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Play day: 08/30/23: 10:16am

First time here and my overall review of this course conditions were @B-
The course was laid out nicely around a modest neighborhood with many straight forward hole designs that weren’t tricked up- everything was in front of us. This is a real fun course. Warning the short dense pines are ball catchers and it may not fall from it- very thick.
The bunkers are not terrible but they can add sand in it. The teeing grounds are not too chewed up and you can find grass to tee it from. The fairways can leave your ball with mud but it isn’t wet or over watered. The greens are okay with some mixed grass and a few unattended ball marks- it putted okay I thought.
They had a special for $36 to ride.
Met a baseball hall of famer, Garry Templeton and it was pretty cool- he’s a great guy- even par for him.
We’ll be back again!
Play day: 070523 08:30
Temps: 104 with light breeze and sunny skies
Service: was very good. The pro shop, bar/restaurant, cart barn guy, starter, and the bev girl were all very accommodating. Checking in was easy- we were asked if we’re ready to go as there’s an open spot and off we went.
Course: Hawk/ElDorado- was in great shape. The bunkers were very easy to get out of, thank goodness for the good sand prep, the teeing grounds were lush without much divots, the roughs weren’t thick at all but lush. The fairways were nicely covered with green grass and closely mowed- it also had some run to it. The greens were smooth and fast- maybe at 11 on a stimp meter.
Got to come back here again soon- it’s so fun and good here!
Play day: 070123
Tee time: 07:00 shotgun #15
Temps: 100 in clear skies with 5-8 mph wind

It was obvious that the pace would be longer than expected and it was- just 15 minutes over 5hrs
The check in was smooth and quick. Breakfast was quick and good with a cheerful server.
The beverage lady came around many times.

The course overall was pretty good!
Fairways were nicely covered with green grass and tightly mowed- though some water puddles were on some areas as they protected from the heat. Not many divots at all.

The teeing grounds were very good. Some divots from the days use but nothing terrible on those par three holes.

The sand were surprisingly okay this time and had sand- some were wet from sprinklers but I guess it’s unavoidable.

The rough wasn’t bad even in the inner tree lines and mostly not penalizing. Some were as tall as 4 inches but for the most part it looks to be a couple inches.

The greens were nice. It rolled about a 9-10 in stimp meter. Some unfixed divots but mostly smooth and true rolling.

We really enjoyed it here and plan on coming back again in a day or two.
Ply day 06/20/23
Breezy morning but died down to 6 miles an hour for the rest of the day and sunny high seventies- great day!
The greens were still healing from aeration and we felt it wasn’t fair to pay full price for a premium rate. Other than that, the rest of the course was in great shape.
I’m sure the greens are healed by now.
Always a fun time here.
Great course!!
Play day 06/22/23
It was a nice day that never passed the 80s in temps.
The course was in tiptop shape from tee to greens with the greens rolling quite nicely and true. The sand bunkers were very easy to get out of and well prepped. The fairways were nice and tightly mowed with some roll. The teeing grounds were also great having some very nice grass covering all around.
Definitely worth a visit here!
Play day was 01/31/23 9:36am on a sunny day- low 40s to start.

First time playing here. It’s a nice layout and setting along side a rocky hillside and we couldn’t get over the views all around !!

$40 gets you a cart and a round of golf which is pleasant and fair for the conditions. This course does not drain well in a few spots and had standing water from the rain we’ve had.
The bunkers have no sand and were muddy from the rain.
The fairways’ grass were thinning and almost barren in some of the fairways.
The greens were fantastic and a pleasure to putt on.

New ownership is determined to keep the place alive and in better shape.
I really hope that this course gets all the help that it could as it has an amazing design. Wide fairways, large greens and it also comes with some good strategic bunkering. I think this course is is a lot of fun to play and I would not get tired of it easily.
Play this course and see past its current flaws and you’ll find a great time.

Wishing the course and its new ownership the best. I’ll always make time to visit here.

Edit: sand bunker- greenside bunkers have sand. Fairway bunkers have no sand.
Play day was 01/30/23 9:48am. Forecast was for rain all day- only caught some heavy sprinkles on the second shot of 17th and tee shot from 18th.

First time to play this course since the redesign. I almost don’t recognize it- I think they did a great job. The bunkering makes it tougher but also makes it pleasing to the eyes and most importantly the abundance of sand in it were a pleasure to play from.

The course was in great shape from tee to green. It also seemed to drain well from all the prior days rain. Loved the course and will definitely be back.

Services were great from check in- very helpful staff. No beverage cart. Did not have the chance to have lunch- heard it was good.
12/27/22 under mostly cloudy day, teeing up on time at 9:40am.
There was an occasional gust of winds of about 6 mph :-) jk
By 1:43pm, my partner and I collected some coins- family golf is good for the heart and soul!

