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Just played today in a "WINE & NINE" event!

Course 9 hole "BLUE COURSE"

Time: 530pm shotgun start
Conditions: IDEAL, MUST play right now despite watering restrictions per say.

Parking: Plenty of spaces

Staff: Awesome

Restaurant: Just RE-Opened, food was all around FOUR stars. They went out of their way to provide non-grilling items late in the day!
We'll be back JUST to have lunch looking over the course other holes.

Greens: People need to fix ball marks when they are made. Overall 8 out of 10! Enough for a challenge but speed not lightning fast but quick enough.

Fairways: Very good condition

Bunkers: need some work very hard pan.

Design: LOVE it, played it three times now in the past few years.

Markers: well marked.

Tee boxes: Very Good even the par three's!

My Callaway Rangefinder was spot on plus my Caddie experience.

Flag sticks: Well positioned & marked correctly RED / White / Blue

Missing anything? Find out for yourselves.....
Really? WOW!!! I'm the LAST GK'er in the past TWO years to post a review for "SKY MOUNTAIN" in Southern Utah.

I KNOW I've been challenged the past year & a half.....but come on?
Someone besides me has to had played this course...

NOT ONE other GK'er has played this very Scenic, well conditioned, easy to get out & play,tight fairways, book a deal DIRECTLY from the Golf course website even in high season!

Date: 11/09/14
Players: TWO
Time: TWILIGHT (1230 UTAH time) 1130am LAS VEGAS time (PST)
Rate w/Cart: $36.00 each booked directly on the Sky Mtn website (NOT GOLF NOW)

Parking lot has been repaved, so recently the chalk lines are still fresh!

We love playing this course.....IF you haven't played you are so missing out.
Add the scenery of the surrounding St. George area.

Since my previous review only rec'd "2" likes, all I'm going to ADD is this:

Hole #4: A NEW entire GREEN,bunkering & rough has been added IN ADDITION to the current green location which is one of the toughest greens on the course!

A yardage guide is just $2.00! You need this since there are no GPS units on carts. LOOK for recent pics to be added to this course so you have an idea what you are missing out. (Throw out the idea this course replaces WOLF CREEK).

Date: 10/21/2014
Time: 8:30am SHOTGUN event
Event: Race for the Cure - Susan G. Komen sponsored
Players: Majority Men - Just TWO ladies
Cost: $60.00 per player included a lunch & Goodies
Format: 4 ball scramble
Players: Le$$ than the amount originally signed up!
Group: TWO ball (My wife & I) Our other half of team out due to sickness

A BIG THANK YOU to LEE & his staff for this event...Lee was working hard to make sure the course ran smoothly for the day and that all Participants really enjoyed their round.

I've only played this course "once" and it was a GK event.
Here was an opportunity to play it again, this time for a worthy charity event Breast Cancer. (I've lost my Grandma,Mom,Non-relative Aunt,co-worker etc to this disease).

I packed my yardage book but forgot my laser,my wife brought her GPS unit which worked very well. This course is not well marked other than finding red 100 yd markers and there is a 150 pole on the par 4's & 5's. I think some holes played longer from the "marked" 150 pole. Always best to club up since there is trouble in front of the greens.

OVERALL conditions of the course were in EXCELLENT condition considering courses we are in drought conditions.

BUNKERS: soft sand, never had to hit a shot out of these since we were playing a scramble.

GREENS: Soft conditions,ball was sticking like velcro on most holes. Putts were consistent & true rolling, no complaints here.
Found a few ball marks not being repaired but NOT a major hangup.

FAIRWAYS: Soft but some had some roll left in them...Very good conditions,a few areas had some water prevalent but nothing to be concerned about.

Tee Boxes/Range: All very good condition, small range area but NO actual chipping area :( Putting green very indicative what you will find on the course.

IF you have NOT played this course,get your hands on a yardage/LAYOUT book,it will be of assistance to get around this course which IMHO is a course you need to play a few times.

