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Played yesterday as part of the mens club. Teed off at 7:30 and it was a tad nippy out there to start. The sun did come out and felt a little better. Conditions are still pretty solid. It had rained on Monday so the greens seemed to be a bit more receptive. If it hadn't it seemed like they'd be pretty firm. I did notice that the poa seems to be peaking through on the greens so some putts could be a little bumpy. Green speed was about medium not too outrageous.

Rough is still juicy. I did lose 2 balls in them and I didn't hit it too far off the fairway. I was able to hit a wood on 10 so it just depends on the luck of the draw.

Fairways were good but they certainly seemed tighter being this close to the tournament. Some divots out there but most looked as if they had been filled or maybe I didn't hit enough fairways to notice.

Wasn't in a bunker but they looked decent.

Finished right around 4 hours so pace wasn't an issue that early. I believe they are punching the first couple weeks of March so conditions are pretty good to play if you can get a time.
A friend got the second time out on Sunday which was right before a mixed couples tournament. Pace was right under 4 hours so no issue with that.

Greens were decent. They were still pretty soft after the rains last week and I thought a few were inconsistent. I forget which ones but seems to check pretty good and some rolled out. Pace was average or medium if you like. There is a reason it's called NBC and putts are pretty straight forward. Some unrepaired ball marks even as the second group out.

Fairways were good and nice to hit from but there seems to be quite a bit of unfilled divots. I don't remember any dead or bare areas but there may be a couple out there.

Rough is not penal at all. Pretty much can hit any club out of it. The only issue with the rough is the trees which all balls seem to be behind.

Tee boxes need to be leveled. Some are crowned and some have divot damage but there was always a spot to tee off from. Since the course is shorter you have multiple options off the tee here which probably contributes to these divots.

Bunkers were good. Its nice to hit a bunker with actual sand in it. There were several bunkers that need to be raked. Looked like some of them hadn't been touched in a couple of days.

Overall enjoyable walk and the scenery is nice. Always good to get out at Nado.
Played in the GK/GolfMoose outing last week. A little late on the post because I think I got a little sick after finishing in some cold windy conditions which I wasn't prepared for. Hadn't played here for a few years and I'd say its a completely different course. The course is pretty much completely open except for the houses which surround the property. There were some holes which driver was not the play but now it seems like you can pretty much rip driver on every hole.

Greens here are really the highlight. The scary part is they were pretty quick but they can get these much quicker. Little subtle breaks too that didn't look that obvious at first make these greens a little tricky. Greens rolled smooth and didn't see much in the way of ball damage.

Fairways were great. Had some good roll out and I don't remember any significant bad or bare areas there. Seems like the members and staff take care of their divots because I didn't notice many unfilled ones.

Rough isn't too penalizing but the ball could settle down in the grass. I'm not sure what kind of grass this was but it's not super lush thick grass but certainly had me change club selections because of the lie.

Bunkers were really good. Some of these have some deep faces where you'll need to get the ball up quick. Plenty amount of sand in there to splash the ball out.

Overall a very enjoyable round with Gary, Ron and Mark. If you get an opportunity to play here you should look into it.
I'm not sure if my expectations for this were higher than they should be but a month after the fall maintenance I thought the conditions were going to be way better than they are.

On the greens I still see evidence of where the punched holes. The greens were actually pretty quick but they were still a little bumpy. Quite a few ball marks too. I repaired quite a few on every green.

The fairways have way too many unfilled divots. Its been a while since I've seen multiple balls in divots in the same round but that streak was broken. There are still parts of the fairway that are still growing back.

Rough is still growing in and not as penalizing as you'd think. I'd actually say the North rough is way tougher than the South. We were still able to hit some high irons out of them.

I'm not sure I've ever given out a 1 rating before but I had to for these bunkers and tee boxes. I think these bunkers are a joke. There is way too much sand on the face of the bunkers and not enough on the bottom/flatter areas. It's perplexing. Quite a few bunkers were very wet on the bottom as well. The tee boxes haven't been moved since the maintenance. They are worn out, bare dirt in some parts and just plain awful. All the tees are bunched and moved up. The funny part is the pros don't even play these tee boxes so I'm not sure why they can't move them.

