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Posted: 5-27-2020
By: Mike61

This is a fun course when it’s kept up. The last few times I’ve noticed course has been drying out. Last year their pump broke and lost a green or 2 . They recovered and they were back to fast greens and narrow fairways.
Now it’s drying out again now the tee boxes are horrible. I’m hoping they repair them soon with all the time off they should have been in great shape. The price can’t be beat 20 for 18 holes. Greens were hard but slow go figure. It does wind through senior housing so if you spray your shots this is not the course you want to play.

It’s a fun course they have great specials. You also get a show if you’re playing mid morning as the airbase has flyovers F-35’s and F-18’s for a few hours as they practice or return from drills. So if noise bothers you stay home. I love it that’s why I play mid day there. I hope they get it back to when I first payed it green everywhere and fast greens.

Give it a try you won’t be disappointed, well that’s is if it’s in decent shape
Posted: 5-25-2020
By: andrewhhoang

Played Ocean South with the family today. Tee’d off at 2:10pm and finished at 6pm. Never had to wait! Beautiful day today. Range was on mats. Tee boxes were in great shape, fairways had great coverage and were luscious. Rough was fair and in great shape as well. Bunkers were consistent and soft. Green speed felt like it varied some holes but they rolled smoothly. Never complaining about a day here at Pelican. 3/100 down for my dad and I!
Posted: 5-24-2020
By: andrewhhoang

Tee’d off at 1:30PM. Finished around 6, so 4:30 POP. Range were mats. No limitations on how early you can show up. Masks not required on course. Tee boxes were in good condition, fairways had great coverage. Rough was sometimes a little thick and grabby. Bunkers were hit and miss, some were soft, some were just rock hard/had weeds growing in them. Greens were decent. Some were spongy and some seemed to not hold much. Definitely some head scratchers on some reads. Holes felt like they weren’t cut super well or maintained, lots of overhanging turf in the holes. Overall this course is great for the price, design is fun and some holes are seriously gorgeous. Cross Creek next week!
Posted: 5-13-2020
By: CenCalGolfer33

Course is in really good shape. I believe they opened back up last week. Greens were in the best shape I’ve seen them. Even better than when they host the Fresno Am Tournaments. But still people aren’t fixing ball marks. POP was and is always the issue out here. Teeing off early helps but a 8:25 tee time didn’t make things better. Overall, course is in really good shape and had some roll to the fairways even though it was fairly damp on the fairways. Bunkers had adequate sand in nearly all of them and I was in a bunch.
Posted: 5-14-2020
By: LowRen07

Played here on 5/12/20, my first round post lockdown. Pop 4hrs 15mins walking (as a solo I got paired with an elderly couple and played at their pace so they wouldn’t feel rushed) didn’t get bogged down by traffic jams on any holes because of the 10 min tee time spacing being implemented. Foam inserts in the pins are cool didn’t have any balls pop back out of the hole. Fairways were really dry had some good roll out when i hit them, rough thick as usual, course conditions are the same as pre-lockdown.

Only negative though is I did see is a 4some (young dudes my age in their 20s-30s) a few groups behind us that were riding as doubles and sharing clubs (1 set per cart) from my understanding I thought all LA County courses were limited to single riders per golf cart, 1 bag per cart, & no club sharing. If they were within the guidelines cool if not then Woodley definitely needs to post some Marshalls out there cause I didn’t see one my whole round.
Posted: 4-27-2020
By: manliaslicegolf

Played a mid-afternoon round on 4/25. Happy to find the course in much better condition than previously reviewed. Starter advised that masks must be worn at all times during the round, placing extra emphasis on tee boxes and greens. Since it’s single rider carts, I took some relief from the mask while driving between shots and holes. The Marshall does come around to check if everyone is in compliance and they do put a message up on the GPS screen when they are coming. Due to social distancing protocols, we were also advised that if we see people on the green from a tee box on a par 4, then we need to slow down and wait for the green to clear before teeing off. As a result, we didn’t see anyone on the course until the adjacent fairways on the back 9. As for course conditions, some tee boxes could use a shave but otherwise fine. Fairways were great, the rough on some holes was deeper than others but nothing to complain about. Greens are getting close to full recovery - very slow but did not affect putting as they held the line. We found a few greens that were healed. Over all a very nice relaxing round, started at 12:20 and finished at 4:30.
Posted: 4-27-2020
By: Jstar

Played TCI Sunday afternoon of reopening for my first time out since the shutdown and it was GREAT to BE BACK. A lil Strange to see a physical divider in clubhouse at checkin and to sign waiver to play golf but thus is life right now. Masks worn everywhere around clubhouse and people spaced themselves adequately on and around putting green. Course was understandably busy and our tee time was delayed by 30minutes. Once out Pace on the Stonehouse 9 was probably 2:45 but only 2:00 on the Oaks 9 late afternoon. Carts were available but walking was highly recommended and a majority of golfers we saw did. Weather was warm to start but the breeze kept it pleasant. Back 9 golden hour(s) were heavenly. Such a peaceful serene course. Thoroughly enjoyed each 9 for different reasons. Stonehouse is definitely the most impressive and difficult with significant elevation changes on a majority of holes. The yardages to the landing areas can also take the driver out of longer hitters hands so it can definitely be a frustrating challenge to some. Oaks 9 had some really interesting holes and conditions seemed slightly better even than on Stonehouse 9, although I had few complaints there either. Greens rolled excellent and true and Tee boxes were some of the best I’ve seen in a while. I’d say 80% of the fairways were like a fine carpet. Rough was thick in some places but very playable throughout. I didn’t hit out of a bunker but several playing partners did and the sand was white and plush. I noticed one bunker with some water erosion but overall I’d say above average for the IE. Cost here is also slightly above average for the area but I’d say the conditions and pastoral scenery make it well worth it. Highly recommended. (Didn’t play the 3rd 9 Creek)
Posted: 1-12-2020
By: Noeldaof

