smoking deal for $70 for two players and free replay! The weather was perfect, 70 degrees and about 5-8 MPH winds.

Greens - The greens were very nice, rolled great, were very accepting to shots. There were some repair marks, some dry spots as well. Looks like they just punched the greens a couple weeks ago, but they were great.

Teebox - Some uneven boxes, but for the most part very nice to hit off of.

Sand - I wasn't in any, but my girlfriend was in a couple, she didn't have any issues getting out of them.

Fairways - Very similar to the greens, some brown spots. The rough was a little thick, but I was able to get some clean contact on most of the shots.

POP - The issue with Saturday was the POP, we tee'd off at 1:30 didn't finish till 7, very long round... not enough spacing between tee-times.

I have always enjoyed this course, and when you don't have to pay full price for it, even better. I will be back to play here again in a couple weeks, have another voucher to Arrowood.
Played here today for a guru outing with Matt, Gary and Rob. Great group today! Had a blast. We tee'd off at 12:27 right on time, pace of play was about average, finished around 5:30PM. The course was in great shape, nice and green, flowers were blooming and the weather was perfect today. The tee boxes were a little brown, and some what even for the most part. The fairways were looking great, rolled a lot since this course is very hilly. The greens were in terrific shape, but the pin placements today were pretty rough. The breaks all go toward disneyland no matter where you are, pretty hard to get used to. A lot of false fronts and backs, balls took a high hop coming into the green and are almost impossible to stop. I like this course, but I wouldn't pay the weekend price for this course.
Had an awesome time out here for a little birthday round with @apisarski @fastfish443 and my girlfriend. This course is one of the most scenic golf course's I've had the pleasure or playing. The greens were just punched last weekend, so they were really bumpy. The fairways were great, same with the tee-box's. I can't wait to play here again when the greens are in better shape. I will be back to play this course in the coming months.
Played here on Sunday, what a morning! Overcast with a slight drizzle of rain, sun just peeking out through the marine layer, couldn't ask for a better morning! Played with Alex, Mark and Andy. Great group of guys, minus Alex (kidding).

Tee'd off right at 7:50, only one other group in front of us, and the pace stayed that way throughout the round. The fairways were very nice, a little damp in the morning due to the drizzle. The nice part about playing in the morning is the club just cuts right through the grass.

Teebox's - Very level, plenty of room to get a stable footing. Overall very nice to hit from.

Greens - The roll on the greens were amazing, true rolls all day. Besides a couple repair marks, the greens speed stayed consistent during the day.

Sand Trap - Although I only hit out of one bunker all day (phew) the lie I had was in a non-repaired shot from the previous players, besides that it was a great. A little wet, but that was expected.

Fairways - There was significant repairs going on with the fairways, but if you hit the tee shot right, there was always a good lie. There were a lot of un-repaired shots in the fairways, kind of a bummer when you hit a great shot and end up in a divot.

I really enjoy this course, the shape could of been a little bit better. I still enjoy myself every time I come play the Mission/Presido courses. Great time, good laughs, great people always equals a good round. I will be back again!
Played here this weekend with Kevin, Brian and Matt. What a beautiful day for some golf! Pace of play was wonderful, didn't see anyone in front of us the whole day. Course was in pretty good shape, some patches of brown grass, but other then that it was awesome. This course reminds me of Glen Ivy a lot, but the price is a little steep compared to Glen Ivy. Customer service was great, all though I didn't see a cart girl all day which was kinda disappointing. The bunkers were a little wet on the bottom, but other then that they were nice and soft to hit out of. This course can punish you if you hook or slice your tee shot, which I did plenty of. Overall I really enjoyed the course, would love to play it again, but I wouldn't pay full price for it.
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