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6/2 800 tee time sent off a little early 330 POP with a little waiting but overall good flow. Fairways though wet in places from the over night watering are in good shape with good cover and cushion. Rough about 2 inches and thick so often the ball would sit up on top and not bury.
Bunkers on the damp side and could use churning but considering no rakes being left in a more compact state limits the wear and tear from foot traffic.
Tees level with good cover.
Greens are excellent smooth and quick and still receptive to well struck shots.
Layout has good variety and even with having some houses near by there is a secluded feeling. Staff are friendly and golfer oriented. Range was not yet open but putting reen was and provided a good representation of conditions on the course.
5/26 Not much to add to Jim's(Rat Patrol) review--nice day with enough breeze to keep it comfortable and just about 1 club to factor in. Good company with David and Jim and joined by Craig a good addition to the 4some.
Fairways firming up but still with cushion. On the tight side for metals and even hybrids--keeps your attention for sure. Rough more of a factor on the side hills and slopes around the greens. Tees good for the most part.
Greens can present a challenge with the slope and contours making it especially difficult if short sided. Firm but holding well struck approaches with a high trajectory.
Good golfer friendly customer service.
5/19 currently due to major renovation project only the back 9 are open. Fairways for the most part are quite good full and rather soft so not excessive roll. Very good lies. rough cut to about 2 inches and thick. Tees often have some slope or crowning to factor in but have good cover. Bunkers were recently groomed so early in the day in ok condition.
Greens are very healthy smooth rolling at medium fast pace, soft enough to hold well struck shots. Cups have foam fillers that often do not provide much space from the top of the cup.
POP 415 which was not bad what with the potential for congestion with groups doing 2 laps.
5/13 8 am using their cyber Monday voucher $90 2some which was extended past the expiration date with out any issues--thank you for the golfer friendly service. Initial check in at the gate with temp screening and masks required in all common areas and then taking bags to drop area. No one allowed to proceed until 30 min before tee time. Check in smooth with distancing in place then carrying bags down to cart. Good implementation of Covid guidelines.
Joined by Dan and Don a couple of younger boomers with good all around games. POP 415 never having to wait but being pushed a bit from behind so split into 2 somes when the boys stopped for food and then joined back up on 15 when we caught up.
Fairways are quite good with thick healthy turf cut down for extra roll and still great cushion. Rough thick but cut down effective at impeding forward roll but mostly kept the ball up so was playable. The rolling nature of the design does not provide many level lies so there are issues as to stance. Tees lush and level. Bunkers groomed but with some watering some were compacted but overall quite playable.
Greens are large contoured with some having 3-4 feet of drop and often a ridge area that bisects the green meaning missing to the wrong side was especially punitive. Greens are really healthy recently verticut so not perfectly smooth. Rolling at medium/medium fast speed and receptive to well struck shots.
Very scenic varied lay out making for an enjoyable golf outing.
Played 5/5 using Clicket voucher. Course is looking after us golfers as the 4/30 expiration date has been extended to 5/31. Smooth check in, single rider cart and Covid protections in place. Course is in good shape. Fairways are firm for extra roll but have good coverage to provide a little cushion and nice lies. Rough was cut down for the most part but still impeded forward progress but was playable for extraction. Tees level and mowed. Bunkers were mixed some being hard pack and thin while some had adequate sand. None were recently groomed and of course no rakes.
Greens are very healthy, recently verti-cut rolling smoothly at a medium speed with a little grain influencing putts as they lost speed around the cup. Big greens with tiers, undulations and room for some very challenging pin placements.
POP just under 4 1/2. Customer friendly staff. Setting and course design make for an enjoyable and challenging outing.
3/9 tee off about 8 with a super 3 hr POP with a few min wait on 9/10 catching a group of very considerate regulars who waved us through on 11. Easy friendly check in using their cyber Monday promotion--$35. Fairways are on the thin side giving some extra roll but still with adequate watering the soil is soft enough to allow good contact with irons and hybrids. Fairway metals were more challenging. Overall lies were from good to acceptable. There were a few scattered bare patches and too many unfilled divots but fortunately they did not come into play. Rough was actively involved today and even though it was not long it quickly stopped any forward momentum and depending on the lie could be penal.
Tees were mostly level but playing the whites noticed that where some markers were forward on the box a slight slope was evident. Also some areas of the boxes were hard and resisted tee placement. Bunkers overall were ok recently groomed and most had enough sand with some thin areas at the bottom areas however.
Greens are in really good shape smooth rolling medium fast holding well struck approaches. Green complexes are large with slope and contours and ample opportunity to have some challenging pin placements. Additionally most greens are on an up slope and protected by bunkers and water is a factor on 7 and 9.
Interesting layout with good variety.
3/2 using Palm card offered by the course 330 POP which would have been faster if not for trouble on 16 and 17 very much like playing an exclusive outing as there was no one in front nor behind. Had the pleasure of playing with Jay an enjoyable companion for the round and a golfer with a high playing IQ.
A little cool and breezy to start but heck this is winter. Fairways are dormant brown and thin for extra roll but soft enough to provide some cushion to mitigate bounce. Way too many unfilled divots(used 4 bottles of sand to help out). Rough along fairways is mostly cut rather short a little whispy and playable. Some areas on slopes under the trees and around the greens are much longer thicker and a times downright nasty. Tees are level mostly with good cover.
Bunkers have deep heavy sand most were recently groomed but unfortunately the machine left some deep furrows making difficult shots even more of a challenge. Also the fairway bunkers have the same sand so the ball is likely to sit down--myself prefer firmer surface so I guess if I don't like it don't go there.
