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Got out today for the first time in a I missed it. Little rainy/cold at the start but overall couldn't complain about the weather at all.

2 words describe this course - bird turds. Every hole with the exception of maybe 1 or two was covered with those little remnants of the coots and geese that are all over here. With all the rain the last few weeks, it looked as though the maintenance crew will have their hands full in the very near future. Right off hole number 1 was a few large mud piles, and quite a few mud tracks where the water has definitely taken its toll. Overall course was in okay condition given the recent weather, but once the rain lets up they better get it under control quickly.

Boxes - 5/10. Could always find a flat spot to hit from, but they were all VERY shaggy. Some of the par 3s were loaded with divots so a few steps back was required.

Fairways - 5/10. Also VERY shaggy. The above maintenance comment directly applies here.

Rough - 5/10 - same as the fairways. Some holes were difficult to ascertain the difference. Quite a few weeds on the course as well, a half hour of picking weeds would make a huge visual difference.

Sand - n/a. Was lucky enough to stay out of them, so no experience/comment here.

Greens - 8/10. This was the bright spot of the round. Greens were great today. Rolled true and only one hole had bumps that impacted the putting. Little inconsistent speed-wise but nothing to worry about here.

Pace of play - 9/10. Got out at 7:00am on a saturday morning as a 2 some, and finished in under 4 hours. Can't complain at all about this.
Played yesterday (01/13) morning.

Course was cart path only - which I can understand on some of the holes, but some were completely dry and should have been normal operations. Course in general was okay at best - and for that reason I won't go into my normal detail on a review. Boxes were okay, fairways were okay but greens were horrible. Far too soft and everyone who putted left spike marks in/around the hole, as well as quite a few marks. A little unfair to write a review on a course after the amount of rain we've had, so i'll leave it at that.
All I can say is WOW.

The course is awesome. Fantastic even. I will knock the course a little though for their clubhouse. Here you are pulling into this facility and you see an awesome practice area, a few of the holes, and then a clubhouse that looks like they grabbed a couple double wides and smashed them together.

Greens - 8/10. ONLY reason this is being knocked down is because there were about 3 holes that they didn't mow and roll. They were shaggy and WAY slower than the rest of th course.

Boxes - 9/10. Generally you could find some great areas to hit from with plenty of grass. Few of the boxes were on some uneven lies but nothing that would impact most golfers.

Fairways - 76/10. This is where I have an issue with the course management here. Quite a few of the fairways were soaked - like the kind where you stand there and it's squishy under your feet. Not sure how much if any rain that they got, so I don't know if it's a management issue or a drainage problem. Nothing worse then trying to hit and getting 5 inches deep because it's so wet. But - I will say that they were all green all the way through and a few warm days would probably have this place being a gem in no time.

Rough - 8/10. Pretty consistent here...thick stuff all around but definitely playable on all holes.

Sand - 7/10. Thick on most of the bunkers that I was lucky enough to find myself in.

Will definitely play this course again if I'm in the area.
Played Wednesday morning, had to endure a light rain for a few holes.

Course is in average at best condition. Greens were good - true, decent speed and not too many ball marks that were unrepaired. Would rate them a 7/10.

Boxes were sub-par. While on most you could find a level spot to hit from, there were a lot of divots and the grass wasn't too full on most of them. Quite a few dead spots. Would give them a 5/10.

Sand - only got to visit one beach on this round...sand was thick and wet - likely due to the rain that we endured and the thick, heavy air. Can't really knock the course for that when they don't have too much control over the weather.

Rough was pretty dead. After years of having played in the thick, lush rough at Tierra, this was a different experience. Could always find a way to hit the ball and often even got a little run out of it. Would rate it a 6/10 just based on knowing what it once was.

Fairways - this was the worst part of the course. WAYYYYY too many dead spots on the fairways. Very thin in the areas that had grass too. Would give this a 4/10.

Bottom line - Tierra is a fun layout and I will 100% be back, but will probably give it a little bit of time to get the conditions back a little before heading back out.
Its been a while since I've played here, and the first time that I've touched a club in a month so needless to say I went back to my favorite local course. Played this morning at 605 as a single. Second person out on the course; still a little dark when teeing off, so you know this was a quick round. Was actually back home in Saugus by 930.

Got out for $49 riding.

Boxes - 8/10. Generally level, could find a good lie on every one. Only thing keeping this down is that several of them were a little thin where they placed the rocks today. Had they been 5-10 feet forward or backwards, probably would have given this a 10. Overall, VERY playable and certainly not something to deter anyone from the course.

Bunks - 7/10. Found myself in a few today unfortunately. Both greenside and fairway. The greenside bunks were nice and full. Being so early they were a little wet and heavy, but I would surmise that by 10am they were in great shape. The fairway bunks were thin. 100% opposite the greenside bunks. I ended up pulling my ball out of the third one I went in since I wasn't keeping score.

