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Have not played in a while due to knee replacement surgery, but was able to get out and hit the funny white ball around for a bit today. Played in the morning 7:00 am start.

Staff was friendly and on time, I thought of this course fron years ago that it was what I call a dog track.

Although there are parts that need attention, I was pleasantly met with almost perfect greens, and boy are they small. They rolled and looked very nice.

The tee boxes were really nice also , with some un-level spots. I have seen a lot worse.

I was only in one bunker that had wet sand in it, but for the most part they are raked and had good coverage.

Fairways were the best I've seen here for sure. Near the end of our round though they had sprinklers going in the middle of the fairways. I thought it was a nuisance, but it also showed why the course has turned around in greenery throughout the playing areas.

The course is forgiving off the tee, with some challenging par threes. Like I said the greens here are tiny. Pretty flat too. Overall I enjoyed the conditions . The price was very good.

Grass range was nice to hit off of, but the landing area was sketchy.

Not beverage service but the clubhouse has a nice patio area to relax in after the round.
That is if you can get used to the cow smells in the vacinity across the street.

Good value here and good conditions on a so so layout. I would play here again.
Played evening time started at 5:30 good pace of play. Greens held shots well. Good playing golf with friends. That’s about all the good stuff. Greens are punched , putts were anything but true.
Worst Teebox’s as I’ve ever been on in my life. Not level and barely any grass patches large enough for a club to address the ball.
This course has lights, but about four tee boxes were dark.
Hard packed bunkers, fringes and rough were decent
Range is packed, they must have a club deal cause the prices are outrageous for individual buckets. $13 for medium and 17 for a large. Really? 1/2 the balls are junk balls also
Not wanting to go back here.
Played Saturday 9:20. Perfect weather course was really nice. Fairways and greens were perfect. Rough was dormant and some areas were penalizing others were not. A lot of mounds and valleys if you’re offline off the tee, small greens were receptive and it was hard to see where the ball landed.
Played from the gold tees and most of the fairways are wide. There is a lot of water on this course with some shots needing to carry.

I didn’t experience any bunkers myself, but observing playing partners, they complained about hard pan in a couple traps. Being there are no rakes due to COVID perhaps not overly filled.

Tee boxes had many divots but no issue finding a spot.

Pretty flat course, nice layout. Nice visuals on par 3’s

Enjoyed the course, didn’t see much of a clubhouse.

Beverage cart came by once just as I was hoping for it!

Will play again here.
Played yesterday afternoon. First time out in quite awhile. Had a great time.
no practice areas open before the round. They have a beverage cart service under an ez up tent near the first tee. We started off on the back nine. Course is in nice shape. The greens were a little bumpy, you could see the grass was a little long. It was hot, and pretty breezy, to me that's comfortable.
I wasn't expecting much from my play, after a nice drive to start the day I proceeded to hit my first iron shank of the day. Decided I would then count shanks for the day instead of three putts!!
Playing the back nine into the wind coming in, the 18th was going to be a lay up for me with a putt for par. Ended up two putt bogey, I was happy.
Bunkers were wind blown without rakes, but an easy escape knowing how the ball might react.
Tees and fairways were excellent. Sorry to not have any repair sand mix for the fairways.
The rough was lush.

Love the course, and so happy to be back out there. 87 not a great score but went home smiling.
Was able to play on Wednesday mid day. Starter was very friendly and paired me up with a twosome that happen to be from orange county. Pace was a little slow as we waited a minute or so on every shot it seemed. The guys dropped off after nine though and I jumped ahead one group of another twosome. They were kids (18-19) that worked the cart barn at the course. They were beginner golfers and must have lost two dozen balls on the back nine. They kept hitting extra tee shots and most likely added to the wait time. The front nine two guys probably lost one dozen.
I really enjoyed the course and lay out. I did lose three balls myself although I was hitting the ball pretty welll. Most of the holes were straight forward wysiwyg, except for one short dog leg left, thet I thought ok cut the corner a touch. Wrong... lost ball.
The greens were very receptive and were good rolling, although I found them to be a little slower than the practice green.
Traps were nice , the rough was not too penalizing but anything errant was in the tall stuff or reeds and not much of a chance of finding the ball.
The weather was really great , even though it was somewhat inland from the coast, and a little warm at times. The coast which was perfect weather as we were staying in Carslbad for the week.
There was no beverage cart out on the course, but a nice small snack/sandwich/drink station at the clubhouse, which also is very small.
But the friendly staff and quick service was welcomed.

I would definitely play this course often if I lived close by. As we vacation yearly in Carlsbad, I will make it a priority to get back out here. Maybe even sooner.
I missed reporting this course last weekend. GK event, first time at this course, I thought I was going to the wrong place as you enter a private housing development. Once at the course though it is very welcoming, seeing the ball pyramids on the range with pure white range balls was great. The rye grass greens were receptive and smooth rolling with subtle breaks and fairly fast. The shape and color though was difficult to manage on the course. It was hard to tell the difference of where the greens started and the low rough/fringe started. There were some pin positions that were in such a small part of the green it was surprising. Fairways were excellent, but again unless you had a plan view of the hole from the tee you couldn't tell on some holes how wide the landing area was. They looked pretty narrow from the tees (we played blues). There were more bunkers on this course than I have ever seen. Deep punishing fairway traps must be avoided. While I have not played many courses out here, the holes were too similar to me to be memorable. I will have to visit many more courses out here to want to return to this course. A great facility here , so I would recommend a visit for the experience.
Teed off about 11:50 and it took 4-1/2 hours or so to get around, mainly because we had a first timer and a very deliberate slow way about swinging the club.
The course was in decent shape. Fairways were nice as long as you were in the center. The rough is a mixed bag of clumpy grasses and thin lies. There were some extra tree branches from the storm that passed through yesterday but the course had no evidence of being wet anywhere. Must have good drainage or the pouring rain we had in San Dimas missed Green River course.

