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Played my semi-final GK Match against Kassper7 yesterday (7/8) for my very first visit to Elkins, walking away impressed and saddened, not at losing my match rather that this gem of a course is going away soon. All the descriptions of it are apt; tucked away in a nice setting, conditions stellar for what equates to a "muni"style track, and prices here being more than fair. Loved everything about this course because I kept my expectations low out of fear that it would be packed, hot, and in poor simply wasn't the case to my surprise.

Tee boxes: Overall good but I remember a handful of holes in which the blue tees (played by our group) were a bit beat up. Some un-level ground and with walkers unable to fill divots made, the par 3 tees had their share of holes by the afternoon.

Fairways: Great shape with a healthy green color. This course won't be shutting down and letting conditions deteriorate, that's for sure. Better fairways here than RiverRidge played a few weeks ago. Good decent roll and only one bad lie all day that was no fault of the course greenskeepers.

Rough: More penal than it appears. Area under trees that line the fairways can get quite shaggy, enough to make me layup/punch out quite a bit. It won't appear so visually, but there is a premium to staying in the fairway here.

Sand: In two greenside bunkers and there was inconsistent amount of sand; one had almost none, the other had some. Neither of the bunkers had great sand type, and only after getting to place my shot back after repairing a footprint did I get a shot at making it out.

Greens: Excellent greens here. They rolled slower than I thought, but very pure in my opinion. Left plenty of putts short, but if I was guessing the line right, the contours and undulation can't be THAT hard to figure out. Some very large greens, others much smaller...all were in great shape.

ETC: Bare bone amenities (though from the looks of things this was probably the case even before it was decided they would close in September). Paid at the window on north side of clubhouse. Saw no cart attendant and no sort of food/drink availability anywhere. Carts available, but you can walk the course (back nine far hillier than front). Pace today was just under 4.5 hours, even as it seems we had an older twosome right behind us the entire round, minimal waiting if any in front. Layout is fun with some shades of Santa Anita/Diamond Bar on the front and CrossCreek/Woods Valley in some areas of the back. A fun track that will be sorely missed.
Played here today (7/3) with GK legend Matt "LOTR" Schliebe on a 9:20AM tee time under very pleasant weather. First time out here and I must say this course is the definition of quirky. Lots of blind shot, fairways that bend and snake everywhere, and short par 4's with tricks at every turn. Conditions today were about what I expected after no rain and some warming weather, but I was still pleasantly surprised with the greens. A great time had even if the score didn't reflect it.

Tee boxes: Nothing noteworthy either way; a few boxes had unlevel ground under them (playing the green frog tees today) but nothing so egregious it caused a bad shot.

Fairways: Decent to good shape. Visually they were browning and the turf condition was nothing special, but no bad lies and roll was fair (in most cases).

Rough: Not much to speak of that I remember, though just about every other type of penal areas exist; ESA, OB, canyons, lateral, water, etc. and all of those were of far greater worry than the medium length rough.

Bunkers: Another average to below average feature, the bunkers here are brown dirt-like sand that is lacking in consistency and quantity. I hit out of one and landed it 6 feet from the hole from 75 yards out, so how bad it can it really be?

Greens: The highlight of the round; visually pop with good solid and true roll. They had some tricky contours and a few of the breaks were a bit surprising, however I thought they played very fair and any missed putts were simply bad reads of speed.

ETC: Course is target golf all the way. Packed out there, exacerbated more so by the fact that Sandpiper and RSM have STILL not opened! No clubhouse, rather a booth to check-in/pay. Cart attendant (wonderfully friendly) was out and saw here twice; drinks only. Carts available as this course is hilly and probably quite a workout to walk. Saw people outside the course restaurant, so assuming that is open. All staff were very nice and COVID-19 precautions were present everywhere here.
Played here today (6/26) on a 9:00AM tee time with GK member Jon P. on what turned out to be a warm but very comfortable Chamber of Commerce day in Irvine. First time playing here and I’m glad I did. I had been dissuaded by some to try and play here as either the layout wasn’t to their liking or 6 hour round horror stories, but what I found was a great course with some quirk to it, though nothing you’d shake your head at. Pace today was also dictated entirely by our playing partners (members at Strawberry Farms) who played as fast as I have ever seen in my life and forced our way past an incredibly slow foursome ahead of us.

