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Played Monday. Gotta love $11 for Twilight. Can't beat that price for a somewhat quick 9 holes at Harbor.

Greens are recovering from aeration. You can see the plugs but they are healing nicely. Greens are a little bumpy from the afternoon sun but for the most part the greens rolled pretty well -- slow but pretty darn well. In fact these greens have improved so much compared to what I remember. Fairways had good coverage. Nary a bald spot. Rough is mix of thick and thin so you get what you get. Bunkers look to be well stocked with a thin layer of clay underneath.

Pace of play rather slow but that was because of the group ahead. Overall was happy with current conditions given the amount of play.
Snuck out with my wife's permission (Hey it was Father's Day after all!)

Pace of play was fast. I was surprised that the course was not as busy as I thought it would be but was thankful. Weather cooperated and was a comfortable 70F even with it cooling towards the end of the round.

I really don't understand why this course gets the occasional bad rep but currently was very impressed with conditions. Greens were receptive with well struck shots. The putts held their line and for the most part were only bumpy towards the end of the day (afternoon sun does that.)

Fairways were lush with nice cushion underneath. Rough was thick, varying in depth from cut to the same height as the fairway to this thick deep thatch that would literally break wrists. Mileage will vary. Expect some hard-pan in the rough. Tee boxes were flat, lush and very playable. Bunkers had sand. They were very firm with wet compact sand. It was easy enough to get under the ball.

Overall very happy with course conditions. They run a tight ship. Pace of play was brilliantly fast. Started around 3pm; finished around 6:30PM for a 3 1/2 hour round on a Sunday?!!!
This is the best I have seen this course. Mind you it's very busy nowadays with the longer days of summer.

Greens medium/fast and the ball will hold their line. Please note that during the late summer days the evening sun will make the greens a little bumpy. If you strike the ball square it should hold it's line well. Fairways had good coverage. Bunkers actually have sand -- decent to fair. Rough is thick to cut to the same height as fairway. Tee boxes are flat.

The course has made a steady improvement. Personally very pleased with conditions. Throw in the fact it's a relatively fast-ish 9 holes and playing in 2 hours or less, it's definitely a better deal. And if you're a Players Card member it's even better.
Played today. Weather was comfortably warm. Conditions pretty darn consistently good. For those that know me, this course is one of my favorite because it's fairly straightforward with great bones. Add some great conditions and this is the makings of a great golf experience locally.

Greens were firm. Held their line well. The pin placements were difficult but fair. I had a blast trying to figure out the breaks. The practice greens reflect what to expect on the course. Fairways had great coverage with a nice cushion underneath. Rough cut to the approximately the same height as the fairways. Bunkers were well stocked with sand.

Course was busy but moving. Consistent conditions was a nice surprise. Dare I say it rivals its neighbor down the street.

All told, I was pleased with the round. Throw in that GK has two GK Coupons I think it's a good deal. Download your GK Coupon for free and enjoy some really good golf.

Definitely recommended
Played Saturday.

Greens are in decent shape. Afternoon sun will affect roll as thatch get a bit bouncy but a well struck putt will ensure you reach the hole and keep the ball on-line long enough to hit your putting line.

Thin lies EVERYWHERE. Left wrist was hurting towards end of round. No cushion underneath so had to change the way I hit the ball and started punching my shots to get by. Rough cut to same height of fairway with bare spots everywhere. Tee boxes were well groomed and level.

Bunkers both fairway and green-side is a mixed match of hard pan, harder pan and just plain concrete. Thin layer of dirt will fool you initially. Take your pick and think of shot as just a normal chip shot instead of trying to blast your ball out of the bunker; hoping to draw enough sand.

Pace of play because even on a Saturday after 11AM it's literally empty was a stunning 3 1/2 H and that was picking up a single here and there on my stroll though the course.
Played Saturday at GK Plays outing and the conditions here were FANTASTIC!!

I don’t really gush about courses, well really only when conditions are great and this was no exception. Given the fact it rained earlier that week the course was still wet but not soaking. The course played a lot longer but the conditions were terrific.

Greens were very consistent. They putted true. They ran for me medium-fast. Fairways were LUSH. Rough was . . . Rough. It was super dense and the ball sat low. Took at little longer to locate my really errant shots but still it didn’t feel like work. Once you figured out how to play your shots the course was easier to play.

Overall I was impressed with the course. It was literally a joy to play even if my game did not show my enthusiasm. Thanks to Johnny for setting this thing up. Definitely a recommended course when you’re in the San Diego/Carlsbad area. Throw in a very attentive staff and you have the makings of a memorable round of golf.

Recommended. Thumbs up!!
Played today with holiday twilight rates, walking.

The course was EMPTY. It took me 4 holes to finally catch the twosome. After that it was slow going.

Greens were surprisingly good. They kept their line, rolled with medium speed. There were a few holes with some sort of fungus but it appears they were treated and the greens are healing. Fairways still a mix of decent to thin lies but they are working on sections so at least there is some headway there. And did I mention the greens were somewhat decent? That was a nice surprise.

