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Played here 8/6 with a 7:00 tee time. We were off right on time and finished in just under 4 hours. Check in at the starter and he keeps everyone moving and on time. Typical covid precautions masks around the clubhouse,putting green closed ,no rakes or sand bottles.
Tee boxes are in good shape with good coverage and mostly level.
The fairways are great now with a nice cushion of bermuda. There are a couple of areas in the fairways that looks like they lost some coverage and they are plugging the areas to bring them back.These don't effect play too much. The rough is thin in places and longer around the greens but still ok to play from.
I was only in one fairway bunker and it was damp and compacted. The greenside bunkers looked to have more sand.
The greens are in excellent shape. They started out a little wet and slow but as the sun came out the speed increased. They held shots well and had very few ball marks.
We saw the cart 3 or 4 times today and the marshal a couple of times.
Played here 7/9 The course is in the process of putting new liners and sand in the bunkers. The finished ones have nice white sand that are good to hit from. You still have no rakes but once you move your ball away from footprints its fine.
The tee boxes are in need of reworking. Most are fairly level but most are very thin and really beat up with lots of divot damage.
The fairways are cut short and are showing some dry areas which made for lots of roll but some tight lies.The rough is only about one inch and not much of a problem.
The greens are in very good condition and had very few pitchmarks. They held shots and were running at medium speed.
We were a threesome and played in 3:45 with no one pushing us. The staff is friendly and got us out right on time. No cart but the grill is open for takeout only so you could grab something at the turn.
Played on Tues 7/7 and not much to add to the last few reviews except that the greens have dried out with the exception of #11. It was still very soggy and you could hear your footsteps as you walked across it.
There seem to be a few mure dry spots in some fairways but nothing unexpected during this hot weather.
I joined two other guys and we played in 3 1/2 hours with no one pushing us.
This track is growing on me the more I play here and i just booked a round for next Tues. With the county senior card its only $28.75 with a cart on weekdays.
Played here 6/8 and was pleasantly surprised. This track came out of the shutdown in very good shape ( for a muni)
Most tee boxes had good coverage. The fairways are the best i’ve seen them with very good coverage and very green.
Greens were smooth and running a little slower than usual but still medium quick. There was one green that showed some damage and had some strips plugged in that need more time to grow in. The hole was cut far enough away so it did not effect play.
Check in is at a window so you don't go inside the shop and the snack bar is closed and I never saw a cart. My teetime was 7:15 and we finished in 3:30. I talked with a guy in the cart barn after my round and he said the county has someone there every morning checking up on how they sanitize the carts.
Played 5/28 with a 7:12 tee time and got out about 10 minutes early. Was paired with a twosome of nice guys.
Most tee boxes had good coverage and mostly level. One par three was very thin where they had the white tees but they could have been moved a little to better area.
Most of the fairways are really nice. A couple had some brown/dry ares but still played well. Good roll out and great to hit from.
The rough was a mixed bag. Thick in some areas and very thin in others.
the bunkers are what you would expect now without rakes. Some were nice and some had lots of footprints.
The greens were very nice and held shots well. They rolled at medium speed and had very few unrepaired ball marks.
They have been rebuilding all of the lakes around the course and hole nine is the last one. They were laying a new liner and we were told that water will be going in by this Friday. The grill is now open but I didn’t go in.
I have always enjoyed this track and the condition keeps getting better all the time.
Played here 5-15 and was disappointed again. The course was neglected during the closure and it really suffered.
The tee boxes were a mixed bag with some in ok shape but many were really thin.
The fairways had lots on dry brown areas and some places that were just dirt.
The rough was cut short except for the areas around the greens which was about 2-3”
The bunkers were ok although somewhat thin.
The greens are still showing the effects of recent punching so they were bumpy and very slow.
We had a 7:15 tee time and got around in 3:45 so pace was good. Check in was smooth at a window out of the back side of the shop.
I would wait a couple of weeks before trying this track again.
Played here on Tues. 5-5. You must book online thru golf now which adds a fee of $2.49 so the weekday rate comes to $60.49 which is a little much for this course but what are you to do if you want to play. You have to bring a printed copy of your receipt (no cell phone) and a waiver you need to sign.

Everything went smooth at check in with the starter and you were assigned a single rider cart. You can do two riders if you choose. I was paired with a father and son and we went off right on time (7:08 tee time) We finished in right at 4 hours.