ALSO, my natural shot is a draw (right to left), I cannot recall a course I've ever played and where I need to play a FADE (left to right) on a majority of tee boxes. This not to say it's a "slicers" dream!!! You still need to execute the proper shot shape for each hole and not leave your approach shot stuck behind a tree or from a hazard.

The Par 3's look easy, but we were scrambling just to $ave par...

I'd love to play this course more often but the 1 1/2 hr drive makes it tough...
Date: 9/28/14
Time: 1250pm 4 ball
Booked discount using vs rack rate!
100% CART PATH ONLY coming out of OVERSEED!

Love playing here, I have saved several yardage books & have my personal notes. This is a course you must play several times because the front 9 is tight, Ironically I hit 6/7 fairways and ONLY missed one fairway by inches. Some holes on the front you must play a FADE shot to leave you in perfect position.

GREENS: super slo mo.... :( I know how fast the greens can be but just coming out of overseed the entire course.

POP w/carth path only was under 4 1/2 hrs had a 4 ball in front of us with a 3 ball behind...all parties understood how to play READY GOLF!!!!

Practice is one of the best in the area, unfortunately not many golf balls available, maybe due to a shotgun start in the morning. I shared what I had available with some other players. KARMA? we ended up playing together and it was their FIRST time playing the course! Having me available for local knowledge really helped these first timers to the course they never played.

I took many pics as I could w/o delaying pace of play.

For those GK'ers who come & play here....I have extra yardage books if you want them...

Date: 5/22/14
Group: Two Ball
Tee Time: 1230 pm
Weather: Sunny, 80's slight breeze
Pop: Was a smooth stress free round

Found a deal very last minute...Like the night before, $aved over 60% off the current rate of $75 for this time of the year.

Overall conditions were perfect and the course was ready for the annual event "Mesquite Amateur".

I took pictures for a majority of the holes. I cannot believe the last POSTED review was from my wife & I in 2012!

As they say on Golf Now commercials..... "GO PLAY!!!!"

So.....right now PLAY THIS COURSE!
Date: Friday 3/28/14
TIME: 1:15pm
Course: SOUTH
4-ball & (Two ride along's)

Psssssst! Play this course NOW as well as the NORTH layout!
EXCELLENT conditions tee to green, the only knock in the rating would be the actual sand bunkers (Not to be confused with the WASTE areas) which had sizable stones & pebbles. Invest in a "rock-wedge".

I would like to thank the golf course management for allowing my wife & I as RIDE-A-LONGS since I was providing Dcoachl (Scott & Pam) local knowledge to help prepare his HS golf team for an upcoming tourney.

Greens: Potato chip style with hidden undulations,some areas of the green have as much as a 9* slope but the average locations were showing a 2*-6* slope using the (Breakmaster green reading tool) As a general rule, most putts break towards the Salton Sea On this day, putting seemed to be a challenge.

Layout: I find this layout little more forgiving than the NORTH course. It has several TRAIN BOX CARS that are used as bridges from one tee to the next, intriguing to the first time players of the layout.

Bag Drop: Excellent outside staff to provide you with assistance.

Restaurant: Overlooks the SOUTH Layout. We had an early lunch, the food was excellent & a great value. Plus Breakfast service ended @10:30 and lunch service began 1030am which made it all seamless & a no brainer!

Range: Large putting green surface, available chipping green and all grass range, no mats on this day.

I recently found out there is a new owner, property was purchased for $7 million and steps are being taken to keep BOTH layouts in excellent conditions.

I noticed it has been several months for a review & decided to post my OBSERVATION of the SOUTH layout even though I was providing local knowledge to Dcoachl in preparation for the 27 hole HS event.
Date of Round: 3/28/13
Booked a Twi-light rate from an online site (Such a deal)
Players: 4 ball ( was paired up with another couple from Colorado area)

*Practice Range* hours (7am - 5pm) daily EXCEPT for TUES & FRI RANGE CLOSES 3pm!
Excellent practice facility! ALL grass, no mats! Very large putting green, separate chipping/pitching area located near the 1st tee box and the Starter does a nice job of finding players prior to their tee times.

