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Back out to Oceanside with a first off tee time. One of the reasons I play here as frequently as I do is because of Sam in the pro shop. He is just the best. Even called me at home to advise me that they no longer required temperature check prior to play.

Not a lot has changed since I played here a couple weeks ago. Greens roll well, reasonably quick. Most fairways are fairly lush, but with some bare areas and thin spots. Rough is inconsistent, and beyond the rough is "gone". The bunkers were well maintained, but some over watered and soaked.

I find this to be an enjoyable track to play. The holes are not redundant, and provide enough of a challenge to keep your interest without being overly penal. Not a big fan of holes #15 & #16, which are just long, without much character. Otherwise the majority of the holes are a nice mix, and none run parallel to one another.
Not a lot to add to walnutgolf's review. Course is in very nice shape, greens rolled well and were reasonably receptive. Fairways had plenty of coverage and did not get a poor lie all day. I have to agree with the comments on #6, which I find to be one of the more difficult par 4 holes I've ever played. They need to allow the grass to grow so the ball stays up.

Staff is always wonderful and the fees for seniors are excellent. Always enjoy my rounds here. Just a fun course to play.
First out this morning at Eagle Crest. Abig thank you to Taro in the pro shop. It is so nice to have somebody who is up beat and positive to deal with in the morning. Too many people in the pro shops are grumpy and not particularly friendly. Taro was great, actually able to get out early.

The course, as much as I really like it, I have to admit is not in very good condition. Greens are far and away the best part of the course. Rolled fairly well, receptive, and medium quick. Fairways are a mixed bag, some good, others not so much. Rough is spotty at best. The tee boxes are beat up and really need to be regraded. Like most courses now, the bunkers are awful. Thin, compacted, lots of weeds growing, flooded at times, etc. Not good!

Disappointed to see they have closed the tee on #14, which was a fun driving hole, and made it a rather bland short par 4. (Don't know the reason - forgot to inquire )

In spite of a gloomy foggy morning, enjoyed the 2 1/2 hour pace on a fun course. If only this course were in better condition, it could be one of my favorites. I was advised that they hired a new super, so maybe there is hope.
With the North course remaining closed, I've been playing the South course about five times a week. Looking forward to the North reopening in early June. Given that most everyone takes a cart ( I am one of the few walkers) and that means four carts per tee time, the course has held up really well under all that traffic. Greens roll well, rough is decent, and the bunkers, although somewhat compacted, are still good. Far and away the worst part of the course is the tee boxes. They need serious attention. I understand once the North opens next month, they will be closing the South for quite a while to redo all the green surrounds, at a cost of another $1,000,000.00 Rumor is they may rebuild all 18 greens as well. Hope not because will close the course for a long long time.
One of my favorite courses to play, part of the reason is dealing with Mark, in the pro shop who is just wonderful. Always nice to have a stress free beginning to the day and Mark provides just that. First off, so no pace of play issues.

Course is in nice shape, greens rolled well, but were a bit too slow for my taste. Fairways provided plenty of coverage. Rough & tee boxes OK. The bunkers were the worst part of the course, and had nothing to do with no rakes. Kind of a hard pan type clay.

They have placed a wire fence along side hole #12 on the left side, which gives this already rather tight hole and much more challenging tee shot. No idea why this was done? Otherwise had a great quick morning round under beautiful weather. Too bad my game was not up to the same standard.
Have to agree with the previous review, that Los Lagos in in the best condition I have seen it. A pleasure to play. It would be nice be some how they could maintain these conditions. Greens rolled really well and the fairways are well maintained and lush. In fact the entire course is just a joy to play.

Efficient check in with strict covid-19 restrictions enforced, but nice that masks are not required on the course. A little on the pricey side, but the course conditions somewhat make up for it.
5:40am tee time on a really mild overcast morning. Easy pleasant check in, and even able to get out a few minutes earlier than our tee time. Very efficient and friendly staff.

Course is in pretty nice overall condition. Greens rolled well, albiet a little slow for my taste. Fairways had plenty of grass and were well maintained. Even the rough was mowed. Bunkers were a mixed bag, some good, others not so much.

Enjoy playing this layout. Despite probably the worst front nine I've played in many years, still enjoyed the experience. Much better back side, which but for a 15 minute period of light rain, was near perfect. Finished in well under three hours, which adds to the enjoyment, and nice to see they were not price gouging. $27 to walk (senior) is well worth it. Will be back sooner than later.
I rarely play "away" from Coto on the weekends, but was invited by a friend who needed to fill the foursome, so decided to revisit Jurupa Hills. First time I've played there, other than first off in the morning on weekdays. I am not used to playing 4 1/2 + hour rounds, so it seemed like forever, but in truth it was only about 4 1/2 hours. However the weather was great and I focused more on the company than the golf, so it was a change.

As for the course, but too much to add to the prior reviews. Greens here are generally reasonably quick, but not today. Still very slow. Bunkers were thin. Fairways were for the most part pretty good, some brown/dry areas.

I kind of like this course. Not the most difficult, but still provides enough of a challenge to keep one's interest. It's just nice to be able to get out and play golf again - at last
Nice to get back out to Alhambra. Always enjoy playing here, and with my game in such a poor state, this is about as much as I can handle right now. Overall good conditions. My only complaint is the greens are awfully slow. Otherwise everything is well maintained and playable. As always the staff is great and I appreciate that they are not price gouging.
First out at 6am. Covid-19 restrictions as expected. First course to actually take temperatures. Sam in the pro shop is great. Friendly, accommodating, wish that all golf course personal were like him.

Course is in very nice condition. Greens rolled well, decent speed. most fairways lush and well manicured. Bunkers raked with enough sand. Tee boxes OK. Some issues with the rough, but not too bad.

Nice to see they are not price gouging like some other courses. I have a long memory about those kinds of things. Nice to have Oceanside open again.
Nice to get back out to Mile Square, in truth it's nice to get back out to any golf course. Not a lot to add to Chevelle's review. Course is in as expected, very nice condition, although I would like the greens to be a little quicker.

Staff was friendly and accommodating. As Chevelle stated, playing without the mask requirement is a huge factor in deciding where to play, at least for me.
First off at 6am. Covid-19 strictly enforced. Needed to sign a waiver to play. Check in at the gate. Only real issue I had was they refused to provide any scorecards !!

The course was in great condition ! Best I've seen it ever. Fairways are very lush and well groomed. Rough is also lush, but playable. Greens were good, soft receptive, but slower than usual. My only complaint was they never mowed the tee boxes. It was like playing from the rough.

Finished in well under 3 hours with nobody any where close to us. Masks required around the clubhouse, but not on the course, which IMO is the correct way to do it. Great spring morning playing the greatest game on Earth,
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