We were 3rd out and finished in about 3 hours 45 minutes. When we were on 16 group behind us was on the 14th green and the group behind them was on the 11th green. Leave it up to a couple of groups to slow it down for everyone the rest of the day.

I can't say I enjoyed the golf here and will probably wait 3-4 weeks to come back. Sad to say to me the course is only worth playing about 3 months out of the year.
Played on Saturday and man was the wind howling out there. I ended up hitting a 9 iron 90 yds and an 8 iron 220 yds. It was more of a mental grind.

Greens were very good. They certainly seemed faster than they looked because balls seemed to roll out a bit more than I expected. I think there were one or 2 greens that had some issue on them but I can't remember which hole it was (#11 I think was one).

Fairways were in great shape. A few divots out there but nothing bad. I don't think there were many bare spots or bad areas. Pretty good coverage and a nice roll on well hit shots.

Rough was juicy but I don't think it was too penal. Some areas definitely had more than others and some spots by the greens were pretty thick.

Tees were great no issue with them. All had good coverage and even the par 3s didn't have too much divot damage.

Sand was good. Really white and almost blinding to a point. Consistent throughout the course from fairways to greenside.

Course is in really nice shape and should be on your list to play. Always a pleasure playing the goose.
Played here a couple of times over the past week. Once was a casual weekend round and one was a weekday mens club event. Shockingly the weekend was a horrendous pace. Took close to 5 hours teeing off at 7:45ish. The weekday round was better at a 4:15 pace and we teed off at 7:20ish. There was a group holding up the weekend round, guys thought they owned the course I guess.

The greens were different both rounds due the rain we had earlier this week. They were rolling pretty firm prior to that. I even chipped a ball that landed just a few feet on and had it roll off. Conversely if you land a ball short the grass just gobbles up the ball and doesn't release as much. With the rain the greens did soften up but I'd imagine it will revert back after it dries out a bit. For as firm as the greens were I don't think the pace was super fast but probably a good above average pace. I did repair quite a few ball marks.

Fairways were good. Some wet spots after the rain and they have tightened it up a little in preparation for the tournament. There is some unrepaired divot damage out there. I wish they would have bottles of sand for the walkers to carry.

Rough is getting thick. While its not the thickest it is certainly on its way. As a group we did lose a couple balls in there. They did cut down the rough during the week and even though it was cut it is still juicy and not all areas are cut down.

Tee boxes are generally good but there are a couple of tee boxes that there was no grass. All the course had to do was move it up or back a couple of yards and it would be fine but it seems like they've left it in the same spot for a month.

Sand in my opinion is the worst part of the course. I can't understand why there is 2 feet of sand on the face of the trap and yet minimal sand on the flatter/bottom parts of the traps. A couple of plugged lies and balls on down slopes sorry but this falls on the course staff for this type of maintenance.

Tee times are still impossible to come across unless you get one at the last minute. Looks like they are pretty booked up a month in advance.
Played the last couple of weekends here and the course is in really nice shape and getting even better. I thought the greens were a little on the slower side first time I played but they have definitely picked up the pace last weekend. Greens are pretty smooth and not many unrepaired ball marks that I had to fix.

Fairways were nice and provided some good roll out. A few wet spots from watering. We did have some balls that ended up with quite a bit of mud on it so these areas were in area of play.

Rough wasn't too deep but whatever this grass is the ball can really settle down in it making for some sticky lies. Some parts of the rough are not bad thou.

Tee boxes were great, always a spot to tee from and I don't remember that much in divot damage. All seemed pretty level too.

Bunkers were good. I had no issues in any of them and I was able to hit the shots I wanted. Not super soft and not hard panned either.

