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Save your money. This course is about the condition it was in 4-5 years ago. Very little coverage on the fairways, rough is just big clumps of grass and the cart paths would make for better bunkers. Even with closing your club face you couldn't dig into the bunkers. It says they did maintenance in early April so why is there punch holes on 1/2 the greens?
I see they did maintenance about a month ago but you wouldn’t know it. Greens beat up,pebbles in bunkers. It’s basically the same as it was a month ago.
I think the course was in better condition before maintenance. Rough is very inconsistent with more weeds than grass. Oh well the, keep in the fairway. Problem? The last 2 weeks it took roughly 4 hours or less to play, today? Back to 5 hours and still no way to know how far the hole is. It takes time to drive up to the green,see where the hole is and then drive back to the ball.
The course is in really good shape. Keep up the good work. Now the bad. Played this course twice last week and yesterday. All 3 rounds were over 5 hours and this was with tee times around 8AM. Use to take around 4 hours but lately, what a mess. Marshal says it's because they can't force the slow groups to speed up as they are paying customers. Ha ha ha. I remember a couple of years ago they asked us to move faster as were making the turn at the 2 hour mark. Maybe if Sean would get out of his office and see what's going on but I doubt it. Also, was advised not to complain to Sean as he does not take criticism well.
.Played today and course is in the best shape I can remember being in. Green and lush. Even the fairways had really good coverage. My ball even sat down on a few fairways like it would in short rough. Most likely keeping them a little longer because of the heat. Now the weird part, all the flags were yellow. No red,white,or blue. The starter said it was because the white flags were dirty so they replaced 6 flags with 18 other flags. But the problem was, no rhyme or reason as to placement. The first 3 greens were up front, then back, then up front again and then 2 middle. We found ourselves driving up to the green to see where they were located for our approach shots. Just slowed everyone down. Don't think the GM gave any thought to this.
Played there on Sunday. The fairways and greens were in good condition. However, the grounds between the houses and the course were ugly, and unkept, and the practice range looked like a dirt bowl, couldn't see where yellow balls landed.
Course is in aok shape for just coming out of maintenance 2 weeks ago. But really, an early morning tee time and it took over 5 hours!!!
Course is in good shape but I don't understand how with all the rain we received the fairways were rock hard. Makes no sense. Your thoughts?
Has to be a better way to reseed the tee boxes other than closing them all down at once. How about 1/2 for a month then the other 1/2. Probably wouldn't have been that bad if this course was level but temporary tees were either up hill or down hill with a few above or below your feet.
Played today to see if course was fixed. The answer, NO. Greens were slow and all had many bare spots. Grass around the greens was cut nice and you could chip but run off just a little and you had to gouge the ball out as the rough was at least 6 inches and sometimes even hard to locate the ball if you missed the green on your approach shot. Maybe gas is expensive and that's why the 6 inch rough or more.
course is in beautiful shape as always and right now even better than usual. The reason? Next Tuesday 5/31 they are staging a Senior US Open qualifier.
It's been about 2 months since I played here so I went out yesterday 7/30 hoping for the better, I got the worse. Not sure why they just don't fill in the bunkers and make them grass bunkers, they have never been any good. Greens were inconsistent and bumpy. Guess I'll wait for another 2 months and give it another try. Someday it will be nice again as it was 4-5 years ago.
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