Tees: Played the whites and got lucky as most people played the blues and I’m sure those tees were more worn than ours. No real bad lies and even on par 3’s I was able to find a nice spot to hit from.

Fairways: I’d say good shape overall with ample coverage (carts did have divot mix) and fair roll all day. Visually it was nice to have the colors easily indicate good/bad shots.

Rough: I can’t recall it being overtly penal, however I attribute good play today to my lack of further information about the rough.

Bunkers: The ones I was in all had good fluffy sand and even limited footprints! It was a nice change of pace from others courses that seemed to let the bunkers go.

Greens: Wonderful, albeit a bit slow especially early on; left plenty of putts short today. No major trickery on the breaks and I found the roll to be true.

ETC: Staff today was friendly, check-in a breeze with the prepayment online. Carts have good GPS and enough giddy up. Pace as mentioned today was good due to our partners (got around in 3.5 hours!) however outside of that I’m sure it would have been closer to 4-4.25. Conditions are good, and the course IS overpriced but on a good deal (>100) you should come out!
Played here for the first time ever yesterday (6/23) on a 1:10PM tee time with my buddy and his daughter. Reading the last review from just three weeks ago scared me enough to rethink playing here, but as it's a few miles down the road from home and the price seemed fair, I took a risk. Although not nearly as bad as the review made it out to be (I believe the course benefited from a touch more maintenance and some recent morning mist/light rains to green it up), I can see why and were the course is failing. I doubt conditions here will ever be Rams Hill-like, but if they can get back to maintaining it in good shape, this may be on I visit again soon.

Tee boxes: Decent is a bit a of a stretch (whites played); often un-level and turf was fairly chewed up. Thankfully no issues driving tee down, but on par 3's where I was hitting off the turf, it was rough.

Fairways: Burnt out visually and to some degree, playability affected. Roll was decent, but lies at times were not ideal and since grass wasn't as full as it could be, ball didn't sit up much.

Rough: Varied too much in depth and consistency to say definitively, but I would call it decent. On some holes, it was a nice forest green and thick enough to make you play smart (mainly under trees where it hasn't been touched by summer heat).

Bunkers: Was only in one thankfully, but at least it had sand in it (unlike Tierra Rejada) just not as much of it as you would like. Even after moving the ball from a footprint, it was hard to find a good touch on sand shot.

Greens: The highlight, even though it looks like they were top-dressed perhaps two weeks ago. They ran relatively smooth and some of the break were just insane.

ETC: They do have carts but we walked, and as Kassper mentioned in his review, this is not a course someone who doesn't walk regularly should start trying; it is hilly, can play long with two instances of longer walks between holes and getting to the par 3 15th is almost straight uphill. Staff at check-in and starter were friendly. Layout lives up to the "lakes" part of its name so be prepared. My main problem today (and it would be every time) is the course's practice of sending out singles/twosomes back to back causing certain holes to have 4 groups on them at any given time. Not sure if this was a COVID-19 precaution, but I believe it IS possible to safely play foursomes like both Los Robles and Tierra Rejada have last time I played, with appropriately spaced groupings/tee times. We were pushed all day by an older twosome and anyone who has played with me knows, I am a fast player (no practice shots). Thankfully everyone played fast and we finished in less than 4 hours.
Played here 6/16 with a friend on a 2:10PM tee time booked online (no prepayment required). First time playing here since moving to Ventura Co. and I was quite pleased with the course, in spite of some of the stories I was told of horrendous pace and trick holes here. Loved almost everything about the layout, tricky greens, and conditions. I will certainly be back considering it's only a 15 minute drive and prices here are more than fair (plus it's a great and exhausting walk, especially after the turn).

Tee boxes: Probably the worst conditioned part of the course. Played the tips to maximize yardage and they were pretty beat up in most cases with grass a bit inconsistent and leveling of turf surprisingly uneven on some holes.

