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Check in is pretty painless. Finally qualify for the senior discount!
Tee boxes are in good shape. Fairways are good overall but, hole nine needs a mow.
Bunkers and traps are awful here. There is no attempt to maintain as there is no sand.
I think the high winds through the valley prevent most courses in the area from putting quality sand in their bunkers and traps. It literally blows away.
Greens are really good for the most part. However, some greens are sneaky slow so, some speed inconsistency is an issue.
The clubhouse is very nice aesthetically. Without a restaurant, it's good for little more that having a beer or other adult beverage and watching whatever sport is on the tube.

Pace of play...poor, poor, poor. A 5-5.5 hour round not uncommon here. Sadly, no one in the clubhouse mentions anything about keeping up with the group ahead and no one here to push slow players on the course.
This area has suffered the worst weather in 10 years at least according to the long term locals.
That being said the conditions are better than anticipated.. Tee boxes are level. Fairways are good. Bunkers are descent and the greens are pretty quick. There are some patches of what may be a fungus on the greens but, you can put through it with out trouble. Played a full round in less than 4 hours.

The driving range is closed till they can get all the standing water off of it and repair the storm damage.
Played here Friday 2/5. Teed off on time at 8:06. Tee boxes were pretty consistent-not level. Fairways were lush and had great lies through out the round. Fairway bunkers were descent; sort of a mixture of dirt/sand...real heavy. Green side bunkers were the same. Besides the first green (which looked like it was strafed by golf balls) the rest of the greens were medium to slightly fast but rolled true and were fairly smooth. Pace of play was around 4 hours. As mentioned in previous reviews, there is a working marshal who maintains the magic 4:15 round (which is rewarded with a pretty nice lunch for $4.15 if accomplished).

Was really looking forward to playing a Pete Dye course. Have to say this is more like Pete Dye lite. This is a resort course so, you're not going to find it very challenging. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and would recommend playing here.
Played here Sat 6/20 using the $40 GK deal. Check in was pleasant and informative. It's always nice to get the lay of the land at check in. I haven't played here in a couple of years so the advice and booklet were very helpful.

Having not played here in a couple of years, I was hoping that I would be able to use my Golflogix app but, nope...cellphone service is not available. Make sure you have a range finder because they only mark the cart paths and marked sprinklers are hard to find.

The conditions here are some of the best I've played on except the tee boxes. The tee boxes are a bit unlevel and needed mowing. The fairway were fairly lush and rough was cut pretty close. Fairway and green side bunkers had nice fluffy sand in good condition. Greens here are immaculate...smooth, medium speed and virtually no pitch marks. Pace of play was around 4 hours. The only hold up was on the 18th hole...when you see it, you'll know why. It was a couple foursomes deep by the time I made it there.

The overall experience here is terrific and the GK deal is frosting on the cake.
Played here for the first time Tuesday May 12th. I rec'd a complimentary pass to play here and frankly did not due any research before coming out to play. So, when I finally realized after the 3rd par 3 in a row, I looked at the score card and figured out what I was in for. Two par 4's per 9 holes with the rest being par 3's. Once I figured that out, I settled in for the short game challenge. The hole locations are set in a forested area with streams crisscrossing the track. It is both an audio/visual experience. Very relaxing place to play.

The course just opened up after a long winter's nap but, you really could not tell. Tee boxes were a bit thin but, level for the most part. What fairways there were, were lush and tailored like carpet. Bunkers had what looked like new white sand and in great shape. Greens mostly smooth but a little slow. This is a challenging course and you better be on your short game.
Played here for the first time Saturday May 9th. Fun track with some interesting holes. What struck me was the lack of holes with green side bunkers. Probably a good thing since most bunkers here are in poor shape.
Tee boxes were mostly level, grass was thin but, needed a mow. Fairways were in pretty good shape mostly lush. Rough was in the 2"-4" range with a few bare spots. Greens were med/fast and fairly smooth.
I'll be playing here quite a bit when I finally move to the Carson Valley.
Played Sat 3/31 for $35 booked on GolfNow. Nice new clubhouse.
I'm not going to describe the conditions because nothing is worth knowing if you have to trudge through a close to 6 hour round. Why do I play here!
Played here Wed 3/11 for a scramble tournament. Terrific're playing a golf course in the middle of a vineyard! Very happy with level of customer service. Very organized and helpful.

