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Played course yesterday 10/02/15 in a tournament Wow, why have half of every green punched and other half not. Yeah the flags were on the half that wasn't punched but man that made every shot into the green twice as tough. Tee boxes good & level, fairways better than most considering the drought we're in. Rough very playable, not long at all. Great service despite a lot of activity going on.receptions,banquets A surprisingly short course from white tees,most yardages 298-325 . I'd play it again soon when the greens healed but look for weekday rate,gets pricey on week ends.
Played in the GK Outing @ 1 p.m. on 7/19/08. What a blast !! This is how golf should be played. Great course,kind helpful staff,delicious food,quaint out of the way venue(that's a good thing) and the master GK staff as Tournament hosts. Now that's a combination !!
Beautiful natural terrain that you could see coming through the mountains let you know you were in for a treat before you got out of your car. Yes the fairways were lush,Tee boxes level, bunkers were so good they almost made you want to play out of them (I did a few times). Greens were very challenging,undulating and semi fast(had a few 3 puts). Overall experience was very,very nice. I'd recommend putting this course on our annual play list for sure. The natural wildlife was spectacular and at times a bit challenging (I've got to get some stronger bug repellent).
Thanks again RSM for being such awesome hosts. Johnny Gk you just keep on doing it man. Thanks again for all the hard work you and your guys do on putting on a class act. Blue Crush you were the "Bomb" Great prizes and winner categories, "WEE Man" award was my favorite. Thanks again
Played 6/16/08 (on the way home from U.S. Open play off). Great course for super twilight $25.Course has a lot of character. Surrounded by older homes with a few newer ones sprinkled about.
Greens in excellant shape rolling med fast and smooth. Various undulations. Fairways in great shape,lush. Rough 1-2 inches mostly. T boxes for the most part flat and in good condition. Biggest complaint bunkers were terrible. Not really sand more or less dirt seemed like. Service was great and no problems with marshalls. All in my foresome said they would return.
Played the course 3/11 1:36 T time. Absolutly perfect weather for golf and especially for this course. I've only played one other links course Rustic Canyon and by comparison I believe Summerly to be the best for a couple of reasons. The clubhouse and staff were exceptional. I don't think I've ever seen the cart girl as much in one round and that was a good thing. The practice facility is great. Grass and mats on the driving range. Large undulating putting green and equally large chipping and bunker play areas. I'd come here just to practice.
The course itself was very challenging. For one the newnessof the course made it difficult from the T box. No pictures or layout anywhere. No yardage books in the pro shop. It's like playing a blind shot. The advantage to that is it forces one to focus on hitting the fairway. We should be doing that anyway. Red hazard stakes are everywhere. The "burns" (for lack of better decription little creek beds) run all over the place. Making even routine fairway shots sometimes very difficult. Golf is a challenging game and when you add natural terrains to play thru,over and around you get the real feel for what the game evolved from.
The fairways were tight lies and allowed for a lot of roll after a shot be it from the t box or anywhere. The rough was not bad only a couple of inches at the most. The natural terrain(look like marsh land) areas are abundant and must be avoided. T boxes were unusually level. Greens were smooth large(a couple of double greens) undulating and fast.
I think this course provides quite a different feel for most of the courses in this area and is going to be quite popular. It certainly has captured my attention. I've already placed another T time for next week with 3 other golf buddies. If you like different and want to challenge your shot making ability this is the course for you.
Played a.m. 1/21 celebrated MLK on a great course. Fairways were moderate to good. Tee boxes freshly mowed and level for the most part. Greens were medium to fast but in overall good condition not a lot of pitch marks. Glad to see they got it together so quick considering the previous reviews.
Played on 1/4/08 9:50 T time Course played great. Greens were med to fast but true as ever very well maintained. Fairways were lush for the most part,most divots were repaired. Rough was moderate and very playable. T boxes very level. Bunkers very consistent sand makes playing out of them easy and able to control distance. Staff was great !!
played here saturday 12/15 10:30 T off My 1st time here or playing any links style course,boy what a challenge !! T boxes in good condition,found the tight lies in fairways to be a welcome challenge. Rough was moderate but the environmental sensitive areas were numerous and well placed. Greens were like oceans with undulations everywhere.With the style of course and the fairways seemingly blending into the greens made for some difficult putting situations. Greens were moderately fast to add to the prospective occaisonal 3 putt green. Service and food just great. Pace of play was a bit long but that was on us not the group in front of us since none in my group had played the course before. Yardage book purchase was a wise investment on my part.(Too bad I had to share it with my guys) This is defintely one of those courses you want to replay.
Played Tuesday 12/4/07 9:30 a.m. Tee time. Great day ! Service with a smile all day,picked me up from range. T boxes tight but all in good shape none of that sloping side hill nonsense. Fairways cut to perfection, tight lies okay. Medium rough made you wish you had hit the fairway but very playable. Large medium to fast undulating greens,very few divots unreparied. Pace of play very good,no one behind us until 10th hole. Gorgous day for being outside playing the game we love.
played 11/03 in a.m. my 3rd time since opening day. course is maturing with more play. greens rolling very well not very fast or too slow.pace of play was excellant. wondering what the hold up is on#9 blue t"s have never been used. love the elevation changes makes for strategic club selection. I'll keep bringing my friends that have heard about but not played here.
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