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6/14 on a nice slightly overcast day with no wind and a really nice POP of about 345. Fairways generally have sufficient cover, mowed a little tight for good roll but still soft enough underneath to give good cushion for irons while requiring attention for metals and hybrids. Seemed like people started to lose interest in filling divots on the back. Rough is varied and can be clumpy in spots so the ball can be sitting down behind longer grass. Around the greens it tends to be thicker and today cut down to about 2 inches.
Tees are mostly in good shape overall and it appears they are rotating placement daily. Bunkers have good ample sand, recently groomed and has compacted some to be more playable. Rakes are now present but only put to use about 50% of the time.
Regarding the greens the front was in nice shape smooth quick and consistent. The back however had been micro punched and some punches were not really all that micro. There was not prior info about this and nothing was mentioned at check in. Consequently the back greens had some bumpiness which tended to exacerbate break as the ball slowed.
6/11 GK match with Kevin joined by Chuck and Robert who also had a match. Overall conditions were on the good side with fairways having mostly good cover and gave good lies with a few areas that were drying out and getting thin. Rough was minimal and not very penal. Tees ok with enough cover and mostly level except for a couple where the markers were at the front where a slight slope was evident. Bunkers were groomed tending to be firm potentially thin and having some small stones as well.
Greens were a puzzle for me as I did not read them well and had some trouble with the speed as my ball often stopped short or moved away from the hole as it lost pace. Just wanted to keep believing they were faster than they were.
Grass driving range large putting green GPS in the carts and service cart making the rounds.
4 hr POP with no waiting.
6/10 with nickesquire playing a GK exhibition friendly cup match. So today Nick brings his B game and I ended up with a 2.5 to .5 advantage in the GK crypto alternate universe.
Fairways generally had good cover a little on the thin side and cut mostly tight with a few areas that are starting to brown out. Rough is cut to a tad over an inch but is usually thick so the ball tends to sit up. Nick played the tips and I played gold and had tees that were level with good cover. Bunkers have ample sand that is fine grained and nicely compacted as well with rakes provided an most often used.
Greens rolled about medium medium fast having a little grain to factor in as the ball tended to wander a bit off line as it slowed. Seemed like we all had some trouble keeping the speed up and getting to the hole.
POP right a 4 with no waiting. Grass driving range, large putting green, chipping area, basic carts no GPS and no drink cart. Ice at a couple of stations but limited water available.
6/9 Nick's review nailed it. !st time playing here and must say I enjoyed it as it is a nice layout and mostly more forgiving than it looks although bad shots are going to be punished. Design wise I would call it a resort course with generally wide fairways and some escape areas around the greens. However with the size of the greens and the use of quadrants for hole location it could easily be converted into a brutal test of golf.
Another enjoyable round with Nick.
6/6 GK plays outing GK cup match with t8fish (Kevin) and fellow GK cup participants Mark and Andrew on a cloudy sometimes breezy afternoon but overall pleasant playing conditions.
Fairways have good cover with overall good lies a little tight for metals at times but good for irons and hybrids. Rough not that long but required attention to make a decent strike. Tees with good cover. Bunkers were groomed and had rakes. Found 4 today 1 plugged in the face 1 a little thin at the bottom but looked soft and thinned the shot 1 so so out and 1 40 foot out to 3 feet for the save==guess I got better with the practice.
Greens are large and pins are placed in quadrants and today pins were mostly on the outer edge toward the perimeter so for me had lot of short side issues as pitches were often uphill over a mound to a down slope. Additionally there are contours and some areas of pronounced slope. Greens are healthy rolling mostly smoothly at medium fast pace.
1st time here and much more playable than expected as there were many comments about the native areas but was able to keep the ball mostly in play as the fairways are generally quite ample. Seemed also that most approaches had a side to hit to be more conservative so there was a risk reward factor. Still often found a way to miss on the wrong side however.
