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Played here Monday 8/3/20.

Played all (3) nines.

Very good conditions throughout with exception of 3 greens on the Valley 9, which had a small portion of the surface in bad shape. That, however, did not take away much, from overall conditions.

A few tee boxes were a little long and in need of cutting, but most were good.

Fairways were very good throughout, and rough was long, a had a few over-watered and soggy in spots.

As mentioned above, with exception of 3 greens on Valley, I thought greens on Desert and Mountain were excellent.

Enjoyed the layouts of all 3 nines, with good variety, elevation changes, and challenge of each.

Good service in clubhouse. No on-course cart today.

Played here, first time on 7/13/20.

After playing 18 at Eagle Crest, stopped by Reidy Creek for first time to play the 18 hole, par 3 course.

Overall, excellent condition.

Very friendly and well managed clubhouse. Card payment only on this day, no cash.

Not a pushoever par 3 course by any means. From blue tees, only one hole under 100 yards, all others 115 plus, and 8 of those are 150-190 range.

Fun course, walked in 90 degree heat, but for only $12 (an error in judgment on my part to walk, given a couple of long transitions from green to tee, and only an hour after completing 18 holes in the morning)

Greens were excellent, a little soft, but very receptive. Rolled very well. Sneaky tough pin placements throughout, which added to the challenge. A couple of semi blind tee shots also added to the difficulty. Cool double green for holes 12 & 14.

Tee boxes were also very good / excellent. In most cases, I just dropped ball on the grass and played like a fairway approach.

Bunkers firm, packed. As with Eagle Crest earlier in the day, I 'created' decent lies in bunker by loosening up a little sand a playing it that way, rather than drop outside of bunker.

Very much enjoyed this course, will try again when in the area, and with more energy than I had on this day.
Played here, first time, 7/13/20.

Most of what is described in previous review, is still accurate. Greens are the highlight, although a couple were marked up significantly with divot / ball damage.

I'm assuming the standard 14th hole tee was back in play, as previous review mentioned it was changed to short par 4. Played on this day as downhill, big left to right dogleg par 5.

Some fun interesting holes but firm, dry fairway conditions made for difficult control off the tee.

Bunkers were still in poor condition, but I 'created ' good lies by loosening some sand. I'd rather play out of the bunkers, so creating a lie (albeit completely illegal as the rules of golf are concerned) made more sense than dropping a hard pan outside the bunker.

Very friendly service in Pro Shop. Well protected and managed within the C-19 guidelines.

I can imagine this could be a much more enjoyable course if conditions improved.
Played here 7/9/2020.

As one of my top 5 favorite courses I've played in SoCal, always a treat to play here, albeit a long drive from Brea. If this course was closer, I'd -play it every week.

Great links style design, in a canyon setting. mostly flat and a course where local knowledge and ability to play creative shots around the green is a must. Premium on approach placement to get best angles into the greens.

Excellent condition throughout.

Tee boxes level and lush.

Fairways fast and firm, a little thin / tight in spots, but overall very good.

Greens (and huge aprons around greens, which play as fast as the green itself), excellent condition, although seemed a little slower than I recall, later confirmed by two RC regulars I played with. Still rolled nicely, but necessary to play shots low to the ground. High pitch and wedge shots are not the optimum shots around here. Fall offs on most greens and getting out of position on the green can make for very tough two-putts. Love the undulating and rolling green complexes. The highlight of the course, IMO.

Bunkers are designed to be natural rugged and deep. Played from two with good sand among wispy grass. very good condition, but very penal.

Great service inside and out. Beverage cart out and around often.

Played back 9 first on this day, which is the much longer, tougher side. It may be a slight advantage to play the back side first as prevailing winds create for some long tough shots into the wind on the back, later in the day.

Highly recommend as always, IMO the best value (quality and design to cost ratio) in the area.
Played here 1st time on Saturday 6/6.

Overall conditions were below average to poor, especially on the greens.

Check in was easy, very friendly staff inside proshop, however, did find water and an unopened can of red bull in with warm water in the onboard cooler, prior to heading down to driving range.

Range was open but grass was quite long although very green and lush.

Encountered a fairway bunker on 1st fairway, which had some standing water on small pebbles, Very thick stick red clay in this bunker. Other bunkers which I found greenside had softer white sand, however, again lots a small pebbles and even dime sized small rocks.

