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Decent muni course with a decent price. Nothing to be wow'd with, but also not a boring layout. The course shape itself can use a lot of work, in particular the fairways. There are a lot of bare and thin patches out there, even with decent drives. You see a lot of people moving the ball to a small patch of grass nearby for their approaches. The tee boxes are for the most part fine. The bunkers have nice soft sand, a bit too soft, as I had one sunk way low, but that is my fault for getting in there. The rough is pretty rough, some thick, some bare, most areas patchy. The greens are pretty good, people don't seem to repair ball marks, but it is a course where most people don't appear to nail the greens. Weekday morning round took under 3.5 hours. Good layout if you are a local and looking to save on green fees for golf.
Fun layout here, lots of local knowledge helps, as many times you may not know which way to hit and the putting defies the senses, although typically away from the mountain, even if it looks like it wont.
The course shape has much left to be desired, especially the hard bunkers. The fairway is a bit thin, but not horrible, typical muni style. The greens are fast and it is easy to put off of it on a downhill putt, always best to be below the hole. It is a good walk, as pace of play is pretty muni standard, a bit over 4 hours.
Came out after many years of hiatus and took my son to play for his first round of golf ever. For that, this is the perfect place. For somewhat experienced players, as I used to be a decade ago, it leaves a bit to be desired.
The pace of play on a nice day like today where many people are off work was slow. Got on at 2:45 and took just over 2 hours to get through the 9 holes, waiting on each hole for a group 2 ahead, which was a slow 5-some.
The tee boxes had plenty of divots in them, as to be expected for a short 9 hole course that has many beginners play. The fairways were pretty good in general, likely because many here don't hit them. There is only one sand trap on the course on the last hole, which looked fine.
The greens here are very nice currently. The website says they will be punched in April. They rolled very well, and for someone as terrible as me, even get them to hit the green and get plenty of backspin.
This is a place to come, not take the game too seriously, and just have some fun with others.
Had a blast playing here on a beautiful sunny December day with the GK Crew.
Course was beautiful with the views of the mountains, flowers, and water. Makes searching for a lost ball more of a nature walk than a negative. Course itself was in great shape. Both fairways and rough were a pleasure to hit out of. The bunkers I were in were of great consistency and played like a true bunker. Greens slowed up during the round. Not a great idea to practice on their putting course and have that speed stuck in your head for the greens during the round.
Layout was great. A new design every hole. Carts had good info on them and a nice touch screen to see when you may want to hit to and the distance to that spot and from that spot to the pin. All in all a great place to golf for a special treat and even more so at another annual winter Palm Springs GK event.
My annual round at Azusa Greens for the B-day. Only play here on my b-day and has been my tradition since I picked up the game. Usually I give it bad reviews, but they actually have made some progress in certain areas. Primarily the greens and tee boxes.
Greens are nice, smooth, fast speed. Almost wouldnt believe it belonged to this course. Blue tee boxes as well, very well kept, although the white and red tee boxes are not in the best condition, and on par with the rough and fairways here.
Starting with fairways, still mainly like thin rough. Not as bad as before, but definitely not a smooth ride on a cart, still will make your drink spill all over. Some good patches and very green, just very thin and many bare areas. Rough is very bad. Lots of dirt areas with small circle patches of green stuff, that isnt nice to hit off either. Therefore par 3's from blue tee boxes are good, approach shots from fairways and rough arent the best.
Bunkers, the many I were in, were not bad at all, fluffy and you will be successful with a typical good bunker shot.
Again, not the best course, especially the fairways, although lots of progress on the greens and tee boxes. A sure improvement from last year.
Fun course here. I didn't expect much after a review I read a bit ago, but now know it isn't accurate for it's current conditions. It is in good shape, especially for the price. Fairways give you a clean hit most of the time. Greens look nice, but are bumpy here and there. Rough is hit or miss, some areas are plush, some areas are bare. Bunkers are the same, a couple were perfect, a couple are hard. I like the layout, although can be difficult with off line approaches, as on many holes if you miss long or to the side, you can roll down very far, leaving you a severe uphill pitch from 60 yards out. Also, it seemed that I was hitting into the wind on most tee shots, and when the hole faced in the other direction, the wind stopped.
