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Course is in fairly decent. The fairways and rough are good as usual, but something is up with these greens. Probably the worst I've seen in a while. They are inconsistent, bumpy, and sandy. I'm guessing they are recovering from the City Championship last week (where they were running over 14), but the conditions affected putts. Knowing the guys at River Ridge, they'll be back in good shape in no time.
Just got a membership here - probably the best thing I've done in golf. Course is immaculate all around considering how little ran we've gotten. Greens are very slick, and the rough is lush as always. Always a good day at Wood Ranch.

*NOTE* The back nine will be closed 7/14-7/23 for turf renovations, the renovations have already been done on the frontside. The front nine will be open all of these days, though.
Wood Ranch certainly doesn't disappoint. Everything is well kept despite the summer heat - including the greens which are excellent. Fast and smooth. Another great VC/LA area course.
Not much to say about this course, other than that it is very well kept. Everything is lush, bunkers are excellent. Top notch practice facility. A pain in the rear to walk in the summer heat though.
Played 1/27/14 as a twosome. Tee'd off at around 1:50, played in 2:55 on the Creekside and Canyon Crest courses. Would've finished quicker except there was a single in front of us on the Creekside 9. Basing this review off how little rain we've gotten in the last year (a tad over 3 inches).

-Teeboxes were excellent. Very lush and green, with minimal divot marks.

-Fairways were good as well. Lush in most places, although a tad dry due to the minimal rain. Good roll and only had a couple bad lies.

-Rough was nice and green. Patchy in a few spots, but some of the best rough in the area.

-Bunkers were the way I liked them. Not a ton of sand, but certainly not thin. I like to be able to nip the ball out of the bunkers.

-Green were the star of the show. Very receptive, and rolled true. Very smooth, running about 10 on the stimp. Only bad green is #8 on the Canyon Crest nine, have no clue what is going on with that green, but there is fertilizer and punch marks on it.

Overall an excellent experience as expected from Moorpark CC. Certainly one of the best to play in the area.
Snowcreek is in great condition right now. Greens were some of the best I've putted on. Running about 12 on the stimp. You really have to prioritize where you land the ball. Rough is lush and very thick, especially around the greens. Fairways were lush as well. Didn't end up in any traps but the bunkers looked great. The $25 late day price is well worth it, watch out for the wind though.
Played here 8/13/13. One of my absolute favorite tracks, even though it's pricey. Payed $70 bucks with cart, had a 4 pm time and went off at 3:30. Finished in less than 4. Course is green all around. Fairways are lush, although a tad thick. Rough is lush and not too thick. Sand traps are fluffy and full of sand. Greens are excellent as well. A little slower than the other course in the area (Snowcreek), but they are still a challenge to put on. Greens have a lot of slope in them and come into play in approach shots quite a bit. You definitely have to land in the right spot to make birdie.
Played 7/10/13 at 12:30. Paid $33 w/cart from Golfnow (Gotta love Hot Deals!) Pace of play was around 4 1/2 hours, not too bad considering how crowded the course was. Course is pretty similar to the previous review. Fairways and rough are good, and greens roll great. Bunkers were clumpy and wet though. Too much watering the night before? Overall a great as always with Tierra, if you get a good deal it's definitely worth coming out here.
Played Vineyard yesterday 7/7/13 for the first time in a few years (I am a big fan of the Victoria Lakes layout) Tee'd off around 12:00. Finished in about 5 hours due to a slow foursome in front of us (course was crowded anyways due to $10 off the rack rate tee times all day).

Tee boxes were decent except for the 2nd tee which was extremely slopey. Fairways were lush, and give a fair amount of roll. Rough is also lush, and is interesting to play out of the Kikuyu grass. Bunkers were nice and fluffy. Greens were the best part of the course. Rolled around 10.5-11 (although the clubhouse said 10.1, I think they sped up over the day) and held iron shots well. A very nice fringe complemented the greens. An overall great experience as always with the River Ridge courses.
Played 7/3/13. Was supposed to tee off at 2:36 as a threesome, but didn't tee off until 2:45 due to lack of cart availability (they were quite busy today, and there was a shortage of carts). Finished at around 7:20. POP was ok, I was stuck behind a very slow 4 some. I asked nicely to pass through but was rudely rejected (they had already let 2 or 3 groups pass previously) and they proceeded to drive all over the par 3 5th and continued their slow POP.

Fairways were excellent. Very nice lies, and are cut tight. I got some nice rollouts on teeballs. Rough was also excellent, very lush and playable until you get into the fescue type grass (which is quite thick).Bunkers are nice and fluffy as well. Greens were slow and bumpy, but they rolled true and held iron shots well. Always enjoy playing Olivas and highly recommend it.
Lovely course, don't even notice you are in the middle of a resort community. Fairways are great, not much roll though. Rough is the same, with a very playable length. Bunkers are good too, nice and fluffy. Greens have some punch marks but still good overall. A great course and I'll revisit on my next trip to the dez.
A great layout. Wide open fairways, but can be penalized for missing. Chipping and pitching around the greens can be tough if you end up in the dips around them.

Tee boxes are excellent, some of the best (if not the best) I've played on. They are flat and minimal divot marks. There are some holes from the punching but it didn't affect me.

Fairways are great too. Minimal divot marks, very lush. Very little roll though, and there are some holes (very minimal like the tee boxes) from the punching but it's mostly an aesthetic thing.

Rough is good as well, tough to get through when wet. Patchy in some areas, but only in some spots.

Can't say much about the greens since they were recently punched and sanded. Rolled well for being punched.

Customer service was great as well, can't wait to come back.
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