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9/26 using golf moose $80 2some on a really nice fall am with a 320 POP with some time spent looking to find the errant shots. Had not been here for 6 mo or so and overall was impressed with the upgarades, lot of grass where it was dirt and some new tee boxes. Fairways varied for quite good to thin in places as the heat has been an issue. Lies were ok to good. Rough was cut short but caught yout to shot making. I founf that the rough was actually helpful as it prevented excessive roll out and kept the ball in play. Never hit a bunker but they looked well maintained.
Tee boxes were level but some were chewed up. Most teeing areas are rather small so even with rotation they take a beating.
Greens are healthy with good cover. At 8 am they were wet and had not been brushed nor mowed so were on the slow side but got better as the round progressed.
Easy friendly check in. Range is closed early mondays. Carts are basic but effective. Fun layout where accuracy is primary.
9/8 finally back to a golf course after a layoff due to traveling etc,played 9 holes 5 weeks ago and then this outing. Have not really been able to hit balls due to a toe injury so rusty does not even come close to how my attenpt at golf was. Must say I did his an occassional ok shot and made a few good putts but overall this was a social outing.
The course itself is showing the effects of summer weather and the recent heat/humidity has left things patchy. 50% good lies 30% fair and the rest iffy. Fairways are spotty and in places 3 feet can make a difference as to the lie. Tees are a little worn. Did not get into any bunkers.
Greens overall were good with some thin areas but very playable, medium fast and rolling well. POP about 3 1/2.
Construction projects are in full swing so a lot of dirt being moved. Areas beyond the rough on slopes had been scraped a while back so the ball comes back into play but it looks rather stark.
Easy check in by friendly staff.
7/18 finally getting back to play after a 4 plus week layoff and with limited opportunity to do much practice the rust was quite evidident. Pleasant but a little humid and no wind in the beginning with back 9 start so the typical finishing hobut still plenty of les 16/18 had no wind issues and 7/8/9 play with a following breeze. Easy POP under 4 even with a little waiting on the last few holes.
Conditions are quite good, fairways firm but with mostly good cover and cushion. Rough cut down and the areas in front of the greens woud allow some short shots to roll up. Tees are ok. Bunkers have ample sand and generally groomed.
Greens have really improved as the poa is more controlled providing smoother faster putts with some subtle breaks right near the hole.
Friendly staff and easy check in.
6/8 using teeoff deal time $40 plus 16 for cart really nice day high 60s light breeze no rain. The course is green and lush so much so that it was CPO but still played in just under 4hr with extra time spent trying to find some wayward shots. Paired with Kieth from WA and Rudy from Munich. Good company for an enjoyable round.
Couirse is scenic with some ocean peaks and tree line fairways. Good variety in ther layout with some elevation changes and sloped fairways so had the occassional uneven stance.
Fairways were lush with the occassional thin or damp areas but good lies all day. Fairways looked pretty open from the tee but with some doglegs and slope they were often missed by our group and found the rough which was about 2 inches deep and could hide the ball very well and then was stcky making recovery a challenge.
Tees were lush and level. I never was in a bunker but they looked well maintained with a nicely compacted fine sand.
Greens are very healthy rolling smoothly medium fast speeds. Topography factored into the breaks as a lot of flat putts were not.
Very enjoyable course with friendly staff, DR with mats and a large puttjng green that replicated on course speeds.
6/3 using teeoff deal time $48 plus 17 to ride which was a good choice as it is hilly and often a distance between greens and tees. Seemed like most holes on the front 9 played up hill to elevated greens while the back was more level but still mostly elevated greens so without nice high approaches in my arsenal I was often short with challenging chips. Fairways were lush with good lies but limited roll. Rough was long enough to impede roll and at times a little sticky.
Tees were ok with par 3s pretty chewed up. Bunkers are in need of work especially on the front being haed backed dirt with a little sand mixed in.
Greens had good cover and rolled fairly well with slight bumpiness at times. Most greens had levels and often significant slope so anywhere above the hole was mostly another stroke orntwo if the ball missed the hole.
Layout is interesting and varied with a few dog legs and often trouble on one side. Plenty od risk reward chjoices hitting over trees to cut corners. Woiuld be helpful to play a few times as there were some blind shots and more info could help course management.

grass driving range a little beat up. Large putting green also allowed chipping. Carts are old and rather beat up with no gps. Cart paths are rugged and very bumpy.
All in all a fun round. POP about 430 following 3 4 somes 2 1/2 on the front and 2 on the back.
5/23 820 start with 350 POP with a couple of brief wais on an overcast but plesant day. Fairways are or have been harrowed leaving cuts from the tines and have been rather liberally watered. There was no prior info on this, but we probably would have played anyway but would have been nice to know. Lies were just ok and the wet conditions limited roll. Also there were several big unfilled divots and lot of cart traks thru some of the wet areas. Rough was mostly cut down and playable but still would impede roll.
Tees were a little shaggy. Bunkers recently groomed and only a few left
Greens have regressed and have become more bumpy as the poa growth is uneven and the plugs are more evident. Almost every putt was bouncing and was difficult to keep on line.
Nice chipping area with bunker. Practice putting green is in way better condition than the greens on course.
5/11 using teeoff deal time $32 with 20% off on a breezy sometimes coolish afternoon. Got off a little early on what looked to be a quiet day and moved really well untill #12 then caught a slow 5 some--had plaued in 1 1/2 up till then and 2 plus there after with no indicatkion from the 5ver to let us play through.