The course was in very good shape. Tee boxes mostly level with not many divots except for the par three's.
Fairways are lush with very good coverage and I never had a bad lie in them. The rough is about 2" and thick but very playable.
I was not in a bunker but my playing partners hit several and said they were in good shape with plenty of sand.
The greens while somewhat hard they held shots well but were on the slow side.
The range is open but the practice green is closed and the snack bar is closed. They did have a cart going around but we did'nt see it until #16.
Overall a good place to play right now. Well organized check in and good conditions.
I also made the trip over to Arizona to play in the GK plays event here. I have a daughter who lives here so I got to visit family at the same time.
Thanks to Johnny for another well run and very enjoyable event. I always have fun meeting and playing with new GK'ers and today was no exception.
I felt that the course was in very good condition with great coverage on the fairways. The rough was cut fairly low so not much of a factor. My only coplaint about the course was the inconsistent speed of the greens.
The staff was great and the food and drink prices are amazing. I can't think of any course where you can get a draft beer and a good hot dog for $5.
While not one of Arizonas top courses it was a solid deal and a fun track to play.
Played here on a warm sunny Monday. Booked a tee time at 10:00 on their website for $39. I arrived about 30 minutes early and was sent right out as a single. I caught up with a threesome on the 5th hole and waited on every shot after that. It looked liked there were two groups ahead of them trying to play as a group of 6 and they were at least 3 holes behind. Never saw a marshal all day. Still played in a little over 4 hours.
Tee boxes were mostly good but several were in need of cutting and on some you had a hard time finding a level spot.
Fairways are dormant and winter thin so you get great roll out with some tight lies but still very playable. This along with the rough being almost nonexistent in some places shots a little off line can run off the edges and into areas where your ball is lost.
I was in several bunkers and they had plenty of soft sand but one had way too many rocks.
The greens are in very good shape with very few old ball marks. They ran quick and true.
I like the layout here with some challenging par 3’s. Lots of elevation changes here and 18 is just a really fun tee shot. Seems like the ball stays in the air forever.
The kitchen was closed for food and there was no cart or marshal on the course. The pro shop attendant and the starter were friendly and helpfull.
I drove by the range after the round and the setup now allows you to pull you car right up to the covered stalls. If you lived close it would be a good place to spend some time to work on your game.
Played here 2/20 with a 9:10 tee time. Started out overcast and cool but soon warmed up when the sun broke thru and it was a very enjoyable day for golf.
Most of the tee boxes were good with the exception of several par 3’s which were pretty beat up.
The fairways were some if the best i've seen this winter. Good coverage and very green healthy grass. Rough was varied some thick and juicy and some very thin and dry.
The greens were very firm and hard to stop everything but a very high well struck shot. Very few ball marks with consistent roll.
The bunkers were the low point of the conditions. None had more than 1/2 of sand/dirt on top of hard pan. Many of them had more gravel than sand.
Pace was right at 4:45 and we waited on most shots. A couple of the par 3’s had three groups backed up. Never saw a marshal all day.
Overall for the $39 senior rate a good value.
Played here on 2-16 which was a fairly busy Sunday morning. I had never played here before and having read the previous reviews I did not have high hopes. This is probably the worst conditioned LA county course I have played.
Tee boxes were a mixed bag, some very thin and beat up and some looked like the had not been cut in a week.
Now i understand that its winter and don't expect lush fairways but these are just plain terrible. Lots of dried out areas some just dirt and big clumps of weeds which give you some crazy bounces. Lots of leaves both on the fairways and in the rough.The rough was not much better just a little longer.
The bunkers have zero sand and most are just compacted dirt.
The greens had good coverage but were really bumpy and very slow. They looked like they had not been cut or rolled in days.
Now for a Sunday morning the pace of play was decent at about 4 1/2 hours and the staff at checkin was friendly. We never saw a cart all day.
Only reason I played here was my son in law lives very close and is a very new golfer so it was a good place for him otherwise I don't think I would go back until conditions improve.
I also played here with the GK group and what a fun day. I always enjoy playing with GK'ers and today was no different.
The course was as described in the previous reviews and always a good test and a very fun track. I had never played here in winter and the fairways were a little tighter than I like but still nice to hit from.
The staff was great from the guy who meets you at your car to pick up your clubs to the server in the bar afterwards. Only complaint was no cart today and the halfway house was closed.
Thanks Johnny for setting this up. Looking forward to more of these midweek outing in the future.
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