Fairways - 8/10. Fantastic, given the water situation this state has put itself in over the last few years. Found a few thin lies but overall was pretty impressed with the state of the fairways.

Greens - 9/10. These were the highlight of the round. Every one of them was in great shape and rolled true. Only reason I can't give them a 10/10 is because there were a bunch of ball marks that weren't fixed. Not the courses fault per se, but I did have a crew of guys 2 holes in front me the entire day and a work following me on every hole to change the cup location - any of them could have fixed the ball marks.

Rough - 5/10. If there was any negative at all here, it was the rough. Depending on what you prefer, this could have been a much higher rating. Personally, I like the rough to be longer than what is out there currently (guessing it's due to lack of water, but that's pure speculation). Rough looked to be a similar length to the fairway, just yellow-er grass.

Side note - the hillsides/waste areas were VERY clean. Made it really easy to find a lot of balls today.

Overall - highly recommend this course anytime, but I have a bit of a bias for it since I grew up in the neighborhood you can see on the other side of the freeway on holes 2/3 and played here every day when I was learning how to golf.
First time ever playing this course...wasn't sure what to expect. Read reviews and google mapped the course to try and get an idea of what we were in for before we got there. Had to remember that the Utah border is an hour time diff from Nevada, so don't forget that if you decide to play there. Greeter told us that the front was wide open and the back was target golf. We played from the tips, and didn't feel that way at all. The front was definitely wide open, but the back was more like a Champions Club at the Retreat or Black Gold - definitely tighter, but still could pull the driver on just about every par 4 or 5.

PoP - 9/10. Got out just the 2 of us, an hour early. Pro Shop told us "if you don't need to hit, you can get out ahead of 3 4-somes and fly around", and we jumped on it. We finished the first round in 3 hours, and only took that long because I had to deal with an issue with our landscape guy that took about 10 minutes making phone calls.

Greens - 7/10. Would say they were running about a 12. Some of the holes were cut in spots that were impossible to hit - that kind was kind of crappy, but really the only complaint I could possibly have. Even the greeter suggested that the Superintendent didn't like golfers with where they were cut that day.

Fairways - 7/10. Think I counted a total of 4 brown spots on the fairways. They do a great job here, and there were zero complaints here.

Boxes - 9/10. Zero complaints here. Few spots needed sanding, so we took care of that, but always found flat, good coverage. Seemed pretty consistent with the fairways in terms of thickness.

Bunkers - 6/10. Soft, fluffy sand. Visually pleasing. No complaints here.

Overall - this is definitely a course that we'll add to our rotation when we go to mesquite. It's about a 45 minute drive from mesquite, so not too far at all. They had a deal going that day that gave us lunch as well.
It's been 2 years since I've last played here, so needless to say I was pretty excited rolling into town Wednesday night. The expectations were met with flying colors (as they always are here).

Got out right at 8am, and were told to expect a slow day because of a few "old geezers in 4 somes" as the cart guy put it. We didn't actually catch these guys until number 9, but we did play with someone who had never been to the course before and was from Australia. He was taking quite a few pictures because of the beauty of this course. Can't say that I blame him or that it bothered us at all since we did the same thing the first time we played here. Back 9 was quite a bit slower as there were several 4-somes ahead of us. Roasting in the sun an understatement. PoP = 5 rating (average). Can't complain when you know what you're getting into from the start.

Boxes - 8/10. Few spots could use watering and a little sand, but overall they were in great condition. Always found a flat lie and plenty of grass. Few of them probably could have used a mow, but I personally would rather have more grass than none at all. Dark green and not bare at all.

Greens - 8/10. I wish I could go higher, but we played 36. First round they were fast and true, second round (not too many people behind us) they were considerably slower and had some funky breaks. Not sure if they were watering behind us after the first round, but it just seemed as though the second round were not quite a true as the first. Overall - I would have zero problem recommending them or playing again.

Bunkers - 4/10. The one problem area for me here. While they looked nice and pretty, filled with white sand, when you got into them they were hard panned. Did not have one fluffy bunker all day. It seemed as though they watered them too much in the morning and then it dried hard. Did have one time where my partner was in the bunker and the maintenance guys didn't even bother to stop cutting the lip when he was hitting - not good etiquette if you ask me.

Fairways - 8/10. Nice and green. Some places were a little thin and had some browning spots, but overall they were in pretty good shape. No complaints whatsoever here.

Overall I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone. I've only ever played in the middle of summer, so I don't know how awesome it is in fall/winter, but I can only imagine. If you're even on the fence about this place, make it happen.
Got out this morning. Some surprising things are happening at Knollwood.