Fairways: Good shape overall. Visually pleasing which helped keep my eyesight focused on where to aim. Roll was more than fair and can't remember a single bad lie.

Rough: Varied length and penalty. Some times under the trees it was thick and humbling, other times where the sun really hit it, it was more burned out and not bad. Far more penalizing than the rough were the native/waste areas surrounding.

Bunkers: Was in one, but it was full of sand (a nice change of pace from Tierra Rejada) that was closer to beach sand than the traditional white stuff you see on TV. Enough sand to get your club under it. Bunkers here have mounds of grass/native grass in them that make them ultra challenging!

Greens: Nearly perfect. They were a sparkling green color with serious undulation and tricky breaks. Even though I putted well I was challenged to try and control speed and breaks nearly every single green. Amazing conditions on the greens as well; roll was true, few divots, and nearly perfect visually.

ETC: Carts were available with GPS on them. As mentioned, you can walk but the back 9 is very hilly and will test those out of shape like me. Pro shop open and patrons allowed to pay in there. Staff was friendly. Saw a cart attendant out on the course, but think her shift was ending by the time I saw here closer to 3pm. Snack shack at center of course was closed, but restrooms open. No ball washers, water, or rakes on course per COVID-19 requirements. Layout here is short but challenging at times (think Balboa in SD). Price here to walk during the week is nearly unbeatable. Saw a grass range had some people. Highly recommend!
Played here today (6/10) with a group of friends for the first time ever. Had heard plenty about this being a Torrey-like muni (mainly in views not layout/conditions) and they were right. American Golf run property that is semi-bare bones in what it offers especially now during COVID-19, however the views and setting are worth the visit. Layout is a bit tight, short, and funky at times, but I enjoyed a number of holes. Conditions were about the same as last review, perhaps a bit browner after the start of a recent heatwave.

Tee boxes: Perhaps the worst conditioned part of the course. Often found the white tees had unlevel ground which didn't help any on this highly sloped course.

Fairways: Good shape though I believe they have gotten browner and crispier with 2 days of 90+ weather. No real bad lie and roll was fair.

Rough: Not very penal, for what was around. The trees here are far more punishing than any rough.

Bunkers: Was in a couple of green-side bunkers and they had enough sand to get out a decent try at a sand save.

Greens: Wicked fast at times with amazing ocean pull on most every putt. Very tricky to read break and speed.

ETC: Bare bones everything. Starter in a booth, no pro shop open. To go food was available; no cart attendant obviously. Carts available to ride, no GPS and carts could use some love. Great course for the fair price offered.
Played here 6/1 with Gold Coast Golf Association on a humid, but otherwise fine Monday morning. Men's club had course to themselves (as you'd expect on a Monday at a country club) with teams teeing off from holes 1 and 10 simultaneously, every 10 minutes between 8:30 and 9:30AM. Good strategy to limit the amount of times you'd catch a group, minimize bunches of groups at parking lot, and general congregation related to COVID-19 precautions. Didn't quite work out as planned, but the man who runs things for our group always manages to make things run. Course itself didn't look like it had been running a full maintenance crew since the virus started, so conditions were rather bland (especially visually) and took away some from the experience.

Tees: No issues I saw from whites. A few boxes here and there were a bit hardpan, blocking the tee from completely entering the soil, but it took nothing away from the golf (just move the tee). There were two holes that had tee markers placed in extreme left/right and made for tricky shot shaping with hazards/trees in light of sight and play.

Fairways: As my playing partner mentioned, not sure if grass was just dormant or simply not maintained, but fairways had lost most of the green color. They were just a tad crispy from sun exposure, but otherwise seemed to offer decent-good lies. Divot mix available in carts and people were using it.

Rough: Don't remember it being overtly penal, but the closer you got to the green, the more it seemed to punish. The areas here that are lateral hazards or simply OB are far more punishing.

Sand: Was only in one bunker (green side on 17th) and it was lacking in sand enough to notice. The shot came out clean but it required a darn good play, as you could feel the club nearly scrape the tarp lining the bottom.

