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Played Sunday afternoon with cart as a single following a walking twosome.

Pace of play was steady. Kept in constant view of group ahead. The group behind never caught up to me. Loads of golfers skipping around the course playing holes in between the group spacing which was frequent.

Greens were OK. They were slow/medium speed. They did not hold their line and were a little spongy for my taste but playable nevertheless.

Bunkers were well stocked with sand. No rakes but definitely easy to hit from.

Fairways were for the most part lush. Good cushion underneath made hitting from fairways easy.

Rough was varying lengths from thin to bushy. What you saw was what you got. Definitely on the thick side but playable.

Tee Boxes were my personal pet peeve. For me I felt the tee boxes were too lush. Easy to stick tee into ground but the fescue was left high and thick. Finally teed my shots slightly above grass since the tee boxes allowed you to sink into ground.

Pace of play was decent. Conditions though not ideal were very playable. Definitely a course to add to your rotation if only because it's close and even with decent conditions it did not feel as busy as it has in the past. Recommended.
Played Wednesday. It started cloudy but quickly burned away during the afternoon.

Golf Course in good shape. Tee boxes are a little on the thick and busy side but playable. Loads of cushion underfoot so you may feel a little unbalanced when you hit your drive.

Fairways had good coverage with nice cushion underneath for the most part. Bunkers had decent sand. No rakes so do your best to clean up after yourselves.

Greens were in good shape. Rolled medium speed and very consistent from green to green.

Pace of play was strange. Twosome playing in fornt of us and we kept running into them. Course was fairly packed even with spacing.

NO WATER AVAILALBE ON COURSE. Be sure to stock up in clubhouse/starter. Covid-19 rules are enforced -- essentially Wear a Mask, Wash your hands (Bring Hand Sanitizer) and Keep your distance. No walk-ons allowed; best to call ahead or reserve a tee time online. My personal opinion is this will continue for the foreseeable future (2-3 months). I personally like it since the course is crowded BUT moving.

Even range is open but spacing is practiced -- fewer mats.

Be safe. Be Smart. Follow their rules and Stay Healthy. If not for you; then for others. Now is not to time to be selfish and petty -- Do that on your own time. When it involves dealing with others, now is the time to be a good, helpful and friendly neighbor.
Played today.

Very hard to call and reserve tee time. Was on hold at least 10 minutes. Gotta say TeeOff call center needs more folks answering phones.

Tee boxes relatively flat and lush.
Fairways in very good shape. Very lush and good coverage. No bare spots seen.
Rough is still thick and sticky.
Bunkers are the worse part of the course. Varying types of sand and some wet and very shallow.
Greens were recently punched with small tines. Should heal in a week. Greens ran a medium/slow speed and very bouncy.

Pace of play was OK. My group was slow but that's what happens when two are relatively new players.

You must call ahead. Reservations only. No walk ons. Face mask required around common areas. Around course you can ditch the mask.

Just play safe. Wear your mask when appropriate. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Bring you own hand sanitizer and enjoy the day.
Played Saturday.

It should be mentioned that I play normally as a single. In this COVID-19 world with online booking for tee times encouraged; why do you offer twosome or larger only? I had to wait for the next business day to reserve a tee time which was no longer available. Had to settle for an afternoon tee time. No worries but still annoying.

Tee boxes lush but mostly uneven. It's funny you see all the broken tees littering the tee box but you're hesitant to pick them up because they may be "contaminated." Personally they have been sitting in the sun for at least 20 minutes so perhaps it would be OK but that is just my personal opinion. That and the fact I carry with me hand sanitizer now in my bag I feel pretty confident with social distancing and not touching my face I should be OK.

Fairways lush.

Sand in bunkers OK. Thin layer of sand around greens with very thick layer of clay underneath. Loads of bounce but not to my personal liking. Saw bunker 3 times around greens.

Rough was thick and sticky.

Greens were slow early but started to speed up. Slow/Medium speed. Not a lot of break until the putt slows down. Loads of unfixed divots. Putts bumpy to smooth -- very inconsistent for line but speed remained fairly consistent.

