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Got the chance to play recently with a buddy who is a new member. Course has recently changed owners and now has a new name, “La Valle country club”. Course is still 3 nines, north, south and east.

North is currently closed for major maintenance. Played the south and east. First time playing the east course for me. Overall course is in great condition. The south course gets lots of play and shows it but the east was in great shape.

Tee boxes mostly level and good shape on both nines. Fairways on south were a little beat up with lots of divots, east was much better. Rough was enough to make you think about your shots. I was in “a lot” of green side bunkers today and they were all in great shape. Greens were good on south but lots of ball marks. Greens on east were much better. Played in under 4 hours which was nice. Overall a fun course with new carts and great conditions. Hopefully Johnny can get another outing there!
Played recently and not much to change from my review in April. The only real change would be the fairways are showing some brown spots but still very playable. Greens were great and smooth. Bunkers were great also. Played in under 3.5 hours on a weekday morning as a twosome, great pace!
Had to the opportunity to play this course this week and one word comes to mind, amazing! Nestled in the rancho sante fe area I had no idea this course was here till I played it. When you drive thru the guard shack and get a chance to see one of the holes you are instantly impressed. Everything was amazing, except for the traps, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Clubhouse was amazing with lots of memorabilia, I guess one of the members is a former leader of the seal teams and it shows throughout the clubhouse. Carts were awesome with good power and very comfortable seats with full gps.

The course was amazing. Tee boxes were lush level and almost no divot damage. Fairways were lush and like carpet. Not a brown spot in sight. They have done their own turf reduction and used crushed sand / rock. Nice brown look and easy to hit from. I wish more courses would use this, it sets off the fairways nicely and you can still play your ball and not worry about damaging your club. The rough was very manageable but you had to think about your shot. Wasn’t in a fairway bunker but was in a few green side bunkers and they were the only negative. They were crusty and some had a few small rocks. The greens were rolling very smooth, almost no pitch marks and very fast. You can not be above the hole on this course!

I don’t talk about course layout often but this course had a great mix of holes. Some tight with danger on both side and some open where you can blast away. The pat 3 were awesome with #5 being a good challenge. Very nice water features throughout the courses and some amazing houses on the property.

If you get the chance to play I would jump all over it. Maybe GK/GM can set up an outing, you will not be disappointed.
Was able to score an early morning tee time Monday and was able to finish the round under 4hours! Course is in great shape right now with two exceptions, tee boxes and sand.

Most tee boxes were in good shape, some a little beat up and uneven. Fairways were awesome with great coverage and lush. Rough was cut down so not a big issue and very few brown spots. Bunkers were just ok, wet and some had not been raked. Greens were the highlight although they were pretty firm. Great coverage and ran smooth.

The non resident walking rate is a good deal compared to some other courses in the area. Balboa is a very challenging course with small greens and lots of areas to lose a ball. If you haven’t played here I would highly suggest you give it a try.
Played the canyon/ranch combo in a tournament. Course is in very good shape. Tee boxes were nice, a little beat up in some spots but found a place for the tee and it was level. Fairways are showing a little brown but still good coverage with a few divot areas. They were firm and gave a good amount of extra roll. Rough wasn’t really an issue and pretty easy to play from. Sand was generally in good shape. Some areas needed to be raked but that’s more on other players and not so much the course. Greens were a little to firm with the ball bouncing pretty high and not holding. But they were otherwise in good shape and the ball rolled well.
Had the opportunity to play one of my favorite courses in San Diego and it did not disappoint. The course was in great shape and thankfully the rough was recently cut to a manageable length. From tee to green everything was in amazing shape. Keep in mind they punched the greens at the beginning of April so a tad bumpy but they are healing well. I really enjoy this course and have a ton of fun playing here. While it is not the hardest course from tee to fairway the greens are some of the hardest to score well. They have such subtle breaks and if you are above the hole, good luck. Hopefully Golf Moose and GK come back here soon. If you get the chance to play, I would highly recommend it.
Played recently and the course is in very good shape. very lush all the way around. Tee boxes were in great shape and easy to play from. Fairways were lush and green, not a bare or brown spot in sight. Some divot damage but you really had to look for it. The rough had been cut recently and was manageable, but still made you think about how to hit the ball. the sand was good albeit a little wet, but we teed off early so kind of to be expected. Greens were in great shape. A little slow in the morning but got faster later in the round. Almost no ball marks and all were in great shape. The course is in the best condition I have seen in numerous years. If you get the chance I would definitely play.
Played recently and found the course in decent shape. The recent rains have helped for sure. Tee boxes were level and had good coverage, no issue with finding a spot to hit from. Fairways were decent with ok coverage, thin at times but very similar to other courses in the area. Rough was really not an issue. If there was any it was recently mowed. Greens were good and average. Hard but held shots and few ball marks. They were a little bumpy for my liking. Sand was good.

