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Played Sunday, June 9. 6:40am. POP right at 4hrs15mins. Moved right along for the most part, waited on a few shots, but good pace overall.

$110 to ride, which is about the norm these days for a weekend. Not worth it right now in my opinion. We played Creek/Stonehouse. They're coming off a recent aeration, so I will try and be a little nicer on the harsh conditions.

We played the middle tees ("Autumn", I guess they call them) and they were not in good shape, at all. Unlevel with lots of divot damage and bare spots. Just about every tee took some extra time to evaluate where you could find a level lie with good coverage.

Greens were in ok shape. Definitely showed some signs of aeration and were pretty bumpy and on the slow side. They held shots well, but that's about the only good thing about them. Perhaps they will improve in a few more weeks.

Bunkers were in ok shape fairly good sand, but a bunch were unraked. Not sure if it was the speed golfers that went out first thing? (they were hilarious to watch sprint around with their minimal golf clubs in hand)

Fairways were about the highlight of the course. They were in pretty good shape and provided some decent roll out with good cushion. No complaints here.

Customer service was all good. Starter was on point and saw the beverage cart a couple times.

It's probably my least favorite course in the area, but it's still fun. Decent food in the restaurant afterwards. I semi-recommend, but would wait a few more weeks.
Walked on yesterday, Memorial Day, around 12:40pm and got right out at 1:10pm. I seem to have good luck on holidays and Sundays walking out and getting off the first tee fairly quickly. Played with 3 high school kids on the Coronado golf team. Good bunch of young men.

Everything is in good shape right now. No complaints on any aspect of the course. Greens held shots well and were a good speed with no bumpiness. Teeboxes were fairly level with minimal divot damage, no problems finding a spot for the peg. Fairways were excellent. Provided some decent roll and nice cushion. I didn't have a bad lie all day. Rough seemed to be up more than usual. Had a couple of thick lies in some spots. I didn't find any bunkers, so can't comment on those, but they looked ok from what I could tell. Service was just fine all around. Bev. cart was out and about. POP was right at 5hrs. which is fairly common. Lots of waiting as usual. $59 non-resident rate to walk is getting a little steep, but it's still worth it. Always recommend.
Played Wednesday, May 8, twilight, 4:30pm, $40 to walk. Front nine took over 2.5hrs and then the back nine was really quick. I left after hole 11, but one member of our group kept going and he finished in the dark.

I could not recommend this course right now. Something is going on with the overseed? or the bermuda vs. rye situation? or??? I'm not a horticulturist by any means, but things just seem a bit off with the fairways, greens and fringes.

The greens were bumpy and didn't hold a shot very well. Very hard and lots of small unrepaired ball marks.

Rough wasn't very penal, easy to get a club on the ball. It was only about an inch or so longer than the fairways.

Fairways had some white "bloom" going on and a mixture of grasses. Quite a bit of thin areas and they're using green dye/spray to make it look presentable.

The fringes were super wierd. Veriable patches of different grasses and bare spots. Once again painted/dyed green for appearance.

Bunkers were a mixed bag, some hardpan and wet while others were in ok shape with fluffier sand.

We played the green tees (alternating mix of white and blue tees) and they were fine, not a big problem.

Saw the beverage cart once, but didn't partake, I brought my own bottle of water.

Practice putting green was aerated and sanded, the little fake grass putting green is a joke, no help with real practice, so that was kind of a bummer.

I forgot my Golfbuddy voice GPS which was a huge mistake when you're walking. There is no yardage signs anywhere in the fairways. No sprinklers are marked whatsoever, no yardage discs whatsoever. Carts have GPS, so if you're walking make sure you bring some GPS device or a laser range finder.

I just can't recommend this course right now, especially for any rack rate. Even the $40 twilight rate was tough to swallow. Hope they get some maintenance done on the course soon.
Snuck out to Nado yesterday as a single, Sunday, April 21. Called the starter around 2:30 and he said come on out and I got right out when I arrived at 3:15. Got paired up with three really nice guys, as usual. $36 to walk twilight rate, non-resident. $30 resident rate.

Blue Tees were all pretty nice, no complaints. Fairly level and not too much divot damage.

Fairways were in great shape. Never had a bad lie all day and they provided good cushion with proper roll out on drives.

Rough wasn't very long, but it was "patchy", some low bare/thin areas next to some higher clumps of grass that could cause some issues.

Traps were in good shape, found one greenside bunker and it had nice fluffy sand. Found one fairway bunker and it was just fine. No problems.

Greens were about as slow as I've ever seen them. They're still recovering from aeration a couple weeks ago, so they were slow and bumpy. They did hold shots well, but putting was difficult.

