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Played this morning. Course is in good shape other than the bunkers. Between the non raking and hard sand it is becoming a real problem. Begining to feel like what Montebello use to be like and thats not good. Tee boxes are all playable. Fairways have good coverage so lies are good and there is decent roll out as well. Some rough on the outside of the fairways and some is playable and there areas that are a little deeper. Greens have come back very nicely and hold shots release shots and putt very well. Excellent customer service in shop and with all others. POP was decent but a marshal would help IMO.
Played today. Course is in great shape at the moment. Tee boxes are all clean and level. They have held up well since being all redone in 2011/12. The fairways are wonderful. Green with great roll out and good lies. I think this is the fastest I have seen them ever. The areas outside of the fairways are cut down to conserve watering and some areas have the wood chips down which IMO is OK. I like the new local rule regarding the "wire" grass that is prevelant on the course. You can move your ball w/o penalty. Traps were all clean and playable and I heard no complaints. Greens are great. They are firm so low shots will bounce a long way, but nice high iron shots hold and release just fine (I will have to learn that shot). And they have speed. And not just downhill putts. Love them when they are like this. Good customer service in the Pro shop and bar/restaurant. I like that they do not allow 5's anymore and a marshal is out patrolling. Was very pleased with our POP at 4:15 as we teed off mid morning and in the past that would have been less than enjoyable. Sr rate i$39.75 with cart and I think that is a very good price for this course. Recommended.
Played today. Not much to add to my previous post as well as T8Fish. But the greens have healed nicely and will hold shots, release shots and putt with good speed. And as always great customer service in the shop and from other employees as well. Still the best value golf in the valley. Troon manages Alhambra and is now in charge of Bella Vista/Montebello and they are taking over Brookside in June. They are making a run-on American golf and I think that is a good thing.
Opened today. 9-hole course and 6-hole par 3. The par 3 will be lighted at night. The 9 holes are 8 original holes from below the hotel and a new finishing par 3 9-hole. Blue 3100 white 2900 red 2600. The par 3 is 460 yards and they made the old #10 an island green on the par 3. The 9 holes are in nice shape from tee box to green. You can check the website for prices which IMO are too high as they don't include a cart fee. For an early AM 9 before work walking or a twilight 9 after work walking seems the best value. You can buy a Sr card for $50 which gives 20% off which seems like a lot to me. Building new clubhouse across the street from Top Golf. Temporary building there at present. No driving range or putting green and old clubhouse is not in use. It's definitely a nice 9-hole course but IMO overpriced. If you want to play another 9 to make 18 you have to pay a reduced rate for that. To crowded and busy to take pictures but check the website for the gallery of pictures. Two former Alhambra employees Jonathan is the GM Luke is the assistant. Good customer service. BTW they charge a 3/% for CC charges. And last but not least real sand in the bunkers finally.
Played this AM. Nice 3 H POP. Greens are healed from aerating and have had their first cut yesterday. Still soft and slow but other than that they look great and no doubt will get better the next days and weeks. Tee boxes clean/level. Traps have had some work but alas lazy players don't rake after they play. Fairways lush and provide good lies and decent rollout. Great customer service as always.
Played this morning. County courses are strickly enforcing that the time between 7 and 9 is not for Sr players. Before 7 and after 9 here its $23.75 to walk, $39.75 w cart with a Sr card and $60 w cart for general public play. Personally $60 for this public course is to much. IMO not much has changed at this place. The big change is old #9 over the water and up the hill is now #3 over water and a nicely designed par 3. Go through the tunnel and play 4-9 and then play the same back 9 as previous. 6803 B, 6407 Blue, 6059 W and 5618 R. The fairways are all new and at the moment are what I would call tight lies and plenty of roll out. Lots of new sand traps that have "heavy" sand at the moment and I found them not to my liking at present. Very little rough on the course and what is there is playable. Greens are all new, large and at present are somewhat slow but in really nice condition. Tee boxess all new and level. Our POP came in at right on 4 H. Good customer service in the shop and a very nice snack bar and lounge. Carts all new but w/o GPS. I am not sure I will go back as the traffic on the 60 is horrendous both ways and the noise from the freeway and the construction noise is a bit much for my taste. Two issues come to mind. With as many Sr players the time from opening to 7 AM is a short window to obtain a tee time. And I can't see anything but a 5 H or more POP after 9 after seeing how crowded it had become when we finished 9 and even after finishing at 11 AM. No doubt its a welcome addition to the golf fans in and around San Gabriel Valley but I think I will pass.
Played today. Greens are not bad for being done last week, other than being slow they putted fine. By next week they should be back to normal. Traps need work and it appears no one wants to rake them either. Fairways need mowing as they are a little long at the moment. Tee boxes all fine. Rough is not a factor. Always excellent customer service from Jasmine and her team. By far the most reasonable course in price in S CA at the moment IMO. POP at 3 hours.
Played today. Poor POP. 5 H. Course in nice shape. Fairways green with good lies and nice rollout. Rough no issue. Traps were playable and players knew how to use a rake. Greens very nice and releasing shots and putting with good speed. Good customer service all levels. Other than POP nice round of golf. Play very early would be my best advice. Sr rate with cart $48. $30 to walk.
Played this morning. Still good Sr rate with Sr card at $36.25 for 18 w cart, $22 to walk. Course in good condition all around. Nice green fairways giving good lies but still soft so not much rollout. So we all know the course is long, so play it forward if need be. Rough was playable and so were the traps but many were not really raked very well, so we made our own rule of allowing raking then placing and playing ones shot. Greens are in good shape and putt very nice and with decent speed. Good customer service at check in. Course could use some new carts IMO. POP was right on 4 hours.
Played today and I doubt I will be going back. They are really enforcing the 7-9 AM no Sr rate and they are allowing too many 5 somesomes of Seniors who walk from opening to 7 AM. We had an 8AM time and it took almost 5 hours to play. To many of the seniors IMO are playing from the back tees on a course that they should be playing the whites and maybe even the reds. And then stopping after 9 and getting food/beverage and slowing things up even further. I certainly understand walking but abhor 5 somesomes walking. And to make matters worse there is no marshal on the course. 4 or 4.5 hours should be reasonable early AM but it seems we have a culture of golfers today, unlike years ago who could give a you know what about anyone else. Course is playable from tee to green but not at the pace one is facing. I would just say play this course at your own peril and if you can get the first or second tee time you are in good shape. This one will not be on my courses to play in the future. I also did not like the customer service in the pro shop either. Seemed like he was doing you a favor by letting you play? This has to be one of the worse LA County run courses.
Played mid morning today and had a great 3.5 H POP. Course is in very nice shape, but the bunkers are inconsistent all on 18 holes. Tee boxes are fine. Fairways lush with good lies/rollout. Rough is playable except for several holes on the bank 9 (12, 13, 14) which is deep if you miss the fairway/# 13 green. Greens are very nice with speed of 9/10 but they are aerating next Mon/Tues so go now and not next week if you plan on playing. Excellent customer service in the shop, cart crew (Rich) and the grounds crew.
Played today. Course was in good condition after the rains and played much like my previous review of last. No CPO but there was some softness in some areas vs last week. Greens still in great shape but bunkers really could use some attention. With good weather projected I expect the place to get even better. Again tremendous customer service from Jasmine and her staff.
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