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Walked the blues in just over 4 hours. Covid-19 measures remain in effect though you can now take a single rider cart out. Staff good as usual, particularly the on course attendants. Course from tee to green is in great shape, very lush. The greens are slower than I have seen them but still true. Seemed to me to be breaking less than appeared but likely because they haven't been rolled in a few weeks (per starter). Overall a great deal for 40$ and I would rate it at a solid 7. Recommended.
Rode the blues in just under 4 hours yesterday. The wind that had picked up at Rams Hills, continued and showed itself to be a 2-3 club wind. Quite challenging. Staff was excellent here as well, accommodating us as we were running a little late (80 mins from rams -> pga for reference). Course itself is a bit of a let down conditions wise IMO, especially after rams hill. Work being done on numerous greens with collars striped and sanded. Holes 5 and 7 are the worst as they are trying to enlarge the green complexes. The grass has converted to summer brown, and they were nowhere near the 13 mentioned by the starter. That being said, when on the proper part of the green they rolled true and fast (more like an 10.5/11). Fairways, tees, rough, bunkers all above average, especially the tees. Id rate them all out at 8s. Fun track, especially famous closing stretch. I didn't hit it in the bunker at 16, but threw a ball down there for fun. I'll definitely return to the course, but its doesn't crack my favorites in the desert unfortunately. Still a recommend!
Walked the blacks yesterday in just about 4 hours on a picture perfect day. Staff was incredible as always, and as previously noted is out bringing ice cold water out to golfers on the course which is just A+. Not much to add to the previous detailed reviews, the course is in EPIC shape. Some over watered fairways as mentioned and the greens were a bit slow for my liking but everything was deep green and smooth. Cannot wait to return.
Played yesterday 5/1 teeing off at 930 and finishing in just around 4 hours. Staff was awesome as always. Social distancing strictly enforced as were face masks. Conditions were excellent with the exception of the greens that were sanded and punched about 11 days ago. Even these sped up as the day went on and the sand lost moisture. The tee boxes and fairways were perfect, and the bunkers were close. The rough needs a little cut but that seems to be the norm with the courses coming out of stay at home. Overall wonderful day. Highly recommended, greens should be perfect in a week or two.
Played yesterday 4/26 at 1pm finishing in just under 4 hours on a beautiful day. The course is rough around the edges, and something tells me the quarantine had little to do with it. Conditions were mixed to poor, but the layout was interesting and staff was exceptionally courteous.
Tees: Just ok, mainly level but lots of divot damage. 5/10
Fairways: Probably the best part of the course, inconsistent but nowhere was it thin. 6/10
Rough: Needs a cut but not terrible. Maybe 2.5 inches. 6/10
Bunkers: Was in none, can't say.
Greens: I could see them being fast when rolled and flat, but they were neither of those today. Very bumpy, inconsistent speed from hole to hole. 5/10

Overall it was wonderful to be out. I am not sure I recommend the course currently but I will return at a later date and re-evaluate so they must've been doing something right.
Played yesterday with Bob, David and Jim and the rest of the gurus. Really a great day, could not ask for more beautiful weather. Service was great as usual here. Teed off in the 10:04 ish group and finished in a little over 4.5. Conditions were pretty solid for winter (tho below my standards for this course).

Tees: 7/10. Need some flattening on some tees (4 for instance) and some general work.
Fairways: 6/10. Winter brown, but not thin in any places I found. Plenty of cushion, just used to the emerald green here even in winter.
Rough 6/10. Basically non-existent on some holes, then present on others. Lies were a little inconsistent with quite a bit of divot damage.
Greens 7/10. A little bumpy and a little more firm than they should've been given the medium speed.
Bunkers 4/10. Generally awful, and I found 6 on the back so I would know.

Overall a wonderful day, and even with the course needing a bit of work, its still an absolute pleasure and recommend.
Played with Matt and Mike on Saturday. I don't have much to add to Matt's review as it was spot on. The place is a sneaky good track, kept in really nice condition (mower stripes!), with 3 very different 9's that make for an extremely enjoyable day. Highly recommend if you can get on.
Played 1/1 at 1257 finishing in darkness around 4 hours 15 POP. Everyone nice in the proshop as always, although it looks like they raised their beer prices to 8$ domestic which seems a bit of a gouge. The lower practice green was in great shape although it seems they don't allow chipping down there anymore.