Tee boxes were ok, there were many huge sand filled divots, looked like a mine field on a few holes.
Fun layout, but always even more enjoyable with an event full of GK'ers.
Social Golf > Solo Golf
Fun times at the Goose.
Course plays different than usual right now, as you get plenty of run on your drives on these cut down fairways. Greens are the same, tricky, medium to fast, no real damage seen.
Layout is always tempting to go for it, although smart play is highly encouraged here more than typical places, lots of areas to lose a ball.
Bunkers were the biggest downfall, many were hard, needs much more sand on the greenside bunkers. Easy to bounce your club off the ground trying to hit the sand and blade your ball way past the hole to OB. Take caution here. Practice bunker is similar, so take a few swings in there to get comfortable.
Always a good isolation feeling at The Goose, not much noise, typically groups well spread apart. A fun course, on the must play list for So Cal.
What a fun and picturesque course. Great looking holes and overall backdrop scenery. I enjoyed the layout, although surprised to only 2 par 5's and 2 par 3's on this course. I'd think they'd take advantage of their scenery and make some more 3's.
Fairway are a decent size and many holes run parallel to each other, so errant shots may still find grass and will just have a shot over trees and such. I remember no concerns with teeing up my ball anywhere on the tee boxes, all were great. The fairways and rough that I was in all were great, never had any complaints. I landed in a few bunkers, some with harder sand than others, only only slight grip is their inconsistency, but that is minor to me.
I warmed up on their putting green course and got used to the fast speeds, which hurt me a bit as the full course greens tended to not be as fast and I left quite a few short in the beginning. Greens were soft and held approaches, not bumpy, just slower than what I practiced on.
Loved the GPS system on the carts, very handy. Great facilities there with the clubhouse and had a blast at the GK after party with hot fajitas and cold churros.
Course is great and the GK Outing made it an even better experience.
Played on a Sunday afternoon for $30 to walk. 5 hr pace. Course is always in great condition and this whole area is awesome to play during the summer. Winds can pick up, but part of the scene. The greens here are a nice challenge. You will 3 putt at least once here. Hard and quick. Reminds me of The Open.
Very green tee to green, great variety of holes, a place I'd play more than once a year if it wasnt such a drive. Lots of water on this course for the wayward golfers.
Played on a Sunday at 1 pm. $49 to ride. Finished in just under 4 hours.

Is this course ever in poor condition? Great from tee to green, rough to bunker, waste area to water hazard. Been hot a while, and still looks great. Love the flatness overall of the course, easy to walk, although I rode. Easy to lose a few here with errant drives, so bring a couple extra. You do smell the cows for a hole or 2, but besides that, expect a nice paced, quiet round. Love it here.
Enjoyed a round here. Slow on the front, as there are 4 par 3's in a row, 5 somes are sent out, and not much time in between groups. Course is tight, as many areas off the fairway are creek, think bush, street, or cliff. If you hit fairways and greens, course is not that difficult. A few elevation changes here and there on short par 3's. Fairways are decent and easy to hit off of most of the time. Rough is patch, some areas thick, some thin, some good, some dirt. For under $30 with cart, hot dog, and fries, no a bad deal, although it is not a regulation par 72 course.
Very fun layout here with elevation changes, and shape of holes. A few forced carries to make it more interesting depending on the tee box. Tee boxes themselves could use some help, as many were dome-like. Fairways were green, yet very firm. Rough was good off the fairway, but big slices/hooks would leave you in unfindable brush. Sand was fluffy and easy enough to get out of. Greens were 1/2 punched vertically, rolled mediumishly slow on both the aerated and nonaerated sides. Pin placements were tough, as some were next to slopes, going a foot or 2 past the hole ended up on another tier on some. I would play again for a decent rate. Can get slow on the weekends, but nothing horrible. Bring a few extra balls if you are not a concise golfer.
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