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A bit of a late review. Not a whole lot to add to the prior review. The best part of the course would be the greens. Beyond that, not a lot of positives. Tee boxes still not totally open, so had to "make my own" tee box areas. The fairways are rather shabby right now as is the rough. I hope this is temporary.

I enjoy playing this course, now more than years ago, perhaps because it lacks all those "big" par four holes I can no longer reach in regulation. Still enough of a mix a holes to make it fun, and the green complexes just add to the enjoyment
Wanted to get out on the South Course before they shut it down for three weeks to overseed and aerate greens. Greens rolled very true, decent pace (about 10 I would guess) still receptive. Bunkers are as usual - excellent. Same with the tee boxes. Fairways are a bit "spotty" so hopefully the overseeding will resolve those issues.

Now we will have 1000+ members all trying to play the North course for the next three weeks. Should be interesting.
Seeing that they will be aerating greens in a couple weeks, wanted to get out before then. Tough time of the year finding courses which are not punching greens now. Always enjoy playing this fun shorter course. I say it every time, but I am always impressed at the green complexes here. Very interesting and challenging. Decent pace and very receptive. Good coverage in the fairways. Several tee boxes were a bit beat up, but overall, could always find a spot to put the peg in the ground.

Staff is efficient and accommodating. Also, like that the course does not "come in" after 9, so never have to deal with back nine play. If you have never played this course due to its shorter yardage, suggest you give it a try. I think you'll enjoy the experience.
Out early on a very mild overcast morning. Busier than expected, but no issues getting out first so pace of play not an issue. Course is in very nice shape right now. Greens have finally regained some of their speed. They have been rolling them almost every day, so finally they are back to normal. Fairways, tee boxes, bunkers all very acceptable.

Since they will not be over seeding the North course this year, (South starts overseeding 9/25) just have to tolerate the aeration in mid-October. Trying to enjoy the weather, because all too soon it will be winter and will be dealing with frost again.
Out early on a very mild morning - 73 degrees at 6AM. I know that in all too short a time, I'll be concerned about frost and how frigid it is playing here in the mornings, so nice to enjoy the pleasant weather in the AM.

The greens were not as smooth as normal. They need to be rolled. Also, not nearly as quick as usual either, but they were receptive. Fairways had good coverage, Tee box on #9 is really beat up. They need to close it down and rest it for a short time to allow it to recover.

Always enjoy my time at Dos Lagos. Dealing with Ruth in the shop is a great way to start the day. She is always super friendly and accommodating. One of the reasons I continue to patronize this course.
I had not even considered Whittier Narrows until I read Larry's recent review. I had kind of forgotten about this course. I used to play here fairly often when I lived in Westchester, but not so much since moving to O.C.

Larry's review was spot on. The fairways had good coverage for the most part but did have numerous damp areas. The greens were not as firm as I expected, but maybe I just expected concrete type surfaces. Because it had been a while since I played here, the course was every bit as long as I remember. Not as much fun as it used to be when I could actually reach all the holes in regulation. Even so, it was nice to return, and the senior rate made it only that much easier to tolerate.
Looking for somewhere to avoid the heat and Goat Hill fit those criteria nicely. Not much changed from when I played here a few weeks ago. Green speeds seemed quicker, and maybe because they had dried out faster. Course improves every time I play it. Staff is always pleasant and accommodating. If I lived closer, i would play here more often.
Grateful to be able to get out early given the projected temperatures today. Only one course open this morning, so very busy. Course is in very nice condition right now, which is what I typically find to be the case just prior to closure for maintenance in two week.

Greens speeds are a bit slower than usual, but OK. Still very receptive. Fairways, tee boxes and bunkers all in great shape. A pleasure to play right now.
Able to secure a first time off at 6:20AM, which considering how hot was projected, was a good decision. Even though we finished before 9AM, it was already very hot by the time we placed the clubs back in the trunk.

The staff was fantastic. Everyone we encountered was friendly and accommodating Very much appreciated. The course was in generally nice condition. The greens rolled very well, and those which had been mowed had decent pace. All were very receptive. Some of the rough was U S Open thick. Found a number of balls which obviously had been lost the day before. Crazy ! Bunkers had plenty of well raked sand. Most of the tee boxes were OK, some not so great.

Enjoyed playing Oak Valley again after a 6-year absence. Decided to play from the white tees which turned out to be a smart decision. Played a lot more like it did "years ago"
Nice to get out first on a very pleasant morning. With the expected storm tomorrow, wanted to insure I played today. Surprisingly not as crowded as expected. Would have thought others would have felt the same way?

Course is very enjoyable to play right now. Greens rolling true, not too fast, but quick enough to keep your attention. Good coverage on the fairways. Bunkers are excellent as usual, as are the tee boxes. Still a few areas in the rough, but nothing too concerning. Lots and lots of maintenance to deal with in the mornings, but I guess that's the price for the course being in such nice shape. I realize if I played later, I would avoid maintenance, but then I would not be able to play in the quick rounds I have become accustomed too.
Able to snag a first time off at 6:04AM for an online deal of two for $90. A good deal considering prices today. Although it was rather busy, no issues getting out on time.

The greens were far and away the best part of the course. Nice pace and rolled well, and very receptive. The greens on the back nine had not been mowed, so obviously were not as quick or true. None of the bunkers had yet been raked, but the two I found did have adequate amount of sand. While the fairways had decent coverage, they needed to be cut which resulted in very little if any roll out, so the course played rather long this morning. There were also areas in the rough which looked like U S Open rough

I have to admit that I thought the overall appearance of the course was kind of "scruffy". Enjoyed the round, but left somewhat disappointed
Out early at one of my favorite LA County courses. Love the scenery, the wildlife, and the general layout. Senior rate makes it a real bargin as well. I must admit I was a bit disappointed in the overall condition. Too wet! I appreciate with the recent heat they want to keep the grass alive, but there has to a limit to the amount of water you want to put on the course.

Greens were slower than usual, which is disappointing, because the challenge of these greens when they're quick, makes the course only that much more fun. It it me or the wet fairways, because the course seemed to play extra-long. Probably both! Still always enjoy this course, because it offers some interesting holes which do not beat you up. Recommend to anyone who has not played here, but hopefully they'll let this play dry out a bit.
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