Pace of play was SLOW. It was a busy day. Practice greens closed. Short game area closed. Practice Range open with social distancing and masks.

Considering; it's OK conditions. Not great but any golf right now is in my opinion a good thing.

Just remember you are are responsible for you. That means YOU have to wash your hands often. YOU should avoid touching your face. YOU should keep your distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Or not, that is YOUR choice. My choice is if you don't do what I think is safe for me is to not hang around you. This is a free country BUT if you decide to patronize a business YOU must abide by their rules otherwise they have to right to refuse service. Not ranting here; just pointing out the obvious from the rash of opinions out there.
Played Monday and my second round since COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place restrictions have been relaxed. It was a long round with a few newbies but still golf.

Tees are lush, level, and playable. I like to tee my ball a little low and the grass but cut to around the same height as my teed ball.

Fairways had good coverage -- very lush with a nice cushion underneath.

Rough cut but not shaggy. you can find your ball but with this type of fescue the ball does sink a little and the grass clippings hide the ball from time to time.

Bunkers in decent shape. Around greens they are hard packed but playable.

Greens are slow but rolled true with a firmly struck putt. I am talking PGA 1960's slow. Managed to get the pace early on during my round and the greens were fairly consistent. Very little bounciness and held their line well. High shots held well.

Covid-19 is enforced here. No Walk-ons allowed. Masks on course required. No ball washers, benches, or rakes on course. Pace of play was slow but that was player's problem. Spacing was 12 minutes per tee time. If you make reservations for a threesome but show up with four they cannot accommodate like they could before. The reason is simple, they group fivesomes and if two more players reserve that tee time they cannot push folks around to make room. They have to maintain their 12 minute spacing. And if there are other tee times that are filled with other players they will not push them back just to accommodate you. If they do then the following groups are pushed back at least 30 minutes. My advice be sure who is coming BEFORE you reserve.

Course in decent and very playable shape. Greens slow but easy to read and if you're diligent you can figure out the pace quickly.
Played Sunday afternoon with Shelter-in-Place restrictions relaxed and the course is in perhaps the best shape I have ever seen it. Check out my photos of Alondra on the GK App.

Tee Boxes are lush. I like to tee my ball low and the tee boxes are cut slightly below where I normally tee up. They are flat and lush.

Fairways are mowed low with very good coverage.

Bunkers have no rakes. They are rock hard but treat it like a waste area and you can get out. Fairway bunkers are firm. Bunkers around the green complex are hard-pan but playable.

Rough is deep. Easy to loose a ball from just off the fairway. It's very thick and sticky to hit from.

Greens are SLOW and soft. It's expected. You need to hit it firm to keep it straight. Noticed that if you hit it firm it will roll fairly true with little bounciness.

They are practicing good COVID-19 mitigation. Sales are credit/debit only. No cash. No rakes and a little foam insert in the cup. There was good spread. You MUST make reservations prior to playing. NO walk-on's allowed. Bring a mask for use in common and high traffic areas. Otherwise it's clean fresh air on a course with decent conditions. If you want super fast greens I would wait. I believe they are slowly cutting down the greens to speed them up but that may come later rather than sooner. Perhaps a little top dressing may be in order soon to firm up the greens.

It was a welcome sight to see after the restrictions have been relaxed. And they make you feel safe with the mitigation strategies in place. Being one of a few choices here in the South Bay it's golf, they are open and ready for business.
Practicing my social distancing I joined a Tournament sponsored by the South Bay Golf Links.

Greens were on slow side. You could see Poa in bloom so it was bumpy from the get go.
Fairways had decent coverage. Some thin lies around the swails.
Rough was thick, sticky and hard to hit from. It clearly made you want to stay in the fairway.
Bunkers were hard packed with sand.
Tee boxes were flatish and playable.

This was a tournament so play was slow but a decent 4:30 POP.

It was a nice pause from all the craziness of fighting food lines at the supermarket LOL. They run a clean and easy operation, definitely recommended.
Played Saturday back 9 holes.