Tee boxes were lush, level and average divot damage on the par 3's. Fairways are lush leaving good lies for well place shots. I was not in any bunkers but, most were well raked with ample sand. There were some that were wet and sand looked heavy. Greens were patchy but, smooth and fast. Pace of play was right around 4hrs...very good for a tournament.

I would definitely play here again. I love a layout that makes you think about every shot compared to just blindly hitting down the fairway till you reach the green. Some well placed bunkers, doglegs and meandering streams keeps it interesting if the scenery isn't enough.

One last thing about the people working there; A player in the group ahead of us had a hole in one on the par 3 16th. Once the employees at the clubhouse heard about it, they sought the gentleman out and gave him a personalized certificate commemorating the achievement and followed up with a round of applause...a class act in my book.
Played Saturday 1/31 through GolfNow for $32. I met Itslikeimsayin after accepting his meet-play post. Real nice guy...what is new with this GK group?

Tee boxes were level and lush for the most part. Fairways in relatively good shape for this time of year. Some areas are thin due to coot abuse. Rough is lush and of consistent height 3"-5". Bunkers are always good here and were that day. Greens are slippery with down hill putts being treacherous. That's just to my liking. Shots did hold and putts rolled true. Round took 4 1/2" hours.
Played Thurs 12/19 @ 6:56am for $29 via GolfNow off of my Golflogix app. Weather was chilly (low 40's) and a slight wind which had zero affect on the round. Tee boxes are very good but, grass was a bit long. Fairways are in great shape...looks like a green carpet from the tee box. Rough is cut back to around 3" and no trouble to get out of. Green were very receptive due to the rain the day before. The speed was fast despite the rain and were mostly smooth.
I really enjoy playing here and it makes it tough to go anywhere else when the course is in great condition and the price is right. Playing here again Tuesday 12/23 as a matter of fact.
Played here 7/17 for $10 through GolfNow via Golflogix. I only played 13 holes after being chased off by lightening. However, what I did play, I enjoyed the heck out of. This course has been bought out by a local casino and is on it's way back from being neglected. It's on the mend and should be back in great shape by next spring if they keep up with the renovations. This is a fun course to play. I like playing every club in my bag which is what you will do here.
Like I said, this course is under renovation so, everything needs some work. The wide range of hole layouts and difficulty make this fun and challenging. Can't wait to play here again.
Played here 7/14 after getting a GolfNow (via Golflogix) $19 rate. Though this looks like a relatively new course, it's more than 20 years old. They lost a bunch of trees a couple years back and have had to replant.

This is the first Arnold Palmer design course I have played. I can see his personality in the design . Layout is very challenging and is all about "target golf". Nothing quirky here as it is a good test of golf.

Tee boxes are level and lush. Numerous tees available for every skill level. Fairways are lush but, numerous soggy areas due to over watering to combat the heat. This is to be expected everywhere during hot weather and not meant as a dig. Numerous fairway bunkers that are lees than optimal. They are filled basically with fluffed up dirt with lots of small rocks. Rough is 3"-5" inches and not overly tough to get out of. Green side bunkers are filled with the same fluffed up dirt and crusty. From what I'm told, they do not use sand due to the daily high winds the blow through the valley...this was more of an anecdotal comment I heard a couple times from locals. Greens are amazing! Smooooooth, quick and true rolling. Gas carts here. This strikes me as a bit strange since this course is relatively flat. Would love to walk this in the cooler months.
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