Tees: I normally play the GOLD but moved up to Silver since the other player had not seen the course, I thought it would speed up play that way.

POP: Since we were basically one of the first groups off the twi-light rate, we barely played #16, took out the YELLOW golf balls! #17 was total darkness so we headed back to the clubhouse...

LAYOUT: Since the front nine is basically TARGET golf for several golf holes, POP is horrendously slow! Originally the course was designed to start on what is NOW the BACK 9 which is more open, less target golf.

With that said, Troon Golf/Conestoga is trying something different. The BACK up begins on Holes #3,4,5 & 6. The first TWO are not a problem. The current policy is to DELAY the groups teeing off by waiting for the entire group in front to ACTUALLY reach the green (380) yards away before the NEXT group tees off! The THEORY or LOGIC is so there are not three & four groups waiting on the PAR 3. INSTEAD? We found 3 groups waiting on holes # 3 & #4.

So we complied, waiting for the group to reach the green..Keep in mind, we are now waiting to tee off almost 10-15 minutes past our tee time! If the group in front EACH takes 4 shots to reach the green, it could be a longer wait.

The back up occurs in my opinion due to the fact that holes #3 is rated (3 HDCP) and #4 is rated (9 HDCP) these need to be reversed by the Nevada Golf Association.
Hole #4 forces you to lay up off the tee, your 2nd/approach shot is a BLIND shot to the fairway/green below. You cannot see IF the players are below or just short of the green.

Here is where the TIME is lost!!! Carts are not allowed past the 180 yard marker, players have no idea where their tee shots landed, you MUST hit over the WOODEN fence (140 yard marker) SHOULD your tee shot land too close to the wooden fence, the rough is so thick most players grab ALL the wrong clubs from the cart THINKING all they need is one or two clubs then find out, they need a much longer club.

Hole #6 is NOTORIOUS for being a SECOND back up wait! It's a Par 5 but players MUST decide to lay up to the CORRECT LANDING are or risk the ALL CARRY/HERO SHOT from say 250 yards to get to the THIRD safe landing area.

Once past these little bottle neck, the course starts to open up and could play faster. However so much time is lost on the front nine, players start to get lazy.

BUNKERS: I'm giving them a POOR rating because these are ALL hard, crusty and all that is needed is to "TURN" or cultivate the sand by the maintenance crew and they'll be in much better conditions.

GREENS: were medium to slow speed and showed signs at the time recovering from some kind of maintenance. Normally the speed is faster and identical to the putting green speed.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Bag drop off is easy, carts right there to be loaded and checkin easy with the pro shop staff.

Since we did not have time to grab dinner after our twilight round, we came back the next day to sample the food. Highly recommend even though it's a limited lunch/dinner menu. I decided to try their Meatloaf dinner. WOW, very impressed!
The only drawback was we were forced to sit out on the patio since there was a private event taking place inside. The flies were also trying to enjoy our dinner. :(
Luckily the temps were cool, enjoyed the setting sun over the buttes.

* IF you can, get your hands on a FREE limited yardage book * IF for anything, will help with the layout & landing areas.

We'll always be back when we are in the area, you won't be disappointed...
Date of Round: MARCH 22ND 2013 (Joined Kviser for his birthday round)

It was my first time playing here! Why? It's a long drive for me, close to 2 hours with LA traffic one way.

I played the appropriate tees (WHITE) since I had not been playing and never seen the layout. Next time I'll play the BLUE tees which is not that much longer/tougher. On one hole PAR 3 #7(?), we actually played the tee box all the way back. Easily a much tougher golf hole! Kevin mentioned to me it's extremely RARE to have this tee box opened. As Kevin said, a nice "birthday" treat to be playing it all the way back!

Layout? My natural shot is a draw, after playing this course, majority of the holes FAVOR people who "slice" or hit a natural FADE (left to right) golf shot. This is NOT to say I did not enjoy my round, I would love to come back & play it again IF we were in the area.

