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Played Sat Nov 11, 7am, 1st off, walking foursome. 4:15 pace. Beautiful day. Quickly shed the long sleeve and wished I wore shorts. Calm front 9, wind picked up the last hour, by the ocean to a 2-3 club wind. Greens fast... running at an 11. I continue to try to appreciate this course. I wish I hit my approaches better to better judge my grasp of their playability. This is an impossible course to score on the first time... and I know I can beat it with spot on course management. Not this day. Still did alright, and had a great time.
Played Wed 10/4, 1pm time as a 4some, 2nd round of the day after the morning round at Rancho solano. Hot day. 4hr round. 1-2 club wind most of the round. First time here, has been on my list for a long time, but it's an hour away for me, so glad I was able to get out here... and I am glad I did. I could play this course everyday. It is in excellent muni shape. Greens running a slow 10... greens not as big as the sister course, and a little slower. The course overall is an excellent relaxing fun track. Flatter than RS, more resort level difficulty, but pretty; wider fairways, more houses. Bunkers were perfect. Food was great. Better tap here.

Seeing as it's going to be compared to its sister course, Rancho Solano, I'll put this here and there: the other course was more fun , but I did have a great time, and it's a fun course., Both were fun. The greens here are smaller, more flat overall. It's longer, but a bit easier. Wider fairways. PV is more relaxing. I would play these courses all of the time if I were local. Their Loyal-Tee membership is probably a great deal.

I hope to make it back here.
Played Wed 10/4, 7am time as a 4some, 1st off. cool morning, warmed up quickly. 4hr round. 1-2 club wind most of the round. First time here, has been on my list for a long time, but it's an hour away for me, so glad I was able to get out here... and I am glad I did. I could play this course everyday. It is in excellent muni shape. Greens running a fast 10... and when people say this course has huge greens, they aren't kidding. There was one par 3 where Rob said 'huge green, I don't know about deep, but it's wide". I then noticed the green must have been 60 yds wide, (not ft, yards) and I was just looking at the left third. They had tire tracks on them, which made them occassionally bumpy.. and we write off the lack of care to upcoming aeration. the course overall is an excellent interesting fun track. Lots of elevation changes, interesting shot quality, and of course, the huge greens making putting a challenge.... but not gimmicky. Bunkers were perfect. Food was great.

Seeing as it's going to be compared to its sister course, Paradise Valley, I'll put this here and there: I had more fun here, it's a more interesting, dynamic track. Both were fun. The greens here are huge, more elevation changes. More difficult approaches. It's shorter, but more difficult course. A bit tighter. PV is more relaxing. I would play these courses all of the time if I were local. Their Loyal-Tee membership is probably a great deal.