Greens a bit splotchy. Looks as if the Poa is in bloom; giving a bumpy ride to the hole even for decently struck puts. Several holes on the back had this while others I felt looked healthy and rolled pretty true Fairways a thin. Rough varies in height from thick to thin. Tee boxes are flat and playable. Bunkers are mixed bag. For most part they are thin and hard packed.

Pace of play was slowish only because I played with a few newer players. Not a problem.

The fact that this is not a really busy course makes it a nice fix for me when the golf bug bites. Mileage will vary per recommendation. At the moment the greens are a bit splotchy so you really can't expect pristine conditions.
Played today a little before the madhouse at twilight.
Greens in good shape. They rolled true with medium/fast speed.
Majority of bunkers were very hard packed. The rest, I was in 4, had good sand in them.
Fairways were a little thin -- typical winter conditions. Tee boxes were flat and playable.
Conditions are the best I have seen. Very impressed and would recommend with some reservations (read below.)

Pace of play was speedy.
Staff was pleasant, fast and very efficient. Chuck you the man!

Have to say though and this is an observation from a walking golfer. You twilight hoppers, I know you want to get in the last hole before sunset. But come on, I let you join me AFTER I walked halfway to my ball and you whistled at me. You were slow getting to the tee box and then you expect me to give way for you. I am trying to finish too. I must be getting old but honestly they did that to me I was pretty pissed off.

Truth of the matter the twilight golfers here will hop holes. It's like they own the place. It's annoying for us golfers who actually showed up early and then they appear; slide into a spacing, play their hole and then bugger off. Saw that happen more than once. I see it all the time with walking golfers at Harbor but you throw in a cart for a single player and it's bloody mayhem.

OK rant over but you get the picture. Conditions good; etiquette quite lousy. Recommend if you show up early enough to avoid the hoppers.
Late to review. Played the back-9 early morning on Saturday.

Greens rolled pretty well with medium pace. Green to green consistency was decent. They rolled true with a nice pace. Bunkers had a thin layer of sand with hard-packed underneath. Fairways had decent coverage. Truthfully a mix of nice to thin lies. your mileage will vary.
Rough cut to same height of fairways. Tee boxes were OK, flath-ish and decent coverage.

Pace of play was brisk. Group I was with was just slow. We were perhaps a hole behind before the first front 9 group reached us on 16.

Overall I was impressed with conditions. It's not a tough course just a decent place with currently decent conditions.

I needed this round to get in my golf fix and with conditions improving it's one of those courses you could play regularly.
Arrived around 11AM and paid $30 Single Walking. They have a deal after 12PM. Course was busy but flowing well. We started as a twosome but were joined by another twosome at hole 2.

Greens in decent shape. Still a little issue with inconsistency from green to green with the occasional bumpiness from the afternoon sun but overall impressed. Greens rolled relatively true with medium speed.

Fairways were mixed bag. Thin lies for the most part but you were occasionally blessed with a decent lie and really BAD lie -- Hole 13 in the fairway I was landlocked on some hard-pan -- not fun.

Bunkers had decent sand. It was hard packed but a decent, playable layer of sand above.

Rough was cut to same height as fairways for most part but also a mixed bag.

Tee boxes were flatish. They did give you enough room behind the tee box to choose a decent flat spot.

Overall pace of play was fast. We kept pace with the two foursomes ahead in carts -- we were two in carts with two walking.

I would say conditions are even with Harbor Park. Not bad for a Muni in the middle of the South Bay.
Played Monday. Gotta love $11 for Twilight. Can't beat that price for a somewhat quick 9 holes at Harbor.

Greens are recovering from aeration. You can see the plugs but they are healing nicely. Greens are a little bumpy from the afternoon sun but for the most part the greens rolled pretty well -- slow but pretty darn well. In fact these greens have improved so much compared to what I remember. Fairways had good coverage. Nary a bald spot. Rough is mix of thick and thin so you get what you get. Bunkers look to be well stocked with a thin layer of clay underneath.

Pace of play rather slow but that was because of the group ahead. Overall was happy with current conditions given the amount of play.
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