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Out early to beat the forecast heat. Rocky in the pro shop is wonderful and makes coming here just all that much better. Very accommodating and efficient. Having a positive beginning is a plus even before starting your round.

Sadly, the course conditions have not improved, in fact I think perhaps they have even deteriorated further. The greens, while far and away are the best part of the course, were slow, because none were even mowed. Fairways have some areas of green grass, but mostly bare, thin, uneven ground. The bunkers have pretty much been abandoned, with most having ground under repair signs in them. Tee boxes are not level, to the point where it is difficult at times to find a decent place to stand. Coupled with bare spots and loads of divots, makes for a challenge to find any place to put your peg in the ground.

I really enjoy this course. I think the layout is terrific, but with the conditions being what they are, it just makes me sad, because I fear that this course may not have long to remain.
Out early to beat the heat. Not very busy, which surprised me given the forecast of 90+ degrees later today. Course is in excellent shape right now. Trying to play the North as much as possible because it is scheduled to me closed for three weeks for aeration?????? (Why it takes 3 weeks to punch fairways and pick up the plugs is a mystery to me)

Greens did not have their typical pace today, but maybe they are not mowing them so tight because of the heat? Fairways very nice, as are the tee boxes and bunkers. I'll miss playing the North course, but at least the South will still be available, but I'm not looking forward to the entire membership confined to just the one course.
Out early on a very warm morning. Staff is always very accommodating here and friendly, which is a nice way to begin any day. Having played the El Prado courses for many decades, I kind of know what to expect. Greens were nice, decent pace and rolled fairly true. Fairways much better than the last time I played here. Tee boxes and rough still could use some attention, but overall, worth the $$. Enjoy playing older traditional style courses that are very walkable, at a reasonable rate. So long as your expectations aren't too high, I recommend giving these course a shot.
Out early as usual on a mild overcast morning. Fairly busy, so pleased to get off before the bulk of the players. Typical dealings with maintenance mowing greens, raking bunkers, changing pins, etc. but that's the price of going off first. (Well worth it most days)

Course is in nice condition, greens do not have the speed they normally had, but rolled well and are receptive. Bunkers and tee boxes are excellent. Fairways continue to be good. As we approach the time of the year when one course is closed for extended periods at a time, it will be interesting to see how well the course conditions hold up with all the play focused on just one course?
First out on a mild overcast morning. My initial impression was how much better the fairways were from just a month ago. Greens also rolled better and were quicker. Bunkers were a mixed bag. Some very thin, some over watered and soaked, but with sand. Rough here is never good, in part because there isn't a lot of it. Tee boxes need attention.

Staff is always fantastic here. Sam is a pleasure to deal with. I tend to play here with some regularity because I can get out and I find the holes interesting and fun to play. A nice mix of holes, with some character, rather than holes that just run parallel. (Except for holes 15 & 16, which are too long for me anyway, so I just endure them now).
Out early taking advantage of the senior rates, and the heat forecast for today. I respectfully have to disagree with the prior review as relates to the undulations in the fairways. They just add to the distinctive nature of the course. The fairways do provide flat surfaces if you can the place the ball in the proper position. It is my understanding that these mounds are buried Red Cars, but I don't know this to be a fact.

Conditions were about what I expected, although the greens were not as good as usual. Disappointing for sure. Tee boxes beat up in places but could always find a spot. Did not find a single bunker, but they appeared decent.

This is just such a comfortable walking course with great surroundings. Very parklike. Just not a wholelot of these old-style courses around anymore, so I savor my opportunities to walk these old classic type courses. So long as you get out early, pace of play is not an issue and it will not be a good walk spoiled.
Second off behind a threesome of employees on a mild morning. It was busier than I expected, but Charles in the shop was great and we were able to get out a couple minutes before our tee time. Pace of play was just a touch over three hours. Not great but having a guest who had never played here before, it worked out just fine.

I have played here fairly often, and never have I had such difficulty with the speed of the greens. In fact, all three in our group struggled with pace? The greens were OK, decent speed and rolled pretty well. Today it looked like I'd never putted before. Fairways were good, None of the bunkers were maintained, but there appeared to be sufficient sand in them. A number of tee boxes were chewed up and not level, but that was the only real downside as far as conditioning.

