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Played Monday morning in a annoying drizzle for most of the round. Course is still in good shape. Tee boxes were a little beat up and they had closed some boxes and combo the white and blue. Fairways were good some brown spots but mostly green. Still have a few fairways closed to carts. Rough wasn’t really an issue maybe 1-2 inches and you could find your ball. Sand was good. You could tell they were maintaining the sand well throughout the course.

Greens were good. A little shaggy but rolled well at a good pace. They have inserted a ball remover tool. This way the ball goes to the bottom of the cup and you lift up the lip with your putter/foot and it pulls out the ball. It’s a nice change to the pool noodles and I can easily see it coming commonplace for golf courses.

Used the golf moose deal and it was a good price. Speed of play was great at 3:45. Would definitely play it again, hopefully without any stupid drizzle!
Played yesterday after a long week of work. Not much to add to my previous review. Course is still in really good shape. The only difference is the price. Price for locals is $65 which is a little high but they now have new carts with GPS and the "Shark Experience". It is a nice touch. Course was green everywhere and we played in under 4 hours with some waiting. I posted a pic on the app. If you get a chance I would suggest giving the course a try.
Played Monday in the morning, check in was easy and got out a few minutes early. Played in about 3:45. Course is in better condition than last time I played. Not as lush as I thought it might be but good overall conditions. Greens have healed nicely, a little bumpy but good speed.

Tee boxes were good and easy to hit from. Fairways were green for the most part. Still a few of them roped off but not an issue if you walk. Sand was great and in good shape. Greens had a lot of ball marks and were bumpy but rolled well at a medium pace.

The only thing I didn’t like were the pool noodles were a little to big. They need to be cut about 1/2 inch so the ball falls a little. Some were too high and would just push the ball out.

$41 to walk was a little high but I would play again at the rate.
Played yesterday in the AM. Course has gotten even better since my last review. IT IS GREEN. I don't think I saw one brown spot on the course. Tees were level and good to hit from. They are adding 5-6 new tee boxes throughout the course. Should make the course a little longer.

Fairways were lush green. They probably need a trim but with the recent rain they may be waiting. No brown spots and easy to hit from. The rough is getting tough. Not unfair tough but enough where you have to think about what you are doing. This is a nice change from most SD courses where you would be lucky to see grass taller than 1-inch.

Sand was great. Nice white sand has finally settled in. Not to fluffy but enough sand to take a good swing and not worry about breaking your wrist.

Greens had fully recovered and were nice and smooth. They are on the fast side and you need to pay attention.

The biggest issue I hear is the course is surrounded by houses, which is true but the conditions make up for it. I have been hearing the new owners are not worried about money and are trying hard to make it one of the nicest courses in SD. If you are in SD it is worth giving it a try.
Played Riverwalk today using the coupon. Thanks to greenskeeper for getting these deals for us!

Course is in good shape. Looks like they are doing some serious work to make the course better. Tee boxes were in good shape and easy to hit from and level. Fairways were the weakest part but much better than last time I played. I was in a couple of fairway bunkers and they were in great shape. Easy to get the club on the ball. Greens were in good shape, a little bumpy for my taste but looked good and rolled faster than you thought. Looks like they have added some new sand to some of the green side bunkers. Nice white sand looked good and played well.

I enjoyed my round and was happy to see the course in good shape. If you can use the coupon it is a great deal. Even without the couple I would play again. Hope they continue with the improvements!
Played Riverwalk 18 today using the coupon from GK, such a good deal at $35. Course was in overall good shape. Tee boxes were a little beat up but playable. Fairways were good for the most part, a lot of new sod but mostly playable. Wasn’t in the sand but my partner was and seemed to be good. Greens were good but a little bumpy. They have recovered from maintenance but need a good mow.

For the price it’s a good deal. Pace was under 4 hours and the course didn’t seem to busy.
Played Texas Star for my second round of the day. Got there around 1130 and was able to get out a little after 12. Course was in good to great shape but not as nice as waterchase, which kinda surprised me. Payed $60 with a cart (newer cart with GPS).

Most of the course was great. Found a couple of brown areas but none that were in play. Found a lot of the holes to be pretty straight forwarded and easy to figure out. I was very disappointed in all the Par 3's. Every one of them was down to one tee box and each played around 130 yards. All the other tee boxes were closed so the one tee box was just destroyed. Not sure if they are preparing for a tournament but it was very disappointing.

