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Played 1/2/21 8am Very cold.... Winter has set it's claws, but course is still playing well.
Fairways dormant and very tight, but play just fine and consistent. Frost delays on many days. They have been painted green. Greens were in very good shape. Rolling nicely at a touch above medium and receptive.
There are few troubled areas mixed through out the course in the fairway's and even a couple spots on a couple of the greens, but mostly had little effect on play. Over all the course is playing in good to very good shape for winter conditions.
Played 11/28/20. Went for a drive with my pops to get him out of the house and stopped in to play a few holes. $55 for two Glf Moose deal is a good deal. We only played the front 9 and 3 holes of the back. As mentioned by Sixpence, the front is mostly flat and typical parkland design. The back is in the hills and has a completely different mtn. feel. Fairways were in good shape. Mixture of grasses with some dormant, but mostly green with good coverage. Greens were in very good shape and held shots wells. Ran a touch over medium with some down hill puts really wanting to run. Many of the tees were chewed up and un level but very manageable. Did not find any traps which was a good thing because they did not look good. They had the appearance of not having been raked in weeks, but there was a morning tournament so maybe that was the cause? Overall a fun course if you're in the area. The ONLY course in the area. Would of liked to have played more of the back 9, but it was very busy and slow and we had to get heading back. Small driving range off of mats and putting green. Old fashioned gas powered carts in decent shape. No GPS. Nice bar area & restaurant. Did not have anything to eat.
Played 11/22/20 8 am. $110. POP 3:45. The super hot & dry summer took a pretty good bite out of RH. 85% of the normally pristine fairways were in great to fantastic shape. The other 15% is a mixed bag of recovering areas. They are working on them to get them back into shape, but some my take a couple months. They consist of mostly thin soggie recovering grass areas. They are mostly visual, but there were a couple of large areas that were in the middle of the fairways. The 85% played fantastic. The greens were in great shape. Receptive and ran smooth. Posted 9.5 speed and I would say correct at a solid medium speed. There were a couple of the greens that had some trouble spots near the edges, but mostly in great shape. Found a couple of traps and they were perfect. Great service as always.
The main driving range was closed for reseeding, but you could drive to the other side and use that practice area. Never been down there. Much smaller hitting area, but some better aiming targets with pins over traps to hit at! A fantastic chipping areas with two greens & sand traps. If your a person who enjoys getting to a course earlier to use practice facilities, you'll love this area if it is open. The rack rate might seem a little steep for a course that is not in it's typical form, but still in overall great shape.
Played in the GK guru round 11/8/20. Second time playing this side and it helped a lot. Played the blues and it was a great golf test. Fairway's mostly green and in really good shape. Not much roll out, but they played fine. Greens were in very good shape and running at a little above medium pace with lots of subtle tricky breaks. Saw many putts break right at the hole after looking like they were going to drop. The Bermuda rough around the greens was tricky and required your full attention and perfect contact. Service was great. A fun and enjoyable test of your game.
Played 11/8/20 After the GK Event was rained out,, Fellow GKer Matt and I decided to give East County a try. We got a few sprinkles but most just cool & damp. One hole of heavy rain that soaked us, but then cleared out. Course was in overall good condition. Fairways brown but played great, just firm and fast. Greens were great. Very fast even with the 3/4" of rain they got. So glad that Barona is back. Love this course. Note. They no longer honor the old classic card. Needs to be Platinum or above to get discounted rates, $100 after 11am a little steep, but a great course in good to great condition.
Nov. 1 projected opening. Course is looking very green. Cool fly over to see new hole changes. With new bunkering & green complexes. Looks like they are adding a little more bite to the course.

GK plays in the future ???
Played Friday evening round 10/9/20 The course has rebounded very nicely after the hot summer put a little hurt on it. Fairway's very green & lush bermuda. Great to hit from! Rough was typical for this course. Some areas great and others non-existent. Greens were in very good shape. Ran mostly true with typical afternoon Poana. Some were firmer than others, but all had decent stopping ability. Running around medium speed. Course was very busy and a little slow. 3 pm Tee off and we got through 16 holes. Would of had no problem finishing with out all the waiting we did. If you get a chance to play a twilight round here, there really is no better course in SD. Highly recommend.
