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Played Sunday around 9. Greens surprisingly good after punching. Should be great in a few weeks but not as bad as we were prepared for. The over seeding actually was more of the problem. Tees had long grass and hard to find some spots to tee it up due to the long fluffy grass. Rough was just that and lots of water on the course. Traps great and customer service good too. Enjoyed the day even with bumpy, punched greens
Played Saturday at 1030. Course packed but pace not bad, about 415. The course was very wet, don’t know why they are watering so much but it was crazy how many fairways and rough areas that were muddy. Greens are a mess, number 4 should be completely replaced and whoever is doing the spraying of the pesticides has wrecked the edges of all of the greens. I guess all the good supers are over at Torrey getting it ready for the open, so screw balboa. Cart girl was awesome and saw here 3 or 4 times, bunkers were in good shape too. I love this track but the city really needs to give this course some love.
Played Saturday and it is a shame they are punching in a week or so. Greens are fast and really fun right now and in great shape. Fairways are good and typical hard and fast, rough is hit and miss but not bad, bunkers were ok but mixed bag of fluffy to wet but all had good coverage of sand and were playable. Tee boxes were the worst part of the course and are becoming un-level on a few of them. Great customer service but bring cash as bev cart only takes cash. Fun track if you can play it.
Played on Saturday morning and pace was good, no waiting and finished in under 4:30, which is great for the crossings. Greens great and rolled smoothly. Fairways lush and rough was exactly that, rough. Balls settled to the bottom all day and it was very thick. 2nd shots and chips were challenging and needed your full attention. Tee boxes nice and sand was good all day.
Course is in great shape and is a fun challenge right now, especially with the rough up like it is right now. Good to play in the morning because the greens get pretty beat up throughout the day because they are fairly soft. Putting can be a tough in the afternoon.
Played the Creek/Stonehouse combo and the courses are in great shape. Greens rolled fast and were in great shape. Fairways were perfect and the rough was uniform and good. Sand was unracked and could be hit or miss but that is typical with Covid. The greens were as good as any course in north SD or Temecula that I have played recently. Really fun and well worth the $45 dollar green fee. Only issue was the $20 a guy for a cart fee.

Get out and Play the Creek, great conditions now.
Played thursday afternoon and the course was very busy but played in about 4:30, so not terrible. Course itself is in great shape. Greens were great but a little on the slow side but rolled very true. Fairways perfect, tee boxes have a few areas that are not flat but always had some spots you could find that were flat, sand was in good shape and great for having no rakes.
Cart girl was great and around often and check in and everything went smooth with good customer service all around.
Fun day and worth it today.
Played ElDo Tuesday and got around in under 4 hours. Course is in good to great shape with the only real problem being the sand traps, most hard and not cared for but that is what we deal with in Covid times. Greens were a little bumpy but were rolling well and had some speed to them. Fairways lush and never a bad lie if you were in them. Rough was enough to make you think and had some really thick areas around the greens. Love the layout of this course and it is in good shape right now.
Played on Friday and the course is in nice shape. Pace was good, no waiting. Greens great, soft and smooth and fairly speedy. Lots of unrepaired ball marks, fix your pitch marks folks. Tees nice, fairways in great shape and rough uniform. Fantastic customer service and overall really fun day. Expensive for what it is but fun track overall and in good shape.
Played on Thursday the 21st and the course is in great shape. The only issue all day was the Temp green on 7 is still in play during the week and it sucks. The overall shape of the course is fantastic and we were able to play in 3 1/2 hours with individual carts and spacing of the tee times. Course felt like it was our own Country Club. I wish they spaced the tee times out like this all the time. Fairways and greens were great and sand in the bunkers was great. Rough is up but I think that is true with everywhere right now.

Great time to play this place.
Played E Ranch on Sunday with an 830 tee time. Course is in great shape, as most are right now, with the exception of a few bunkers with grass in them but the course was in the process of cleaning them up. a few were GUR. Greens are in good shape and are almost recovered from the punching a couple of weeks ago. They had pins in the right spots and they rolled about medium speed and held the lines. Everything else is in great shape and pace was nice. Still not worth the money but it is a fun track where you can spray it and still score.
Played on a Tuesday afternoon and course is in fantastic shape. Fairways the best I have ever seen out here, easily. Rough is thick and plentiful and will impact your game. Sand traps were in good to great shape, even without the rakes. Lots of mowing going on and it needs it. The greens were a little soft but rolled fine, not super fast but nice. Tee boxes fluffy enough to try and cover up the fact that a lot of holes and not very flat lies exist on most of them but still as good as they have been. It only took 4 hours to play walking. Go play costa mesa now while you can finish a round in less than 6 hours.
Played Saturday at 11. Course in covid mode but check in was easy and no waiting. Teed off on time and played without waiting all day. Lots walking but they also had carts. Course was in great shape, rough lush and hard to advance the ball at times. Fairways great with a few patches marked as gur clearly. Bunkers were great even without the rakes, greens were soft and a little bumpy but were rolling fast. Great customer service and I think the staff is as happy as the golfers that they are open.
Fun track and has some fun holes. Get out and enjoy the sun
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