Tee boxes were chewed up with many unfilled divots, especially bad on the par 3 tees.

Fairways in general were good to very spots, but brown and dormant in others.

Greens were biggest disappointment. While rolled surprisingly smooth in some spot, the amount of dead areas or brown spots (fungus?) meant you were almost certain to navigate small hazards on the actual green surface. Some of the worst conditioned greens I've ever played on. Can't imagine they are going to improve as temperature goes up.

Layout was interesting, but given the conditions, difficult to appreciate. As first time on any St. George course, I was also a little underwhelmed with the scenic value as well.

I only played the front 9 due in part to conditions and by the time I reached the 6th hole, the pace of play slowed to a crawl.
Played here Friday 5/8.

I can't imagine anyone is doing the restricted access process better than Black Gold. Absolutely flawless check in and start. Perfectly executed process. One player in proshop at a time, sign a social distance form and off you go. Arrived 20 minutes prior to tee time and aside from not being able to warm up on the range, you would not have known the restrictions were in place.

Restrooms on course were available, no water stations or ball cleaners, but masks were not required on course. (Thank you).

Option to ride solo or double, player's choice when I played.

WELL DONE, Black Gold Staff !

Course conditions are equally positive.

Clean tee boxes, smooth greens, green and lush fairways, and bunkers full of sand.

Go to BG website for all local rules / adjustments. In summary: No full size pin flags, but excellent GPS on board cart to see pin location. Small 'utility flags' are visible in each hole. Cups inverted, so easy to retrieve ball, just below surface. No rakes in bunkers but free drop allowed.

Pace of play was perfect, never waited, never pushed.

On this day, show receipt and get $5 off the limited lunch menu. They had the grill fired up on patio, and we had a great burger and cold beer to finish the day. Only standing allowed on patio, but never saw more than 4 people together.

What a great 'normal' day we had, that felt extraordinary on a beautiful warm May morning.

Played here 4/28/20, first time. If traveling from south of the course, allow some extra time and take the 138 / 173 route rather than 15. Very enjoyable, scenic, sometimes very curvy route.

Walked as single. Check-in was easy. I prepaid, so just had to let the starter know I was there, and off I went. All typical Covid19 precautions in place.

Tees in good shape, flat and clean.

Fairways were good to very good condition. Firm and decent roll out. Rough, as with most courses starting to re-open, was thick and penal.

Greens were almost fully recovered from aeration, and were slow and a little bumpy.

Bunkers full with sand, very good condition.

Straightforward, classic layout. Nothing mysterious, nothing spectacular, but still a good challenge.

Flags are in, with cups upside down, which allows ball to drop into hole, albeit only just enough to not have to reach into cup.

Enjoyed the round. Good for walking, but I was exhausted by the time walking up the steep 18th fairway, in 90 degree heat.
Played here 8/26/19.

As much as I've always enjoyed this layout (truly a links style), the condition is what has kept me away. From excellent conditions when I first played here (2012) to what it is today. Difficult to articulate accurately, but it's not good.
That notwithstanding, its not all bad.

I really appreciate the customer service at check in and explanation about what they are trying to do with the course. Lot of re-sodding, renovations, water and work being put into and on the course. I was told honestly, that the course is still about a year away from being completely refreshed. I truly hope they continue and finish the work, I believe this course will be very popular.

On the day I played, the par 5, # 10 was completely closed. Again, staff was honest up front when I checked in.

Tee Boxes were generally in good shape. Grass a bit long on a couple but nothing to complain about.

Fairways are poor in spots (bare dirt, and thin in spots) and spotty with coverage. Overall, the most disappointing aspect on the day I played, but this is where it appears they are putting in most work.

Greens were bright spot, although very soft. Still, rolled nicely and were very playable.

Bunkers were below average to poor, nix between dark sand / dirt and some hard pan. Need more work.

This all said, players should realize, as designed, the course is not supposed to be a lush green experience. When in good shape, it stills plays fast.

As mentioned at the top, I really hope this renovation gets done and if so, I'll play much more often. The course features a burn which snakes around several holes on the front nine. You must be aware of yardage to the burn or to carry. Makes the shot selection very important and strategic.

Are around the course continues to grow. Residential (but no house anywhere on the course and in play), parks, and development. Minor League stadium right next door, and of course people jumping out of airplanes overhead. Always makes for a fun day.

