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Finally able to get back out on the North Course! After being closed for almost three months and spending one million dollars for improvements, was it worth it ? Let's just say that I hope they don't do this on the South Course.

As expected, conditions are pretty good. Greens were much slower than normal, but since I did not have any cut greens, not fair to be too critical. The "surrounds" around the greens which were the focus of the renovation have really not fully grown in, so I was not thrilled with their playability. Maybe time will fix that? Otherwise the fairways was full & lush, tee boxes still need some attention of a couple holes, but mostly very good. Bunkers could be great, but since I get out before maintenance and none are raked, it all depends where your ball ends up.

Nice to have two courses again, for however long that lasts.
A very rare mid afternoon round for me, as I almost always play first thing in the morning. Not used to playing in the heat, and definitely not used to playing in 4 1/2 + hours. On the plus side, it was a plus to get some roll out which is not typical in the early morning wet fairways, plus the ball does travel further in the hot weather, that said, I think I'll stick with the early AM golf.

Course conditions are pretty much what weber2323 covered in his review. Greens rolled well, quicker than expected, but still receptive. This place is always in great shape, which is probably why they can command the price. I remember when the Goose was the least expensive in this area, but I guess because of the course quality and conditioning, it can be expected. Hard not to love playing here at what ever they charge.
Not a great deal to add to my recent review. Course remains in very good condition, which I find even more impressive when you consider how small their maintenance staff is. Add to that the cost of playing here, which has to be one of the better values in golf.

The more I play here, the more I can recommend it. Great value, well above average conditioning, a fun course to play with a nice diversity of hole types. Staff is one of the friendliest around.

Out early as usual and enjoyed a quick pace of play. Greens rolled well, and were pretty receptive. Most fairways were nice, a little "tight" at times, but never found a poor lie. A few of the bunkers were a bit thin, but OK. Overall better than average. If you have not yet played here, try it, I think you'll be impressed.
5:30am tee time, which was the second group out. No issues with pace of play UNTIL we ran into a very slow threesome which had gone out on the back nine. (The first group played through them, but they did not wave us through?) Fortunately it was only for the last 4 holes, which felt like an eternity)

The course was not in good condition, far worse than when I played here a few months ago, which surprised me because I expected better. The greens were far and away the best part of the course, in fact were the only good part of the course. Fairways were dry and had many "tuffs" of weeds. Rough was so-so. Bunkers were actually not too bad, although not maintained, but did have sand.

The course was deserted when we arrived. I don't think that anyone teed off after us for quite a while. Strange to walk up #2 & #3 and not see any groups playing #1. In all fairness, it was drizzling for the the first 10+ holes

With the overcast and "iffy" weather, some of the luster, which is Los Verdes was absent. No great views of the ocean to enjoy. But for $21, still a fantastic deal.
Back out to Oceanside - first off as usual, so no issues with place of play. We walked in about 2 hours 40 minutes, a nice easy pace, making sure we stayed behind maintenance mowing the greens. Just as Andrewz28 says, the fairways are wonderful, probably the best I have ever seen here. Granted there are some bare areas and some spots of weeds, but overall just a pleasure to play off. Greens rolled great, medium quick. Bunkers were a mixed bag, so good, some soaked, so the sand was like mush. A few tee boxes could use some attention, but you could always find a decent spot. Since I play the blue, they seem to have less wear than the gold or white tees.

Sam in the pro shop is simply the best. Super friendly and very accommodating. I appreciate it when the shop thanks you for coming out and playing.
My intentions were to play Butterfield Stage, but it worked out that Chino Creek was less crowded so decided to play there. Course was about what I expected and consistent with chevelle's review. Greens were not as good as they were just a few weeks ago. Fairways were decent, enough grass to secure a decent lie. The best part was that the rough was not so thick that you'd lose a ball every time you missed the fairway. Bunkers were a mixed bag, some raked with sand, some thin/compacted.

I'm just grateful that this course was able to survive the covid crisis. I never go to El Prado expecting anything more than basic golf, as a reasonable price, which is what you get. Staff is always friendly.
First off on an overcast morning. Check in was smooth and efficient. Jordan in the pro shop was pleasant and it was nice that he was early so we could get out a few minutes prior to our tee time.

