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Rode the Blues (6034/69.3/124) on the Canyon/Oaks combo in 3.5H on a GN Hot Deal. Overcast, fairly calm and in the 60's made for pleasant golfing weather.

Ted Robinson, Sr. design. Shorter, tight, quirky tree lined layout. Many holes turn with shots over trees possible to shorten several holes. I hit as many irons off the tee as I ever have on a regulation 18 hole course.

From tee to green kikuyu. Mostly very playable but far from lush. Tees could use leveling and divot repair. Fairways played firm with lots of roll. Rough not very high but was penal because it was inconsistent. All were below average in condition.

Traps had decent sand and were okay to play out of.

Greens putted medium speed and were receptive to full shots. Several on the Oaks 9 looked like they had some prior disease challenges. Many were bumpy.

Quick efficient check-in and a friendly Marshall. Basic carts did not have GPS, no on course services. The playing conditions and layout were at best mediocre. With this course right between Cypress Ridge and Monarch Dunes, it is hard to recommend with both those much better options within a few miles.
Rode the Blues (6568/72.0/136) in 3H mid day. Played the front with Benny and the back with Dr. John. Sunny, fairly calm and around 110.

COVID-19: Clubhouse closed, pro shop open. 1 rider to a cart, ice/water stations closed. No on course services. Insert in Cups. Masks only required while checking in and if around course employees.

Bermuda tees lush and well maintained.

Bermuda fairways firm/lush, nice to play from.

Bermuda rough semi lush, mowed down and not overly penal.

Sand traps very well maintained with nice, fine sand.

Bermuda greens were the only part of the course disappointing. Firm, they putted medium speed and were definitely middle of the summer Bermuda bumpy. Almost no ball marks because of the firmness.

Demanding layout that I like better with each visit. Very few holes w/o water on this course, and the water is often barely off the fairway or green. Moguls, mounds, huge waste bunkers and rail road ties, this layout definitely has the traditional Dye look. Most holes have water left with the trees, mounds and sand right for your tee shots. Only a few holes have water right.

Excellent customer service from all. They provide complementary bottled water since all water stations on the course were closed. All grass driving range with complementary balls plus nice practice chipping/putting areas are well above average, but were closed middle of the day for maintenance. Recommended, and if are a Pete Dye fan, highly recommended.
Rode the Blues (6575/71.4/129) in 2H, 45M early morning. Over 100, breezy and clear made for a quick round playing through one group.

Speaking of which... the members and staff here are outstanding. I was invited to play through groups 2 rounds in a row while on the hole before they were playing. Pro shop quick, friendly and efficient and the maintenance workers very courteous.

Traditional, flat, desert layout that dates to 1959. Tight in spots with smallish greens that are very deceptive in both speed and contour.

Tees were semi lush and mostly well maintained for divots.

Fairways and rough were both mostly lush and well maintained, Both were nice to play from.

Traps had good quality sand and were very good to play from.

Greens were light green in color and relatively small in size. Very receptive to full shots, backed up several irons on these greens. They putted medium fast and were smooth. Only a couple had tiers, but there was a decent amount of slope on many greens.

Basic carts do not have GPS, all grass range included in your fee. No drink cart or on course services, but an open restaurant was doing a brisk business. Customer service excellent, quick efficient check-in. Very friendly atmosphere. Recommended.
Rode the Blacks (6636/72.0/133) in 3H, 15M mid day. Clear, slight breeze and around 105.

The routing is bizarre, I got lost twice. You play 3-4 holes, then you travel 1/4 mile plus through streets or residential neighborhoods. I have never played a course more spread out. Lots of elevated tee shots as many holes play downhill. Many holes turn, so local knowledge would assist. The combination of constantly downhill and hardpan made for some ridiculously long drives. I have over 300 rounds in my Arccos tracking system and beat my previous long drive by almost 25 yards. I was pin high on a 547 yard par 5 with a driver and 5 iron?

Unfortunately, the turf conditions were poor across the board. I did not get the impression that they recently went downhill with the summer heat. Calling this course rough around the edges is insulting rough around the edges.

All grass areas from tees, rough and fairways were thin Bermuda mixed with hardpan. Traps were not in good shape, and you could tell by looking at the edges that attention to detail is not a priority here. Greens were still recovering from aeration and were bumpy and medium slow.

