Mt. Woodson Golf Club

16422 North Woodson Drive
Ramona, CA 92065 • (760) 788-3555

Ramona, CA (92065)
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Sunset: 7:02 pm
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1. adigitalg87
Posted: 03/07/21 3:31p
Member Since: Sep 4, 2013
From: Hemet
Played Mt. Woodson for the first time Tuesday the 2nd. 1:20 pm tee time. Pop 4 hours. We were a twosome in between two foursomes. There is no gps and some blind tee shots as the group behind us hit... Continue »
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2. busyngreenskeeper
Posted: 01/14/21 8:21p
Member Since: Dec 2, 2020
From: Edina, MN
Interesting course. Attracted by low greens fee. Kind of a mini Maderas. Bought $5 range balls then realized you hit into net so probably wouldn’t do that again. Tees ok. Fairway dormant and
painte... Continue »
Not Rated
Topic: Just a few thoughts.
Posted: Aug 18, 2010
Never played this course until last week and I wanted to put my $0.02 to hopefully make it easier for newer players to enjoy their round there. 1. It took our cart 3 holes for the GPS to work. How about placing yardage markers on the first, say 5 holes, to ensure you don't have to constantly lo...
Member Since: Aug 6, 2011
This can be a difficult finishing hole. The best approach is from the right side of fairway, but be careful not to push it into the trees. Left side is a safer T shot, but then you might have to shoot over water to get to pin. Water is "In play" for longer hitters on left. Green has slight ridge running diagonal from water to opposite side. This can be used if pin is in back left. If in front go for it. Bunkers front left, front right and right rear along with grass knolls & hollows.
Member Since: Aug 6, 2011
My personal favorite hole on the course. First timers are often confused on where the fairway is?? The large flat landing area below you is a great place to be. It doesn't seem to matter what club you use, if the ball goes over the slope they mostly end up in the same place near the trap in the rough. My club of choice is a 4 hybrid. Sometimes it rolls down to the collection area, but if it stays up, you will have a @130 yrd shot down hill to the green. Which can give you a little more stopping power to hold the green. The safe spot on the green is the front right corner and the ball will release to the back corner or right center. There is a slope 5 steps in on the left that can cause the ball to either funnel down to the back left corner or roll off the back of the green. If greens are firm beware ! I typically aim for the front quadrants of the green.

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