Pace of Play - 7/10- Started off as you would expect for Knollwood - slow. Got to the course at 6:30 for a 7:00 tee time, parking lot was empty so I had the foolish thought that we'd be good to go and maybe get around in 3.5 hrs. Walked to the clubhouse and there were about 40 people on the first tee standing around waiting. After checking in, spent some time BS'ing with the starter....he told us that the Pro Shop packs these groups in and then allows people without tee times to go out in between the groups that do have tee times. Once we got going, it wasn't too bad. Only had to wait a handful of times. Got around the course in just over 4 hrs total.

Tees -8/10- Generally all were pretty flat. Looked like we were the first group playing from the blues today so they were in pretty good shape. Most of them were forward though, so it definitely made the holes play a little differently.

Fairways -7/10- Apparently, Knollwood just hired a new Groundskeeper a few months back and they're doing some great things here. Fairways were a little thin in a few areas but overall better than I've seen at this course in a LONG time. Not quite Robinson Ranch, but certainly not Lost Canyons.

Rough -7/10- Same as the fairways. Few patchy spots, but generally in good shape. A lot of the brush/garbage areas have been cleaned out so you can play right out of them.

Bunkers -5/10- Really the only negative on the course. Looked like a soft layer on top and then were hard as a rock underneath. Definitely skulled a few shots out of the bunkers by being fooled in sand quality.

Greens -7/10- Best part of the course today. Greens were great. Before we teed off we noticed a Gator cart with a sprayer contraption hooked up to it driving across the greens spraying water and fertilizer. Would have rated the greens an 8 but the maintenance guy driving the cart water logged the greens and left puddles of the water/fertilizer mix on the fringes. Could have earned another point, but there were a lot of ball marks. Can't fault the course for that, but I think they could probably make the etiquette part of the game more prominent.

Overall it was a great course today and it seems like it's only getting better. As long as they can keep the pace of play under control (which they won't because they allow 5 somes and are proud of it) I would definitely recommend this course.
Played as part of the GK outing to support the launch of the book on friday as well, and have to say that this course exceeded my expectations based on the previous reviews.

Clubhouse/Restaurant: 9/10 - got there early and had a burrito which was pretty good. There are two jugs of water and what looked like iced tea out there for you to get any time you want, which is nice. Would definitely eat here again.

Practice Facilities: 8/10 - only giving it an 8 for two reasons. (1) mats. I hate hitting off mats, and that was the only option I saw here. I know some other courses (like Vista Valencia) have an unspoken rule where you can take the balls and hit the opposite way into the range with irons off the grass from the other end of the range, but I didn't see anything like that going on here. (2) range balls were a bit old and a good number were cracked. Overall though, this course has some of the best practice facilities I've seen. 3 putting ranges made it easy for everyone who wanted to putt to have their own hole to practice on.

Tees: 9/10 - few had some uneven lies, but a step or two to the side would take care of that. Most were in great shape to where you could always find grass to hit from.

Fairways: 8/10 - in racking my brain, I really can't remember too many bad lies from the fairway. Some areas may have been a little thin, but still definitely playable from any of the fairways.

Rough: 6/10 - given the drought, this is very acceptable. The grass rough was patchy if you were more than 5 ft off the fairways. One thing I did like, and I commend Los Serranos for, was having the rough between trees, bushes, etc. clean. I could tell that they were making their own mulch and filling in a lot of the dirt rough areas, so in a few months this may be an 8/9 rating.

Bunkers: 6/10 - like bsparks noted, the bunkers were a mix of heavy/soft stuff. Seemed to me that the fairway bunkers were heavy and the greenside bunkers were soft. It also seemed that in every bunker I was in, someone had walked right through it from one end to the other, and didn't rake it.

Greens: 9/10 - by far my favorite part of this course. All rolled true. This course definitely makes you think about which way the sun is beating on the grass, the wind is blowing, etc. - all the things that affect how the ball rolls.

Overall: 8/10 - would definitely play this course again. Love the length of the South course, definitely makes you think and decide if you can get there in 2 on one of the 6 par 5s.
This place is a standard par 3 course with a few short par 4s sprinkled in.

Tees:6/10 generally were uneven lies and some had quite a few divots in them. Could tell that maintenence was not a concern of this place by either the course or the patrons. Distance markers on each tee box were rocks that looked like the numbers were printed on em 20 years ago in 2 different directions. Distances on the benches, which incidentally were the nicest part of this course, were more accurate.

Fairways: 3/10 only even getting this high because they were there. Thin and dry all the way around. Did not hold balls at all so there was at least a little forgiveness there.

Sand:8/10 didn't look very used as most traps I saw were almost pristine like the day had just started. Soft and low lips so not too much trouble here.

