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Played here today (Saturday 7/2) with a 2:15 tee time. I just happened to see a single available on Thursday morning. $39 walking rate. Paired with 3 other singles and we started right on time. Two rode, me and another guy walked. By the fourth hole, we could see the foursome two groups ahead had the entire par 5 fifth hole open in front of them. They let the twosome in front of us play through but we waited on them all day, but POP was still solid at just under four and a half hours. Beautiful day and always nice to beat the heat in San Clemente, although it was a little warm and slightly humid today.

Conditions are mixed. Greens are in great condition and far and away the highlight. They are smooth, medium-fast and medium firmness. Full shots generally took a small hop and then stopped quickly. Fairways are mostly good condition (sometimes great) but nearly all holes have occasional browning in spots. The rough is not that great with a mix of decent grass, clumpy grass, weeds/clover, and bare spots. I wasn't in any bunkers but they looked pretty good. The first few tee boxes were terrible (weeds and/or clover seemed to be the only thing growing) but they got progressively better further into the course. Glad to be able to tee it up.

I hadn't played here since February, and the back tee on 16 has reopened after a rather tall pine tree was planted on the front left of the tee box to prevent people from trying to cut the corner too much. Glad to see that box open. Never a bad day at the SC Muni! Recommended.
This might sound stupid, because I've never been to Scotland let alone played the Old Course. But when I'm at Olivas Links, I sense that it's a similar feeling to playing St. Andrews. I love the long views across almost the entire course broken up by colorful natural areas, and the late afternoon sunlight brings out so much character in the contours. So it's no surprise I had a great time at the GK Plays Sunday afternoon. Great company with Johnny, Kevin, and Jeff!

Conditions are excellent. Greens are smooth, medium to medium-fast speed, and accepted full shots well. Fairways have good coverage and provided good lies all day. Fairways and rough were green and mostly great, although I did see some occasional bare spots in the rough. Blue tee boxes were good. I don't believe I was in a bunker but they looked good for the most part.

Every time I play here, I wish I lived closer so I could get out here more often. Highly recommended. Thank you Johnny and all the sponsors for the great prizes! Love my new Linksoul tee and polo.
Played here with a 7:10 tee time Sunday morning. Three of us rode while one person in our group walked. Started a few minutes late and pace was pretty slow at about 4:50. No long waits, but just a busy course on a weekend morning. Perfect weather to start but by about 10:00 a.m. it was very hot.

Conditions are very good. Greens are smooth, medium speed and held full shots well. I found them tricky to read, over-reading some breaks and significantly under-reading others. Greens on Nos. 8 & 9 had many problem spots in some areas, but they seemed to place the pins strategically to avoid those areas. Fairways were fantastic, and so was the primary rough. The natural areas farther offline can provide some real challenges for finding balls. Bunkers had very nice sand. Orange tee boxes were good; no complaints.

This was only my second time here. I really enjoy the layout and the gorgeous setting. I didn't remember so many power lines visible from the course, however. Definitely recommended.
Played here Tuesday 6/21 with a 7:39 "Deal" time booked about a month in advance. They offer three or four Deal times each day, and they vary wildly in price. This one was only $53 or so, while I think I saw others that went all the way up to $111. So if you're interested in playing here, look carefully and book early and you may find a very good price. Arrived around 6:45, smooth check in both outside with the cart attendant and inside the pro shop. When I said I didn't need to hit balls, the pro shop guy suggested maybe they could move me up, and the starter outside obliged, slotting me in at 7:07 with another single. Pace was pretty good at about 2 hours for the front nine and a little more for the back for a total of about 4:10. Saw the beverage cart at least twice and also water jugs were out every few holes. There is a cooler full of ice on each cart, and also two cups for the water jugs.

