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Played on April 1, 2007. Played a little after noon. Payed the $38 for advance tee time for 4, so the total with cart came out to $40. This is the course I think of when playing in southern california on the water. Torrey is on the hill, but Coronado is right on the water. In fact it might be on a pennisula because it seemed like there was water all around us. Playing on the bay right next to guys fishing and boats/yachts pasing by. Great!!! The course is a muni, so don't get your hopes up to high, but for a muni its one of the best I have played. It isn't too long, and you can definitly score here. There is this trick horseshoe hole on the back 9 par 5 that you can't get to in 2, but it is interesting. The greens were pretty good, and fairways as well. The rough was a little thin in some spots, but hey...its a muni. Overall this course is a must play if you travel to SD for a golf trip like I did. Its cheap, on the bay and not too difficult. Great course.
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Played on March 31, 2007. Went down for a SD golf trip. Played Pine Glen in the morning and then played Willow Glen in the afternoon. Played twilight for $34. Fantastic deal for the course. Course was in great shape. This is an older course, so the trees were very mature. The fairways were guarded by lots of trees. The elevation changes and the dog legs really made this interesting. Water does play a role on a couple of holes including the signature #4 which has a huge elevation drop. DONT take out anything more than a 6 iron or you will hit the water. Read the review of this course before we played and it is slow, so be prepared for at least a 5 hour round. And, don't play too late because this course is in a valley, so the you might not have enough sun coming into the last few holes. Overall, the Sycuan resort is a great golfing resort 2 18's plus an 18 par 3 course. Great. If you are going down to SD to play this is a good course to pull a double round.
Played March 30, 2007 twilight. Well lets just say I was disappointed. The greens were slow and bumpy. The fairways were not as firm and lush as I thought they would be. Granted they did aerate 3 weeks ago, and were doing maintenance to the cart paths and some fairways, but the course was not what I expected. The course and the layout is beautiful. The cliffs and the gliders, lodge, helicopters and ocean background is worth a lot, but for all of the hype I expect perfect conditions and smooth fast greens. This just wasn't the case. I am so glad we played twilight and did not pay the full price. When this course is in perfect playing conditions, then I wouldn't mind paying more than $100, but right now...I would not play it.
Played on Monday - March 19, 2007. Never played this course, but played the Ocean a few times. Got a great deal from the NorCal Golf Expo, so played this course for $72 with cart. Had a morning tee time on a day that was typical for Half Moon Bay. It was a little misty on the first couple of holes, but the sun came out on the back 9. This course is a must play! At first, I hate playing house courses because I usually hit one or two, but this course was wider than it appears. There are a few holes where the houses do come into play and I was in peoples' back yards a couple of times, but overall the course opens up and the mature trees become more of an issue than the houses. With the exception of #2, this hole is tight with trees and houses, don't use your driver. The tee boxes in some areas are not completely level, but it all depends on where you are teeing from. The fairways are tight and crowned. There are a number of undulations as well on some fairways. The rough is not too bad, and the sand is good. Some bunkers are deep though, so you don't want to be in them. The greens were a little bumpy. For a course like this I expect the greens to be fast and smooth, so there was a little disappointment there. Overall the course is really great. You wind your way around the course and fight through the pain of the first 16 holes. The last two holes is why you play this course. The 17 hole is a par 3 with the ocean in the background. Its a beautiful short par 3. When the wind comes up, I bet it plays prett tough. The 18th whole is one of the best finishing holes I have played. Its a downhill par 4 with the ocean on the right side. It ends on this tiny green with the Ritz Carlton right next to it. There are chairs and balconies with people watching you come up, so make sure you stick it. Overall this course is a must play! I would play it all the time if it was only $72, but the $110+ that they charge is a bit steep. Look for the deals and go out and play this course.
Played on March 11, 2007 with an afternoon tee time. Beautiful day. This course is a little muni. We played from the tips which measured out to be 6200 or so. Tee boxes were not in the best shape and were sometimes not level. The fairways were great and the rough was really tough. It wasn't that deep, but it was thick. Balls hit into the rough did not move. The lies were tough and getting out of it was also tough as well. The greens were lush, but in need of a mow. They were also bumpy. The ball would bounce all over the place. The course itself is a decent course and challenges you will accuracy rather than distance. There are some holes that are really tight, so hitting it straight is a must. Plus the water and ob will really make you pick the right club. Overall, its a good muni to play, but you would think the conditions would be better. Paid $43 walking, which I would say was about right, but could be cheaper because of the greens.
Played on 3/7/07. Lucky enough to take a day off mid week and play. Got a 2 for 1 coupon at the norcal golf expo, so it made this course a good deal. The tournament course is much better than the valley course. You wind through the hills a bit which provides some interesting holes. The greens were in great shape - fast smooth and undulating. The fairways were also good. The bunkers were racked and soft. Overall this is a great course. But, the price without a discount is pretty steep. I would play this course a lot, if I lived in the south bay and the price was cheaper. But, this is a course you should play at least once.
Played this course on 3/10/07. We had an early morning tee time before a tournament started. Beautiful day. The greens were in great shape and the fairways were good as well. The front nine is a bit tough with all of the hazards, but the back nine is fine. The course does not excite you as other courses do, but is a good course to go hack around on. There are no trees and the fairways are wide enough for your errant shots. Paid $60 to walk the pretty flat course. Overall a good course, but a bit pricy for what you get. FYI - On some holes there is a ton of geese sh$t .
