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Played here yesterday. This course is in fantastic shape and now is off season. There are very few people here in the summer soPOP is up to you. Surprises abound here with the "Entrada Lave Triangle" taking top prize. A Must Play for anyone's bucket list.
I don't write a lot of reviews but felt compelled to relate my most recent experience here. I am a big fan of Eagle Falls but this year's transition to summer has not been kind here. The usual smooth, near perfect greens are currently very bumpy and bare. The fairways look like the were recently punched in many places and were very firm. Also, much of the sand has been blown out of the bunkers and they are very thin. I would let the greenskeepers do there work here until August to see if it improves.
Played the Destroyer this afternoon thinking that they were punching greens next week. Fooled me! They punched yesterday and today and will be punching tee boxes and fairways tomorrow and probably beyond. I was able to putt these greens today for some reason. Give it about 3-54 weeks though...
My wife and I played here on Saturday, March 2, 2013. It was a birthday present from her. We had a tee time of 10:30 and we started on time. The round (with a caddie) took 5 hours and 15 minutes.
The fairways were not in good shape at all, especially for the money we spent ($560/ twosome). Very disappointing.
Work has taken me to Houston. I have played Tour18 several times but yesterday was not a good experience. Severe rains have damaged parts of this course and have diminished the enjoyment.
Normally, this is one of the best values in Houston. Usually around the time of the Masters, this place is immaculate, but they have a lot of work to do in the three weeks until then.

Tour 18 Golf Course Houston Review
Houston Texas Golf Course Reviews
I played this course on January 28, 2011. Texas golf in winter is a far cry for southern California. Fairways go dormant and greens get very, very thin. Once you get used to it there are some advantages. For instance the ball roll a LOT farther because there are no blades of grass to slow the ball down.
The first three holes at Cypress Lakes are the hardest. After those , the course gets easier. It's mostly what you see is what you get.
I will go back later in the spring.
Played the Oaks/Stonehouse yesterday. Oaks was in great shape, but I was shocked when my ball hit the first green of the Stonehouse nine. SAND SPLASH! The greens on Stonehouse had been very recently PUNCHED. Who punches greens in January around here?
Still had a good time...
I played this course three time, twice in August and last Sunday. The first time in September I walked on at 7:00 AM on a Sunday morning and played by myself in about 3 1/2 hours. I was awestruck at this golf course. I felt bad when I took a fairway divot because it was so well manicured. The staff was friendly, I lost a club and they found it and returned it within 40 minutes. I told anyone and everyone what a wonderful place I had discovered.
I returned the following Sunday with my wife for the post 11:00AM twilight rate of $99.00 per person. We played the front 9 in about 2 1/2 hours. We made the turn and stopped dead. Two groups ahead had stopped for lunch and the group in front of us played through. The group we were behind now were two of the hotel employees and their non-golfing girlfriends. The were novices playing from the back tees and taking multiple shots from every location. After two holes we summoned a marshal to complain but despite his best efforts we finished in 5 1/2 hours. I complained to the pro shop staff and they gave me two comp rounds. Fair enough. I still told everyone about this wonderful place.
Now, last Sunday we returned at 11:42. No more 11:00 twilight rate. No problem, I cashed in our comp rounds. We teed off at 12:00 (18 minutes late) and finished at 6:10PM. Never saw a marshal the entire round. The cart girl opined that they were "understaffed" although the two starters teed off on #1 as we made the turn.

I will think twice about a return visit. It's a beatiful venue, not quite worth $200 a pop, and definitely not worth a 6 hour + investment in time.
I used to play this course a lot and always liked the fact that it kept getting better each time. Today I shot 76 so the course did not get the better of me and the condition is really bad. There is no sand in the traps, the driving range looks really ragged and the fairways were very rough.

I'll avoid Crusta Verde for a while...
Played here on Memorial Day. Very short staffed. No balls on driving range and the range was full of locals hitting the free balls. The starter left to get more range balls so we just started when the tee was open. This round took 5 hours and 45 minutes. Cart girl came around twice the whole time we were there. We had a hot dog at the turn that looked like it was cooked last Memorial Day. The course was is very good shape although overwatered in many places. Sand was spotty but mostly dirt. I appreciate the fact that it was Memorial Day and everybody wants off to do something else, but if a course cannot provide at least a standard service, they should not ask the standard price. With all the people missing that take care of customers they did have the trusty club cleaning, "I work for tips", college kid parked at the 18th green to wipe your clubs down with his muddy rag...
This is not a bad course. They send me several email a week to play the course, but the service staff is not all that friendly. Based on the course condition, the time it takes to get there and the surliness of the staff, it will be a long time before we venture out there again.
I don't know how you get a "good" rating for this track. The lack of water has had a devistating effect on the course. Very sad to see such a geat facility go so far down. I hope it comes back.
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