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Played mid-morning on Sunday 5/17. Course overall was in good condtion. Greens were firm and fast. Sand a little compacted. Pace of play was fine. Not the hardest course but always a fun course to play.

Social distance and other rules in effect.
One of the few courses still open here in the desert. Pace of play was just over four hours and the course was busy.

Everything was in good condition, greens, faiways, tee boxes, rough and sand except for below.

However, no water to drink. Either buy it or bring it.

Sand bunkers had no rakes because of virus concerns and you can play them as a waste bunker.

Cups were out and you just tried to hit the cup when you putted. Another virus concern so nobody is putting their hand in the cup to get their ball.

They say Cathedral City city officials have no problem with them being open. Of course that could change.
Played here last Thursday. Haven't played it in 25 years. Great lay out and fun to play. The greens were great.

The rest of the course was so so because it is not over seeded and the bermuda is dormant now.

Hole No. 11 is a 600 yard par 5 uphill from the tips. Played it from white tees and it played like 600 yards.

They allow some pubic play. $55.00 last Thursday.

If you are in the area I say go play it.
This course is like Rio Hondo, or Montebello, or Los Serranos located in the desert.

Good condtions at a reasonable price. Not that hard of a course from the white tees but if you play it from the back tees you will be challenged. 18th hole is one of the most unusual finishing holes anywhere.

Nice alternative to the more expensive courses in the area.
Haven't played the course for awhile. Not as nice as when it was private but OK considering there are not that many choices left in the Inland Empire. Pace of play was fine. 3 1/2 hours starting at 11:30 on Sunday.

Fairways going dormant but OK to hit on. In one bunker and the sand was fine. Greens were average speed and OK.

No real complaints except there were a few players bombing balls into the wrong fairway, not yelling fore, drinking too much.

Like I said it was better when it was a private club but I would still play it again.
Haven't played there in several years. Private club but I am a prospective member. Course is in great condition. One of those hidden gem courses in the area that most people won't see.

Read the prior reviews which are dated. If you are a 10 handicap or under it might be boring for you but I am a 13 and it was plenty of challenge.

No complaints about anything and if you read my reviews you will find that is unusual.
Played in the afternoon on 9/5. Course was in good shape except the bunkers were wet and compacted.

Greens were in good condition and rolled nice. Haven't played this course in 15 years and it appears to be in better condition than then.

Good pace of play because it was hot.

I would play it again.
Played last Sunday starting at 10:30. South Course was packed. Went off as a single on the North. After the first hole a foursome let me through and I followed a twosome the rest of the round. Course was in pretty good condition. No complaints at all.

Surprised that I was done in 3 hours on a Sunday morning.

Don't forget to play the par 3 19th hole which is just west of the 18th hole on the North and northwest of the 10th tee on the South.

Johnny K am I still a guru? I wrote two reviews this week.
I play this course once a month because i am a member of Club Corp through Desert Falls.
Even though they allow fivesomes it never plays in more than four hours. Is there any public course in the area that plays in four hours or less unless you are on Dawn Partrol? If there is please email me.

Great place to play in the area. Didn't want to write a review about how good it is because then maybe more people would play it but don't want to get kicked off the Guru list.

Played the Navy Course many times just down the street and I don't know really what to say about the difference. How about night and day.
Played in the GK event yesterday. First time for us. Dave and Phil were nice to play with.
Thanks to Johnny GK for setting up a nice fun time.

On to the course. For a muni course the course was in good condition especially for the desert in May. No complaints about anything except we played the front nine in less than two hours and then from the 10th tee on we waited on every hole. We were the first GK group off so anybody who played yesterday that is reading this, IT WAS NOT US.

I think the hardest part of the course is the greens on many of the holes. If you are on the wrong side then it is a guaranteed three putt.
Wife and I played 3/17 at 11:30 a.m. ; big mistake. pace of play very slow; course not in really good shape. quit after 15 holes when we reached our four hour time limit; remember when 18 holes used to take four hours. When we went to the 16th there were two groups waiting. Went by the 18th green on the way out and nobody was on the hole.

Had a single join my wife and I on the second hole. Hit 300 yards drives but they were all over the course. Hit one more bomb onto the other fairway on the 13th hole and then drove away.

Had a another single join us the fourth hole. He quit after about his fourth beer which was at the 14th hole.

Anyway, I guess if you are first off in the morning you are OK but forget about the rest of the day.

Good a good deal on Golf Now but I am thinking that when I have to be in the area I will just break down and pay more to play Goose Creek or a course of that quality.

Starter was very nice and so was the course marshal but I won't be going back again.
Course is in good condition except for one problem. Most of the green side bunkers wer comapacted, wet, and some still had water in them. Couple that with bunkers at least six feet deep and you get the picture.

Other than that the course was fine.
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