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Played Sunday 2/5, 8am shotgun; cold morning, hot day. More forgiving than the Firecliff. Not as many bunkers and easier off the tee. Greens seemed inconsistent... front 9 they were sticky, back 9, they couldn't hold anything. Had a great time nonetheless. And course in fabulous shape otherwise. I could play here everyday.
Played Sat 2/4, 8am shotgun, cold morning, hot day. Greens running a slow 11, firm and true. Course in fabulous shape. Wonderful track with lots of bunkers, quite a bit of water in play. I could play here everyday.
Played Fri 2/3, 12pm, 4 1/2 hr round... greens running about a 10, firm and true. Fun routing, typical palm springs layout, but not overly difficult. Course not long... a big dry drainage river runs through it, so several of the holes runs up and down over it. We played the N/S... the W I think was closed, as they are doing some kind of extensive work... maybe a drainage project. The Driving range is not open for the same reason. There were several areas of fairways in disrepair, and we played those GUR. We were comparing the courses to Vegas. This was definitely old school Palm Springs golf... older resort, older course... like the Flamingo, while the Classic club is like the Winn. Desert Willow is like the Bellagio. But overall had a fun time and wouldn't be mad if I played here again.
Played 11/12 Sat 7am tee time. Cold morning. 3:45 hr rd. Pretty interesting fun track in average muni shape. Short course, 6200 from the back (the tips were closed at 6500). A few holes that were short but uphill, so were tough... and a few that had downhill tee shots, including the opening tee shot, which is pretty fun... so it played to the 6200. Greens about a 9 uphill, 10 downhill... bumpy throughout the course. I had a hard time getting the ball to the hole, so I wish I could have a do over on putting. Tee boxes were beat up. The rest of the course pretty playable. Driving range really beat up. It's one of the cheaper options in the area... and it's fun enough to play again. Just don't expect a vacation resort experience like the rest of the area. I'd rather play Poppy for the NCGA price... but this place is great in a pinch.
Played Sat 10/22, shotgun scramble. Course is in really good shape. Greens are smooth and true, probably a slow 10 on stimp. Fairways are in great shape. A 9/10 on the muni conditions scale. A 7/10 compared to your typical country club. A 5/10 for layout. Had a great time.
Played Tues Oct 18, 7:50 tee time; cold morning that warmed up by hole 7. I've always felt these courses are decent tracks with gimmicky greens. You need to play here regularly to learn the course and score well. So much course management and shot placement needed. So if you play here once every 3-7 years, like me, it's not fun hitting good shots into bad places. Add to that: like the last review noted, this course is not being kept up. In our outing of 20 guys, if I knew the conditions of the fairways, I would've proposed lift,clean,place. Lots of bare and spotty parts in the fairway. Greens were diabolical, and seemed inconsistent.. at least I couldn't figure out if it was me, the grain, or the greenskeeping. My guess is the Bayonet side is more popular and regarded, so it's in better shape. They were doing a college tournament there at the same time, so that's my bet. Anyways, not a horrible day. Drink cart girl was nice and came around a bunch. Food in the restaurant was great. Had a good time. But rather play Poppy.
Played Mon 10/17, 12:10 tee time; walked with caddy in 5:15. Beautiful day. Aside from the seagull excrement smell on holes 2-5, perfect day. Course in typical great shape. Greens running about an 11. Nothing more to be said. Always feel blessed to be playing here when I get to.
Played Sun 10/16, 12:30 tee time, 4:45 round. Nice sunny day with an occasional 1 club wind. Course in rough shape. Like the reviewer before, Greens were great and consistent.. tough, fast; Fairways in good shape.. except for the lack of sand, and the ensuing plethora of unfilled divots. And then the rough was ridiculously not rough. Where there was rough: it was hairy and sticky... but most of the course looked like it was torn up intentionally. Sandy dunes... It was an automatic bogey, if not double, because you would not have a hittable lie. Might as well red stake it. Our outing organizer says they told him they plan on reseeding with different grass.. that's why it was like that... but since May? We'll see. Restaurant is still closed, they have some sandwiches and hot dogs on the cart. There is no driving range... so if I knew that, I would've driven over to the Pebble Beach range. It's a nice layout, and could be lots of fun. But for now, it's a stay away unless you have no other choices or if they reduce the rate.
Played in a shotgun scramble sunday 9/25, 8am tee off, 5:30 round. Course in fabulous shape. Greens running fast and true, I'd say a fast 10, slow 11. Entire course looks and plays great. Bunkers looked excellent. For all of the heat this summer, it's come out of it splendidly. Slow due to tournament. Had a great day.
Played wed 9/7. 7:15 walk on, joined a 3 some. 4:15 round. Greens running a slow 10. Pleasant round. Hot day... probably 80 degrees at tee time. 100 when we finished at 11:30. 113 was the day's high. It's like Palm Springs in July. Geez. Course in good summer shape. A combo of thin spots struggling and wet spots from watering. But overall in good playable shape. The tee boxes are the weakest part of the course. Greens soft... a little bumpy if you don't fix the marks. Always enjoy this course.
Played Sun 8/7, 8:30 shotgun. 80+ degrees, mild wind. Beautiful day. Course is immaculate. Greens are pure, running at 12. Very well manicured. Right on the lake. It's a fun course. I wouldn't pay rack rate here.. not when incline village is cheaper and close by. But it really is a nice course with fun holes... lots of geese though. And geese poop. That was a downer. For an elite course, you'd think they'd be more proactive about decreasing their presence. Heck, my home course does a great job of chasing and cleaning. But geese aside, I'd love any opportunity to play here, if the price was right. (rack rate is not right imo)
Played Sat 8/6, 8:30 shotgun. Warm, pleasant day. 80s temp. a 1/2 to 1 club wind. Course in great shape. Greens grainy... run like a 13 downgrain, 10 into the grain. My second time here, and it's as great as I remember it. Played it from the blues this time, 6640 yds, which is more like 6000 in the altitude (10-15%)It's a fantastic track, great routing, interesting holes, and beautiful. My favorite public course in the Tahoe area.
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