Fun outing with a fun crew. All of us walking which I do not do much of anymore but the course is very walkable
6/3 great review by Chuck leaving me to add very little. Yes the greens had some issues with at least 6 that had damage with #2 being the worst and the hole placed right in the middle of it.
By happenstance was having a late lunch at at the Real Italian Deli 44795 San Pablo Ave also a bakery with fresh Italian breads and deserts made daily a hidden gem we discovered by accident where we met 2 S residents that saw me with a score card and started a conversation saying that the course has had trouble with the greens every year at this time and treat them with some kind of oil and also that they just hired a new greenskeeper.
Dave 1 of the two players that went out with us said he was there 2 weeks ago and they were perfect. Any way it was what it was but a bit of a bummer.
For me I found the fairways to be cut tight and required a more precise strike than I was often unable to execute. I had the most trouble on chips and many of the areas closer to the green seemed drier and down right hard. The rough was not long but was grabby and thus often penal.
I played into 6 ? bunkers and had trouble as they for me were more firm than they appeared so the club tended to bounce with out taking much sand got out but long.
A very enjoyable round with Chuck with whom I would play anytime.
5/31 100 tee time using deal time from teeoff $26 coolish afternoon with 415 POP usually waiting a bit but as a 3some following mostly 4somes it was not too bad. Fairways continue to have good areas with some thin patches. rough about 2 inches and not that penal although I found 1 lie next to a sprinkler that was about 6 inches deep and no way to justify relief.
Tees are not good with 2-3 exceptions. Bunkers have sand and unused rakes.
Greens are really good with healthy cover receiving well stuck approaches and rolling smoothly at medium fast speeds. If you focus just on the golf course itself it has better than average muni conditions but with all the construction and made up holes I can see how it would be rather off putting for some players. The club house waiting to be torn down and the closed driving range and now the torn up practice area looks like a set from the walking dead.
Staff is still very friendly and welcoming.
5/24 using teeoff deal time $27 with discount, nice 3 1/2 POP on a warm slightly breezy 1 pm tee time. The visuals are not very good as the course is in the middle of a destruction zone with the club house closed stripped and waiting to be torn down, the range is closed and the practice area is torn up but the putting green is still available probably until the CH comes down. Around the course itself a lot of dirt is being moved with what appears to be a rather confusing plan as some of what was done is being done over. The course conditions are way better than the overall look.
Most fairways have substantial areas of good cover with some being exceptional. Granted there are some thin areas and some animal damage or poorly healed areas from pipe replacement. some areas have been re-sodded but appear to have been left to die. Typically the closer to the fairway center the better lies. The rough is varied as well from thick grabby to thin and whispy and often beyond the rough there are some bare areas or waste land not necessarily a penalty area'
Tees need work. Bunkers now have rakes and 6 of the 7 I found had good groomed sand with only 1 being thin and hard packed.
The greens are really healthy mostly smooth with still a little top dressing evident. Not mowed really closely as they are being careful to allow more growth and protect against impending heat. Rolling about medium medium fast with as little grain to factor in.
Easy check in friendly staff.
5/18 GK match with John (PokerGuy0826) a great golf companion and joined by Joe and Ed also a compatible pair on a nice comfortable morning a little breeze and mostly cloudy. Used Teeoff deal time $32 with discounts. Easy 4hr POP with no pressure and no waiting as the 4some ahead was always just out of range. Smooth friendly check in--I see why Weber likes this place. Basic carts no GPS. Grass driving range with mostly newer balls and large practice green generally smoother than on course conditions.
Fairways have inconsistent cover with some areas quite good and then some really thin so the shot you would like to hit vs the shot/club you are better off hitting is influenced by the lie. Rough can be deep and thick and grabby or just there as grass that is longer than the fairway. Additionally there are areas of animal damage and subsequent bare areas.
Tees were shaggy at times and some times thin but payable overall. Bunkers looked firm and often wet with evidence of grooming and saw a couple with grass growing as well. I myself did not get to test them to provide a first hand report.
