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Played today as first off in 2.5 H. Course is still in good shape and some aspects this week (fairways/greens) were in better shape than last time. No issues with any tee boxes. Fairways were not over watered and provided good lies and roll out. Traps were all clean and playable. Rough has been cut down so no issues. One still has many OB, small canyons and water to navigate during the round. Greens were in great shape and chipped/putted really well and with speed. And I never repaired one divot, other than my own. Customer service excellent at all levels. Only problem I have is Sr rate at $60 ($65 if you want lunch from snack bar) is high IMO. But that has thinned out the crowds, making it less crowded and easier to obtain times.
Played this AM in 2.5 H as first off. First time my temperature was taken at a local course. Done by the security guard at the bottom of the hill. Masks in clubhouse and around cart staging area. Not necessary on the course. Course is in great condition but it is over watered at present IMO. All the fairways had great coverage but no roll out, so it makes the course play longer. Rough was murder as it was wet and about 1" tall. Traps are playable just no rakes. Greens look great but being wet they putt slow (no doubt better as the day drys them out). Customer service excellent at all levels. $49 round is great value for this quality of a course, given what other courses are charging.
Played here in a tournament during my reunion at the AFA, last week. Course is in beautiful shape. Glad to see my tax dollars doing such good work. Tee boxes wonderful (almost hated to put a tee in the ground). Fairways were in beautiful shape and provided great lies/roll all round. Traps here are huge around the greens and can take their toll. But they were at least clean/playable (with rakes). Rough was different lengths and the short stuff was OK but the long rough was murder. Greens were running at 12 and thank goodness we were playing a scramble. A beautiful course in a beautiful setting. It is now available for public play if you are in the area.
Was in CO Springs for a reunion at the AFA last week. Being a past member it was great to be able to come back and play. Got to see and play with a lot of old friends. One of the best kept private courses in CO Springs. Found the course to be in great shape. Tee boxes were perfect. Fairways had great lies and terrific roll. Not to mention the altitude does wonders for your driving distance. Traps had rakes and people had still remembered how to use them. So they were great. Greens were in top shape and rolled at 10 all round long. Magnificent views of Pikes Peak from every part of the course. Was great to finish a round and have food/drink afterwards, instead of from a snack shack. Or be required to leave the premises.
Played 6/23. Customer service not the best today. Very crowded and starting times delayed by as much as 30 mins. Slow start but still done in 4 H. Sr rate of $58. Seems like all the rates here have gone up? Found that to be the case at numerous OC courses after re-opening. Overall conditions very nice. Found no issues with tee boxes, fairways (a little damp), traps (no rakes) acceptable and greens very nice speed. Greens are very large (IMO) so putting can be a challenge here, especially when it is windy. A very challenging course no matter when you play.
Played this AM in 2.5 H and walked. Course is really empty early AM as it appears more and more have gone back to work (great). Pro shop still not open and neither is the restaurant? Check in still at the driving range office. Some walk in allowed later in the afternoon. But tee time online is preferred. Course was still in good shape but drying out in some fairways and tee boxes are noticeable. Rough was about an inch and sticky. Traps all playable early in the AM but no rakes to repair. Greens in good shape for chipping, putting and holding shots. Great customer service at all levels. For $15 Sr rate it is a steal. Hope they open the restaurant soon, as the food and prices are some of the best (well they use to be LOL).
Played this AM. First out POP 3 H. Course was very wet. No doubt due to expected hot weather (waste of water) Fairways had more roll this week. Good lies throughout. Very little rough around the course. Enough OB, canyons, water to deal with. Traps were playable for those first out. Greens all in good shape (a few had verticut) just very damp from watering and overnight moisture (dried out as round progressed). Restaurant still closed. Snack bar open. Mask required at check in. 1 person per cart. Great customer service. Still $60 for Sr rate. Really like the E Z Lift device on each flagstick. More courses should use it.
Played this AM in 2.5 H. Not much change in conditions since last week. I did notice some brown areas in fairways this week. No doubt due to the hot weather. Traps were in better condition this week (still no rakes). Greens were faster this week IMO. Pro shop still closed. Masks at check in only. No walk up play yet, only reservations. Restaurant still not open, even though they can in LA county. Good customer service.
First off this AM. Nice 3 H pace to finish before the heat set in. Found the fairways to have a little more roll out this week. Rough had also been cut down. Traps were clean and ready for play as an early group. Greens were very nice and had good speed for chipping/putting. Lot of water being put down for the coming heat wave. Restaurant still closed. Snack shack available. Driving range open. Excellent customer service as usual.
Played this AM. Totally quite? Guess many people went back to work. Was able to get out almost 30 minutes early and only saw one person in front of me. I walked he was in a cart so no issues. POP 2.5 H. Tee boxes all clean and playable. Fairways were lush/green and provided decent roll and excellent lies. Traps were a mixture of good/bad, but what traps aren't like that these days at most courses. Some rough outside of fairways and it was tough to play out of. Greens were excellent. Chipped/putted, held shots all round and had good speed. Excellent customer service. Restaurant is only open for takeout on weekends.
Played this AM early in 2.5 H. Previous posts have very good points. Some of the tee boxes were worse than others. Fairways were acceptable but show signs of drying out. Bunkers were all clean and ready for days play and glad I did not have to mess any of them up. No issues with the rough. Greens were playable but could be better IMO. Not a fan of the pins with foam in bottom. Customer service excellent at all levels. For those of you who knew the former Pro at Montebello CC? He is now at Los Amigos.
Out this morning on N/S. Good conditions as stated previously. Had no issues with tee boxes, fairways or greens. Had the benefit of mowed greens, so they chipped/putted very nicely all round. No experience with the bunkers but they all looked clean and ready for the day. Rough was not deep and it was playable. Customer service was fast, efficient and very good. Course is getting a lot of play.
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