Course conditions are pretty good for this time of year. Fairways have mostly good cover even with different grass varieties. Lies were good. Rough was cut down and playable. Bunkers were groomed and had ample sand. Tees are mostly the weakest area as many were sloped and some quite thin. There have been some new tee comlpxes which are quite nice however.
Greens are recovering well, not quite back to their usual good quality but still fairly quick, reeptive to full shots and rolling mostly smoothly.
Lot of construction going on with the assisted living project on what was the driving range and the new club house on what used to be #1 tee. #9 green from before it was #8 as a par 3 is gone replace by a construction staging area. There is a new tee box being built ater the 1st green. There are signs of progress in developing a hole where 5 and 6 were. Looks to be a fairly straight forward par 4 maybe 350 or so. Now still dirt but the contours are tasking shape.
A lot of the brush and shrubbery that flanked many of the holes has been removed so is more forgiving but looks rather stark. Overall fun time close to home and in todays golf climate a nice value.
5/9 on a somewhat breezy am plesant when the sun emerged from behind the patchy clouds. Back 9 start Followed a modified shotgun tourney 2nd out with a 3some just ahead making for what seemed like a slower round but still finished in 420ish.
Fairways are becoming progessively drier so there were some thin tight lies with firm surface which could cause a bounce if not hit precisely. Unfilled divots were more obvious especially inside the no cart areas. Rough is cut down but still can impede roll but easy to hit from.
Tees level some thin and a little worn. Bunkers have adequuate sand and were recently groomed.
Greens are 100 % poa so a little bumpy at times requiring full commitment to roll throughj the hole to keep the line. Speed posted as a 9 for today. It also appears that a 3 foot apron has now been provided.
Really friendly staff and a good day over all
5/1 GK plays on a breezy enough day to make the 95 degrees mostly tolerable. Moved along with no waiting and no pressure for an easy 415 POP. Fairways have mostly good cover with a few thinner patches but still had good lies. Divots mostly filled but it seemed like less so for the last few holes. Fairways are mostly generous but it can be deceptive as there are areas that slope toward bunkers, waste areas or water so what with the firmness a slightly off line shot can roll into trouble. Rough is minimal and playable. Tees level with good cover. Bunkers filled with ample rather heacy sand.
Greens are firm and mostly quick and for me tough to read as there were several late breaking putts that moved the last 3-4 inches. There were some holesthat had an abundance of old cups which could be a bit bumpy. Topagraphy also was a factor but it was difficult to keep in mind the Indio factor. Green complexes were mostly elevated and usually at least 1 side was protected by a large bunker.
Course overall requires more strategy and targeting than it appears from the tees. 1st drive need to be on the correct side of fairway to give a more open approach and misses need to be to the correct side. Often I was wrong on both counts and had mostly short sided recoveries often over 1 of those bunkers so getting ti 20 feet was really a good shot which I did not have that many of and definitely zero up and down.
Course has some scenic holes and has a remote feel. Layout has some variety but I do not think it has the character of Firecliff but is still a quality setting.
4/25 easy checkin by friendly welcoming staff on a absolutely perfect SC spring morning. Great POP just under 4 hr. Fairways are pretty firm for lots of roll but do provide some tight lies, ok for most iron shots but challenging at times for the metals. Never ending stuggle to get patrons to fill divots. Rough is cut down but still can limit roll out. Tees level but some are a bit chewed up yet playable. Bunkers mostly filled with deep heavy sand recently groomed. Still suggest at leasgt 2 rakes per bunker as this may encourage their use if foumd in closer proximity to entering said trap.
Greems are fully recovered. Plan is to allow the poa to fully take over. Recemtly the aprons on the perimmeter were no longer mowed so even being a few inches off could results in a lie in the rough. There is a new supervisor who is planning on bringing the aprons back however.
All in all a really nice day in a pleasant setting to play unfortunately bad golf.
4/18 easy 4 hr POP with no real waiting on a very balmy spring morning. New procedure carts are no longer ready at the bag drop and keys are given after check in and carts are not allowed by the range area as there was an accident last week so now there are restrictions. Just a minor inconvenience. Fairways are firm, mostly on the thin side and getting more dried out and less cushin. Rough is cut down but still retards roll. Fairways are once again accumulating unfilled divots.
Tees are level some showing wear however. Bunkers have ample deep heavy sand which requires a full commitment to the shot. Too many uncaring players as every trap had unraked deep footprints.
Greens are almost fully recovered but now with the poa a little slower and some slight bumpiness mostly noticible as the putt slows. Also some unanticipated break the last few inches.
Good layout and friendly staff and with the palm card a reALLY GOOD VALUE.
4/11 easy friendly check in on a balmy spring morning. POP 345 with brief waits on 3 and 10 with a 4some on our heels on 1 and then never saw them again so played without strss in that regard. Fairways are pretty good for the most part with varied grass so diffrent lies all with soft underlying soil--really good for irons and hybrids but a little tight sometimes for the fairway metals. Rough not too long and playable but woulf pretty much stop forward roll.
Tees level with a few pretty thin and some par 3s worn. Bunkers have deep heavy sand whick caused me some grief.
Greens are well on their way to recovery, however it appears that the course has converted to poa so there was more grain and some bumps along the way.
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