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I got a chance to play Rio Secco yesterday, 2/25 with a buddy of mine from the Vegas area. We got off about 40 minutes late due to a frost delay but the pace of play was decent at about 4.5 hours. We got paired up with a father and son that were visiting from Atlanta, GA. They have played what seemed like every course around the world so it was fun to hear their take on some of the greatest courses the world has to offer (Pebble, St Andrews, Royal Troon, East Lake, you name it).

The layout of this course is one of the best I have ever played. I really enjoyed the golf course. There is quite a bit of elevation changes and there are a few holes that require a decent forced carry off the tee. The landing areas are pretty generous so, as long as you are hitting it relatively straight, you will be able to find it and hit it again.

The fairways at Rio Secco were some of the best I have ever played, ever. They were like carpet. They were so good that I felt guilty for taking a divot and approach shots. The rough was dormant and the fairways were bright green so it was quite a sight. I have never been to a PGA Tour event, but I think the fairways are Tour quality right now.

The only real downer is the fact that the bunkers are absolutely horrible. They are rock hard with ZERO sand. It is almost impossible to hit a good bunker shot. There were also a lot of rocks that we moved before bunker shots because we were afraid it would actually damage our clubs. It was really surprising since the rest of the golf course was in such outstanding shape. I also did not like the fact that the driving range consists of a long lumpy mat that you have to hit off of. They have a grass area but it was closed (not sure if this is always the case).

There are so many golf courses in Las Vegas, so we try to play a different one each time we go out that way. We haven't played the same course twice yet. That being said, I will 100% be playing this course again. If you are going to Vegas, do be afraid to give this one a try. You wont be disappointed. If you live in the Vegas area, consider yourself lucky that you have a course like this so close. It is a bit pricey but I think it is worth it.
Played Jurupa Hills on Thursday afternoon. Walked on at about 2:30pm as a single and got right out. I went through the front nine in just over an hour. I really did not see another person on the golf course. I caught another single on #8 and followed him to make the turn. Then I got to #11......there was a group on the green, and group in the fairway, a group on the tee box, and the single in front of me was waiting. I ended up cutting across the course (long drive) and going back to #2 and playing the front nine again. I was done before 5:00.

As for the course, it is in pretty good shape. The greens were the brightest spot. They were in great shape, rolled smooth, and were decent speed. They were also very soft. The fairways were fine. I didn't have a bare lie all day. There really isn't much rough to speak of at this course. I did not hit a bunker shot all day so I cannot comment on them. The ones I looked at looked decent enough.

I have not played this course in a while so I forgot how narrow this course is. This course really requires accuracy off the tee. If you are having a rough driving day, you are going to have a hard time scoring on this course as most of your approach shots are going to be under or through trees. The tee shot on #9 looks like you have about 3 yards of landing area.

Go check out this course in you are in the area. It is a fun layout and is in decent shape right now. You can usually score some good deals on GolfNow for this course as well.
Played Oak Quarry this afternoon. The course is in awesome shape. I was very impressed. The fairways were the best I have ever seen them here. The greens were a little slow but nothing major. The bunkers have really come around since the last time I played here. The most common complaint about this course seems to be the bunkers and it looks like they have listened. I was in a couple bunkers today and had no issues. It is a bit expensive but right now it is worth it. We teed off at about 1:30 and did not see another group until about the 13th hole. The wind picked up at the turn and made the back nine play much more difficult than the front. If you get the opportunity to get out to Oak Quarry, I promise you wont be disappointed.
Got the chance to play Rhodes Ranch yesterday on a trip to Las Vegas. I always try to mix in a round with a friend of mine who lives in Las Vegas on each trip. We have played numerous courses in the Vegas area. Rhodes Ranch is his home course but this was my first crack at it.

It rained heavily in the Las Vegas area Friday night into Saturday morning. Our tee time was at 9:32 Saturday morning. I called the clubhouse to see if the course was open and they let me know that if we were brave enough to play, then we were welcome to come out. We arrived about 45 minutes early to find the parking lot empty (as we figured it would be). We were the only ones going out so they told us we could warm up on the range if we wanted to and to go off when we were ready.

The course was in awesome condition from the tee boxes to the fairways to the greens. I could not believe how well maintained this course was. I would put the conditions of this course up against any in the Vegas area.

We were told that the course would be cart path only (obviously) but that was virtually impossible. The cart paths on a large majority of the holes were literally rivers 2-3 feet deep. There were gigantic lakes that had formed in the middle of the fairways and any low lying areas around the greens, which is obviously no fault of the golf course. I am surprised they even trusted us to take a cart out there :). We had to use the sidewalks on for the surrounding community on some of the holes just to get around. It was a fun experience that I hope I never have to do again.

I really want to give this course another chance the next time I am in the area. I think it would be fun course to play with proper playing conditions. Homes surround the majority of the holes but the the landing areas are wide enough that the homes dont really come into play. As I stated earlier, the condition of this course could not be any better. I will be giving this course another shot the next time I am in Vegas. I think it will be a little easier to play without the artificial rivers and lakes! Definitely give it a shot if you are in the Vegas area. I promise you wont be disappointed.
It has been about a year since I have played Sierra Lakes. I have no idea why I have not been up there in that long. We used to play this course once or twice a month. I have been spending most of my time at the Corona courses lately. I think that is about to change. Sierra Lakes is in great shape and is a lot of fun to play. There are houses along every hole, but the fairways are so wide that it gives you a lot of room for error. If you haven't played this course or if it has been a while since you have, make your way up to Sierra Lakes. I know for a fact that it wont be another year before I return! I may not even make it another week before I go back! Keep up the outstanding work Sierra Lakes!
Played Oak Quarry this afternoon and I do not understand why there have been some recent negative reviews. I can understand that some people would have an issue with the greens. They were very very bumpy. It was tough to make putts. I know it is said all of the time, but people need to really concentrate on making sure they repair their ball marks. It is not difficult and it only takes a few seconds.

Aside from the greens, the rest of the course is in fantastic condition. The fairways were in the best shape I have every seen them in. It usually seems to me that Goose Creek is always in the best playing conditions for this area, but I think Oak Quarry is right there with it. The rough was lush and had very few bare spots. I didn't hit the ball in any bunkers so I can't comment on them.

If you haven't been to Oak Quarry in a while or if you have never played it, make the trip. It is a fun course that is in great shape!
I haven't been out to Goose Creek in a while even though I live about 5 minutes away. I have really been missing out by not playing here. I could not believe how great the course looked and played. The fairways were in perfect shape. I did not have a bad lie all day. The greens were smooth and rolled well. The only problem is that people really need to fix their ball marks. It is not difficult to do and only take a couple of seconds! There were multiple greens that had a lot of unfixed ball marks on them.

I went out as a single at about 3pm and I was done at about 6:15. This course is in as good of shape as any course around. I would highly recommend playing this course if you are in the area. It is well worth the greens fees. I will be back for sure.
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