Overall very good conditions with nice facilities.
Played this morning and teed off a little after 7. We finished right around 3 hours 45 minutes and waited on almost every shot but not bad at all. Overall course was in much better condition than I expected being so close to fall maintenance. Quite a bit of over night watering as there were many areas that were pretty damp. In fact my ball embedded on my approach on 12 and if one of the guys in our group didn't have his ball close to mine I probably would have never found it. I thought the greens were pretty good and rolled well just maybe a little slow to my liking. The sign posted said it was rolling at 11. Fairways had some good roll and nice coverage. I didn't remember any significant bad areas, maybe a few spots here and there. Rough wasn't bad and I didn't think it was too penal. Tee boxes were good. Even the par 3s were in good shape. Customer service was great, an overall enjoyable experience and hopefully the course recovers quickly.
Played the here the last couple of days. First is they are punching the North on Tuesday and the South in 2 weeks. Overall pretty solid conditions here and paying $52 with the civilian rate seems like pretty good bang for my buck. Greens were in good shape however they were a little slow for my taste. A few ball marks here and there but nothing outrageous. Fairways were in good shape. Given the size property its pretty easy to see why it's hard to keep up but good lies. They did have some of those lawn type sprinklers watering some areas so there were some wet spots. Rough is not penal and there are certainly some dead areas in there. I probably only had one really bad lie that I hit and prayed on. Tee boxes were pretty good and even the par 3s were decent. There were some new tee boxes since I last played here that made those holes a little different. Bunkers didn't look great but actually played much nicer than some other course I've played lately. You're actually able to thump the sand and make a good shot out of it.
Played here in a tournament yesterday and we teed off a little after 8. Finished right at 4 1/2 hours. Since the course is scheduled to shut down on 11/1 for a year to prepare for the NCAA I'll keep this review pretty brief.

Greens were in great shape. I missed judged the speeds on some because some seemed faster than others but that could be moi. A couple of ball marks here and there but nothing too bad. Rolled pretty smooth.

Fairways and rough were good. Some iffy spots here and there but generally pretty decent lies in the fairways and the rough was not too penalizing.

We played the back tee boxes and they were great too since they are not used too much. Some of those tee boxes were way back and made for some long holes.

These bunkers are probably the worst I've played. There were a ton of small rocks in them. Very thin and one fairways bunker I was in was actually firmer than the cart path. I'm guessing they are just adding sand in here being this close to the shut down. I was in quite a few of them which was frustrating but played pretty well out of them.

Glad I got to play it one last time and looking forward to the changes that they have planned. See you in 2024.
Played here as part of the mens club this morning and just wanted to update my review a couple of weeks ago. 2nd out so pace was 3 hours 45 minutes and that is pretty much the highlight.

Greens are better but still not completely recovered from the punching. The fairways and rough are mostly brown and ready for overseeding which is still 2 weeks away. Honestly it seems like its ready for overseeding now. I wasn't in any bunkers but they looked decent and I did see maintenance guys raking them this morning.

At this time I can't recommend this to anyone in its current state. You're definitely better off waiting until November.
Played in the mens club yesterday. Went out in the 3rd group (4th group out with walkons as the first group). Overall pace was 3 hours 45 minutes which was great.

Greens are 2 weeks from punching and I'm guessing it will probably take another month for the greens to completely heal. Greens were pretty sandy and with the moisture in the morning the ball picked up sand pretty quickly. Punch holes still pretty evident. I'm playing again in 2 weeks so I'll update this to see how quickly it's coming.

Fairways are ok, some unrepaired divot damage in common areas. Not too bad though and some decent roll out on them. Some thinner areas but still good coverage.

Rough is dicey. Some really good areas and some really bare areas. The rough is not thick at all but I did have some lies on dirt. I'm guessing this will continue until overseeding.

Was in 2 traps. One fairway and one greenside and both were consistent. Some seemed like they needed to be raked. But generally no complaints about the quality of the sand and by that there was some.

Tee boxes are a little beat up on the par 3s but always found a spot.

FYI overseeding is scheduled for mid to late September so it might be best to wait until end of October/November for the course to completely heal.
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