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I played this course for the first time today. The fairways were a bit thin at times but not hardpanned. There were a few tee boxes that are under repair so because the black tees, blue tees and white tees are hitting from the same spots the tee boxes are pretty used up. The greens are pretty large making it a forgiving course. All around the course is in good shape, the pace of play was VERY slow but overall enjoyable.
For some reason the course looked as if it hadn't been watered in weeks. There were many bare spots throughout the course, sometimes right in the middle of the fairways. It looked like the course is having some construction done on it as there were some large mounds of dirt in between trees and many of the sand traps had at least a two feet of grass removed around the edge. The greens were over watered. Three times with a short iron my ball made a divot the size of the ball and didn't come out on the green. The pace of play was HORRIBLE. There was a twosome walking in-front of us and they had a fivesome riding in-front of them. We started at 8:00 a.m. and ended at 12:20 p.m. I saw a marshall three times while all three times we were waiting at the tee box for the twosome in front of us and the foursome behind us were also waiting with us on the tee box and all three times they said nothing to the groups ahead. Luckly I booked my tee time on a discount website, because if I had to pay Brookside's ridiclous green fees at full price I would have been even more upset. Anyone who is thinking about playing at Brookside make sure you play course #1 as generally they take better care of #1 over #2. LET'S HOPE SO!
I have played Sterling Hills before and was looking forward to playing it again, but this time I was a bit disappointed. First off, all the staff was more interested in the British Open then making sure everyone was at the first tee when they needed to be. My foursome was for 9:58, and we tee'd off at 10:26. Secondly, the fairways were cut really short and some area were over watered that at 2:00 they were still puddles when you walked and other parts of the fairways looked as if they hadn't been watered in weeks. The grass was brown and hard. The greens were pretty much the same. They were exteremly short and had no grip. I drove over fifty miles from the valley to get away from the heat today and from the crowds to play at a course with great weather and a great course condition. It was a bit hotter they I would have expected but still better then the valley, but for the course quality I could have played a municipal course.
I played the valley course at robinson ranch today for the first time. I had played the mountain course before and the valley course was just as great. The valley course plays a bit longer then the mountain course and has much more doglegs. The fairways have a lot of slope to them making it difficult to plan your tee shot. The greens were a bit firm making it a bit hard to get the ball to check-up. The fairways were smooth but around some of the sand traps and hazard areas (which there is a lot) the fairway was very hard. All around a great course that I look forward to playing again when it is not as HOT!
The pace of play was very slow because of the amount of walkers on the course. The fairways were dry and were pretty hard, and there were a lot of ball marks on the greens that had not been fixed. I played this course because my regular course had a tourny today so I had to find somewhere to walk onto. I hadn't played this course in nearly a year and now I remember way. Not worth the green fee. There are much better Los Angeles City courses to play than this one.
I just got back from Las Vegas where I played at the Wynn golf course. And in one word WOW!!!!!!! I took some pictures while I was on the course and will upload them in the coming days but for now all I have to say is WOW!!!!!!! From the begining when you enter the clubhouse you met your caddy and given a tour of the locker room that has a steamroom, showers, lockers and a contiential breakfast. After that you are taken to the driving range (Callaway Tour iX range balls) and then to the massive putting range followed by a chipping area that gives you two bunkers, a rough area and a large green to chip too. And then the course. The first hole has to be one of the easiest on the course (birdie baby!) but is still a challange. We played the back tees which gives you a yardage of 7042 Par 70. Here is a look at the scorecard.

Hole 1 406 par 4
Hole 2 198 par 3
Hole 3 447 par 4
Hole 4 449 par 4
Hole 5 386 par 4
Hole 6 163 par 3
Hole 7 535 par 5
Hole 8 469 par 4
Hole 9 238 par 3
Front 9 3291 par 34 (shot 41)
Hole 10 595 par 5
Hole 11 201 par 3
Hole 12 529 par 5
Hole 13 452 par 4
Hole 14 440 par 4
Hole 15 167 par 3
Hole 16 421 par 4
Hole 17 498 par 4
Hole 18 448 par 4
Back 9 3751 par 36 (shot 46)
Total 7042 par 70 (shot 87)

The one thing I learned from this course is that when you have the Stratosphere, Palazzo, Hilton, and the Riviera Hotel in the backround it makes the holes seem closer than they really are. I caught myself asking the caddie (Darren) "Are you sure that distance is right?" And of course it was right. I have never played with a caddie before and I have to say there is no way that I wouldn't have shot under 100 if it wasn't for the caddie. The way he could read all the breaks on the greens was very helpful because most of the times I was not thinking of the line he gave me as the way to go. And how he knew were to place every chip shot to put you within a few feet was amazing. He honestly saved me at least 10-12 strokes. The fairways were better then most greens that I have played on. No matter where you were on the fairway your ball was resting right on top with the perfect lie. The fairways were so nice that I felt bad when I hit an 8-iron a bit fat and took a large divot. But of course the caddie took care of it. The greens were so smooth that within our foursome I never saw a single putt jump as it made its way to the hole. They had just the right bit but were pretty quick (later Darren said that they were actually about mid-speed when we played) The rough was just long enough that it made it a thinking game if you can go for the green or have to lay-up, but short enough that if you really got on it you could get descent spin on the green.

I caught myself looking around at all the trees (some that have been there since the course was the Desert Inn country club and others transplanted from all-around the US) and forgetting that I was in the middle of the desert. The heat would bring me back to reality that I was in the middle of the desert, as it was 103 when we ended play a little after 1 p.m. We started at 8:15 a.m. One of the guys in our foursome is an architech that has played at St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Spyglass, Trump National just to name a few and he said in his own words, "This is the best course I have every played."

All I have to say is that with the $300 green fee, the course, the experience, the everything is worth much more. I would have easily paid double the fee to play at the Wynn. I have been wishing about playing at this course for years, and now that I have, I have already begun looking for an excuse to tell my girlfriend why I need to go back to Las Vegas. Because going to Vegas from here on out and not playing at the Wynn would be a shame. I will play this course again and again, mark my words. This course is the MECA of golf Courses.

I took around 20 photos while on the course and will upload them in a few days so everyone can see how amazing this course is. If anyone plans on playing this course after reading this let me know, I'll met you there.
I played this course yesterday at 6:12 a.m. and it still took a bit over 4 hours to play, there was a foursome in front were all walking and spent most of their time looking for their ball in the rough. The greens were in descent shape, but they were a little long, typical for a city course. There was no break to them what so ever and the rough looked like it hadn't been cout in weeks. The average length of the rough was around 5" The sand around the greens are filled with washed sand making it hard to get under the ball to get it to sit on the green. For being a non-resident paying $39 to play seemed like a resonable price at first but after playing I think the course is worth $25 tops.
I played this course yesterday for the first time and it was great. We played the back tees which made the round nearly 6,900 yards. The greens had great bit, the pace of play was perfect and the weather was great. The only issue with the course was that the fairways were pretty hard, it was fine with a fairway wood or long iron, but a bit of a struggle with a 9, PW, LW or GW. All around another course I will return to play even though it is over 60 miles away.
I played this course on Friday as a fivesome. The course was in good shape, but there were still a few greens that were a bit sandy. There was fog throughout the whole round which hurt ball flight a bit, but all around a good round of golf.
This is my home course. I usually play it around 2-3 times a month. I enjoy watching all the big hitters struggle with all the doglegs. It is not long long course, but it does force you to use all your clubs and all different types of shots. For the length and price, it is a great weekday play.
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