I did not have high expectations for $20 after reading some of the prior reviews. What is really strange is that I had almost double my average number of par or better holes. Posted my best round of 2020 that could have been really low except for one blow up hole. Even then, I still have little desire to play here again unless the turf conditions were CLEARLY substantially better than I encountered. Part of that feeling is based on calling over in the morning to inquire if a tee time was needed. The response I got was that no, come on over, tee sheet mid day is wide open. Other course is closed for maintenance, but this one is in great condition. Great condition? Compared to what, a cow pasture?

Many fun holes but could not recommend. Too many really good courses within a few miles that have good grass on them.
Rode the Blues (6575/71.4/129) in slightly over 3H mid day. Played through 2 groups of members and was whizzing along until hitting a logjam on 14, which made the last 5 holes creep. 107, breezy and clear made even the breeze hot.

Traditional, flat, desert layout. The front nine is all on one side of the clubhouse and driving range, the back nine all on the opposite side. Front more wide open, and while many holes turned, there were several that you were looking right at the green from the tee down a tree lined fairway. Nothing overly memorable, but a fun layout overall.

Tees were semi lush and mostly well maintained for divots.

Fairways and rough were both mostly lush and well maintained, Both were nice to play from.

Traps had good quality sand and if they had been raked, could have been considered excellent.

Greens were light green in color and medium sized. Only a couple had tiers, but there was a decent amount of slope on many greens. Very receptive to full shots, actually backed up several irons on these greens. They were medium fast and rolled well. Medium fast until you had a downhill putt, then you babied it and hoped it would stop relatively close to the hole if you missed.

Clubhouse had a traditional private club feel with a gym and locker room for members. Very friendly atmosphere. Customer service excellent, quick efficient check-in. Basic carts did not have GPS, all grass range included in your fee. No drink cart or on course services, but an open restaurant was doing a brisk business. Worth a play if you have the opportunity.
Rode the Blues (6529/70.7/129) in 3H, 15M mid morning. Most of the round as a single, part as a 3some and a few holes as a 4some. 107, clear and calm on the weather front.

Par 70 layouts I usually do not care for. This one is an exception. Very challenging Tom Lehman design with many forced carries. Very tough driving course. Many holes turn even though there are hardly any true dog legs. More elevation changes than I would have expected. Plus grade for the layout, but you better play the correct tees and keep it straight or it could be a long day on this course.

Tees semi lush, mostly good with a few needing divot repair.

Fairways and rough were both lush and excellent to play from. Rough not tall or overly penal, the ball sat up nice.

Sand traps were well maintained with nice quality sand.

Greens rolled very nice. Medium to medium fast and firm. I made more than my normal share of putts on these greens.

Customer service outstanding. They changed out my cart in a matter of minutes and Daulton in the pro shop in particular was especially friendly and customer service oriented. My towel was left in the old cart, he quickly tracked it down and was calling me to come back and get it before I even left the property. Saw the cart gal once, $5 for an Arnold Palmer is a bit steep.

Very fun course to play on a day I was hitting it well from tee to green. Good collection of holes, never felt like I was playing a hole I just played a few holes ago. Highly recommended.
Rode the Whites (6610/71.4/128) in slightly over 3H mid day as a single. The weather was clear, fairly calm and in the low 100's.

COVID-19: Doodles in the cups and no rakes in the traps. But very relaxed overall compared to Southern California courses where I usually play.

Bruce Devlin teamed with Robert Van Hagge as co designer of this layout that has hosted dozens of PGA and Sr. PGA events over past 50 years. Rare par 73 with five par 5's, four par 3's and nine par 4's. Liked the traditional parkland style layout. Holes that stood out were #18, an excellent demanding par 4 finishing hole with water left, right and long on your tee shot, then a uphill approach shot to an elevated green. #11 was a unique par 5 that was barely 500 yards but was a true 3 shot par 5 for most because you had to lay up short of/go around a lake, then go over the lake to set up your uphill approach. I hit three irons on this hole because of the location of the lake and the way it jutted out into the fairway.

I was told the course was not in great shape and was getting ready to close tomorrow for maintenance. Wanted to play it anyway as this was going to be my only opportunity this trip. Greens, tees and some of the rough had recently been aerated. Kudos to the pro shop staff for full disclosure on the conditions ahead of time.

Bermuda tees, fairways and rough were all semi lush with some browned out areas. Mostly good.

Sand traps had good quality sand could have been excellent if they had been raked today.

Bermuda greens were as advertised unfortunately. Bumpy and medium slow, they were at least a week from being fully healed. Positive was that they were not firm. I had numerous irons stop right at their ball mark or back up. Unfortunately wasted a rare 9/10 (by my standards) ball striking day trying to convert putts that were bumpier and slower than most courses fringes.