Played a double round on Monday June 19th. Great course for the money. We paid $65 for the first round and then #32 for the replay. The course was in great shape. Greens were fast and smooth with lots of breaks. The fairways were great as well. The sand traps were spotty, but I think that is partly due to the gardners watering them down. Overall, the course is tough. There are a lot of creeks and carries, but there are also bail out areas as well. Course knowledge is key because off the tee you can carry some of the trees and bushes, if you knew what was on the other side. Bring a lot of balls if you are playing it for the first time because you will lose at least one ball. The houses around the course don't come into play at all, so don't worry about them. I usually hate playing course with houses because I might hit one and then if I do it gets into my head. So, don't worry. The customer service was good, except for this cranky old starter. Again, a great course to play. This one is going on my favorites list.
Played Monday June 5th in the morning. Overall good challenging course. The fairways are great with some undulations. The traps are supper soft. And, the greens are smooth and fast, but there are a lot of ball marks. The ball marks were healing, so they were pretty smooth, but there were some that did affect my line. The pin placements were pretty tough. Always try and stay below the hole. A good short game is key here. Try and knock it close, so the greens and multiple putts aren't a problem. The elevation changes and mature growth, especially up in the hills made some holes narrow. Course knowlege is key, so try and play with someone who knows the course. There is a short par on the back with a small narrow green that plays at least one club longer. Don't leave this one short.

The course is a drive down south, but its worth the drive to play it for the right price. I used to play for $45 on a Monday, but that didn't include the cart which cost an additional $18 per person. Thats the biggest rip off! The course is great and challenging, but don't pay any more than you have too. I value this course at $75 on the weekends with cart. If I got that deal, then I would maybe get my friends and make a trip down there on the weekend, but there are better couses for less money closer to SF.
PLAY THIS COURSE!!...I have played most of the courses in the Bay Area and this course (opened in Nov 2005) is a great addition for the Bay Area golfers. I played Saturday, June 3rd in the morning with one of the clubs I belong to and had heard good things about this course. Needless to say, it met all of my expectations and more. We played the whites at only 6000 yards, which is much shorter than I usually play, but being long on this course only helps you on a couple of holes. You need a well rounded game for this course. The designer did a really good job at making sure each hole challenged a different part of your game. This is evident in my scores. I had several pars on holes that I was able to drive and get up and down, but on other holes that challenged my accuracy I doubled, trippled and even maxed out on a couple of holes. The course has a number of old trees, but the new ones they planted will really change the course in a 5-10 years when they narrow the fairways. This course has a number of natural preserve areas that you can't go in, so you tend to lose balls there. The fairways have many undulations and you will have slanted lies at times. The bunkers are in great condition and soft (except for the 16th hole). The greens are really challenging and have many breaks. They are a bit slow, but then again if they were much faster, you won't have a lot of one putts...think 3 putts. The 18th hole is one of the hardest finishing holes I have played. It almost doesn't fit in with the rest of the course. Usually, you think the 18th will be an interesting but rewarding (ie. birdie) hole, but this hole is a par 5 that is so narrow and has two carries into a tough green that you will be glad to walk away with a boggey. It kind of ends the round on a down note, unless you escape with a par. In total, this course is not only a great course you have to play its a great deal too. Get out there and play this course!!!
Played on Saturday May 20th. Remember this is a MUNI!!! The course will play slow unless you get out early in the morning. There are 5 out of the first 9 holes (2 par 3s and 3 par 4s) that you or a long hitter in your group will either hit or go for. This is why the front nine plays so slow. Another reason is all of the beginners and high handicappers. If you are playing with someone just learning or want to test our a club, or even changing your swing, then this is the course to play. This course is flat and there isn't a lot of trouble. The fairways are pretty wide open, but the holes are close, so watch out for shanks. The greens were in great shape for a muni, but for some reason the 14th green was bad. The bunkers are in pretty good shape too. All around a good course to play. You might even have your lowest round here. If you live near by come out and play this course, but don't travel miles, just to play this coures. It is always in better shape than Shoreline or Palo Alto. So, go out and play it.
Played a double round on Monday, May 8th. Started with Merlot-Chardonay then played Zinfindel-Merlot. Neither round was affected too much by the wind, which was really lucky for us. Usually the wind kicks up in the afternoon where it can be a 2 club difference. Of the 3 9-holes there, Merlot is by far the toughest. I wasn't hitting it too straight and could see my ball land in the heavy rough, so I knew where it was within a 3 foot radius, but still could not find it. I found a lot of other balls, but not mine. If you play this course, bring a lot of balls. If you are not in the fairway or even the 1st cut, you most likely will lose your ball. The fairways were a bit soft, but dry, so there was a lot of give on your approach shots. The greens were smooth, but needed to be cut. They were also slow at times and quick other times. Try to get a feel for the greens early or you might be 2 putting or more the rest of the day. The greens also had that chicken pox or spotty look to them. Overall, the course is worth the money if you are an NCGA member, but remember to bring a lot of golf balls and try and time it so you play on a day that isn't too windy.
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