Tee boxes: Flat, mostly good coverage with average divot damage. 7/10
Fairways: Great coverage, always sitting up nice in the fairway. 7/10
Rough: Pretty deep, you can tell the rains have grown them out a bit. 7/10
Traps: Really thin, which is odd for here. Usually good coverage. 5/10
Greens: Fabulous shape, being medium-fast and with tricky undulations. Good shots held no problem. 8/10.

Always a recommend from me.
Played yesterday in the guru outing in a very comfortable POP of 4 hours. First of all, HUGE thanks to Johnny and the staff for this. What a great experience. Drove 2.75 hours to get here but worth it. The views from the top of the hill are incredible. The course is in outstanding shape for just coming out of overseed, and minus a few cosmetic blemishes in rough areas, was immaculate. The tees were a little chewed up in some places but nothing out of the ordinary. Everything I heard about this course was about how narrow it was, but truth be told the greens are the punishing factor. And boy did they punish me. It would take several rounds for me to understand all the nuance. Worst score I've shot in years, but still an amazing round that I thoroughly enjoyed should tell you all you need to know. If you ever get a chance to play, jump at it.
Played 11/3 at 630. POP was 3.5. 3rd off but things overall moved well. Customer service needs some work as they refused to give me the players club rate because I booked through their website and a "new computer system" made it impossible. Funny since the attendant manually put in the person before me's rate. Other than that everything was fine. Skylinks is a pretty predictable 6/10 every time you play with today being no exceptions. Tee boxes rated lower than usual (4/10) with lots of divots. Fairways and rough were fine with some tight lies here and there (6/10). Bunkers were a little thin, but definitely playable (6/10). Finally the greens were a little slow and had odd breaks but speed was pretty good for being punched 11ish days ago (5/10). Overall I enjoy this course for what it is. Nice enough layout, proximity and playability. Will return and recommend.
Played 36 from the blacks yesterday using the Underpar deal. First time here for golf, and I must say it was a bit disappointing. All the customer service was great, but the practice facility is non existent (1 putting green and 4 stalls to hit into a net) and the conditions were sub par outside of the greens and tee boxes.

Tees: Flat, good coverage. Really well kept with very little divot damage on Par 3's. 8/10
Fairways: Really really disappointing. Thin with numerous dirt patches showing on several holes. They need a lot of work. 5/10
Bunkers: Good depth and coverage. Easy to play from. 7/10
Rough: Similar to the fairways, basically a jumbled mess of deep patches here, thing patches there and in no way uniform. 5/10
Greens: The highlight conditions wise. Rolling at least an 11 maybe more and held lines exactly. 9/10

Overall I just did not enjoy this course, but that is more due to the design/cost than conditions. Too many bunkers in ridiculous places, giant mounding in almost all the greens that is un-natural to the terrain, and in no way was this a links course. Target golf through and through. As for the conditions, about 100$ value wise currently but I would never pay the rack to play here. The 3rd hole is also the most overrated ocean hole I have ever seen. Maintenance workers were hard at work but I don't feel I'll return.
Played in the outing yesterday with Matt, Greg and Wendy. Thanks very much to Oak Creek and Johnny for putting this together! Echoing Matt's sentiments, we enjoyed a great round. Personally I am a big fan of Oak Creek, with the exception of their range (prices and conditions). 12$ for a small bucket of beat up balls? And the range balls are old beat up top-flights? Hmm.

Tees: A bit chewed up but mostly nice. I'd rate them 6/10
Fairways: Really great. Perfect cushion, no bare spots. 9/10
Rough: Thick in places, had some bare spots, but overall playable. 7/10
Bunkers: Greensides were great, the fairways were awful. Its my personal preference though, I cannot stand deep sand in fairway bunkers. 7/10
Greens: Were a little slow for my taste, but rolled true and held lines. I wasn't as in love as some people. 8/10

I can't say I'd play Oak Creek for the rack (180$ on weekends) but would highly recommend to those that can. They are definitely putting money back into the course as its as green as I have seen in a long time. Would definitely return at around 100$ tho if I can find it.
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