All grass range included in your fee. Complementary bottled water. Friendly starter and saw the cart gal twice. Really look forward to coming back and playing here again when the course is in better playing shape, because the layout is fun. Recommended.
Rode the Blacks (6782/71.6/122) as a single in 2H, 45M mid day on a GN Hot Deal. The weather was clear, fairly calm and in the low 100's.

COVID-19: Mask only @ check-in. They provided ice chests & ice, but restaurant closed. No rakes, divot mix or any on course services available, including bathrooms.

First time here in almost 2 years. Fairways 2-4 are more level than they were before they were washed away and rebuilt after the Feb 2019 flood. They no longer lean toward the wash, which is a plus. Reasonably wide open, flat layout with few forced carries and not overly tough for the average golfer. I enjoy this course as a change of pace, a solid mid level alternative for the Palm Springs area that is usually in decent shape.

Today was no exception. Firm and plenty of tan areas, but the course is very playable. Bermuda tees, fairways and rough all have good coverage. Semi lush with a few brown/thin areas due to the heat. All are mowed close.

Traps had decent sand, but contain too many rocks and unraked areas to be considered good.

Bermuda greens were firm and putted medium speed with few ball marks.

Customer service was good, quick efficient check-in. All grass driving range. Course not overly busy this afternoon. GPS on the basic carts to the front/middle/back of the green and tips to hazards. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6687/72.2/127) with Fred & Dan, very nice father/son in slightly less than 4.5H mid day. The weather was sunny, fairly calm and in the low 100's.

COVID-19 guidelines have relaxed, masks only required while checking in and around staff. Bath rooms on course open, divot mix back on the carts. Restaurant closed, no rakes, ball washers, ice chests or water stations available.

Tees were all over the place. Some areas very good but also many dry and burned out areas. Decently maintained for divots.

Fairways were firm and mostly decent with many areas brown or browning.

I played here 6 weeks ago in primary rough that was U.S. Open like. Today, many of those same areas are hard pan, cracked open bare dirt. Very hit and miss if more than a few yards off numerous fairways. Native rough is knee deep strawlike and almost a sure lost ball.

Green side traps have decent sand but have not been raked consistently. Fairway traps much rougher around the edges and play firm.

Bermuda greens putted medium speed and were firm. Hardly any ball marks because of the firmness. Numerous greens had burned or bare areas around the edges and spots within the green that looked to be in trouble.

No GPS on the basic carts and the course is not well marked for yardage. Very friendly pro shop and cart staff. All grass range included in your fee is open again.

Fun links layout set among rolling hills. Fairly open course even with a decent amount of water, high native grass and OB to keep you attentive. However, due to currently mediocre playing conditions, qualified recommendation.
Rode the Blacks (6478/72.1/130) in 2H, 45M mid day playing as a single. Around 104, clear and calm.

COVID-19: Masks required anytime around people. Not required on course playing alone. No rakes, but water stations now open. Normal cups and divot mix on the carts. Pro Shop and bathrooms open, getting cloer and closer to normal. Restaurant and Clubhouse closed to the public.

Incredible the difference in 6 weeks with probably two dozen days in that period well above 100. Over seeding burned off, and what is left is shockingly mediocre considering what I experienced here in April and early May.

Tees thin with some brown areas. Par 3's had their share of unfixed divots.

Fairways semi lush and still nice to play from.

Rough semi lush and mowed down to about 2", good POP rough.

Sand traps had decent sand and were okay considering they are only raked once a day.

Bermuda greens were recently punched with small holes. Bermuda coverage thin. Firm, bumpy and medium speed is not my idea of a good time. Almost no ball marks because of the firmness.

Customer service always exceptional here. Quick efficient check-in. no cart gal or Marshall today. All grass driving range with complementary balls was open. No GPS on the basic carts. Recommended.
Rode the Blues (6499/71.2/127) in 3H mid day playing as a single. Slightly over 100 and clear with little breeze.

COVID-19 measures in place. Mask was required at all times around people. One to a cart. Plastic insert in the cups but the ball would go in. No rakes or water stations open. Snack shop available for take out only. Pro shop open, and they had divot mix on the carts.

The course is firm and very playable, but quite different than the lushness I experienced six weeks ago. I like the fun layout that has a decent amount of water, sand and tall trees. Many holes I can grab driver and have a go at it, but there are also a few par 4's that are strategic, position holes.