Hole #10: FINALLY a golf hole that works to my advantage! Hit my high draw with my 3 wood, driver would have found the water hazard left or thick rough right.

Back in March when we played, the course was undergoing some much needed maintenance (Fairways were verticut for drainage, Greens were coming out of aeration etc...) I will NOT post a RATING since it does not apply to current conditions.

Putting green is very large, no chipping green available :( most people practice low chip/pitch shots to the large green which has some tough hole locations. I passed on hitting range balls, I observed not many hitting bays and I think you hit into a hillside?

Seeing the surrounding area at the time of our round, I was thinking I wonder how many actual brush fires have taken place? Sure enough about two weeks later, there was the FILLMORE brush fire right near the golf course!

$taff friendly, seems like tons of locals come here to play probably because there aren't that many courses near by? I could be wrong. One of the other two playing partners turned out to be a very knowledgeable Marshal, unfortunately POP was excruciating slow on the front 9! Pace was a little better on the back 9 but not great :(

I'll be back when I have time and I'm mentally prepared for the long drive...
WOW, I cannot believe it has been months since anyone has posted a review let alone it has been close to 1 1/2 years since we last played here, where do I begin?

Date: 3/26/13
Tee: White (joined TWO other players who never played the course, were visiting from Montana) 4 Ball tee'd off twilight rate for high $ea$on.

What's NEW? Clubhouse building is OPEN, overlooks holes #1 & #9, does not overlook 18 as most people would expect. The view from inside the clubhouse is just $pectacular! Super easy bag drop, BRAND NEW CARTS w/ a working GPS are equipped for when you arrive. The carts are brought up from under the clubhouse area. FYI, depending on which course you are playing for the day, certain carts are used just for the 9 hole layout while the remaining more powerful carts are used for the Championship 18 holes.

Please allow time to get to the practice range via carts. Currently two new putting greens are being installed right near the first hole tee box, finally some convenience for the late arrivals for their tee times who don't have time to warm up but can putt for a few mins. Scenery has always been incredible, jaw dropping for those playing it for the first time! New Condo's located off hole #1, available for a STAY & PLAY package for those visiting from outside the Utah/NV area.

LAYOUT: LOVE playing this course, the front 9 may seem somewhat flat to the naked eye but the holes are well designed with some trickery/blind tee shot.
EX: Hole #6 HDCP 1 442 - 493 par 4 The fairway is as wide as can be BUT on the tee box seems like a very narrow landing area, you have to trust your judgement & commit to hitting a RIGHT Center tee ball. If you try to cut more of the hole off? On the LEFT SIDE is a hidden rock formation located in the LEFT CENTER of the fairway. If your not paying attention, you'll find yourself directly behind this natural formation.

Back NINE? EVERYONE I've played with just cannot believe how each & every hole blows away your imagination. MUST bring a camera for the scenery alone. This trip I took pics with my updated cell phone, will post when I can. In my opinion, the back plays harder than the front side. You'll just to have come out & see for yourselves.

FAIRWAYS: From a distance,look so green & lush UNTIL you get up close. Very playable for winter conditions, just we have seen the fairways in much better condition during the hot summer months (July/August). The course requests all divots to be sand filled (Orange Colored dirt), just toss the grass aside. Plenty of unfilled or repaired divots, I was shocked that my tee ball didn't find one all day! (11/14 fairways)

BUNKERS: AVOID if you can at all co$t$! NOT because of the conditions which are perfect, soft DARK ORANGE SAND! It's BECAUSE of the deep, very deep bunkers and extremely HIGH lips to carry, this includes the fairway bunkers too! I found TWO, watched my playing partners struggle all 18 holes, it was like they were digging to CHINA!

TEE BOXES: Not one problem or issue, no complaints here.

GREENS: Hmmmm....Tough one to explain. Theses greens had many, multiple ball marks over the entire surface of he green, like the MOON, yet when we putted over the old marks, incredibly smooth, TOTALLY did not affect anyone's putt off line! I don't know what their secret is....All I know is I didn't have any 3 putts and mostly had one-two putts close to the hole locations. Even my pitch/chip shots would roll on line without a hitch and very controllable. Pace was medium - slow but consistent, we have seen them much much faster on our previous rounds. They are cut low & not shaggy. One other note, the green dimensions seemed to be HUGE in comparison to other courses we've played. Make sure you find the proper level on your approach shots.