POP wasn't too bad, finished 18 just in time before darkness set in. Total POP was 4.5hrs, which is acceptable at this course. (often times it can go 5 - 5.5 hrs). Customer service is always good. The starters are always great. Didn't see the beverage cart for some reason, but not a big deal, didn't need anything. Always recommend.
It's been about a decade since I played the small course here. We played yesterday, Sunday, at 10:48am. POP was right at 2hrs even though we waited on just about every teebox, this place gets a lot of play. Everything right now is in good to very good condition. Teeboxes as suspected are a little beat up, but they're fairly level except number 5, and all have pretty good coverage.

Fairways are in great shape, a pleasure to hit from.

Found one bunker and it was just fine, no complaints.

Greens were good to very good. Definitely quick, beware. Stay below the hole. Lots of lip outs today, too.

Customer service just fine, no complaints. $22.50 to walk, resident rate, is just fine. Definitely recommend and really should get out here more often.
Played Sunday, 3/10, teetime 7:20am. Walking, I think it was $60, POP was 4hrs. CPO on the front nine, the place is a soaked disaster, especially to walk with my pull cart. Super muddy betweent tees and fairways. Stupid drainage ditch that cuts off just about every fairway on the front nine and it plays as a lateral hazard. I hadn't been here in about 15yrs and found the ditch 3 times with perfectly struck shots, I just didn't know the yardages properly. Oh well, it'll probably be another 15yrs before I return.

Teeboxes were ok, no complaints, we played from the whites. They were level with decent coverage. Fairways were in ok shape, super wet and patchy. Guys I were playing with were playing lift clean and place, for good reason. Bunkers were soft for about one inch of sand and then hard pan, oh well, to be expected with all this rain we've had. Avoid these bunkers. Rough was thick and juicy, lots of clover and weeds, you had to be right on top of your ball to find it. Greens were about the only saving grace of the course. They were in good shape and held shots very well. No beverage cart and no frills clubhouse. The back nine is super fun, wish the front wasn't so quirky. I wouldn't fully recommend at this time, maybe give it a few weeks to dry out. I didn't think the $60 walking rate was worth it, either.
Played yesterday, Sunday, Feb 25. 7:20am, $73 to walk. POP was awful, 5hrs. Group in front of us had two beginners and they were super slow.

Course as expected was very wet and soggy except for the greens, they were fairly dry and unusually hard, especially with all this rain we've been having. Fairways were very wet, we had to play lift clean and place due to mud. Other than that, they were in decent shape.

Rough was brutal in most spots, super thick and long. Most of the time you had to just shop it out with a short iron.

White tees were wet and weren't in very good shape, had to take some extra time to find a good spot to tee it up.

Bunkers were not in very good shape. People have neglected to rake them.

Greens were in good shape. They were a little on the hard side and provided a little more roll than expected. They rolled true and were pretty quick. Definitely the highlight.

Saw the beverage cart once. Customer service in the proshop was just fine. It's a fun course, has a lot of good holes, a couple of clunker holes (number 2 and 3 not a fan). I recommend at least once a year.
Played yesterday, Sunday, Jan 13. Walked on around 11:30 and they got me out by 12:15. Remarkable!! POP was awesome, 4hrs 15mins. They seem to be getting better at keeping things moving. Men's club was in front of us, so they might tend to play faster than tourists/visitors? Quite the shame that none of the Men's club can fix a ball mark on the greens, they were loaded with unrepaired ball marks.

Customer service excellent. Starters are always awesome!!! Proshop check in was easy and credit to the guy working the desk to give me a rundown on the new resident policy. I used to live on Coronado and showed them my ID a few years ago and they'd always give me a couple bucks off for the resident rate. Not any more! $59 to walk on weekends, now. New policy: go get a resident card at the Rec Center, show proof of 6month lease or home ownership. Bummer, we couldn't afford to buy in Coronado, we were renters previously when we lived there. Had to move to IB to buy a house 5yrs ago, so there goes my "resident status" lol. Resident rate saves you $10 now. Oh well. Onto course conditions.

Blue tees were set back today, at or well behind the blue markers. All were fairly level and pretty nice. Everything played long today.

Fairways were in great shape, I only missed one fairway on number 14, and had a nice lie just right of the bunker and it was easy to hit from. The rough wasn't very penal along the fairways.

Rough around the greens was playable, but a couple of thick spots making you think a little bit harder about the shot.

Found one bunker on 15 greenside left and it was just fine, no complaints, nice fluffy sand.

Greens were good, not great. A little bumpy later in the day. They held well struck shots very well. Slightly poorly struck shots seemed to give a little more roll out than normal. They were medium to fast speed, seemed a little quicker than normal. Downhillers were slick! Lots of ball marks on the front part of all greens, unrepaired.

Beverage cart came around several times, but I'm on dry January, so didn't partake. Just kept filling my water bottle at the drinking fountains.

Beautiful day and easy recommend.
Played in the Golfmoose outing yesterday, as well. Previous reviews are spot on. Everything was in pretty good shape.