Greens: The saving grace of the round. They were quick, not nearly as quick as most expected (and as their reputation goes), but many a putt ran well past if not judged right. They were also a bit more aesthetically pleasing which helps here visually seeing the shades of green corresponding to grass growth and complex contours. Divots were fixed by most everyone.

ETC: Carts had good juice to them but not GPS and there are a number of blind shots here that any golfer would benefit from having it. Only staff I saw were the maintenance crew, but even they were friendly. Course layout is fiendish at times with no flat lies anywhere (not even the parking lot is completely flat!). Local knowledge would help tremendously so if you play here, use a free GPS app to get a better idea of what to hit off the tee. Probably not worth the guest rate we paid of $85, but once it greens up and heals a bit from a 3 month break in maintenance, worth another shot.
Played here 5/22 as part of GK Cup match with Ron on a wonderfully sunny and not very breezy Friday with a 7AM tee time. Course was packed today and I can see why; it's in fantastic shape. Standard COVID-19 precautions in place.

Tee boxes: Good shape, a few with some unlevel lies, but nothing that would cause major issues (avocado tee boxes).

Fairways: Good to excellent shape with good roll especially as the day progressed. Lies today were more than fair, even as no divot mix was available to fill the holes.

Rough: Penal in areas where it exists, though the natural lateral areas and non-rough areas were far more penal. A large amount of trees in play on the entire course make you think about your shots more carefully.

Sand: Was only in one bunker, but it had a good amount of sand that was just the consistency I like. No rakes obviously however no issues with footprints.

Greens: Good shape, few divots, roll was fair. Breaks on these large greens can be tricky at times, but if I am making putts, they can't be that hard to master.

ETC: Please see review from GK Cup match. Highly recommend coming out here as conditions are good and it's a walkable course.
Played here 5/16 as the last of three rounds in Northern AZ, which included Oakcreek CC and Seven Canyons. Not many people outside of the Cornville area will ever play this course, but it deserves a look if you are in to playing as many different courses as possible. This track offers wonderful greens year round, even if everything else on the course is only in good condition (sort of like Sterling Hills in Camarillo - and no that is not a knock).

Tee boxes: Good shape playing the tips here that top out around 6500 yards. You can tell the black tees don't get much attention, but even then they were more than passable.

Fairways: Good shape, incredible amount of roll. I had a few drives and layups I thought were in great spots on the fairway roll right into the rough. Also remember this course is over 3K feet above sea level so there may be something to that as well.

Rough: Not much of it to be found on the course, but that rough that IS present is medium level length and penal as expected, but nothing that will make you think twice about just clubbing up and being careful.

Sand: Was not in any sand today but this course has the dirt-like reddish sand that I don't particularly enjoy hitting out of, so fair thee warned.

Greens: As mentioned, the greens are the star at this course. They are in excellent shape with a roll so true it feels like pool table felt in it's best areas. Few divots exist and there really isn't any trickery to the them; the test here is how smart you play the speed and being above/below the hole.

ETC: AZ has (on paper at least) the same COVID-19 restrictions/practices in place that CA does, but you can tell that most people around here are far more skeptical of said restrictions and seem to go about their business as usual. The workers, however, are doing things as best they can with face masks, etc. Course rates are fair, and carts here are gas powered (though a bit touchy). Layout is fun with some water in play and a handful of very cool holes (namely 3, 9, 10, and 17). Recommended if you are in the area.
Got the privilege to play here thanks to a friend I made on my round at OakCreek CC earlier in the week for a fair rate, joining him on his 10AM tee time. Matt's review is pretty accurate and aptly describes the experience and not much has changed in 2 weeks so I will only try and point out where I disagree in the slightest from his review. I will say that the staff here does not act like a stereotypical country club would or you'd expect, rather they treat you like a member without kissing your butt.

Tee Boxes: Excellent condition playing the blue (Member) tees, which GK unfortunately has slightly off as this course has been lengthened a bit and is back at a par 72.

Fairways: The roll here was out of this world considering the lushness. Maybe in the time since Matt went out there was more heat, maybe my ball was skipping like a stone today, either way be careful of how far your ball can travel.