There is a snack/beverage stand open just before you make your way to the 10th tee box and a mobile beverage cart should you miss your chance for something.

If there is something I've missed, I hope someone else plays this HIDDEN GEM of a course! We'll always be back whenever we are in the area.
Very Late Review (MARCH 1st 2013) But still relevant, after all it's OAK QUARRY!!!

I was invited by Dale (StuartKay) very last minute (10pm night before), Dale had an open spot for ONE to join his threesome. Even though I was physically tired from looping & lower hip pain, once I heard it was OAK QUARRY I dropped everything to be there the next day.

LOVE this layout,for the $cenery, challenge, customer service.
Pace of play always seems to be an issue here, we had a Three ball directly in front of us, a Four ball in front of them etc...

Hours: over 5 1/2 hour round, with the setting sun completely hidden behind natural terrain, temps dropped, course getting darker to finish, never saw a marshal after the front 9 holes....

Tees: Since I basically only had played JUST TWO rounds prior, played the appropriate tee box (WHITE) for my game, Dale joined me there meanwhile one of the other players tee'd off from the Blue (Championship).

Greens: We played our round just before the greens were slated to be aerated & sanded, pace was slower than I had seen them in the past. PLENTY of un-repaired ball marks (LAZY PLAYERS). I think between the four of us, we fixed 12-20 per hole!

LAYOUT: The golf shot of the day? Not from me but from Dale....Want to take a guess which hole? OK, the $IGNATURE GOLF HOLE CALLED "SPINEL SLIDE".
Par 3: 185 yards on this round, approach shot landed on the front portion of the green rolled up the slope just stopped about 4 feet below the hole with the flagstick located just past the center portion of the green! Sweet Golf shot on the $ignature golf hole.

Fairways/Rough: are consistent with the current reviewers!

Cust Service: For those who need to know the CART/Beverage Girl was so busy, she only came by once that I recall. If you need your clubs loaded, they'll be picked up in the parking lot when you arrive then placed on a travel cart to be loaded onto the carts.

The ONLY Negative for me personally very nearly happened RIGHT before the start of my round! I have a custom made driver, it's length is 48", graphite shaft, process PURED by Golf$mith which matches my slow controllable swing. It's in my primary bag for a rea$on and I'm not looking to REPLACE it anytime soon! I like to carry my own bag for many different reasons.

I decided to wait for my playing partners near the pro shop, this way I wouldn't miss them when they checked in as a group. Once Dale arrived, our bags were being loaded on the carts....What happened next NEARLY ruined my round @ OAK QUARRY. Instead of just lifting up my bag onto the cart, the cart attendant was in such a hurry, NOT PAYING attention, talking to other workers, swung (not lifted) my bag ONTO the cart! If I wasn't standing right next to the cart to GRAB my bag, he would have SNAPPED my driver just below the head AGAINST the METAL framed basket attached to the cart! I would have been forced to use my 3 wood all day vs the custom driver...

We'll always be back!!!

P.S. Just days before our round, a LPGA Pro carded a HOLE-In-ONE! She posted a picture of it on twittle$$.
Date: 3/5/2013
POP: 4 Ball (just slightly under 4 1/2)
Time: 11:23 (actually tee'd off 11:40)
Tee Box: White (Since I was doing research for Sr. Monday qualifier, decided to join matched up partner who was playing the Whites)
Weather conditions: Sunny 60's plenty of wind 10-15mph.

Course was busy, plenty of golfers for a TUESDAY!

GREENS: I expected the faster speed, the starter announced the greens are running much much quicker to all the players. So on the first hole? Player in our group was about 15 feet away, ended up close to 40 feet away. OOPS! Obviously it put the thought out there to the remaining of us to be more careful. For the remaining 17 holes, greens speed was very consistent, rolled true, no bumps. However because of the PAR 3's that have so many more undulations, Flag stick locations were in dangerous spots!