Conditions are really nice. Greens are mostly smooth, medium to medium fast speed and accept spinning shots well. They're a bit tricky to read and it seems more greens than is typical run away from the approach angle. (Either visual trickery or actual phenomenon, I'm not positive.) Fairways are good with some less-than-good spots here and there, but mostly very green grass in great condition providing excellent lies. The rough is the highlight among conditions, beautiful lush green, uniformly cut rye that's about 2-3 inches deep. Sometimes the ball sat up on top and other times it sunk down in. Obviously it was more penal when it sunk down in. Also the rough is so lush, you need to make a fully committed swing at the ball. I tried to just smooth a 4 iron for my second shot of the day (layup on par-5 first) and the rough turned my clubface over and I pulled it OB. I was in quite a few bunkers and all of them except one were great. The other one seemed a bit neglected and much more compacted, so I just played that almost like a hardpan shot. Black tee boxes were good, not great. Some are a little beat up and/or not level.

This was my third time playing the course. One of the big knocks is the disjointed routing, and it really hit home today with all the long, awkward drives between holes and the cart path also pretty much backtracks the length of an additional par 3. I seemed to remember the layout more fondly than I enjoyed it this time. There are some great backdrops provided by the nearby Red Rock Canyon and a few Strip views in spots. There are also lots of electrical power lines that sort of negate the good views in spots. (Looking at you, signature par-3 7th.) Overall it's a fine course but no real "wow" moments except maybe the 16th tee is quite attractive. I'm glad to see they're back to starting on No. 1 instead of No. 7.

The only minor gripe I'd mention is the GPS. About four or five times during the round, it somehow reset itself and started showing yardages for the private Mountain course instead of the public Arroyo course. Each time it took nearly a hole to finally figure things out on its own and revert to the correct hole. It also displayed some incorrect pin positions, which impacted the yardages because they are to the pin, not the middle. Hopefully they can address those GPS issues and get them straightened out.
Played here today with a 2:10 tee time booked a few weeks ahead of time. Paid $16 more at check-in for a cart (feared it'd be too hot to walk today, but it actually turned out not too bad). Started right on time and pace was excellent for a Rustic weekend. Two members of my foursome bailed after nine but that didn't allow us to speed up too much, just a little more waiting on the group ahead on the back nine. Overall POP was around 4:20.

Conditions are great! Greens are smooth, medium speed and medium firmness. I'd prefer them a bit faster, but otherwise they're in excellent condition. As mentioned in other reviews, fairways are lusher and greener than I remember seeing them in the last couple years, providing good lies with plenty of cushion under the ball. As usual here, rough around the greens is very lush. The rough alongside the fairway varies in depth and severity. I think I was in three bunkers and they were all quite compacted, but not terribly so. Blue tee boxes were really nice.

Beautiful day on one of my favorite courses in excellent condition. What's not to like?
Found what must've been a cancellation for 1:40 today on Friday and nabbed a twosome. I was joined by GK'er Arb for a fun round. Simple check-in, groups were being called over the loudspeaker to the first tee, and a course ambassador then sat on the first tee to ensure you sign for your cart and send you off. We started right on time and pace was great. Only minimal waits all day, and pace was just under 4.5 hrs. Beautiful day with blue skies and a slightly cool breeze.

Conditions are good. Greens are mostly smooth (a little wobbly in spots), medium speed and inconsistent firmness – some held full shots and others bounced and rolled through. Grain toward the ocean seemed to make inland facing putts especially slow. I over-read the breaks in the greens all day. Didn't seem like they broke as much as the practice green. Fairways have good coverage and provided good lies. Rough was a little longer in most spots and clumpier in places, less consistent conditions. Blue tee boxes had good coverage, quite a few divots and were a bit lumpy underfoot. I was in several bunkers and they were mostly good, not great. Also, a few had the dreaded unraked footprints. Hey people – rake the traps!

I hadn't played here since 2015 and not sure I'd ever played here in the afternoon. Snagging that tee time felt like winning the lottery. Hopefully I get back before another 7 years passes. Definitely recommended.
Played here today with a 2:10 "Deal" time. It was $71 minus 20% promo code, so around $57. Checked in easily around 1:40 and the outside attendant then offered for me to join the next group. Played with three nice guys who play together regularly. The group in front of us was very quick and we barely saw them after the first few holes. Total POP was around 4:40.

