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I wish I got out and played here more. The course is a tiny bit rough (compared to its usual great) around the edges but, for really good reason.

They are bringing the water back! Construction is going on ALL of the water holes to return the water features to the course.

There was equipment on every hole getting its water back, but, it was tucked away and not in use for weekend play.

Greens were a tiny bit bumpy on a few holes and the tee boxes shaggier that I am used to, but, they will be the first to admit the changes are wearing the maintenance staff thin.

You can tell they are putting some love into the course. I will gladly accept temporary bumps on some greens here and there and some tee box fluffiness for now.

Also, the staff continues to be really really nice. It's been quite enjoyable on many levels playing here the last few years and it sounds like it will be getting even better!
Makes me happy to write this review. Back in September, I played here and noted that the course was in bad shape. I went back to play this Sunday. I would not call it night and day but the course is in MUCH better shape. While a tiny bit shaggy the greens are rolling bump free. The rough has been cut to almost consistent length and the tee boxes are better (although still a tiny bit of shag). There are bare spots still here and there in the fairway that might leave your ball with a suspect lie. Almost a non issue if you do not mind bumping out of a small bald spot. Played with members there who said the course has almost been like a ghost town because of its conditions and say the course just keeps getting better and better every week. It is back to the point where I will head out to play it now and then. Keep up the improvements! It was great to see.
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The reviews for this course seem to be varying, so, I decided to take my chances and golf there today.

The course is in the worse condition I have seen it in. Thin was the word of the day. Thin fairways with many small dirt gaps. Thin tee boxes some of them with barely any grass on them and almost no sand in many of the bunkers. Makes the tee game fun. Hit it and watch it fly and roll. However, there is a really good chance you will end up on a bald spot for your next shot.

The greens? Thin as well, but in good shape. Personally, I find fast greens fun. However, the pin placements are questionable. We saw many pins at odd angles and one pin that was only 5 yards in from the edge.

I would not call it a dogtrack, but, it does need some attention or some time to bring it back to the level it used to be.
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This course is having a tough time aging. People have noted sand on the greens, but, these are large areas, not just a few inches here and there that are sanded. Large gaps on the greens with no grass and just sand. Greens are also really slow and a bit bumpy right now as they try to fix the situation.

Also, many of the cart paths have cracks running straight up the middle of them. It really is not a bother driving, but, I can only imagine the pain it will be to fix all of them. They will just get worse with time.

One of my favorite OC courses. I hope they fix the greens soon.
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As mentioned earlier carts are now allowed back on the fairway. However, the fairways are still mushy in many spots so do not expect a lot of ball roll. You will see mud tire tracks and mush your way through some of the fairways. Personally, I would still have them off the path because the rest of the course is shaping up nicely. One of the first to come back from maintenance. The greens are really nice right now. I barely saw a ball mark.
The greens are plush and rolling nicely. They did a small hole punch on them a few weeks ago but you would never know that.

The fairways looks like they were just punched. Had to move the ball on almost half the holes because it was sitting in some punch mud, etc. Many tee shots plugged and stopped. Many bare spots in the fairway on about 6 of the holes. I am not sure punching will bring some of them back 100%. You still should find no issue finding a grassy spot near your ball.

As for it being narrow, it is a bit, but, I would not call it Trump National narrow. The only holes where you really need to be careful is 2 and 5. 5 especially because you can get a hello from people slicing off the second tee.

I enjoyed this course a lot more today than before. Its been a few years since I played it and I plan to come back a lot sooner than that. Somewhat sickly fairways and all.

Very nice staff. My playing partner was hitting out of the sand and jokingly said to a maintenance worker waiting for him to hit "Hey, got a tee?" The worker took him literally. We had no idea, but he went back to the pro shop and got him some tees! How nice is that?
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This kind of review is not fun, but, here it is. I had a terrible customer service experience here mainly involving the PGA Head Pro.

I called the day before I played to see if I could play in the AM. I was told there was a tournament at 8 and if I got there before 7:30 I would be fine.

I got there about 6:45. The place was packed. I saw signs on the carts which made me realize this was a large scramble. I was never told on the phone this would be a scramble.

I walk into the pro shop and told him I would like to get on the waiting list. He said there was a large tournament. I said, yup, I can see that but the guy yesterday said if I got out before 7:30 I would be ok. His reply? "He did" and he laughed. Not, I am sorry. Not, well, this might be interesting and you might hit the tournament, nothing. I paid and headed out.

I got to the starter and stole a peek at his tee sheet. My guestimate had me hitting this scramble at some point. I ask him, hey, am I going to hit this tournament? No he said but you need to start on 10. Which I and about 4 other small groups did.

I get to 18 in a little under two hours and I am greeted by a marshall who tells me I have to wait until the tournament plays. At this point there is no sign of the tournament.

I waited 30 minutes. By this point two of the groups behind me are now on 18 waiting for the scramble to show up.

The scramble shows up and 2 groups of 4 hit off 18. At this point I am a little upset because not only have I hit the tournament half way through my round, I am now waiting 30+ minutes for the joy to play behind two groups.

Yes, two groups. There were only two groups in front of me. I later learned this from a marshall. About 8 holes were open in front of the two groups in front of me but the Head Pro demanded I wait on 18. I could have easily played 18 and then headed to an open 1st tee. Maybe just maybe I might have bumped into the rest of the tournament on 8 or 9.

The other people who got stuck behind the tournament left. I shot one over so decided to stay to see if I can come in with a decent score. One guy who bailed was nice enough to drive down 1 fairway and tell me the pro shop (someone working there not the Head Pro) is really sorry and there is a free green fee waiting for me to pick up when I was done.

Well, I bump into the marshall who sent me out. He apologized over and over again and even said he gave me the wrong information. He said he asked the Head Pro to give me a free green fee and was rejected because the marshall "sent me out too early". Yep, because of another employees mistake, the head pro revoked my free green fee.

I later walked into the clubhouse to say hello to someone I knew who worked there and talk about what happened. He also had planned to give me a free green fee but the head pro said no. In fact, the pro was there to make sure it did not happen.

I honestly could care less about the free green fee, but, the way the head pro handled all of this was terrible. Someone said he hates happy people. I can totally see that.

You know when you talk to someone and they ask way too many questions about something? Its because they have probably run into something like this. I was given incorrect information over and over again and the people who seemed to care were the marshalls, pro shop staff and cart girl. The head pro could give a d%mn .

I love this track. A few bare spots but it is about to get worked on.

Here is hoping the experience today was a rare occurrence.
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It pains me to write this review because I enjoy this layout and the staff has always treated me well. I used to play this course considerably more a few years ago and today I realized why I stopped. This course is going downhill.

The greens were very very bumpy. 1 and 12 are in poor condition with many bare spots. Even when the greens look decent they roll slow and bounce all the way to the hole.

The tee boxes were very shaggy. Making par 3s a little tougher than they should be. They are also very uneven, more than I ever remember.

The rough is not consistent. Patches of deep rough, bare spots and mud are everywhere.

The flies are around and pestered us all through the front 9.

It is not enjoyable when the condition of the course continually gets in the way of your score.

They have no maintenance planned.

One the plus side, if you are a GolfExtra member they are running a weekend deal. Show up as a walk on during the weekend and play for $24. Even at the low cost the course was not an enjoyable play today.
The course is in rockingly good shape for this time of year! I might sneak out a few more times before they start punching mid October.

A few muddy spots but nothing terrible. Great walking course and a great price for this level of golf.
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