EX: Hole #11 I landed my chip shot into the APRON (fringe) to be short of the hole location w/my 60* wedge (Srixon Z-star). It rolled out.....slowly.....slowly.....We all thought it was perfect! NOPE....ball picked up speed THEN down past the hole, all the way down into the collection area some 40 feet away. :(

TEE Boxes: Excellent conditions! Just a note, some on the back nine the ground was harder than expected. Hole #17 PAR 5 broke my tee while inserting no more than 1/2 way into the ground surface, playing partners had the same experience.

BUNKERS: Perfect consistent sand and I found enough of them & was able to recover with no problems of the ONE's I $ampled!

CUST SVC: Beverage cart came by to check on us, I requested if she had any sandwiches on the cart. Was informed there weren't any but would go back to the clubhouse & pick up a fresh one for me. Perfect timing since were on hole #10 and was back by the time we reached the green and waited on the Par 3! Guys in the pro shop & staff all friendly and easy to talk with it during check-in.

FAIRWAYS/Rough: I decided to leave this topic last so it wouldn't see like my experience was "NEGATIVE" from the beginning. The rough is the perfect length, not too tall but consistent should your tee shot not find the fairway.

The fairways are very playable but in my opinion on this day, LESS than what I have seen them for this time of the year. Not the usual lushness & greenness if there is such a term. DON'T get me wrong, ball would sit up just fine from the fairway, easy to get a fairway or hybrid for those PAR 5 approach shots, JUST not up to the standard I have seen in the past when I have played the course.

With that said, I gave the fairways a 6 out of 10 rating and will be interesting to see what my course rating number will be.

LAYOUT: LOVE IT! whenever I say to someone I'm playing GOOSE CREEK and they are not playing it, makes people so jealous! HA. One other note, Hole #14 PAR, the RIGHT side of the fairway rough is no longer penal & thick. The long/short hitters can actual try to cut the korner and not be penalized by the current rough.
Date: 3/3/13
Conditions: Sunny low 70's
Tee Time: Started on time 1020am (4 ball)
Tex Box: Gold
Pace of Play: 5 hrs 20 mins (front nine took 2 hrs 40 mins).

Course was packed! Welcome to Sunday morning golf, seemed like everyone in SD county area wanted to play here. The NORTH course visually was crowded too as we watched several golfers play from the BLUE's even though we all know they should be playing the more forward tees on the NORTH.

Back to the South Course & Conditions:

ALL of the grandstands from the PGA event are gone & removed from the golf course. All you will see are the regular ground crew maintenance workers keeping the current conditions as best as they can...

ROUGH: 1 1/2" - 2" at best. Making the players appreciate the NON-penal conditions (Take that excuse out of the pile you hear when playing the SOUTH).

FAIRWAYS: Excellent conditions, 1st and 2nd cut are clearly defined even though the rough is a max 2". The maintenance staff does a very good job of repairing previous divots, unfortunately the players are not. :(

GREENS: Pace (speed of the green) much faster than expected but rolled true for the most part. Since our group tee'd off mid morning, did not experience any abnormalities of the surface.

TEE BOXES: Normal wear, but a little more on the exposed PAR 3's

BUNKERS: Perfect conditions, soft - fluffy sand but NOT too fluffy. Green side or even the fairway bunkers.

CUST SVC: The cart girls came by 3-4 times to check on the players. Cart barn attendant staff always polite & friendly.

Parking? Because of BOTH courses being so busy, all spots were filled, alternate street parking was being used.

LAYOUT: It's the SOUTH and it's tougher than what the average player thinks it is no matter which tee boxes you are playing.

Pace of play was an issue (weekend golf), each hole had groups playing average pace. At one point, our group as a whole was behind by about two shots, the players noticed, made up the time and caught the group in front of us. When players are putting & counting each & every stroke, those 8's & 9's are just that much longer to endure....Is is what it is...
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