Valencia Country Club 01.12.20

Today was a sunny day but the temps only went up over 60* towards the end of our round. It was a little breezy around 10:00 maybe 12 mph when we started, but it died down as the day went on so it was a nice day to go out. We got our round in after four hours and ten minutes.

The course was in its winter conditions which means the fairways were scalped and dormant and the ball ran pretty good, but the roughs were healthy and tall- 5 inches, although there were spots not so thick and were not so penalizing.

The teeing grounds in the combo (white/blue) tees were just fine and clean and they were level.

The fairway bunkers and the green side bunkers were also good with some well prepared white sand. Very good to play in, but of course, not if I can avoid it.

THE GREENS: whoa the greens, I was told that it has slowed down a little, BUT, it was lightning fast and smooth...whoa! I mean, I love fast greens, but these greens were ffffaaast and firm conditions!!! I never thought I would wish for a slower green, and I did, I prayed for it after a while... ugh! lol

This course can really beat a golfer up if any part of the game is iffy, it calls for great ball striking onto the fairways and greens and if lay up is in mind, stay in the fairways and commit to it- bring a sharp short game, too!

There was a beverage cart that came by us at least she got to us four times, and we also saw a few people we knew around the course and after the round. The place and the guys here are just awesome. Hope to come and play it again soon.
Posted: 11-24-2019
By: Ringworld

Played in GK Guru visit at Oak Creek. Have to say the staff is attentive and very customer oriented.

Course in pretty good shape. Pace of play approximately 4:10.

Greens were very hard to read. Too many lip outs and near misses for my comfort. For me it was hard to get the direction but managed to get the pace down. It was frustrating to say the least.

Fairways had complete coverage. There were a few thin lies along the high spots; aside from that you get some decent roll out.

Fairway bunkers were fluffy but brutal. Bunkers around the greens were stocked well with sand - at least the ones I found myself.

Tee boxes were a little uneven but playable.

Overall course conditions are fun, completely frustrating and definitely an enjoyable test of golf. Recommended.
Posted: 11/2/2019
By: Ringworld

Played today after a fairly large tournament. Knew this going into it and of course we were not disappointed when the round took 5+ hours.

Course conditions are as follows:
Greens have some sort of fungus on some, but not all. Greens look funny but for most part ran pretty true. Front 9 greens were ok but afternoon wore on greens in back became a lot more slower and bumpier. Noticed around outer perimeter of greens that grass was dryer compared to center of greens. A well struck ball could stop quickly.

Fairways had good coverage with some thin lies thrown in. Rough was cut low and playable. Fairway bunkers had mud on sides especially Hole 4 with a thin veil of sand. Green-side bunkers were decent with varying types of sand. All playable but you had sandy beach type sand to an almost powdery dusty type sand in other bunkers. I should know I played out of a few of them.

Tee boxes were decent flat and playable.

Course was busy. Play started to move faster towards back 9.
Posted: 10/28/2019
By: Pedro7170

Yesterday, I played Camarillo Springs with my buddies. Our tee time was 10:05AM and finished at 2:15PM. The golf course was not to busy and we didn’t wait for anybody.

The fairways are OK, they need a little TLC some fairways were dry and it was hard to compressed the ball. It felt like hitting from a fairway bunker. The tees need a lot help there where a few of them that weren’t level and my feet felt out balance. There were some tees that I had to position my ball a few drivers back from the tee makers in Order to get a good level area. The greens were to bumping and sandy. Bunkers are OK and they were ok to hit from. Other that we had a great round and it was fun getting out and play the game that we love. As always costumer service was friendly and welcoming. Until then get out up there and continue to kill your drive and get lots of birdies.
Posted: 10/18/19
By: i4golf

Played with 2 gents from Valencia on Wednesday middle day with a Golfnow hot deal. Finished the round in 3.5 hrs. I assume the morning walkers is off for a relative hot day :) Have not played this course for awhile. Course is in a great shape. Everything is green here for this time of the year.
Green is on the soft side compared with what I used to play, having troubles to judge the speed for first few holes. The holes were already beaten up by middle day due to soft condition, or didn’t get recut it today.
My play partners provided me some play tips from tee box which helped my drive. Rough area is not very deep but take some efforts to have a solid shot to the green. Sand is prefect for all bunkers compared with many courses in this area. But can be tricky due to some server slopes if you’re unlucky to land there. Avoid them at any costs! Few water holes, but luckily are not in play today due to my solid drive. Thanks to my partner!
First time smelled weeds on a golf course! Turn out, a weed field is planted on the other side of the course. Try to avoid this place if you’re allergic to the smell.
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