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This tracke was very enjoyable to play. The tee boxes where nice and flat and as firm. The fairway was in excellent condition nicely mowed and plush enough to get a wedge into a shot. The rough was a bit long, about 3"-4". You sometimes have to be over the ball to see it. The bunkers have nice quality of sand and smooth to get out of. The greens roles medium and true. It's a very enjoyable course.
Played here over the weekend. Weather was perfect. The greens seemed just aerated and sanded. The greens where very slow and difficult to read. Down hill putts stop half way to the cup, uphill putts stopped just in front of the cup... The tee boxes where a bit slashed with a lot of divots and unrepaired. the fairway was firm and fast. Drives roll out a long way. Some of the fairways seem a bit tight and hard to get a wedge into the turf. The rough was cut low, so 2nd and 3rd mis shots can be salvaged. The bunkers where a hit and miss. Some seem reasonably okay, but some had puddles of water settled in the low point of the bunker, or some where so firm, the club just bounced and skulled. Maybe it was just me (hahaha). It seemed very pricey for what they had... Not happy :(
I played here with my regular Friday tournament group. We haven't played here for about 6 months. I was really happy to see them improve the golf experience in many ways. First off, they are not over booking tee times. The groups where spaced out nicely. Pace of play is much better. Today they did have fairway aerating, so the ball wasn't
really rolling out from the drives, mostly Carry. But, overall in the next couple of from now, it will be in great shape. The tee where firm and flat, and not too beat up.. the rough seem a bit long, 3"-4", you can just see the top of your ball, when you roll up on it. It does take a good swing and contact to get your ball up and out... So stay within the fairways. The bunkers seemed to have nice quality sand. They did have Greenskeepers going around raking and fluffing the bunkers. The greens are in great condition too. They are rolling medium pace and really true to the cup. I plan on coming back in a few weeks, when the fairways will probably be in great shape.
I found this course on underpar, $45 on a Saturday. Good green fee about average golf course. It has a lot of holes that are layups and carrys over water channels.
The teeboxes are flat, but a lot of (hacker) divots. The fairways are firm and fast, but be careful not to drive too long through the fairways or you may end up on some really rocky terrain. The 1st cut rough (1") is not long, so drives can run through. 2nd tier rough(3"-4") can be tough for distance. Hitting out of the secondary rough is not easy. Most of the holes are positioned with green side bunkers, with good quality sand. The greens have been freshly punched and sanded (med-slow) . The greens are tiered with a lot of undulation. Overall course is challenging and enjoyable.
I played here in my tournament club today. This club is tucked away in an established residential neighborhood. This is an old school style layout. Many mature tree-lined fairways. Fairways are pretty flat and firm. You will get a lot of rollout. The rough is kept pretty short. Easy play out. Bunkers need some sand. Very firm almost compacted. Greenskeeper needs to churn up the base. Greens are FAST. It looks like they have been aerated recently. Greens have a lot tricky undulation. Several multi-tier greens. I like the challenge here (didn't score well) but I would play it again.
The course is in really good conditions right now. The tee boxes are level and firm, but have some hacker divots.I know with a lot new golfers starting to pickup this game...many have not been taught Golf etiquette (fix/fill your divots)
Fairways are nice and firm and in good condition. The rough is mowed down to an easy hittable length (1"). Bunkers have good quality sand and gives you a good opportunity to get out easy. Greens are rolling med-fast and true. The only thing is, I
Played here Friday, January 21st. POP was really slow, 5 1/2 hours. I know a lot of new golfers are playing now a days but must know not to play Blue, when it takes 3 swings to reach the fairway or 6-7 swings to reach the green... Yes, we all have had to learn at some point move to tee boxes to match your game level.
I do still keep this course on my play list and will return.
Played today at 7:50 AM.. Low crowd attendance. Easy on, no push from impatient (in a hurry) players, behind us.
The track is in really good shape. Fairways are lush and soft. It looks like they are really watering, ???? throughout the course. The rough is about 1 1/2" - 2". Playable and fair. Bunkers have good quality sand and is maintained, yes RAKE, after you hit out of them! The greens are soft and squishy, and rolls at a medium pace. Many greens are really large, so 3 putt is a potential here... Hahaha ??
I would play here again.
I got out here with a few buddies, I haven't played with in a few years. We where impressed how top notch the conditions are in.
The tee boxes are firm, flat, and minor divot damage. The fairways are superb , with lush yet firm, like carpet. You will get great roll and set up on your next shot. The rough is a bit long, where you are penalized with missed fairways and rewarded with hit fairways. The rough is about 3"-4" long and you can loose your ball in this long stuff. You practically have to look on top of the ball to see it. You can advance your rough shot, but be aware to add 2 clubs. The course is lined with a lot of bunkers on practically every hole, I know because I hit quite a few. The bunker sand quality is really good. Greens are rolling true and medium-fast. Greens do have undulation, so read carefully.
This is a must play, and I'll be back, next week.
I haven't played here in over 5 years. I was impressed with how nicely they have kept up the conditions. The tee boxes are fairly level and are in good condition. The fairway and rough is well watered and gives you good lies throughout the course. Greens where soft and a bit slow, but rolled true. I glad they kept up the conditions, so I'm liking this track again.
My buddies set up this golf outing for this morning. I have never played, and won't come back... This track had terrible, uneven, tee boxes, with a lot of unrepaired divots. The fairways have squirrel burroughs everywhere. Drives can land in these holes. Dry turf with plenty of dirt patches. Good drives are not rewarded. The rough are hard panned too. The bunkers are weed grown pit holes, some had 2-3 Foot weed stems sprouting from them. Greenside bunkers are really hard pan. The greens are spunggy and very slow. I would Not recommend this Country Club.
I played in a Charity golf tournament here today. Good thing is they allowed shot-gun start, because it played in 5+ hours. I heard Troon has purchased them. The course design is really nice, but the course tee box,fairway, out lining rough are in really bad shape. Hard and dry conditions,, due to lack of watering and maintenance. So, hopefully the deep pockets of Troon will put money to improve the conditions. Rating Will Reflect.
Played here on Cinco De Mayo, at 11:20. Got there about an hour early, just to utilize the great practice facility. Great putting and chipping area. Bunkers to work on sand game, and grass hitting range. The course is always in top notch quality. The tee boxes are firm and flat. Footing is secure for all those power hitters from the tee box. The fairway are well manicured. There aren't any worn out or dry areas. The rough is great to hit out of, you can find and advance your ball strikes, even though the rough is a bit long, about 2". Bunkers have rakes, so we played shots, and the quality is sand was firm but playable. Greens are undulating, and rolling true. Speed seemed med-fast. The have a lot of great challenging holes, which keeps it fun and entertaining. A must play track.
Listing 1 to 12 of 68,180 Course Reviews
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