Conditions are mixed but mostly good. I feel like two different players could possibly have two completely different ratings based on where their balls came to rest. Greens were in good condition but very soft and spongy. The further into the round we got, the bumpier they became. They rolled around medium speed and were often a little wobbly en route to the hole. As expected due to the softness, they accepted full shots very well. Almost seemed like new cups weren't cut today, with a little bit of rounded-ness in the putting surface around each hole. Fairways were mostly nice with good coverage of either green, light green or brownish grass. I did get a few fairway lies that weren't great. Rough varied from thick in spots to very thin and/or bare spots, but mostly pretty good. Blue tee boxes were decent; sometimes it was hard to find a spot to stand without standing in divots. Bunkers were nice filled with good sand. Overall, conditions were better than I expected, but still a little rough around the edges.

It was my second time here. Unfortunately it was cloudy most of the day, so the course didn't really come alive visually today. The layout reminded me quite a bit of CrossCreek today, and also Strawberry Farms in spots. Recommended at value prices but I wouldn't be happy to pay rack rate here. Even $57 feels a bit steep but considering I only had to drive about 15 minutes from home, it makes it more palatable.
Played here Saturday, 5/14 at 11:20. Found an amazing "Deal" time that enticed me back for a rematch after my first time here about six weeks ago. Check in was smooth but they weren't announcing groups to the tee, so it was pretty much incumbent upon players to figure out what group was which and when to start. Found my playing partners and we started about 10 minutes late. Despite some minor waiting, front nine POP was good at about 2:10. Back nine slowed down considerably and total was around 4:45.

Conditions are good. Greens are completely healed, rolling smooth, accept full shots well, and are quite fast. In some spots they are crazy fast – on both 11 and 15, downhill putts didn't stop until they were off the front of the green. Fairways were decent with mostly good coverage. I think I did notice the spots where they're doing the irrigation project, but it didn't affect how any holes played. Rough had less consistent coverage and a good chance you'd have an uneven stance and/or find your ball on dirt. Blue tee boxes were a little beat up but you can find a decent place to tee it up. Bunkers are terrible. Many have water in them and others are just rock hard.

I fared no better against this tiny beast my second go-round. For the lack of length, this course has teeth and is not at all easy to score. It's also very pretty in spots with beautiful mountain backdrops.
My 60-day base access pass is about to expire so I decided to get back out here before it did. Booked a single at 7:45 a few days prior. The pro shop's credit card machine was down when I checked in, but the guy just asked me to come pay at the turn. Then prior to me teeing off, the system was back up, so I was able to pay beforehand. Gorgeous morning. They called four players to the tee for my group but only three showed up. One rider, two walkers including me. We had short waits on nearly all tee shots and approaches, but pace was still good at just under four hours.

Conditions are good. The mid-March aeration is completely healed and the greens are running medium-fast, quite smooth and accept full shots well. Fairways have mostly good coverage and provide really nice lies. Rough varied from 2-3 inches in some spots to 3-5 in others. As usual, lots of squirrels around here, including many burrowing animal holes. Blue tee boxes had good coverage but many are lumpy underfoot. All the bunkers I was in were fantastic.

First time I'd played a morning round here for a while. Morning, noon, or twilight, you can't go wrong here in my opinion.
Booked an 11:34 Sunday tee time earlier in the week, completely forgetting about both Coachella and Easter. In hindsight, I'm guessing Easter is why it was so incredibly inexpensive, a $30 "Deal" time on minus 20% off for a total of $24. Arrived about an hour early today and was sent off early by myself, with the starter requesting that I don't push the twosome ahead. Worked out great as I was able to take pictures and dictate my own pace, then at the turn the twosome ahead offered to let me play through. Total POP was probably a little over 3 hours on a hot, bright and sunny day.

