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All you golfers stay away from my track because it is playing really, really nice. We played on Friday, March 6, 2009 - my birthday in under 3.5 hours. It was like our own private country club.

I would love to challenge Cheeseburger - from Pasadena to a round at his own course because his reviews are really, really disturbing. It's like he grew up playing on PGA quality tour courses all his life. I have NEVER played on a perfect course. Sure, seen 'em on TV, but wake up and pay the green fees because he sure doesn't want to pay up. (Does anyone want to these days?).

Kudos to Nav and Jay for maintaining this hidden treasure.

One thing, I hope they get their cart situation fixed.
Played today, November 18, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. After teeing off AFTER the mini-commercial shoot for Korean Television, we were off and running behind the 3 groups in front of us. Boy, things never change. It took us about 4 holes to finally hit our stride after waiting approximately 10 minutes every hole.

The course gets a 7 for the teeboxes, 7 for the fairways, and 6 for the greens. There are just too many people that play this course everyday for the course to fair any better.

By the way, when did my brothers from Ardmore and Wilshire start playing golf, every day, 7 days out of the week. Doesn't anybody WORK anymore??? By the way, there were a few other brothers from Imperial and Central out there flirting with the blond sales rep out front. HILARIOUS!

This course is a steal for the length and the history.

Our round took about 5.5 hours. It is always a pleasure to play Wilson. Make sure you stop by the House of Pies - Vermont/Franklin in Los Feliz afterwards for a sandwich and piece of pie. You won't regret it.
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Played Monday, July 21, 2008. What a treat. First off, the staff there are great. Dek, formerly of Bel-Air Country Club is the Starter and he was nice enough to honor our 5:50 a.m tee-time even though we arrived over 30+ minutes late (try only 2 hours of sleep the night before - so much to do in Vegas at night).

Secondly, the course is incredible for the beating it has taken in the last couple of months. While the worst of the course were the greens, the fairways and tee boxes were decent.

The best thing about this course were the replica holes from all of the great courses in Europe. What timing - we played the day after the 2008 British Open. One suggestion, buy the $5 book from the proshop and read up on each hole. It gives a short history of the hole and actually helps you play the course.

Finally, though it was only 98 degrees by 10 a.m., we were tired from the desert heat after 15 holes. This course probably plays the best in the fall.

Overall, it was worth the $80 per person we paid. Staff, course and history of each hole makes it worth the trip.
Had a confirmed tee time for two at 8:24 a.m. this morning. After getting in line behind 5 people and finally getting ready to pay, the starter - KEVIN tells me that I am a couple minutes too late and he's given my spot away. What a dick. I tell him that I've been waiting in line to pay for the last 10 minutes and that is the reason I was late.

This guy never looks up to look at any of his customers. NEVER. He is like the weird guy down the street that always looks at the floor and never looks up.

After discussing my options with him, Kevin basically tells me I have to wait at least two hours to get on. I then tell him ok. I pay $7 for a large bucket and walk over to the range.

This range sucks because the poles that hold up the awings to the range are way too close for two players to hit side-by-side. This is especially true if you are hitting next to a lefty and you both have to share the space between the two poles.

After hitting a couple of balls, this really chubby lady starts blocking off golf stations near us and puts her placard (Charmaign Summers) on all the stations.

Apparently, she is the golf pro for the Orange County Golf Academy. I would love to play a roud wit here :-)
Played here Thursday, June 26, 2008 at the twilight time of 2:15 p.m. Checked in with Nito (the starter) who looked liked he'd just played 72 holes straight in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson. In 118+ degree heat.

For a course in the middle of the San Gabriel Valley, this course has it's fair share of hot-headed koram golfers.

The koram guy behind us kept hitting into us. I don't know if he knows golf etiquette or what. d%mn , this guy would claim he didn't know he could hit it 250 yards from the fairway. He swears he only drove the ball 240 yards from the tee and then hit it 250+ right into us. No "fore" or anything.

Friggin idiot. On to the review--

We played South-East courses and while the course was in the best shape in the past 10 years, it still played like crap. Teeboxes were a 6, fairways a 7 and greens a 5. Greens were a 5 due to the fact that nobody repairs their ballmarks there. Check it out for yourself.

Overall, this course is not worth the 30+ dollars to ride after 2 pm. Go spend your money on getting the Spin-milled Vokey wedges. Or go spend it at the Hawaiian Theater (google it) down the street.
Country Club is definitely a misnomer for this course. This would probably be a country club type course in latin america or SE asia, but not here.

Thought the course played wonderfully for the price we paid (75 per player in a tournament - for a good cause), they should seriously consider changing the name to Palm Desert Municipal Course. Seriously.
Played this course for the first time two fridays ago with a couple of friends from work.

Bring your helmet. This course is super small and it seems like each tee box abuts another green.

There were way to many drunk county workers the day I played because all I heard was cussing up and down the course. Seems like everyone there had Golden Bear clubs and top flites. Definitely not a place to pull out your SC putter or ProVI ball.

Course conditions were similar to the Compton Par-3 I played as a kid or the South Gate Par 3.

Because it is a pitch and putt type course all you need is a driver and an 9 iron. This course definitely plays well below it's full potential.
Played on May 12, 2008 - Course was in pretty bad shape. If your game is not on, like mine was on that day, it is like playing a pinball arcade game with your golf ball as the pin.

Errant golf balls, though you can find them on adjacent fairways, tend to turn relatively short holes into double bogey nightmares.

On this course, though you may be tempted to play it this summer due to its relative proximity to Long Beach, do NOT play if your game isn't straight. It's just not worth the headache. From what I hear it is where the LB Open is played.
Played Starr Pass on Wednesday, June 18, 2008. Tee time was for 4:40, just after twilight.

Course played incredibly given that it was over 114 degrees in the shade.

Blind tee shots abound, but from tee to green the conditions were excellent.

Tee boxes 9, fairways 9, and greens 8. Eight for the greens because they were way to slick for the Tucson desert.

Funny thing, this course is just over the hill from the Old Tucson Studios ( where over 300 western movies were filmed since 1939. Just think, there is an incredible golf course just over the famous mountains in those John Wayne movies.
Played Thursday, 3/22. Course was a treat to play. Wind was blowing a little. For $37 (twilight) it doesn't get any better.

I agree with Kendall below on course conditions. Funny thing, I thought the course was slower and slowest. We teed off at 2:10 and didn't get 18 in because of the crowd.
Played here Wednesday, March 14, 2007. Greens were in excellent shape. We were the first twosome out courtesy of Kiki (though he did try to set us up with another twosome on the back nine).

For $37 ($25 gf, $12 cart), it was a great deal. This course had country club conditions that morning. Tees were a 8, fairways another 8, and the greens were a 9. The only bad thing was the maintenance staff who were cutting grass near some of the greens on the back nine.

With DST kicking in, it is a great place to play morning golf in the Inland Empire because the sun comes up in the east where the 1st tee faces.

**Tips: Don't try to cut the doglegs if you really don't have the game for it. It is a pitch and putt for those who bring their A game off the tee.
Played yesterday, New Year's Day, 1/1/07. Called the starter and he was honest about the 45 mph winds. Played the back nine first and was impressed from tee to green. 9's all around. Tried to play the front nine but the wind was too strong.

Rumor has it that Hidden Valley is under new management. We'll see what the new managers do to upgrade the place. Word is that first order of business is to fix the driving range to make it more golfer friendly. We'll see.

Nice time of the year to play Hidden Valley. Views are incredible and so is the course.
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