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We played both the North and South on 7/24. Pace of play was glacial, but the weather was great. The greens on the North Course have more ball marks and imperfections, but they rolled much better than the greens on the South. (We played the South second, so by the time we finished (near sunset), putts were wobbling all over the place.) Rough is still fairly tame on both courses.
Course is in great shape. Greens are firm, but still soft enough to hold well-struck shots. They have a new guy in the pro shop (and who occasionally serves as the starter) who always seems bent out of shape, but the course is so much fun and is reliably in good-to-great condition, that it's easy to overlook the one bad apple in the bunch.
Only 9 holes are currently open. Course conditions are slightly improved--if only because the course was closed for so long and saw no play. We did not receive an update re when they would have the full 18 open again on the Legends side.
We play Aviara a few times per month and the conditions are almost always perfect, so there's not much to update in terms of course conditions. But we played twice this week, and the course--while still in near-perfect condition--appears to be undergoing some slight maintenance tweaks:

(1) The rough is shorter than I recall ever seeing it during the past 12-18 months;
(2) The fairways are a bit more firm; and
(3) They continue to thin out the surrounding trees (dramatically so on No. 17)

As usual, course conditions are superb. Greens 9 & 18 were recently punched and sanded, but still very playable (and surprisingly fast).

The course was tentatively planning to close for 6-9 months for a general refresher/remodel--rebuilding certain greens, replacing the grass on the greens, rebuilding and moving a few bunkers, and modifying a few tees. But it sounds like that project has been put on hold and will likely not happen for at least another year (if at all).
Greens are still recovering--running very slow, bumpy, sandy, ball marks, etc. When healed, I prefer the greens on the North to the Greens on the South. But right now, the South greens are in much better shape. Also, it looks like poa annua is infiltrating the North's greens. Otherwise, the North Course is in typical non-tournament condition.

Pace of play was slow--but not terrible. We started at 7:15 and finished in just over 4.5 hours. By the time we left, the course was packed to the gills with multiple groups waiting around the first tee. Part of the problem is slow play. The other part of the problem is that the practice putting greens are closed and the driving range has reduced capacity--and every spot was taken the morning we played--so everyone tends to mull around the tee box waiting for their time to be called.
Our foursome was the second group off the tee and we finished in 3 hours, 15 minutes. The first group (a foursome, walking) probably finished in just a tad over 3 hours. The group behind us was not yet to the 15th green when we teed off on 18.

The course itself is in decent shape: rough is short, fairways are OK, greens are slow (did not appear to have been cut or rolled that morning), bunkers are still in very good shape. Putting green is still closed.

Views are nice, but there is no way I'd pay roughly $225 (non-resident rate) to play the course when it is not in tournament condition--especially with the notorious pace-of-play problems that plague both the North and South courses.
Terrific layout, but it feels like it’s falling apart at the seams. Tee boxes are not level, several parts of the course are “under repair” (without any obvious work being done), cart paths have fallen apart in places with temporary and random trails through the dirt and brush. Some of the fairways and greens have large bare spots. If you ignore all the rough edges, the course is still fun, and the scenery still spectacular. It’s a shame that the conditioning and maintenance of the course lags so far behind the course design/layout.
Greens were recently verti-cut. I’d guess they need at least three more weeks to heal. This was some aggressive trenching! As a result, putting parallel to the cuts would often see the balls fall within these tracks and stay there—like the ball was on a rail. Putting perpendicular to the cuts, would see the ball bounce up and down like it was going over little curbs. (It was.). The course layout is great. Course conditioning is fair/average. Layout is really fun. Pace of play was excellent because most golfers were on the Lakes course (where greens had not been verti-cut).
The lakes course is in much better shape than the Desert course. Both courses are terrific layouts. But the desert’s greens are in rough shape. Both courses are also very rough around the edges—weeds, patches of dead grass, bunkers without much sand, tee boxes are not level. The conditioning doesn’t match the outstanding layout. But i suppose the price reflects that. The lakes course also has a lot of trees, which is fairly unique for desert golf. because the greens are in bad shape in the desert course, the lakes course is getting a disproportionate amount of play.
Everything was fine; nothing was exceptional. The "Legends" course has several poorly designed holes, but the conditioning of the course is about the same as usual: greens are slightly above average, bunkers are average-to-poor, fairways are nice, there are spots (as usual) that are muddy and drain poorly, and the tee boxes are beat up. But the pace of play was fantastic. We played in under 4 hours on a Saturday morning. I guess that's the benefit of coupling an odd (bad?) course design with a high price tag.
The course hasn't looked this good since the 2008 US Open. Seriously. Greens are terrific, bunkers have plenty of sand and were perfectly raked and manicured, fairways are pristine (and narrow), rough is up (but not impossible to play from), and the tee boxes--even on the par threes--were in good to great shape. Pace of play was decent as well. We finished in 4 hours 20 minutes (decent for TP South). (Someone who teed off 20 minutes after us will probably tell a different story re pace of play because there was at least a 3-hole gap between our foursome and the foursome behind us.)
The Snow Mountain course was in pristine shape at the end of August.

No houses surrounding the course is a huge plus.

Our foursome finished our weekend round in 3.5 hours.

The price for out-of-town guests is steep. But after playing the course, we all agreed that it was well worth the price of admission. We're looking forward to playing the other 2 Paiute courses on our next trip to Vegas.

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