Conditions are good. Greens are firm, smooth, and medium fast. Rarely made any ball marks and when I did, they weren't very deep. Fairways have great coverage and provided good lies all day. The rough is also in good condition, a little lighter color than the fairways, and not penal at all. Blue tee boxes were good. (Oddly, whoever put the tee markers out seemed to forget about the blues on several holes; they were set off to the side near the black markers on those holes.) Bunkers were good except one that wasn't raked and I ended up in an extremely deep and punishing footprint. (Not the course's fault; careless players.)

Second time here. Very similar to my first visit about 13 months ago. Nice wide residential semi-private course with lots of water in play, some tricky greens and attractive sandbelt-style bunkering. Plus it's a Troon facility and the staff members I encountered were all very friendly. Recommended.
Couldn't sleep last night so I got up and headed to the desert early for my planned golf later in the day. Saw a 7:15 for here on for only $16 so I nabbed it as a "warm-up" round. Arrived around 6:35 and there were already some people out on the course, but the pro shop was locked. There's a clipboard to sign in if the pro shop isn't open that says to write your name and then check-in and/or pay at the turn if it's not open yet. A couple minutes later the shop opened and the friendly employee told me a little about the course and sent me on my way. Total POP (walking only) was around 1:45 for 18 holes of par 3 golf. No waiting, but I took quite a few photos.

I've always heard this course is kept in great condition and it lived up to those expectations. I don't think the greens were mowed today (considering I played at practically the break of dawn on Easter Sunday), but they still rolled great; I suspect just a little slower than normal. They were smooth and held full shots well. Fairways don't really come into play but the grass between tee boxes and greens is beautiful. The rough was also great, and sometimes the ball sat down in it a bit. Blue tee boxes had quite a few divots but I always found a decent spot to play from. I was in several bunkers and they were all very nice.

Fun little course. Definitely recommended at a good price.
This website is amazing. Not only does it provide us with maintenance alerts, up-to-date info about courses, and put on great events, but it also leads to such a cool sense of community among GKers. And then beyond all that, it occasionally leads to invitations to places as special as The Saticoy Club. I joined Johnny, Ron, and Mark out here Thursday for a 2:00 tee time. Arrived around 1:15 to howling winds and figured we were in for a tough day. We started right on time, took our time to soak in the experience, let a group or two play through us, and finished in a little under 5 hours. Fortunately the gusty winds subsided and it turned out to be an amazing day for golf, although very hot for April.

Conditions are fantastic. Greens are smooth, medium-fast speed, and medium firmness. They accepted full shots well. With the course located on a hillside, putts toward the lowland (Camarillo area) were extra fast while putts in the opposite direction (uphill) really need to be struck firmly to get to the hole. We struggled with speed most of the day. A few greens have false fronts and fun contours where you'll find your ball rolling off the surface if you don't land in the right spots. Lots of fun to putt and would be a blast to get to know these greens well as a member. Fairways had great coverage and provided just the right amount of cushion under the ball. Beautiful definition between fairway and rough, even though the rough wasn't too deep nor penal. Farther offline there are areas of extremely deep grass that you would want to avoid at all costs – almost certainly a lost ball. Blue tee boxes were ideal. The bunkers were well maintained but a little firmer than they looked to me; plenty of sand but just a little firmer than I prefer. Going back to the rough – bordering the bunkers are deep grass eyelashes that is some of the deepest, nastiest rough on the course. You'd much rather be in a bunker than just on top of it.

I had the good fortune of playing here in 2014 and was thrilled to get a chance to return. In the seven and a half years since I was there, the course has elevated itself to a new level. Johnny informed me that they had re-done the bunkers since then and even though I loved them back then, they're arguably more impressive now. Overall conditioning was stellar, and the routing is phenomenal with lots of elevation changes, gorgeous bunkering and those fun green complexes. Stoked to hear the LPGA is playing here in October, because maybe this course will gain the notoriety it deserves. I just love it. Those playing in next week's GK/GolfMoose outing are in for a treat.
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