The greens were receptive and rolled pretty good. A few bumps here and there but the ball marks were pretty well taken care of. Kudo's to the patrons as the ball definitely made their mark on approach shots.

Sand traps are very shallow sand , club bottoms out quickly, beware.

Tee boxes were lush but had many divots. Footing carefully placed and no other issues.

There are a lot of trees on the course and the layout is good. Although the new layout has five par 3's (some long ones) and five par 5's. I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

It was breezy and club choice was mostly against the wind take one or two extra kind of day.

Enjoyed the round and will be coming back . Good deal with the GK Coupon
Played on Sunday Nov 1 my birthday. Last minute decision to go out there, glad I did. The weather was perfect. Got joined up with a couple good guys, they were 10 to 15 years older than me but we had a good time out there.

The fairways were nice and the rough was long enough to lose a couple balls in as we found out. I was somewhat disappointed in the greens. They are not quite done healing from some maintenance. Should be back to normal shortly though. The greens held shots nicely. The subtle breaks were there and a few bouncy rolls made for a medium slow pace.

The beverage cart came by more than a couple times. There was not a stitch of wind all day. There are a couple bunkers being re worked, no sand at all in them. Marked though ground under repair. Friendly service and a great layout.

Sadly their hedge bushes spelling out 'goosecree ' is in need of some vitamin 'K'

That 18th hole is a bear. I just might have to join the outing later this month.
Late responder here, played last Friday afternoon. I was excited to get back here to this fairly local course for me. I had accidentally booked a tee time online and had to call the course to tell them I could not make the time I had clicked on. They looked it up and without hesitation asked what I needed and re booked the time for Friday that I wanted. So the front end service was great. Good rate for the afternoon.

This course was re built over the past 2 to 3 years it seems like it took forever.
The lay out was not too different than before from what I remember. I thought they could have done so much more. Same club hole after hole it seemed as the yardages were too similar.

I really thought the course was going to be in good condition, wow, what a disappointment. Greens were receptive but so slow , bumpy and what I call furry. The usual, lousy greens means nobody fixes any ball marks. But then again the ninth green had no ball marks, just hard packed dirt with no grass near the pin.

Tee boxes were hard as a rock, I finally just started dropping the ball on a lump of grass since the tee would not penetrate.

We were a two some following 2 six somes. Yes six. No marshall just wait...
and wait some more. We asked the threesome behind us to join, but they said they didn't mind waiting. So my friend and I just stayed separate.
The weather was perfect and we had a lot to talk about, so it was ok. Ridiculous but ok.

They did have a beverage cart going around which was nice. We were able to finish just before dark, took just under four hours. A par 59 course. I shot 62.

Even with the discounted afternoon rate, I don't see myself returning here. I can play full size courses for about the same rate and much better condition, and hole variety.

Maybe that is what they were after in the design, take four clubs and go.
Played this afternoon. Teed off at 11:51.
Perfect weather. Course is is great condition. This is the first time I have played this course. I would play a couple tee shots differently next go around.
Greens are large and held shots perfectly. They were true and semi fast. Some extra ball marks to repair here and there. I played out of one bunker, no issues at all. Nice sand. Some people just don't care that anyone plays behind them.
Fairways were great. Rough was really tough to get out of. The ball just disappeared . A fine test of golf. Pretty generous fairways. Tighter on the back nine. Rough was penalizing. Back nine was much tougher than the front.
Beverage cart came by a couple times. Met some nice people out there. A couple from Germany on their last day of vacation. Wayne from Arizona, it was a pleasure.
I would play this course again. I happen to be vacationing in Carlsbad this week also.
Played Wednesday afternoon. Starter gal was very accommodating and got right out. Only $20 after 2:30. Easily finished. Met a really great guy named Kim. He was a fairly new golfer with a great swing. We had a nice experience out there. Slight breeze all afternoon. Course is in pretty nice condition, although it is getting brown in a few areas. Not surprised at that. Some thin lies but very playable. The worst thing about the course is the tee boxes. Severe divot damage and not level on several of them. Sand traps were nice. Greens were verticut a while back and rolled pretty well. The fivesome in front of us played at a good pace, but did not take a second to fix their ball marks or rake any sand. Very disrespectful in my opinion. I had some blow up holes but also had plenty of birdie opportunities. This is a good track. Need to play a few times to get the green breaks here and there. Pace of play here can be an issue at times, but it is a fun course to play. I found the GPS on the cart to be off an the yardage a little, but it is sure helpful. There are good tips on the GPS . I will return.
Played Sunday GK event. I enjoyed the course. Although the fairways were not very fair, in that the lies were a mixed bag. A lot of bare spots, tight lies on dry areas. Some clumpy grass in the near edges of the fairways. I did not get to experience any traps all day, but they looked very good. The greens rolled very well. They were also not truly consistent on holding shots coming in, but overall fair. It would be a course I would play often if I lived closer. Some of the tee boxes had such hard dirt, it was sketchy finding a spot. The air seemed heavy to me. It was overcast all day and it seemed the ball did not go as far as usual. Either that or I am getting old and remember the day..
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