I was disappointed in the greens. I'll admit that we had a number of greens which were not yet mowed because we frequently got ahead of the mowers, but even those which had been cut were much slower than normal and not very true. Ball seemed to wiggle enroute to the cup. Fairways were decent, soe having some dry spots, but generally OK. Tee boxes were not good. Many were not level, some with heavy divot damage. Greenside bunkers were a frequently flooded, or were so compacted, it was like mud. There was sand there, it just needs to be maintained.

This is a tough golf course from the tips, particularly for this senior, but the visuals are so worth the struggle. But I must admit that the tee shots on #2 , #5, #6, & #11 require everything I have to manage the hole. Time to "play it forward"
Arrowood has always been a great course to play, always in great shape and the staff is super friendly and accommodating. Hard to say much more than Andrew & Johnny said in their recent reviews. Course is in really nice condition, greens rolled as well as I can remember. Nothing to criticize at all.

While I almost always play first off in the morning, it was a change to tee off in the light/warmth. I was not too excited to play in 4+ hours, but the course was so nice and company so good, it was never an issue. If you have not played Arrowood, I highly recommend it as it is just fun to play, and except for #16, does not require you to hit any shots beyond a "good shot" whereas #16 requires two great shots. (Unless you can bomb the ball, which I can not)
5:45am tee time Monday. While I believe this was the second time out, out threesome never were held up at all by the first group, so pace was a nice smooth 2 hours 40 minutes on a beautiful clear morning.

Course is in very nice condition. Greens rolled well, were receptive. Fairways although on the thin side were also nice, which provided some additional roll out, but required some skills to "nip" the shots off the tight turf. Lots on unraked sand in the bunkers, so after smoothing out the lie, they were fine. Tee boxes generally good, although a few were rather beat up.

Ruth in the pro shop is a breath of fresh air. She is so very pleasant to deal with, and efficient. Wish all pro shop staff were just like her. Always enjoy playing Dos Lagos, as there is rarely a hassle with the check in, conditions usually very good, and he course provides enough of a challenge to keep your interest and allows some good scoring with a number of "friendly" holes. My only complaint is they need to allow the grass to grow out on #6, because if you come up short of the green (which I'm certain almost everyone does) the ball wants to roll back down towards the water.
With the North course continuing to be closed, the South course is getting hammered with all the play, and a never ending stream of four carts in a group, foursome after foursome, yet the fairways are holding up remarkably well, in fact are in better shape than they have been pre-covid-19 ? Greens rolling well and very receptive. Bunkers are excellent (When raked ) The only issue remains the tee boxes. Some are good, some need attention.

They are making some subtle improvements and changes to the course, but nothing which actually affects playability. Just visual enhancements.
Late review - played Friday early. Staff here is always wonderful ! Never have an issue getting out. Easy check in.

I always enjoy playing Marshall Canyon, just a fun track to walk. While certainly not the most difficult or longest course, it affords such a pleasant park like setting, with nice views, deer, and enough of a challenge to keep your interest. I suspect that without local knowledge, these greens could really present a problem, but once you have played here enough times and understand where not to miss, they are quite manageable.

Senior rates just make this course all the more of a "go to" course for me.
Early morning time on what should turn out to be another hot day. Nice to beat the heat and also to play quickly. ( 2 1/2 hours ) Pro shop was great and the starter allowed us to get out a few minutes early. Thanks !

The course is really in nice shape, fairways are lush with plenty of grass. Not a lot of roll because they were watering the fairways while we played. Greens will be better later in the day, again because they were watering and spraying chemicals just before we reached each green. Bunkers were well maintained with lots of sand. A few of the tee boxes on the par three holes were beat up with heavy divot damage.

I like playing this course, but frankly it is just to expensive for my budget. Additionally because they always have back nine play, you never know what to expect after you make the turn. ( We were lucky and didn't catch anyone until the last hole, which them took almost 15 minutes to play.)

Nice course, great condition, wonderful staff, just to much $$$
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