Bunkers had a decent amount of sand. Not fluffy but with enough sand to get a club under the ball. I was in 4 bunkers today so I can vouch for at least 4 of them. Tee boxes were flat.

As I said it was slow going after about 4 holes. Being a walking single I was constantly waiting on shots as it was backed up after 4 and the group ahead just plain ignored me LOL. Just a friendly word of advice, if you have to wait on your shots because of the group ahead why not ask the group behind to join you? You could get the spacing you need so you won't have to wait on every single shot. Just saying.

It's getting darker faster and I finished in the dark but hey it was golf; the conditions were decent, and I was striking the ball well and the greens were easy enough to read and predict. I suppose that is the biggest takeaway here. I chose my spots and hit them on the greens so if I missed it was operator error and not the greens' fault.
Well decided to gamble on this local course. Played only the front 9 because of time constraints.

Greens are improving but loads of bare spots. Holes 4,6, and 9 come to mind. The greens are bumpy to slightly smooth in the afternoon sun. The greens do not run entirely true with medium/slow speed.

Fairways are THIN. I always aim for the green parts of the fairway but even the greenish fairways are still thinning. Rough cut to same height as fairways. Bunkers look playable. Tees are OK and for the most part flat.

Pace of play was slow but only because I played behind Juniors during a match. That and my playing partner really should pay attention to his etiquette. I mean casting your shadow over my ball and path to the hole with a flag waving in the wind can be kinda annoying LOL. (He did this not once but twice.) But not fault of the course. Squarely the fact that some golfers really should pay attention to happenings of their WHOLE round of golf instead of just their really poor game play. Just a little venting here, those that know me I swear like a sailor. But yelling obscenities LMAO... can be unnerving to your playing partners -- especially if I don't know you from Adam.
Played Sunday.

Greens rolled medium/slow with slight bumpiness but true. Fairways had great coverage. Rough was cut to same height as fairways so not an issue. Tee Boxes for the most part were uneven. I had to move a minimum 2 clubs behind the tee markers to find a flat spot.

Pace of play for Sunday was brisk. Fun but short course where your irons are key. Play here again? Of course... conditions here are consistent. The only issue would be paired with newbies but not an issue if you like to take your time. Case in point group behind us was literally 6 holes behind us by the time we finished our round. Really sour if you were caught behind that group.
This place is a disaster!
Greens are atrocious. They are bumpy, bare spots, irregularly cut holes and of all things silver paint on the greens. They were terrible! I have seen similar situations at other local courses but this by far appears to be the worse. While these other courses are dealing with the situation, these greens for lack of a better word appear worse for the wear.
Fairways are thin. Sand in bunkers is a hit or miss from sand to hard packed dirt. Tee boxes for the most part are flatish.
Pace of play obviously was brisk. No one playing. Easy to get on currently but you will only frustrate yourself while you watch your ball roll up to the hole only to be knocked off line because the greens are bumpy.
Played Friday. Course was crowded. Conditions are I think above average. Pace of play was faster than the crowded course appeared.

Greens were recently punched (small tine). There were some bald spots especially on Hole 2 (par 3). Looked like some fungus issue. For the most part though even these greens rolled fairly true with little bumpiness. Fairways had good coverage with some thin lies especially on back 9. Rough was a various mix of cut thin to bare to truly thick stuff so mileage will vary. Bunkers had in my opinion the right amount of sand. Just enough to get your club under the ball. Tee boxes were flat and lush.

Pace of play was strange. We were a twosome stuck behind a really slow 4some. It was so bad that they were literally a hole behind. They were hospitable enough to let us play through but only AFTER we hit up on them mistakenly. I think it was hole 7, they had literally disappeared from the green and we thought they left so we hit; only to find them marching onto the green as my ball hit the front part of the green.

Overall conditions are decent to above average. Starter was accommodating towards his customers and that helps. Definitely recommended to play.
Played yesterday, twilight. And I was pleasantly surprised. Course is in FINE shape.

Greens rolled at medium/fast speed. They rolled true. Picked a line an hit the ball firmly and the results were predictable. Noticed the speeds varied from green to green but for the most part they rolled well and you could tell just by walking on them the speed of the greens.

Fairways had decent coverage. Nice cushion underneath. There were a few thin lies but playable.

Bunkers were ALL well stocked with nice somewhat compacted sand underneath. I prefer hitting this sort of sand where the bunker gives you a little feedback and decent bounce to hit your ball.

Rough varied from VERY thick around the green complexes to a little heavy along the sides of the fairway.

Tee boxes were level and playable.

Pace of Play (POP) a little over 3 hours as a single until the last 4 holes. Honestly playing this fast as a walking single that late in the day was FUN. The heat was bearable with a nice breeze towards the end of the day. For the money you get what you pay for and then some. I paid $19 to walk twilight. It was a workout but for the conditions of the course at present it's definitely worth the value. Recommended.
Listing 13 to 24 of 63,175 Course Reviews
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