Greens are mostly smooth medium fast and faster as they dried. Greens are large with some tiers and contour and with the 6 zone pin placements some locations near the perimeter demanded more precision than I have. Also had the perception that the holes might have needed more tamping down as putts appeared to break both ways away from the hole as they lost speed.
Customer service friendly and cheerful as usual.
Using 2/28 915 tee off 345 POP with some waiting with no one pushing. Nice warm slight breeze sunshine another tough SC winter a m. Course overall is in good playing condition. However they are staring an ongoing water main repair project that will move from hole to hole to replace the Nixon era piping. Hence #1 currently has the tees in the fairway about 280 out and plays as a par 4. They are also constructing an additional green like the other 2 that were added to keep 18 holes in play at all times.
Fairways are in really good shape overall. Some are practically like carpet and others are good with a few thinish areas. A few areas have some mixed grasses so a clump could be encountered. There are really no dormant areas. Rough is present along fairways and today cut to about 1 inch. Areas around the greens and on some slopes are about 2-3 inches and juicy. Bunkers from observation looked to have been recently groomed. By history many have adequate sand and a few are thin over hard pack in the lowest portion.
Tees are the weakest link often thin and depending on marker location uneven.
Greens are smooth and FAST but will hold well struck approach shots and pitches with spin. Red white and blue flags denote front middle and back with many holes located toward the perimeter laterally in the zone which brings more contour into the putts .
Friendly staff with casual check in. New comfortable carts. No GPS. If you like good lies and really good greens at a reasonable fee check out Shorecliffs certainly a better than average muni.
2/26 guru outing and gk match playing with Steve from the whites while Nick and David challenged the blues. Enjoyed the company but found the course to play as difficult as I remember where some marginally wayward shots exacted maximum punishment.
Fairways have been colored to cover the dormant condition. Played fairly well with descent lies even being on the thin side. Rough was more of an issue in areas around the greens. Tees were on the thin side rather hard and some were significantly mounded or sloped. Found 1 fairway bunker nice and firm and 1 greenside with deep heavy sand.
Greens on the front 9 were slick firm and fast 2nd 9 most seemed different softer with more grain slowed to medium fast and occasionally a little bumpy. Greens are huge with a lot of contour and humps. Very much a challenge. POP 415
Friendly staff from check in to starter to cart assistant. Snack cart made several rounds.
Driving range had a grass area for irons only and mats for your driver. Putting green rolled about on course speed but with out the contour. Interactive GPS .
2/26 using group golfer $40 voucher teeing off at 715 with 3 locals Ed, Dori, and Rick a good trio who were fun and very helpful steering this 1st timer around a course that has some unique features with a few blind shots and hidden dangers. Very comfortable POP of just under 4 with no waiting. Course layout has elevation changes dog legs water and an abundance of other penalty areas. Terrain is rolling so there are frequent un-level lies up or down hill and often side hill. Fairways have better than average winter cover with mostly green grass cut fairly short but with a soft base so irons played nicely and fairway metals were more challenging. Rough was mostly thin and cut down to about an inch with some areas around the greens a little longer. Tees had adequate cover and were level.
Myself I did not get to test any of the bunkers but others in the group commented about a lack of sand over firm pack.
Greens are on the softer side holding well struck shots. Started out somewhat damp but still rolled medium/medium fast. Greens are fairly large with only a few having contours or tiers. Most have quite a bit of slope so calculating break and speed led to some head scratching. Pins are located in 4 zones and today most of the zones that were either front or back had pins that pushed the bounds of legality. Angle of approach especially on chips and pitches became a major factor as often being short sided gave a landing area on a downward slope making a short recovery putt only a fleeting fantasy.
Very scenic park like setting with ample variety requiring thoughtful shot selection and execution. Wish it were closer as I would definitely add it to my rotation. Well worth my green fee today.
2/19 8 am tee off paired with a fun couple leisurely 4 1/2 POP of our own making with no one pushing so fell into a no hurry mode. Nice welcoming check in with several friendly staff contacts from the cart attendant, front desk(nice to see Nikki again) and the starter, Good carts with interactive GPS and thankfully a windshield for the early chill.
Fairways are winter thin and brownish for the most part. The course has emphasized ball mark repair which is working as very few unrepaired were to be found. Next on the agenda get players to use the divot mix on the fairways. So even with the tight lies there was some cushion to make iron and hybrid shots playable. 3 metals were more challenging for me in particular. Apparently lot of over night watering as the fairways were pretty wet to start which carried over onto the greens as well. Rough along fairways seemed to be cut down in most areas with the dangerous angry stuff around the greens formed into some areas of clumpy tangled blades that extracted payment for trespassing there.
Bunkers looked to have been recently groomed and were well filled with heavy sand. Tees in good shape with good cover.
Greens as mentioned before started out a little wet and hence were rolling about medium speed which increase to medium fast as the day progress. Today was zone 6 and with the size of the greens and the abstract shape there were some tricky locations.
One comment that the par 3s are somewhat similar in distance with 8 and 11 quite similar in appearance and currently the zones on these 2 holes are almost identical. Other than that there is good variety and often a need to think before you hit on many holes.
Very enjoyable round on a quality layout.
played 2/14 and 17 using tee off deal times with POP about 415 each day. Overall on course conditions remain pretty solid with fairways having good cover and the rough shortish but still long enough to impede roll but otherwise quite playable. Some areas thicker and more challenging around the greens. Bunkers are mixed some with newer deep sand and some with more compacted to thin conditions. Tee as well.s are thin and some are not level.
Greens are smooth medium fast and are more on the firm side bit will hold well struck approaches. A couple have some residual mower damage around the outer edges unsightly but not really in play.
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