Rough: (dog bark)... this place gives Torrey a run for its money. The areas where the grass is just long, balls can just sink in. The natural long grass and red stake areas have some of the nastiest length and thickness this side of the Old Course in Europe. Beware!

Sand: Both bunkers I was in had a decent but not great amount of sand. Was able to get decent shots both times, but would have loved to have seen more sand in the bunkers.

Greens: Was warned they were lightning quick, but I must say Saticoy CC earlier this year was by far faster and by plenty. The breaks here can be difficult, but I made plenty of putts I wouldn't have if the greens read off the Stimp.

ETC: This course may qualify as private, but there are more than one way to get on. As Matt mentioned, sounds like a ClubCorp membership gets you a great rate, but another excellent way to get on is to have a Troon Card (AZ for sure but was nudged into asking about other state/national cards also having access. Their rate is even better than ClubCorp. They are also associated with 3 different resorts in Sedona, so ask around and you can get a tee time here if you stay at one of them (I don't remember off-hand which ones outside of the Marriott). As mentioned, staff was downright friendly. Course is fantastic in views (better all around than OakCreek), layout (LOTS of fun drivable par 4's), and conditions. Clubhouse and grill open (both with social distancing enacted, grill for take out only). Carts have some go to them and have good color GPS. Highly recommend if you are in Sedona.
Played here today (5/10) on a wonderfully sunny and breezy Mothers Day 2020 on an 8:30AM tee-time. COVID-19 precautions were in place at the course (clubhouse closed, grill take-out only, no cart attendant, pool noodle in cup [flag in], and no rakes/ball washers/coolers, though carts were available with confirmation of same household allowing shared carts. The golfers on the other hand didn't seem to concerned about social distancing; c'est la vie on that. Course, as it was the first time I played, was in excellent early Spring shape with amazing views of the red rocks making this the perfect setting for golf.

Tee boxes: Good shape with minimal un-level turf. No real issues from the blue tees.

Fairways: Excellent shape, especially considering you have no mix in carts. They were a wonderfully bold forest green with excellent coverage, good roll, and almost no bad lies.

Rough: Penal, no two ways about it. There were areas under the large trees that just grabbed your club hard and never let go. Take your medicine.

Bunkers: Only in one and got out fine. Visually the sand matches the red hues on the rocks that shadow the course from the north. No rakes due to COVID.

Greens: The certain highlight on a great day. They rolled true but weren't punishing. There were divot marks fixed everywhere and guys were doing the favor of fixing them all over. A pleasure to putt and try to read the breaks.

ETC: A wonderful course that warrants a visit when in Sedona. The Sedona Golf Resort and Seven Canyons get all the glory, but this course is actually WAY closer to the red rocks on more than a few holes (including the amazing 13th hole where you could almost touch the rocks). This place is generally in amazing shape and the pace is always great at just about 4 hours. Highly recommend.
Played here 5/4 for my GK Match with Perry on a warm but tolerable Monday. Busy day out there as everyone is coming out of the woodwork so full tee sheet and a bit of a scramble trying to stay a safe distance from everyone. Course, as mentioned in last two reviews from only a week ago, is in great shape all things considered. Won't go into much detail as both previous reviews still apply and don't require further explanation.

Tee boxes: At times a bit unlevel where the markers were placed, otherwise they were fine considering there is no mix available to fill divots.

Fairways: Just like tee boxes, no divot mix available to fill holes, but outside of that they were in fantastic shape; green, lush but not overgrown, fair amount of roll.

Bunkers: Only in one thankfully but right on the median between white beach sand and sandbox sand. Good consistency and even raked in most places, even as rakes are M.I.A.

Rough: Penal where it exists. Natural landscape of course lends itself to make the E.S.A. far more penal, especially in this mini-super bloom with larger growth of bushes and wildflowers everywhere.

Greens: Wonderful shape with minimal divots. Holes here DO have flagsticks with a piece of rubber an inch down in the cup preventing balls from going all the way in. Very possible to fish out your ball without touching anything public.

ETC: Staff was efficient and safe. Course did what was required from them for COVID-19 requirements. Match was fun and opponent was even more enjoyable. Course is in great shape and if you can get out, best walking option in Ventura County.
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