Greens on the front were still not fully healed and showed the variation of grass from punches so they were uneven and bumpy. Greens on the back were better overall. Speed medium. Greens are usually fronted by a slight up slope with longer grass and generally soft so hard to get shots to run up and shots into the slope stopped with out advancing.
Had not played here for about 2 years so was interesting to see that some trees were gone and some trees have turned into a forest. Played the white tees and basically had to hit 2 more clubs than back then.
5/17 8am start 415 POP with no waiting and no following pressure could have played a little faster but seemed like when we started to gain on the group ahead one of us had some nissues so we stayed about 1/2 hole behind for the duration. Cloudy and cool with a damp feeling but no rain and no wind. Fairways remain tightly cut but today front 9 was often over watered with many wet/casual water areas. Still many unfilled divots-such a shame as quality divot mix is provided. Rough generally about 2 inches and depending on how deeply the ball settled was how difficult it was to advance. Tees mostly ok level with adequate cover. Bunkers were freshly groomed and there were rakes available but looked to be used about 1/2 the time.
Greens were really quick. Played much better than they looked as the grass looks fragile but rolls smoothly. Soft enough to hold well struck shots but firm enough to give chips and pitches that little extra roll out.
Easy friendly check in GPs with to the pin yardage mice chipping area and large putting green.
5/10 teed off at 830 as a 3some with no waiting and no one following leisurely 350 POP with some delays for wayward golf balls. Nice morning overcast for front 9 and sunny for back but with a little breeze to stay comfortable. Like weber said interesting layout and a work in progress. Found the fairways to be about 50/50 with some really good lies but then could have really thin area 3 feet away. Rough was generally clumpy so the ball could be down in front of a thick patch or buried in the juicy stuff--better to avoid it but wasn't always that straight.
Tees need work often sloped and either needing a good mow or really thin and sanded.
Bunkers newly groomed but many wet even to the point of standing water. Sand is a pretty decent consistency and is playable--found 8 greenside traps made 2 saves and took 3 to get out of 1. Can't blame the sand for lack of execution overall.
Greens are about 80% of where they were when we played the week before punching. Rolled about medium speed somewhat bumpy at times and seemed to be more influenced by the grain as putts often had a late break and of course away from the hole.
Basic carts no GPS, driving range3 with mats and a large practice green that was more healed than those on the course.
Friendly staff. Taro Thomas the GM was the GM at Shorecliffs and after we played last time he met with us and shred about the changes and the plans as the course is now managed by a Troon affiliate and while he was at it offered a comp round which we used today.
While we were there also looked at the senior special $2F and was also told about a punch card $159 for 7 plays with the ability to share the card with multiple players.
Looking forward to playing here more often and even with the hour plus drive it will be acourse that will be in our rotation.
5/5 800 tee off out a little early as no other golfers around and the range was closed for mowing and divot repair. POP 330 walking($24 senior rate) the blues so some time spent looking for the wayward shot. Nice day to walk mostly overcast light breeze. Course was busy with disc golfers preparing for an epic tourney this coming weekend. They were courteous and friendly but there were some places where they converged notably on the par 5 where is seemed like we were teeing off over a school playground at recess. Additionally the course continues its relentless reno with laying sod planting grading and hauling so with this also going on today was not an escape to serenity with all the activity. There were several areas of new sod roped off with instructions to move ball to the fairway. Currently much more grass area with more to come. Still some dirt/hardpan on the extreme outward areas. Had not been here for over a year so the progress really stood out.
Fairways were rather dry thin and firm with mostly tight lies but playable overall. Rough varied from thin and dry to a lot thicker closer to the greens. Tees were spotty some very hard others with extra grass and soft some on the uneven side so had to locate a spot for ok footing. Some of the 3s were well worn. Never found a bunker but by observation appeared recently groomed.
Greens are small firm and became progressively faster as the day warmed. Tricky and required full attention and commitment.
Friendly staff, quirky but interesting layout with some partially blind landing areas and overall where straight is a necessary asset.
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