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Out early on an overcast, drizzly, typical "May Gray" morning. Not very crowded at all. Course is in overall nice condition. Greens are just now healing from the recent aeration. Fairways have good coverage. bunkers, tee boxes are just fine.

Funny thing is, I played here Sunday morning and only a couple holes were CPO, but today there were almost twice as many CPO holes? Nothing changed in three days? There is an upcoming "Windmill Tourney" so maybe they're trying to get the course in even better condition, to the detriment of the regular players.
I have always thought of Recreation Park as one of my favorite municipal courses to play. While certainly not the best or most difficult of the Long Beach courses, it is just a fun relaxing track. Used to play here quire often when I lived in Westchester, but now living in Orange County, coupled with the cost now to play here, just don't have the desire to play here much anymore.

Last review was very accurate, although I did not find the greens all that inconsistent. Slower than I expected. Fairways were generally OK, some thin spots, but not a big deal. Only in one bunker and while it was rather thin as to the amount of sand, not an issue. Played early, so pace was reasonable, which has always been the case here. (But that's true probably everywhere) Enjoyed the round, and miss playing here, but given the distance from home and the prices now, only get out here on rare occassions
Out early on a very nice morning, not so cold any longer, which is appreciated. Not a lot has changed since the last time I played here in March. However, I seemed to find every bunker today and with lies being so thin/tight, with so little sand, it was a real struggle. Greens not as bumpy as expected, in fact they rolled fairly true. Still some issues on a couple fairways, but not a big deal. Fun short golf course to play. Has now become enough of a challenge to make it even more enjoyable than in my younger days. If you have only played the #1 course, suggest you give #2 a try.
Out early on a very pleasant and uncrowded morning. The greens have not yet healed from the aeration earlier this month. Still bumpy but had decent speed. A few of the fairways were a bit shaggy, but nothing too severe. I would give things a week or two and everything should be fine. Ruth, in the shop is the best, and makes coming here a pleasure. Always enjoy my experience here, which is why I continue to patronize this course.
With the North closed this week for aeration, it was very busy this morning with only one course open, but as it turned out, all the maintenance personal were also out on the South as well. They were everywhere! Cutting tees boxes, fairways, fertilizing the greens, rolling the greens, cutting the greens, raking bunkers etc. There were holes which when I stood on the tee, I could count six or seven different maintenance people working on the hole. Great that all this is being done to groom the course, but sure makes it difficult to focus. But hey, certainly beats no maintenance people and the course in poor condition. The downside of playing first off/early.
A little late on the review. Able to get out early, which is a key to playing here (Actually anywhere now) to avoid the 5+ hour round. Larry's recent review is spot on. Greens rolled nicely, good coverage in the fairways. Bunkers/tee boxes in good shape. Nice that they keep this course in such nice condition, without having increased the green fees like. so many other courses Recommend this course both because of condition and value for your $$
Nice to get out early without the threat of frost or CPO due to rains. As they will be punching greens next week, the greens as you might expect are really nice right now. Roll true with a quick pace. Fairways are lush and have good coverage. Bunkers are great as usual. Very busy this morning, but able to get out first, so pace of play not an issue. Other than dealing with a lot of maintenance, which goes with the territory, very enjoyable.
First day the South course has reopened after aerification, so there is still holes/sand on the greens, which I expected. What I did not expect was not having any flags. Out early, so maintenance did not have a chance to put pins in the greens yet. Not a big deal but would have been nice to have them. Surprisingly the greens rolled fairly well and had reasonable speed. The rest of the course is in really nice condition: fairways, tee boxes, bunkers all very good. It was also nice to have most of the holes without cart path only restriction, which I am confident will be reinstated after the rains forecast for this weekend..
Lucky enough to be able to enjoy a spring morning on one of my favorite walking courses. Last review is right on the money, but I thought the greens were better than expected. Fairways are excellent. Staff as always was great and as this course remains one of the better value courses, I highly recommend it
Out early as usual. The course weathered the horrendous winds of Thursday. (They closed both courses because of the potentially dangerous conditions) Did not see downed trees, but much of the sand has been blown out of the bunkers. Greens rolled very well, but I expected the speed to be much faster, almost to the point of being unplayable, but they were only about 10-11. Fairways have good coverage, tee boxes are nice, bunkers excellent as usual. The rough still has some issues.

My complaint is that they continue to keep many holes carts on path. (However, yesterday during the Spring Classic tournament, all the holes were open, but today, we were back to several being CPO) That is not right! But I was told that on the South course, where the Tournament is being played today. there are no new cart path restrictions.
Tough to find courses with reasonable rates, but fortunately Brookside still provides great rates for seniors. Wanted to play the #1 course, but ended up on #2, which turned out to be just fine as the "big" course is becoming a little more than this senior can handle. Too many long four pars. Course seems to have dried out since the last review and was in decent condition. Greens rolled well and had decent pace. Good coverage in the fairways. Rough was a bit inconsistent. Always enjoy playing this course as the green complexes are more interesting than the #1 course. Smaller and more difficult to hit. (But at least I can reach most of these holes)
Nice to finally be able to play the South with only a few holes cart path only. Tough course to play under CPO restrictions. Course handled the recent rains very well. Greens have maintained a nice pace, fairways have dried out nicely, but not a lot of roll out. Bunkers as usual are excellent. New sand placed in the greenside bunker on #6. Beautiful white fluffy sand, just like all the bunkers were at one time. Maybe it's time to refresh them?
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