This was is a great layout that is challenging. Lots of trees and some blind shots. I like the layout and with the rain the course is in just as good shape as other similar courses in the areas.
Played Monday morning first off. Course just reopened and is still under construction.

I will start with the have put a lot of money into the course. They have added lakes, bridges, tee boxes and sand traps. The course was in great shape and obvious it hadn’t received much play. Keep in mind it still is under construction and the 13 hole was closed for resoding. But they have a spare hole available so you still play a full 18. The construction doesn’t really affect play, it was only an issue for one hole (5) but they were looking like they would be done with that area in a day or so. I think it will be done in about 6 months!

Tee boxes were immaculate level with almost no divot damage. Also new tee boxes on many holes. Fairways were green and lush with no divot damage. You also got a decent amount of roll. Rough was low but still present and lush. Sand was a mixed bag as I played early and it was still wet. But they have added numerous traps in the course, mainly in the fairways. Greens were awesome. Great condition with no ball marks and fast.

I have played this course a lot over the years and it is a relatively easy resort style course. It’s nice to see them put a significant amount of money to make it better. They have tried really hard to make it look nicer but also more difficult. I would imagine they are adding somewhere around 300-500 yards to the course with new tee boxes. New sand traps in the fairways will also make it harder.

If you get the chance to play I would give it a try. If you don’t mind a little of the construction then go for it. If the construction scares you give it a few months.
Played early Monday morning in under 4 hours. Course is in really nice shape and had lots of fun.

Tee boxes were level and easy to use. Not much divot damage. Most of the fairways were green and lush. Some areas were showing brown spots, but you really shouldn’t be there anyway. The rough was inconsistent as some was thick and the ball settled and other areas were thin and not an issue. Sand was nice and freshly groomed. Greens were good with some signs of last month’s maintenance. They were fast I mean really fast. Heard someone say they were 12.5 and I would agree and downhill putts were unstoppable.

This course is always a good deal and easy to walk. If you haven’t tried it I would highly recommend it.
Played in a small tournament and the course is showing signs of the drought. Literally they have signs throughout the course that say "brown is the new green".

Tee boxes were a mixed bag, par 4 and 5 were ok but the par 3 were very rough and sometimes hard to find a patch of grass. Fairways were decent, if you were in the correct spot you had grass but off the sides or short it was a mixed bag of dirt and grass. Sand looked ok did see some rocks. Greens were the best part. Held shots and rolled smooth. Did see some unrepaired ball marks but otherwise good.
Played recently in a scramble tournament. Overall I was impressed with the course but not sure it’s worth the $200+ fee to play there. I will tell you that it appears three or four of the fairways are under construction at this time so be warned.

Tee boxes were in great shape all of them were level with an easy place to hit from and had very little divot damage. Fairways were mostly good those that we’re not under construction we’re pretty lush with almost no brown spots and had good roll. Didn’t really hit out of the sand due to the tournament but it look like it was in great shape. The rough was about 1 to 3 inches and pretty playable. The greens are definitely the highlight of the course, they were in great shape and provided great role. Almost no ball marks and we’re fairly fast.

There’s really only views of the ocean on one or two of the holes the rest of the course is pretty much inland and you’ll see slivers of the ocean. If I would have to compare this to San Clemente I would easily play San Clemente more often. And the views at San Clemente are far better than the one or two holes . If you can find a good rate I would definitely play this course but not sure it’s worth the regular rate.
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