I hope to make it back here.
Played in a shotgun 8am on sunday 9/25. Breezy day. Slow shotgun round. About the same as last week. Greens soft and bumpy, stimp 10, decent shape all around. Looks like they are punching next week... so plan accordingly. BTW, great bloody mary.
played fri 9/22, 8am 3some, 4 hr round. Beautiful day. Haven't played here in maybe 10 years. I forget how fun it is. We played the blue tees, par 70 5600 yds.. which I figured is equivalent to par 72 6500. Super hilly course with a great view of the city. I think it's a shot makers course. I count 6 holes where you shouldn't use driver if you are longer than 230. Only 2 par 5s. The par 3s are awesome, and 2 are short, 2 are long irons. Greens bumpy and soft, running a fast 10. The course overall in great shape. I had fun. I think this is the best value in OC, when you consider price and quality.
Played Sunday 9/17, 12:30 tee time. Nice pleasant day, warm with a 1-2 club breeze that turned into a 2+ breeze the last hour of the round. 5 hr round: 2:45 on the front, 2:15 on the back. Greens a bit bumpy and soft, but quick, a solid 11 on the stimp. The course overall in pretty good shape, really good muni shape. Bunkers decent. Overall, had a great time, I always enjoy this track. Will be back out next week for a scramble.
Played Sun 9/10, 8am shotgun, 4:30 round. Course in fabulous shape. It's been a long time since I've played this course and it's been almost perfect. Something was always wrong, horribly.. but not this time. This has always been a top track for me in SoCal, and this round only solidified my thought. 18 interesting holes, tons of character. It was a muggy morning, with 30 min of sprinkles. Reminded me of Hawaii weather. Got really hot the last hour. Greens huge... a little bumpy if you don't fix the marks, but running a fast 10 and true. I will play this course anytime, as it is my favorite.
Played 9/9 Sat, 7am shotgun, 4:30 hr round, cool, overcast, humid morning, reminds of Hawaii, not much wind, got hot the last hour or so. Course in good shape. Greens a little bumpy, running about a 10, not very fast. Rough is sticky and balls sit down a little. Bunkers are beach sandy. I've never hit into so many bunkers... Had a hard time on the greens figuring out speed: can't decide if it's me sucking, or me not figuring out the grain. What makes this course, I've decided, is not the ocean, but the canyon/gorge that the course weaves around in the middle of the course. Anyways, always a privilege to play here.
played fri 9/8, 10:40 tee time, 5 hr rd. Been at least 15 years since i've played here, and don't remember it being so fun. Hot day with not much of a breeze. Very nice, challenging layout, lots of elevation changes. good mix of blind shots, up and down holes, forced carries, hazards... Lots of great shot quality opportunities. Greens were decent, soft, a little bumpy, ran about an 11. Beverage cart came around a few times. Bunkers perfect. Overall in really good shape. Had a great time.
Played Wed 8/23, 2:20 pm as a 3 some with GKers alex and deepsea... 4:10 hr rd. Warm humid day with a slight breeze. Played the Zin/Merlot routing. course in pretty good shape, with the exception of the SLOW greens. Greens firm and true, just slow.. like a 9 on the stimp. When the ball slows down going down a tier, it's slow. But had a great time. bunkers a little ignored, but playable. NCGA price is a nice deal. Some of the fairways had some soft spots, but overall very playable. Enjoy this course very much, and wish it were closer to me.
Played sat 8/5, 2pm, hot day. 1st time here. Played the South/East layout. 4 hrs as a 3 some, not a lot of people in the heat. Course is a bit gimmicky for me. Surprisingly hilly, which made for a lot of interesting shots (in a good way)... but also, a lot of hard doglegs, blind shots... and the worst, quite a few long skinny greens, which offered a lot of poor shot quality shots. You definitely need course knowledge just to play the course right, and fortunately I was playing with guys that know the course. course in below average muni shape, playable, but also, we granted ourselves a bump if in the fairway. Greens with a lot of ball marks and some disrepair. Very soft. Ran maybe a 10. Very sloped greens, which made for some challenging putting; other than the 4 too many hot dog shaped greens, I actually like the green contours. Too bad they were not in great shape. Rough in many spots thick... hides the ball when off line. On the south... when the #1 handicap is a par 3, I think that says something not so good about the design. We had to cross the major busy boulevard 4 times. Like using the crosswalk. I've never done that before. Anyways, had a good time, and golf is golf, but probably won't make my way back here, living out of town and all. Friendly staff btw. If it's even here...there are signs all around that say "save royal vista".... so I guess it's on the chopping block.
Played Sunday 7/30 , 10:20 tee time; 5 hr round (because my group was slow, but not me ;) ) warm day with a cooling breeze. Wind a good 1-2.5 clubs most of the round. Greens are really fast, and I was not prepared for that. I think they are grainy too, which always messes with me. I say they are running a solid 12-13, mostly true and firm. I haven't played here in maybe 20 years, so I was excited to play... and it's much better than I remember. I thought it was going to be cool ocean holes and then mediocre inland holes... but the entire routing was really fun and interesting. I'd say some of the greens are borderline unfair with the speed, slope and pin placement: actually, #11 is not fair at all. Too sloped and too fast. when you have a 4 ft uphill putt, leave it an inch short and it rolls back to your feet... yeah, not fair. And there wasn't a great place for the pin, not with that speed, and with the wind blowing downhill. Cart girl came around a bunch. Course in great shape overall, but here were a lot of unfilled divots. Overall, I'd love to play here again.
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