Played in the GK Guru round with Jim, Matt & Johnny. Lots of laughs and just a darn good time. Third time playing this side and I enjoyed it. Pretty straight forward design with a couple of change ups mixed in. Concur with the previous course reviews. Course was in over all great shape. I thought the fairway's were fantastic. Ball sat perfectly and gave you great confidence to swing away. Some of the best that I have played in a while. Found many traps on the day. A couple in the fairway and a couple greenside. They were all consistently firm compacted sand and some were wet as well. The greens were in fine shape, but had been sanded not too long ago and were putting really slow for my taste. They were firm, but pitches and shots still checked and they ran fairly true. You just had to give the ball a pretty good wack to get the ball anywhere near the hole. They looked faster and that added to the chore of convincing yourself to hit the ball harder. I suspect they will improve quickly. The home stretch from the blues challenges your game, with most of the Par 4 over 400 into the prevailing wind. A fun course in very good to great shape.
Played in the GK outing 8-16-20 with Rob, Jerry & Johnny. Great golfing company on a very fun course. The summer heat has taken a bite, but the course is still playing well. Three weeks ago the fairway's were mostly green, but now there were many dried and brownout areas in the fairway's. But, even if you found one, the turf still played great. Greens were in great shape. Held shots well and ran at a good medium pace. Noticed a few bumps and wobbles, but mostly ran great. Traps very firm and Tee boxes typical Mt. Woodson fair. Over all in very good to great shape despite the Hot temps. Today on 8/18/20 it got to 107 !!! Easy recommend if you can get out early or prepare for warm temps.
Played front 9 only 8-7-20
course was is in over all great shape. Fairways very lush and green. Not a lot of roll, but great lies. Greens were fantastic. Held most shots, smooth at a couple of clicks above medium. Perfect speed in my opinion. Beautiful and typical mountain course. More room then most mountain courses from Tees. If in the area a good addition to the other 2 main attraction courses and with a total of 5 courses to play, a decent choice of the rotation. Absolutely love the Graeagle area.
Played 7-24-20 10 am Play 4.75 hrs.
Course was in over all Fair to good shape. Fairways were mostly in good and even great shape. Some very soggy mushy areas and some dry burnt areas
mixed through out. Most of the time found good to great lies. Mountain course so rough was a mixture of tall grass or wooded areas. Most Fairways had decent landing areas, but if you strayed too far in either direction there is plenty of trouble. Bunkers decent and predictable, but sadly the greens had many issues.
The good areas were just fine, but many sick and dead areas on almost every green. The good parts were a little bumpy and looked slow, but ran quicker then they looked. The course is still playable and worth a day, but on the rough side. The layout is fun in my opinion. There are a couple of difficult hole designs that can be frustrating, but mostly just challenging and fun. I enjoy the routing as it takes you through the forest with only a few homes around at this time. Good mixture of short hole with a couple veery long mountain holes. Small driving range area but a fantastic after round drink area. Even with the less then great conditions still a fun day to be had if you can enjoy golf in beautiful mountain settings.
Enjoyed a round with fellow GKr's 7/8/20 1:45. Have only played this course one time before many years ago and was looking forward to playing it again. It was a fun day with Dconnally & Ratpatrol. Course was in overall good condition. Fairways had great coverage and mostly green & lush. Had good lies most of the day. Rough was a mixture. Some areas thick and some thin. Greens were mostly in very good condition. Some were in great shape and others were recovering with many ball marks but still in fine shape. Some have been enlarged and are still blending, but did not cause any issues. Mostly soft and ran at at about medium pace. I found so many bunkers, I should have brought my beach chair. They were in very good to great shape. Sand was mostly soft and consistent. I enjoyed the fun layout. It requires a variety of shots that I thought were fun. A good mixture of lengths. Service was great. Grill was open and had a burger before the round and it was good. Easy access to get to from the toll road 125 or down the city streets. Will definitely be back.
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