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Out early not only to beat the heat, but also to get ahead of the course closure due to the 2 day "Windmill Classic". As expected the course was in very nice condition, with green speeds a bit quicker than typical. Green still very receptive. Fairways have great coverage, yet remain "tight" Overall the condition is very good, which means is typical because beginning October 5th, they will be closing the course for about one month to over seed and aerate the greens.

While I appreciate this is a needed to maintain the good conditions, that means we will have over 1000 members vying for just one course with limited tee time availability and shorting daylight.
I always look forward to playing the goat. I can not believe just how much better the course is condition wise from my last time here. Night & Day. And I suspect it will only get better. While the greens roll well, they are still too slow for my taste, but I suspect if they were firm and fast, one would never be able to finish a round of golf there. They are small, undulating and just tough !

As i did not bring any kind of game with me, the course absolutely humbled me. This course can humble you when you play well, so when you struggle, it makes for a brutal day, BUT, despite that, still love playing here and will return again soon. For those who have never played the Goat, don't me put off by the short yardage, this course is all you've be able to handle.
Nice to get back out at Coyote Hills, one of the fun courses to play. Staff is always super friendly and accommodating. Beautiful mild morning. Have to piggyback on Larry's recent reviews. Greens rolled well, fairways soft but since I played the shorter tees, didn't have as much of an affect as normal. Some soft spots, but nothing too severe. Bunkers were better than expected, better than most other courses.

Lots of fun holes here ! Nice visuals ! Not thrilled with the price increase from last year, but the senior rate is still doable.
I've always enjoyed playing Shandin Hills, in part because I tend to be a decent bunker player and it's difficult to get around this course without finding the sand. While most of the bunkers were in poor condition (Flooded and thin ) which is what we have all come to expect since the Covid no rakes permitted policy became the norm. So I was not upset by that because I kind of expected it. However, normally the greens at Shandin Hills are pretty good, but they were the worst I have seen them. Bare spots, irregular surfaces, they really need to be rolled. I understand they will be punching the greens next week, so hopefully that will help?

Fairways were spotty, good good, some needing attention. Same with the tee boxes and rough. Staff was great and since we were out first, no issue with pace of play, walking in about 2 1/2 hours. What's strange is I have played this course many times, always at first light, so conditions should be similar, but I can never remember the freeway being so loud, to the point where it was difficult to hold a conversation with my playing partner from anything more than a few feet away. I can not remember ever having this problem before. I mean you were always aware of the freeway, but it was so loud, it actually was annoying at times ??? Maybe my old age is catching up with me ?

I would give this place several weeks to "heal" before returning. Maybe by then the greens will be back to normal
Despite the fact this course is relatively close to my home, I really don't play here all that often. It isn't that I dislike the course, although conditions have been suspect over the past few years, but rather because I always seem to get stuck behind a lot of back nine play, which greatly discourages me from playing more frequently.

The conditions were consistent with the last review. Course is very wet, way over watered, but given the incredible heat wave we recently experienced, that could justify it? Greens rolled well and accepted shots. fairways, although too wet, were decent. Bunkers were like bunkers everywhere, nearly unplayable.

Staff is always friendly here and accommodating. Reasonable pricing for seniors, so all in all, a positive experience on the links.
Out this morning at 6:18am. Still dark, but that's OK. The course was absolutely soaked ! Way over watered. I felt guilty at times just driving down the fairways because of all the water. The fairways were very green/lush, but with all the watering, not much roll. Some of the rough was very thick, and it goes without saying, wet ! Greens rolled well and were very receptive. Fixed a lot of ball marks. The greenside bunkers were well above average, from what we all have become used too recently.

Staff was great and very accommodating. Obviously being first out there was no issue with pace of play. We finished in a little under 2 1/2 hours without rushing, and no maintenance as a distraction. Nice ! Always enjoy this course, enough of a challenge to keep one's interest, but not so penal to cause much stress. As a senior, it's nice not having a lot of 400+ yard par 4's to deal with, but the par 3 holes here more than make up for it.
Out early at the best value golf course in Southern California. Every time I play here, I marvel at the great senior rate to play this course. If it were not a county course, I shutter to think what the green fees would be. As always the staff was great, fast, friendly and efficient.

Course is in even better condition than the last time I played here a few months ago. Maybe because I made a bunch of putts, I thought the greens rolled really well. Fairways have good coverage, and the one bunker I found actually had well groomed sand.

Any day playing here is a treat, but when temperatures soar inland, it is just all that much better to play with the ocean views and temperate conditions.
First out as usual, but as previously indicated, not early as the first tee times are now at 7am. Lots of maintenance on the course, which has become the norm, now that I can no longer tee off at sunrise. In all fairness, the course is in very nice condition, but I miss getting out "pre-dawn" and walking, enjoying the sunrise, empty course, etc.

With everything looking so good, they are scheduled to begin green aerification, and then total over seeding of both course soon, which means one course closed for at least a month, so it will be rather competitive to secure early tee times. It's always something !
Out pre-dawn in the dark. Obviously no issues with pace on the front nine, and didn't catch the back nine players until 18, so it worked out well. Nice mild temperatures, even at 5:45am, however very humid. Can not imagine how it would have felt if there had been sun.

I thought the course was in decent condition. Greens were receptive and rolled well, although not as nice as the last time i played here some weeks ago, Fairways for the most part were good, with plenty of coverage, although there are some brown/bare areas. Greenside bunkers were well maintained with plenty of sand. Since I played all the way back on the tee boxes, ignoring the markers, that portion of the tee box were still in pretty good shape and generally level.

Sam, in the shop is always great and one of the reasons I frequent this course. While this course will not please everyone, it fits my eye and my game and continues to be one of my "go to" courses.
Late review - out early to allow me to finish before it got too hot. Check in easy and accommodating. Staff is always nice to deal with here. Course was about as expected. Greens rolled well, but not as quick as normal. Most fairways had good coverage, with some brown/bare areas. The rough was very inconsistent, depending where your ball finished. It could be a bare spot, thin, or really thick.

I'm glad that El Prado has survived. We need these type of courses, basic affordable golf, easy to walk and allow players of varying abilities to play it. Not overly penal, minimal forced carries, wide fairways, etc.
First out before 6am. Check in was easy and efficient. Having read the most recent review, I expected the greens to be soft, but that does not begin to describe them. We actually left foot prints on the surface ! ANY shot into the green stuck and created a ball mark. Because they were so slow it was a struggle to gage pace.

The rough was also very inconsistent. Some very thick and easyt o lose your ball, other spots, were thin/bare. Bunkers were better than expected, the two I found had a reasonable amount of raked sand.

I enjoy this course, but must confess that today I did not have a great time, The greens were just to soft. Also had an unusually large amount of back nine play which slowed things down a great deal. Oh Well, life is not always perfect.
When I lived in Westchester 20+ years ago, I used to play River Ridge quite a bit. Only one course then) So it was a tough decision deciding which course to play. Missed some of the original layout, but not enough time to play both.

Not a bunch to add to Ron's recent review. Greens rolled decently, although a little slower than I remember them. Fairways OK, some thin/dry areas. Most of the tee boxes were good, could always find a spot.

With the combination of the heat and smoke, conditions could have been better, but that of course is just bad timing. Despite it, enjoyed the round and brought back many memories.
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