About the only thing I can expand on is the fairways were great. I hit just about every fairway and had awesome lies all day. They are very undulated, so lies were often on a slight slope, making approach shots more fun and thought provoking.

I'm partial to this course as I like this style of architecture. Trees, lakes, doglegs, some slight elevation changes, etc. I could easily be a member here (if I could afford it and had the time).

Great seeing Johnny at check in!! We had a blast. Thanks again Golfmoose for providing an excellent value, it's $180 next month with the SCGA, ouch. $125 was a good value.
Played yesterday, Sunday, Dec 17. Tee time 6:50am, walking, $50. Great POP at 4hours. Course is in playable shape, but definitely has some flaws. Teeboxes were just ok, they're doing quite a bit of work on them, some were newly sodded and were great, others were chewed up and not very level. Mixed bag, but not impossible to find a decent spot to tee it up.

Fairways were also a mixed bag. Some were awesome while others were awful. We were taking some relief in the fairway as there was a lot of bare spots on several holes, calling it "ground under repair" because some of the areas in the fairways were just dirt.

I found one bunker and it was nice. They're doing quite a bit of work on the bunkers and it shows. Nice sand and proper cushion.

Greens didn't look all that good, mixed grasses and a lot of ball marks. But they held shots well and downhillers were super quick. A few greens were bumpy, but overall no huge complaints. They were totally acceptable.

Customer service was good all around. No beverage cart, but you go by the snack shack a couple of times. Enjoyed the day and will continue to play Bonita about once a year. It's a fun layout, just wish it was in a little better shape.
Showed up yesterday/Sunday, Nov 12 around 10am and put my name on the list. Sat in the bar and ordered a breakfast burrito and one of the guys in the proshop came to the bar to let me know I would be third up!! So stoked, didn't wait hardly at all!! $53 to walk on an absolute beautiful Sunday, not a cloud in the sky and hardly a breath of wind! Got paired with three other singles who did the same thing I did, just showed up and I guess there was a cancellation of an entire foursome.

Course is in good shape all around. And POP was phenomenal at 4hrs on the dot. We had very little waiting all day and the guys I played with were all fast players, three of us walked and one had a cart as he is fighting a knee issue.

Played the blue tees and they were all just fine. No problems at all. Fairly level and all had good coverage.

Fairways were good to very good!! Had great lies all day. I only missed one fairway on number 8 and found the first bunker on the right, up against the upslope so had to just hit a 9iron out of it. Bunkers were in good shape, I found a couple other greenside bunkers and they were just fine, a little wet and heavy sand, but no problems.

Rough didn't seem too penal and had good coverage.

Greens were good to very good. They held shots very well and were crazy fast!!! I don't recall these greens ever being this fast, please be aware and keep the ball under the hole. They had a couple little bumps occasionally and you had to play defense on these greens, that's for sure. Very challenging and they didn't have a lot of ball marks, people seemed to be doing a good job of taking care of their ball marks yesterday.

Customer service was great. Proshop guys were great and they had no problem coming into the bar to let me know when my name was called, there's no speaker in the bar area, so that was crucial. Beverage cart came around a few times, but I BYOB, so didn't use her services but she seemed nice and did a good job. Bar is no frills, but the bartender was super friendly. Highly recommend, it's a good workout to walk as it has quite a few hills. It's for sure the best value in OC, as well.
Played yesterday, Sunday Oct 29, teetime 1:07pm. Found hot deal on golfnow for $44 plus $3 service fee, not a bad deal for Sunday in San Diego.

Check in was easy. Still have to wait for carts for a little bit to get cleaned up from the morning crew, but teed off right on time, so not a big deal. Carts are very basic. POP was nice, a little over 4hrs, no issues. Front desk and beverage cart crew were all awesome. Bartender was very nice, she was a little overwhelmed by the kitchen crew not showing up, so no kitchen available besides hot dogs and premade sandwiches. Not a big deal, I wasn't hungry.

Teeboxes were all nice, played the black tees and didn't have any issues.

Fairways were good to very good. No problems all day for me.

I didn't hit into any bunkers, but they looked ok and my playing partners didn't complain or have any problems that I noticed.

Not much rough to speak of, it was high in some sporadic spots, but for the most part it wasn't too penal. I only missed two fairways, and didn't have any issues.

Greens were the lowlight. They held shots just fine, but had some bare spots and were pretty bumpy. They had some good speed to them and were mown at a good length. But were just a little frustrating with the bare spots and bumpiness. I don't think they aerated in the Fall, so maybe they should have? I don't know, I'm no expert in turf maintenance by any means.

I really enjoy the layout, especially the back nine. Awesome trees all over the place and great doglegs and some forced carries on the back. I always have a good time out here and don't expect to be "wowed" by any facet of the course. Good price point and occasionally you can find it in outstanding shape.
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