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First time at Braemar CC. Played the Masters and Western Course on 3/1. 27 holes at the course in total. I didn't play the US Open 9.

Practice areas at Braemar CC are in good shape and not too crowded. Good multi leveled range. Good short game area. Good putting greens. Plethora of places to practice. I don't think I saw all of them as they span up and down the hillside.

Started on the Masters courses. Tight, but good layout. If you are wild off the tee, it is going to be a long day and your bag will certainly be lighter from the amount of balls one can lose. That can be said about the whole place. I personally had no feel for the driver on the first nine... After 3 holes I knew it was time for 3 Wood... took me another 5 holes to actually commit on the decision. Played Masters 9 in 1:40.

The course was in great shape. People take care of the course here. Very few unpatched fairway divots, very few ball marks on the greens. Cart Path only on an handful of holes through the 27. Which can be annoying for some.

Very hilly. Though my understanding is some people will walk it. With 5 or so cart path only holes, you're basically walking a ton anyway. If I were to carry a full round here, like I typically do, I am sure my legs and feet would be tired. Not impossible but was much more enjoyable in a cart.

Western 9 is supposed to be the tougher one. Again very tight. Elevated tees with some smaller windows to place the ball. The whole place was beautiful but there isn't a signature hole that stands out over the others. This 9 took a little longer as there was a slower group in front of us.

My biggest takeaway is that there are a lot of approach shots uphill and downhill to greens.

I didn't have much contact with staff besides the proshop and didn't go in the clubhouse or locker room. Have a buddy who just joined, so I hope to be back soon.
First time up there. Played 36 holes, which ended up being 42 holes (more later) via underpar promo. Tee'd off at 8 am for first round.

Walked the course for first 18. Not a bad walk but not easy. There are a ton of hills off the bat. Levels out but if you aren't typically a walker or in decent shape, it could be a pain. Makes for a really good workout.

Played 18 in 3:30 +/-, though it was a twosome. Course was in perfect shape. Lot's of slopes. Greens rolled pure, were soft and fast. Not target golf but the first 9 has several blind tee shots, so know where you are going. The hotel / golf course website has flyovers of every hole. Worth watching before hand.

Lots of false fronts. Greenskeeper must have had a bad night as the pins were all flirting with that front. Saw several putts roll back down into the fairway all day long.

After lunch 2nd round started on the 13th hole as the course was a little jammed up later in the day. Still not bad.

Ended up playing 13th-18th twice on the second round. Played as 4 singles with 4 carts, which was a first for me but an extremely fun and fast experience.

Staff was friendly and excellent. Entire property and Hotel is beautiful. Burger at bar was great for lunch.

I've played LACC North several times and you get that same historic George C Thomas feeling. Some absolutely incredible views. The par 3 16th is one of the most beautiful holes I have ever seen. Elevated tee. 10 bunkers in the front. If you go left right or long, you're OB. Mountains in the back.

Only issue with course is the 18th hole. Originally back tees were next to the 17th green. You's hit over a barranca to a dog leg left. However a new private event wedding venue was recently built on the right/ long side of the fairway and the venue was pelted with balls. They reconfigured it had the tee's back so you wouldn't hit at the venue, but as mentioned was on the right side of fairway. So slicers were still hitting the venue. To combat this they moved the tees way up. Makes for a anticlimactic 18th. Plays as a 300 yard Par 4 with a valley in the middle. If you are a bomber you can easily drive the green. Spoke to staff about it. They recently had an architect out there to begin the process of redesigning it. WAG's from Staff include plans to reroute hole, make it longer in a different direction, perhaps fill the valley with a hazard. Time will tell. All in all was a great experience. Will be back to play soon.
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