Rough: 6/10 little higher than the fairways but mostly dormant. Not much to say about the yellow stuff here. Lotta dirt as you get closer to the housez...almost like they ran out of grass.

Greens: 6/10 - of biggest pet peeve of mine on the course is inconsistent putting conditions and this place would be the definition of that. There was a fungus that hit a lot of the greens but a few would run a 7.5-8 on the stamp and then out of no where, a 12.
Played yesterday morning at 8:00. Course was EMPTY.

Pace of Play - 10/10. Flew around the front 9 in an hr & 10 minutes, that's how empty it was. Caught up to people on the back (#10) so the back took twice as long, but still a 3 hr round on a beautiful friday morning is not too shabby. Pace of play was excellent to say the least.

Tees - 7/10. Not sure if it was because the ground was still frozen underneath or they hadn't quite finished moving all the boxes around yet, but tees looked a little worn with divots in some areas and a few weren't too level.

Rough - 8/10. Luckily, I didn't find the rough today. Was either in the natural area or rolled through to the other side fairway. Guess I hit 14 fairways, and some of them twice - that still counts right? For those who haven't played this course, it's pretty tough to actually stop in the rough. Course is WIDE open so stray shots are almost always playable. Rating is based on my cousins feedback, said it wasn't too long/tough to hit from but had a few thin spots.

Fairways - 8/10. Few spots were thin, few were soaked wet but overall in decent shape. I maintain that in the afternoon when the course is thawed out, this place has some of the best fairways around. Few areas (shady areas) were still frozen underneath which made for some thin shots.

Greens - 6/10. This is more a rating of the weather in Palmdale and how it affects the conditions of the greens than the greens themselves. Ususally this course has pretty decent greens. Took me 4 holes to figure out that the ground was still frozen solid underneath the surface. Watched a pitch shot hit the green and proceed to bounce 4ft in the air then roll another 35ft by the pin. This is how the rest of the greens were throughout the round. This actually brings up an interesting question - what is the etiquette for repairing ball marks on ground where you cant dig your divot repair tool in? We tried to fix as many marks as we could, but couldn't get the tool in more than a few centimeters.

Sand - 8/10: Despite the cold conditions, the sand was still soft. Balls found a way to plug and didn't roll out like you would think they normally would. Not sure if it was a function of soft sand or it was a little wet or what - either way it was soft.
Played yesterday 11/23 for the family's "Tin Cup" award. Happy to say I was able to hold on to it for another year as it has become a fixture under my TV. The empty spot there just didn't look right.

Anyways on to the review - first time ever playing this course and the GK reviews definitely came in handy.

Tees: 6/10 - generally were in pretty decent shape but the ground was hardly level on any of them. Was hitting my tee shots from 3-5 yards behind the rocks on most of them just to find level ground. Looked like there was some good grass in between the rocks, just tough to tee off when it's not level.

Fairways: 8/10 - fairways were in good shape. A lot of the areas were a little shaggy and slowed down the roll but all in all they were definitely playable. For the most part they were filled in nicely, can't recall too many areas under repair either. Can't complain when you're hitting from the short stuff anytime.

Rough: 8/10 - First off - the starter told us all ALL the native areas are a free drop. Didn't see that rule on the card or anywhere else...might just have been a rule to help keep things moving. The grass rough was thick but definitely playable. Not sure if they got any rain that kept them from mowing but it was long and definitely impacted your shot if you had to play out of it. Native areas were all raked/smoothed out nicely - very appealing to the eye.

Bunkers: 8/10 - fortunately I was able to avoid these, so this rating is based on what my partners told me. In more than one, heard that it was soft even though it looked hard. Sand was white and stood out on the dark green grass surrounding it, so it looked pretty too. Wish I could say more, but got lucky just enough to avoid the sand.

Greens: 6/10 - Same issues as the fairways with the shagginess. Looked like they hadn't been mowed in a few days, but there have been storm warnings here in SoCal so you know how it goes - 1" of rain and the world is ending. Because of the shagginess the greens were SLOW. As it warmed up a little they picked up a little speed but overall i'd say they were running about a 7/8 on the stimp.

Pace of Play: 9/10 - this part of the course management was great. They got us out early behind the pro shop worker (guess it was slow enough for him to head out to the course at 10:15 am), but they took off and I don't think we saw them again until hole 14 or 15. Twosome behind us was at least a hole behind for almost the entire day, until hole 16 when out of nowhere they sped up and acted like they were going to try and pass us.

Overall I'd give the course the 8/10 that it rates here on GK. Because of the storms, I'm not going to hold the slow greens or shaggy fairways against them (despite the fact that green speeds are usually my number 1 factor when rating a course), the rest of the experience was just so great that it would absolutely be worth it to go back out again.
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