The roof work on the clubhouse is finished and the pro shop upstairs is open again. The restaurant however is still not open. We heard their restaurant space is for lease so until then… hotdogs and snacks at the turn is available + cold beers, too.

The course remains to be real fun and a pretty cool deal @ $65/$60 regular/senior on weekdays.

I do agree with the previous review as we were also here after Thanksgiving. Yes, the fairways and greens were great and that weighed heavily on my impression of this course. Not to mention how fun it is to play here.

Cons: well, it is not a walking course for the reason that the,, or some of the holes are far in between. Wouldn’t this course be fabulous if only… but walking is not the reason why I play here. I play elsewhere when I want to walk. (Does not take anything away from the course at all- ride it!!)

Cons ll: grass color. No, it isn’t what it was before covid, but hey… grass grows, and from what I can see, the course is gearing back up to speed. I swear none of us were focused on some brown spot while the game were on- nor did it take away from “play”! Just on how good the fairways were alone will have well made up for it, let alone the greens, wow!! Oh okay , there were some noticeable ball marks on the greens but that’s on the players.
(I’ve taken my son here a few times and he is just in awe.)

I would love to keep coming back here and play often and soon even though I’m only one mile shy of a hundred miles one way. I hope the golfers here would care more for this course as it is quite a gem in my opinion. I’m not sure what the best way to promote keeping the course better than you found it, but I hope the good conditions continue here.
Wow so it was almost four years since I’ve played here!
Played here on 11/10/22, 9:25 and finished the round at 1:35. There were two threesomes and two twosomes who went through our group- pretty fast players.
Pretty cold when we started- 48* but very little wind.
The course was in great shape with good grass coverage all throughout the course.
The greens were rolling very true in what I think was about 10 on stimp meter.
The bunkers had some good sand prep in a couple I was in but all others were looking good as well.
Fairways were nice and green with some roll and were closely mowed- not too much divots.
Roughs were lush and thin- 50/50 I think.
The teeing grounds were pretty level with some slightly tilted.
No beverage cart.
Staff were fantastic- very helpful accommodating and welcoming to our group.
The restaurant/bar is under construction and will probably be going on through June of next year. So bring your snacks until then.
Can’t wait to visit here again, SOON !!!
11/06/22 play day
7:30 delay to 7:45 (no big deal)
12:50 finished
48* at start
72* at finish
Easy check in with helpful staff

First time here. It was slow moving for about 5 holes then it was normal and fun after. Even the layout design starts out with short holes then it also became fun.
The greens were rolling good with a few occasional bumps but no big deal.
The bunkers have sand and the locals tell me that they haven’t had sand in a while- looks good and the two I got in were good.
The fairways were closely mowed and not so many divots. It was pretty lush like the rough- pretty uniformed and consistent without bare spots. The teeing grounds were in good shape and I can only remember one in the back that was undulated- makes it interesting to help some shot shapes… haha
It was fun and I really enjoyed it here.
Lookout for where your ball goes. People around doesn’t hesitate to pick up astray balls… from the same fairway you are playing.. haha. Once was actually in between fairways but twice in the same fairways were annoying. They put it back when you catch them but what if you don’t!!
Play date: 11/05/22
Tee time: 7:30. Shotgun
Finished: 12:38 ??
Beverage cart: None
Pro shop: Helpful and easy
Staff: Well organized shotgun
Marshals: they couldn’t do much with everyone being slow.

Started on hole #12 in 43 degrees that later warmed to low 60s. Partly cloudy day, but only 5 miles an hour winds so it was good.
The fairways were okay, nothing terrible, and it ran well with not much divots.
The greens were nice and rolled true. I just couldn’t read them well. It’s probably about 9.75 to 10.0 on a stimp.
The bunkers mostly has no sand (where my partner got in (i was not in any).
The rough in some areas were thick but more short and consistent in the 2-3 inch with occasional thin/bare spots.
Teeing ground were okay. Some bare spots and many divots but you can still find good spots to tee it.
All in all the course is fun and not difficult at all. There were a few doglegs that you won’t be able to see the fairway but not bad.
Fun course.
Late post. Play date 10/29/22
Gorgeous day of high 60s and mid 70s in clear skies.
Like what the previous review mentioned, the fairways and greens are great. The greens rolled smoothly (some unfixed ball marks but no big deal) maybe 10.5 which was very nice. The fairways were so nice and ran well, closely mowed and without much divots around the approach(es) areas. The rough was thick and you’ll need to keep an eye out on where it lands. The bunkers were in good shape and were conditioned nicely on a couple i was in.
Great stuff and still one of my favorite tracks.
$80 to ride. But I only wished this was a waking course though.
Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve played here last but the upstairs pro shop and dining is closed. Check in is downstairs next to the range ball dispenser. The snack window is open at the turn. No beverage cart.
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