Very nice grill and patio to enjoy after the round.

Keep it going Links team. I think the hard work in restoring this course will pay off.
Played here, first time, on 8/13/19.

Overall, I thought just average conditions. Aside from some great vistas along the coastline, felt at times like we were playing any other city course in OC / LA.

Tee boxes were average to good, no real serious issues. Maintained and mostly very level.

Fairways: First, the width of fairway cut grass was very narrow, and conditions were a coin flip. Good in spots, very thin or clumpy in others. Rough was not overly penal, but was still difficult to play from, and with very narrow fairways, I played most of the round from the rough. When I did find fairway, was usually a thin lie. A little disappointing.

Greens were VERY hard, firm and mostly fast. Our group, did not fix many ball marks, as they were tough to find with the firmness, and good shots seemed to run off green consistently. Also a little disappointing.

Found a couple of greenside bunkers and all were very full of sand, in some cases almost too deep. Needed a perfect strike to fly ball far enough.

Layout is interesting enough, 14-16 were amazing, otherwise unspectacular and flat. Very enjoyable, but not the experience I expected.

$45 booking fee added to $110 green fee for non resident. POP was 4:25, (10:50 start) but seemed slower. Guess our group just played a little faster then groups in front, as we waited on several holes.

Service on course (beverage cart and at the turn) was excellent, however, kind of short and not super friendly at check in.

Poor driving range (mats, narrow, and below average targets), decent chipping green adjacent, and (2) putting greens near #1 North.

Lot of low flying jets from nearby Miramar base, which was cool for a while, but not when trying to pull the trigger on a shot.

I'd play again, but would need a deal of some kind on green fees.
Played here 7/31/2019. First time here since April 2009. Recalled that I enjoyed the layout and wasn't disappointed this time around, 10 years later.

Overall, very good conditions. A little soggy in spots but appreciate the effort to get water on the course, as needed. Given, however, a little wet in spots, and dryer / firmer in others, was a little inconsistent, but nothing to be too critical about.

Tee boxes: Very good. a little chopped up on par 3's, but level.

Fairways: Excellent, with the caveat mentioned above.

Greens: Soft, almost too soft, but rolled nicely on putts. Subtle breaks which weren't always evident. Good challenge.

Bunkers: Good and below average. I only found one, but it was mostly hard, wet, brownish clay. Others looked very good, with lots of nice white sand, so appears they may be in process of improving all.

Very fun layout. More open, longer on front. More elevation changes and turns / doglegs on back. You'll use several different clubs from tee on back 9. 10 thru 18 I used: 3 Wood, Driver, 7 iron, 3 Hybrid, Driver, 3 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 9 iron, and 3 Wood, from blue tees.

Take advantage of the excellent GK special: $38 for golf, range balls, cart and lunch (not including drink)

Highly recommend. Enjoy
Played here 5/2/19. Everything in very good condition, except greens, which were punched and sanded Tuesday / Wednesday (4/30 & 5/1).

Otherwise previous review is spot on.

Very generous, unspectacular, but very enjoyable course. Will play again.

Played here Tuesday July 17, 808am.

Review of 6/24 by ecjaye99 is still appropriate.

Driving range closed on Tuesdays, so only chipping and putting available to warm up. Putting green was very slow but was consistent with what we found on the course.

Asked starter before we teed off if beverage cart was on course, and he said no, so we loaded up with what we needed, from snack bar, prior to heading out.

Tee boxes were a bit long in most cases, in need of a cut, but otherwise lush.

Fairways were excellent except for some grass clippings, and the par 5 11th which was being chopped up / aerated while we were on the tee box. Large holes and grass / dirt plugs along the entire fairway. All other fairways were very nice and produced very good lies. A few spots marked GUR.

As mentioned above, greens were agonizing slow. All were recently vericut, in some cases, in two directions which made a checkerboard of cuts and slowed putts even more. Very soft as well. Even after playing them all day, very difficult to get speed right. Given a the slow roll, not very true rolls at all. A few greens also had piles of grass clippings behind or adjacent.

Bunkers were mixed bag, a few very firm and others just right.

I enjoyed the layout, I thought there were a lot of interesting holes. Well bunkered, a few blind tee shots, but fair overall. A shame conditions were not up to spec, and if they improve the greens, would recommend. Could be that I just happened to hit the course on a particularly off day in terms of amount of maintenance going on.
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