I knew they were going to raise rates, which they did! One dollar! I applaud this course for trying to keep their fees reasonable when it seems everywhere else does not share that same philosophy.
While not the best or most difficult of the Long Beach courses, Rec Park has always been my favorite. Used to play here a lot when I lived in Westchester, but not so much since moving to OC. I thought the course was in as nice condition as I'd seen it. Greens had good pace and rolled well. Fairways had good coverage, better than most of the courses I've been playing. A few spots on the tee boxes, but no big deal.

Not used to playing 4+ hour rounds, so it felt like I was out there all day, but I love the course and the weather was wonderful, so I just resigned myself to enjoy the "walk in the park". What I had the most difficultly was the cost. I know its 2022 and everything cost a zillion dollars now, but tough to spend $45 to walk a course I used to pay $3-$4 to play. Just tough to swallow. But it's still way cheaper than almost every course in South Orange County, so I guess I shouldn't complain about it.
First out on a very busy Tuesday morning. There were people everywhere today, but able to get out in front of the crowds. Mild conditions. Greens were slow compared to normal. Noticed they were mowing greens with a tri-plex mower, rather than with the normal walking mowers. Greens just did not have any speed to them. The rest of the course was fine, good coverage in the fairways, nice & green. Bunkers excellent as are the tee boxes. Rough was just OK.

Course conditions have remained fairly constant over the past several weeks. With the hot weather coming, I have noticed a great deal more watering in the morning and many of the fairways are soaked when I play first thing in the morning. I'm sure by the time the majority of players reach the holes, the water has been absorbed and conditions are closer to "normal". However, when I play, it's like playing after a heavy deluge had just hit the course.
Out early on a mild overcast morning. Not very busy, so enjoyed as very relaxed easy pace walking at just over 2 1/2 hours. The greens still have not completely healed from the aeration but aren't bad. A bit bumpy and slower than normal. I thought the fairways looked the best I've seen them in some time. For the most part good coverage, nice and green with only a few areas needing attention. Bunkers were over watered, so it was like playing from mud. Tee boxes rather beat up as well.

I understand this course is very polarizing, but I like the basic layout, easy to walk. (Except of course #12) and has enough diversity of hole design to keep your interest. Not overly penal, but enough to warrant your attention. The staff here is wonderful, which is in part one of the reasons I continue to patronize this course
With both courses at Coto being unavailable due to the "Windmill Classic" on Friday & Saturday, was looking for somewhere to play which did not charge weekend rates and was not too far from home. Decided that Willowick might fit the bill.

Arrived at 5:45am on a misty, drizzly morning and only one other person was there, so no issue getting out right at 6am. As I was waiting for the shop to open, I could see just how much conditions in general had deteriorated. After playing the first two holes, I came to the conclusion that this is what a golf course looks like just before it dies. It was just awful and depressing. However, as the round progressed, things did improve and by the back nine, it almost looked like a golf course again. Fairways on the back had decent coverage, greens were at best fair, but at least were puttable. The greenside bunkers were actually not bad. Reasonable amount of well-maintained sand.

It had been a few years since a last played here and will probably be a while before I return. But I think there is a place for Willowick type course and pleased to see that they have not yet closed the doors here. Golf needs basic, no frills, inexpensive walkable courses. I can't in good conscious recommend playing this course as it exists now, but I do remember when this place was actually "alive"
Always look forward to playing Mesa Linda, as this shorter course provides such a fun challenge. The green complexes are so interesting with the combination of the slopes on the greens coupled with the bunkering. It's a good thing for me this course is shorter, because I cannot imagine trying to approach these greens from distance. For many years I kind of avoided this course because I thought that the short yardage would not provide very much interest. I could not have more wrong. Wish I had decided to try this course years earlier. It's just a fun track.

Conditions are good. Greens rolled well, not not as quick as I remembered them being. Fairways had nice coverage. Bunkers had sand, but not raked in many instances, but that's a quick fix. A number of the tee boxes on a few par 3 holes were chewed up, but that's not unexpected. Overall I felt conditions were good and would recommend this course for any of you who feel the short yardage would not provide an enjoyable experience, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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