Greens were good but couldn't figure out the speed. Some holes were very fast and some were considerable slower.

It is a fun course and I could see playing again but would want to make sure the par 3's were back to normal.
Went out to Texas to catch the Packers / Cowboys game with the family. Sunday was a great day at the stadium with a packers win. The stadium must have been half full of packers fans!

Used Monday to get 36 holes in before coming back to Cali. Played waterchase first thing in the morning. My review is based on someone who has never played a Texas course before and can only compare it to Cali courses.

I was second off with a pair of older locals who were great to play with. Around $50 for the round with cart was a good deal in my mind. Course was great. I was very impressed with how lush the course was. Everything from tee to green was great. I was very surprised by the greens. They were California country club smooth with almost no ball marks or bumps. They were very fast and fun to play.

The course is challenging with lots of water and out of bonds but not unfair and not target golf. I really enjoyed the course and would play it regularly if I lived in the area.
Played today using a certificate I won at a tournament. Course is a mixed bag and will be closing soon for a few weeks for maintenance. I really enjoy the layout of this course and think it’s a good challenge.
Conditions were good. Tee boxes were level and lush. Fairways were lush with almost no brown spots and gave a decent roll. Sand was a mixed bag. Most of the front 9 sand was filled with gravel and marked ground under repair. Not sure what is going on. In a couple of bunkers on back 9 and they were in good shape. Greens were the best part. Smooth and fast.

Unfortunately hole 6 the big downhill par 4 was closed. They are working on the fairway and turned it into a par 3.

Played in just over 4 hours and never felt rushed. If you can find a good deal the course is a must play.
I’m happy to say Eastlake is back in playable condition. The greens are looking vastly better and they were freshly cut when I played yesterday. I know this is a love / hate course for a lot of people but at least it’s back to a decent playable condition. Played Saturday morning on a busy day. They were running about 10 minutes late but still played in about 4:30, which isn’t bad for a Saturday.

Tee boxes were nice and lush with good coverage and level. Fairways are good with a little roll and not to many brown spots. Traps were nice with fresh new sand. Greens were good. They would hold shots and rolled fairly smooth and medium fast.

They have a new crew of Marshall’s rolling around. Didn’t see they talk to anyone but seemed to be moving things along. Saw the cart girl twice.

All in all I you can find a good deal you should give it a try.
Decided to go out and play oak today. Looked online and saw it was pretty open for tee times. Got off around 1 and pretty much had the course to myself.

Course is in great shape especially for the heat we have been having. Tee boxes are lush and level with minor divot damage. Fairways are in great shape and give good roll. Some brown spots but not in areas where you play. Greens were great. Very few ball marks and very smooth with a medium to fast speed. They held shots well. Wasn’t in the sand but it looked good.

From tee to green the course is in great shape. This is a very walkable course which makes the green fee a little easier.
Played The Crossings yesterday with an early tee time. Haven’t played this course in years and forgot how fun it really is. Was playing in preparation for a tournament and played the blue tees. Course was in great condition all around. Pace was good at 4 hours, they advertise to play early as the day goes on the pace gets worse.

Tee boxes were the weakest part of the course. Most were lush with just a little damage, but I felt a lot were un-even and not level. But that may just be me.

Fairways were lush and freshly cut. They gave a good roll and had lots of humps and bumps.

Greens were in great shape. Almost no ball marks and very few brown or discolored spots. The greens here are crazy, and it seems like almost every hole has a green with multiple tiers. Be careful where the pin is because I could see a lot of crazy putts. They were fast but not too fast and rolled well.

Rough was about 1-3 inches and made you think. You won’t lose a ball in the rough, but it definitely comes into play on club selection.

Sand was some of the best I have seen in SD. I did find two hard pan bunkers. One in the fairway of 18 and the other next to the green in 7. I was surprised by the one on the 7th hole because it was right next to the green. Still able to get out pretty easy from both. The rest had lots of nice white sand. My partner said it was a little to lose for his liking and he had some difficulty getting out of a few bunkers.

My only issue would be the price. Paid a decent rate because of the tournament but don’t think the course is worth the rack rate. If you find a good deal, then play early!
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