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I believe they are going through new ownership. They are doing a fantastic job at improving the course. The fairways are looking great! If they keep this up it can definitely be a top course in Ventura county. The fairway are getting lush and it’s looking good around the greens. The greens are a tad bit on the slow side. But they at least run smooth. Great course for the $40 morning fee during the week for fee, cart, balls, and lunch.

My two complaints..
1. They need to trim down some trees. There are some trees by tee boxes on 9,10,17 that are in the way from the back tees.
2. They need to add some windshields to their carts.

Improvement opportunity
- speed up the greens just a tad bit!
Got invited to play Glendora CC by a friend that works at Red Hill CC and his head pro got us out at GCC.

I'm always excited to play a CC because individuals pay a lot of money to be members there. I'm excited because if I was paying that much I'd be expecting premium conditions all around.

They have a small cool practice facility.. I think it's pretty good for the area they have. The tee boxes were all lush and nicely manicured. Fairways were really lush, looked like if the ball was siting on carpet. The rough was medium length and thick, tough to hit out of. They have pinestraw which I always struggle hitting out of. Greens rolled decent, really fast but not as pure as the should for a CC. Which was frustrating because some putts wouldn't just hold its lines. But overall they were tough greens and fun.

Great experience fun round there. Definetly tight tee shots and fast green makes a tough golf course.
Played here for the first time on 5/25/17

Played the Ridgeline/Canyon Crest 9s. I honestly can't believe it took me 10 months to play here since moving to Oxnard.

Tee boxes are pretty much level. There were a few not but for the most part most were level. not a lot of divot damage nicely manicured. The fairways were mostly lush I believe there was probably 1 hole not as lush but that's just nitpicking the course. Greens were rolling really well and medium fast speeds holding their lines well. Most bunkers were nearly perfect. I had a real great first experience and I've heard the other 9 that I didn't play is their best 9. I will most definitely play here again. Great course happy we have public access to it.
Played Sterling Hills on 4/10/17 feed off around 7:30am. Paid $42 included cart, bucket, and unlimited golf. It's a new deal they are having and it's totally worth it if you have time to play at least 27 holes.

Their driving range was okay.. mats were really worn. It was good enough to hit a small bucket to get the body going.

There were a lot of tee boxes that were not leveled and were not mowed. Doesent really bother me too much but they can work on that.

Fairways were lush, some areas were thin but not bad for a california course with the droughts and stuff. Couldn't really tell apart from the fairway and the rough.

Greens were awesome. They rolled really smooth and held their line great. Best part of the course was he greens and that is how it should be!

Layout was really fun.. makes you think about some shots.. some holes challenges your alignment.. it sets you up certain ways. Fun challenging layout.. first time here would definitely play here again.
First Santa Barbara golf course played since I've moved to Oxnard last July. Got the first tee time of the day since I had to be at work at 11, our tee time was at 6:30 am. I'm not going to gripe too much about it but the pro shop guy that opens the gates overslept and there was a line of cars waiting outside. He got there at about 6:15. Doesent bother me too much because we are all human and mistakes happen, wasn't his day not worth getting upset.

Tee boxes
- This was probably my biggerst complaint about this course. If you are charging $57+ the tee boxes need to be level and repaired properly. There was not one single tee box that did not have sever divot damage that was not repaired with sand mix or anything. It literally looked like the driving range with divots everywhere. (2 out of 5)

- Can't complain they were lush and green. They were great, some areas a little thin or overwatered but oh well 90% were up to par. (4 of 5)

- They are definitely tricky to read. They rolled really nice and they were speedy. They had the pin placements at some good locations fun to get too or try at least. Greens were definetly the best maintained part of the golf course. (5 of 5)

- The course is pretty challenging. A lot of blind shots and target golf. First time around is pretty tough. Not knowing lines and that's ahead it's tough to play. I will definetly go back and play this course again. Some funky holes that are kind of like really?.. is it worth $57 (resident rate) I honestly don't think so. I wouldn't pay more than the $57. I had a good experience and recommend this course to everyone. Course (3 1/2 out of 5)
Played Rustic Canyon for the first time since moving to Ventura county. First time here this course overwhelms the crap out of you.. so different than other golf courses. True true links style course but man it was a lot of fun. The layout is fun and challenging, I played from the Blacks and shot a 79 but I still felt like i bit more than I can chew as a 7 hdcp.