Tees okay coverage and divots repaired. But areas are worn down and thin after all the over seed has burned off.

Fairways mostly lush and still nice to play from.

Rough more hit and miss, but still decent. Mowed down to about 2", good POP rough.

Sand traps had thick fine quality sand were still good to play from despite not having rakes and plenty of footprints.

Bermuda greens were in mid summer form. Somewhat bumpy, firm and rolling medium speed.

Customer Service always exceptional here. Quick efficient check-in. Excellent all grass driving range that is closed for maintenance from 10A - 1P daily. No GPS on the basic carts. Recommended.
Walked the Golds (6454/73.2/137) in 4H, 45M mid afternoon. The weather was mid 60's, overcast and WINDY. Matched up with 3 other walkers, Dave, Matt and Blake. All from Nor Cal and all excellent guys to play with.

Six years ago, my wife handed me a Christmas card that said "Good for one round at Pebble Beach". After finding out that the normal $585 charge to play could only be obtained IF you stayed 2 nights at the lodge AND that when all the extras were added up it would be over $2k, I never used it. With COVID-19, the lodge is closed and many of the usual required extras were not available. They were offering a discount for the month of May, slightly less than $500 to walk. I figured it would not likely be cheaper, so I finally made the tee time my wife offered to pay for years ago.

Having seen over 40 years of televised PGA events from PB, I was pretty prepared for the actual holes. However, seeing them on TV you do not realize how they are routed. Pure genius taking advantage of as many shots toward the ocean or with the ocean on one side as possible. Some holes were more hilly than I thought, but a few were flatter than anticipated. The course was much lusher than I expected, so it actually exceeded lofty expectations.

The homes surrounding many holes are actually larger and more grand than they appear on TV. I knew the holes beside the water were going to have the majestic views they did. However, I did not realize how many holes you just barely have to turn your head to have a breath taking view. So those two areas were even more of a plus than anticipated.

Tees lush, almost immaculate.

Fairways were immaculate.

Primary rough surprisingly even, about 2.5" and lush. Usually very good to play out of. Every hole has some native areas that are a likely lost ball.

Traps considering the wind were amazing. Lots of nice, fluffy sand.

Small poa greens reminded me very much of the Donald Ross course I grew up playing back in N.C. Loved the greens and had a good putting day in spite of several 3 putts.

Customer Service outstanding. All grass range across the street was available 1 hour before your tee time. Was not allowed to enter the course until 20 minutes before your tee time, both COVID-19 measures. Pro Shop and clubhouse closed. Masks required at check-in and when dealing with on course personnel. Drink cart around numerous times, and they had an open snack stand on the course. Tiger Woods was on site working on the par 3 course he is designing between the pro shop and the driving range.

If you are truly a golf fan, you need to play here at least once. And I say that even though I drew the short straw on the wind today.

How strong was the wind? I gave up on a hat after the 5th hole, having already chased it about 10 times. My push cart was blowing over and I had to chase a head cover over 100 yards before catching it.

Some shots you don't normally hit? I punched a 5 iron a little too long into the teeth of a 25-30 mph side wind on #7, the downhill 100 yard par 3. After seeing what happened the first 2 short irons I got up in the air in the 25+ mph cross wind, there was no way I was hitting a normal trajectory shot. I made the mistake of hitting a normal 9I and just aiming 10 yards right the first hole I faced the strong R/L cross wind. It went straight for about 70 yards, then started bending toward the green, looked okay... then the last 70 yards in the air, it was going dead left and ended up a good 25 yards in some wealthy guys back yard.

The only hole that played straight downwind AD was #8, which played 400 yards from the tees I played. I hit a 7I to lay up short of the ravine off the tee and then an 8I to the back fringe to set up a routine par. 7I & 8I app. 410 yards total? 180/170 = 350 would be my normal 100% shots for those 2 clubs.

Had a 31' putt on 17 that I thought would be within 3-5' at the most when I hit it. When the wind got finished with it, I had 60' coming back.

The holes by the water absolutely ate my lunch, they were by far the windest. Our group all hit shots that started out in no mans land over the beach/ocean and ended up missing on the other side of the fairway/green. Balls blowing off the tee. Marking your ball and placing it w/o it rolling was a challenge with the wind.

The more inland holes were more like a 10 mph wind somewhat protected by trees/houses. 7 of my 8 pars were on the inland holes. All my big numbers but one were on the by the sea holes.

Would love to come back when the wind was more normal. Still, the overall experience exceeded expectations.
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