Tee boxes were lush and level 9/10
Fairways were dry and thin (doesent bother me because I like thinner lies) 6/10
Rough was semi long and patchy 6/10
Greens were legit... rolled true and were fast and challenging! 9/10

Overall I really enjoyed my experience.. guy in the front was kinda rude if I can see past that. Will be definitely coming back to Rustic Canyon again
River ridge Victoria lakes has become my new home course. I absolutely love this course. It's a challenge from tee to green. The layout is awesome, every hole is different and par doesn't come too easy. I get impressed at the greens here, they do a great job with whatever resources they have. Overall it's a fantastic course.

The tee boxes: they are lush and most are pretty even.

The fairways: they are firm, and greenish. Not too sure how grass and all that stuff works but I like the fairways even tho they don't look pure green.

Greens: this is where I get impressed. They keep their greens in fantastic shape. The Victoria side greens are fast! I personally love fast greens and it's the reason why I like this course so much. I honestly think this course has the best greens for a public course (cheaper than real expensive public courses) that I have ever played in. Greens are always around 10.7-11.5

Weather: mornings are perfect, but it does also get windy after 12:00pm. The marine layer gets pushed out and the wind picks up.

They have a "young adult" rate which is cheap! And even their rack rate with carts I believe it's cheap. Definetly worth the green fees!
Olivas Links was course #1 that my buddies told me to play out here when I moved to Oxnard 3 months ago. Olivas is a fantastic course. The layout of the course is not ridiculously hard, but what makes the course hard is the wind. Obviously when you throw the links style course in a name you expect windy conditions. I personally don't get too bothered by the wind, which makes this course my second favorite course here in Oxnard/Ventura.

The tee boxes are as lush and level as they get

The fairways are pure, lush and green. (What drought)?

Greens.. well they get a lot of play, so ball mark damage is there. You can tell that the course maintenance tries very hard to get the greens fixed. They do keep the greens at around a 10ish, they roll pretty true

Their rack rate is a little expensive, but if you walk it's cheap. It's definetly and easy walkable course. It's always windy so expect wind going there.
Moved to Oxnard about 3 months ago. Some friends have me advice on which courses I should play when I came out here. Buena was one of them. This is a fairly short course, but it's a lot of fun.. tree lined fairways still tested your golf skills. Not only how well you hit your driver, but course management as well. I thought it was a tiny bit expensive but the course is in really good shape. The tee boxes were great, the faiways were lush and green, and the greens were great as well. A little on the slow side but they weee still rolling decent and lush. Will definetly play here again, but would not play here all the time because of how short it is. This is a great course to boost your confidence and have a great time. A lot of pretty holes.
Played Bali Hai on Tues 6/14/16..


Conditions of the course were really good.. from the tee boxes to the greens.. Greens were probably the best i've played on. I felt tho that the fairways were dry.. super firm had to adjust angle of attack since i couldn't take big divots.
The customer service was unreal.. from the moment I got there, to the moment i left. Their staff was really good. You get some awesome awesome views of the casinos there. and nothing better than the signature island green par 3 16th..


You can't have a world class resort course with no driving range and chipping green. They really went south with no actual driving range. A 50 yard net that you hit into is not what i was expecting out here. The course layout was just meh for me.. I got spoiled by all the PGA West courses in palm springs lol.. but yea the layout was just meh.. a lot of straight forward super long par 4s.. short par 3s.. The WORST part about this course is the fact that is right next to the airport... you have airplanes taking off every 5 minutes and its just the most annoying thing.. and the freeway is also next to the holes and helicopters going around.. there is just a lot going on. Location sucks.. location alone needs to nock off $100 off the price..

Anyways I still had a great time.. Enjoyed my day out there.. check this course off my bucket list.. probably would look into another course to play in vegas like Paiute.. but definitely a course anyone should play at least once!
Went out there with an deal.. $130 for a 2some... This course was amazing.. as lush as it gets with he gorgeous views...some of these holes are just amazing... just the views and everything about this pete dye design... I can't wait to eventually play here again
Went out there with an deal.. $130 for a 2some... This course was amazing.. as lush as it gets with he gorgeous views... got the free replay at the TPC Stadium course 2 rounds for 2 people for $130 it was a steal
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